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Chapter 349: Zhou Weiqis Family

“If you like her, make your move~” Chen Xuyao kicked Zhou Weiqis leg under the table.

“When did you become so indecisive Its the 21st century, one-sided crush is so outdated~”

“Nah, forget it, its better to leave the girl out of the disastrous Zhou family,” Zhou Weiqi managed a bitter smirk.

“Even I dont like the Zhou family, so why bother dragging the girl into the depths of living hell She is more suitable for a carefree and comfortable life.”

For a moment, everyone at the dining table fell silent.

However, they interpreted from Zhou Weiqis tone that his feelings for the girl were genuine.

Among the buddies, Zhou Weiqis family background was the most complicated and unusual.

Although the parents of some of them were not affectionate, they were at least respectful of each other.

Unfortunately, Zhou Weiqis background was too unique and peculiar.

It was the treacherous ambiance of the Zhou family that forced him to live well on his own.

It was because of his family that he was great at cooking as well as his bohemian lifestyle.

It was true that Zhou Weiqi liked the girl, but it was also normal for him to be unwilling to let the girl suffer in the Zhou family because of him.

“Weiqi, are you planning to spend the rest of your life rotting in that office of yours” Liang Yueze scooped half a bowl of soup to Luo Ruoran before he stopped what he was doing and said to Zhou Weiqi in a serious tone, “In my opinion, youve tolerated and endured them for more than a decade, its enough already.

You never fight for anything, why would they even stop you from going out and making your own name That woman in your family is truly something, making you stay in the office for the rest of your life.

Weiqi, cut ties with the Zhou family and start anew on your own.

Think about it.”

“Yes, I agree with him.” Gu Haoyu put down his chopsticks and pushed up the glasses on the bridge of his nose.

“Well have your back, just get away from your family and start anew, you wont end up so miserably.

You have Brother Liang if you want to go into politics, you have me if you want to do business.”

“In my opinion, you should have entered the army right after graduating from the military academy like Xingzhi.

Look at him, he spent his time at the lowest rank for so many years, he will be honored a promotion after his impressive mission before National Day.

Im sure when he comes back from this mission, his promotion will sail smoothly!” Luo Ruoran added.

“You like her so much and you dont want her to live a miserable life in the Zhou family with you, right Then, cut your ties from the family already.

Then, she wont have a chance to be tormented by the Zhou family if you guys are together in the future.

Dont tell me that youre afraid that you cant support yourself and your wife without the Zhou family!”

“Brother,” Chen Xuyao called out.

This was the first time he addressed Zhou Weiqi as a brother in such a serious tone.

Zhou Weiqi was a week older than him, so in terms of seniority in their brotherhood, the immature and childish Zhou Weiqi was literally one rank higher than he was.

He was not happy with it, so he always called him eitherhey or his full name, but, at this moment, he was sincere.

He patted Zhou Weiqi on the shoulder and said, “With the brothers around, even if you fail in the end, they are willing to support you, as long as you have the courage to make up your mind to go against the Zhou family!”

“Damn you! Dont you dare look down on me, Im still older than you! If I want to go out and try my luck, Ill be a godlike figure in no time!” Zhou Weiqi punched Chen Xuyaos hand on his shoulder lightly.

From his reaction, the rest of the people understood that he still could not make up his mind.

After all, he had sworn an oath, in front of his mother no less.

The dining hall fell silent again.

Zhou Weiqi sensed that the atmosphere was a little stiff and stale and wanted to start a new topic, but a sudden thought struck his mind when he saw his phone on the table.

“Jiang Yao!” Zhou Weiqi slapped his forehead.

“You were taking a nap in the afternoon, I nearly forgot to tell you about this!”

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