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Chapter 337: Revenge

Castigated and admonished by both Colonel Lin and Lu Xingzhi, Mrs.

Ge felt embarrassed.

“You wanted a divorce, and I agreed to it.

Why are you still standing here” Sergeant Ge yelled at the woman standing by the door, “Get out and never appear in front of me again!”

Sergeant Ge, known for his good temper, was extremely furious right now.

With the rumors going around, even he knew that her new look was bought and paid for by another man.

A married woman with a daughter, what man would spend his time and effort trying to win her over All the new clothing and accessories must have come after she had slept with the man.

“You think I like it here Look at the place, its worse than a pig sty!” Reprimanded, Mrs.

Ge had nowhere to release her exasperation.

The people in the platoon already knew of her cheating on Sergeant Ge, some even saw her leaving a motel together with another man.

With the cat out of the bag, she had no choice but to listen to that man and to ask for a divorce from Sergeant Ge.

“Wenwen, mom is leaving.

Be a good girl, alright” Mrs.

Ge was still somewhat reluctant to leave her daughter behind, knowing for sure that she could never come back to the platoon and visit her again.

She gave Wenwen some pocket money before walking out of the house in her frizzy hair and high heels.

“Everyone, go back home.” One sentence uttered by Colonel Lin was sufficient for the crowd to disperse.

Empathizing with Sergeant Ge, Colonel Lin could only pat his back, silently comforting him.

After all, having an unfaithful wife was still a hard pill to swallow for most men.

After Colonel Lin left, only then did Lu Xingzhi enter.

Jiang Yao saw that the house was quite untidy—maybe Sergeant Ge and Mrs.

Ge had some physical altercations before they arrived.

She picked up a broom and started sweeping.

“Should we find out who that man is and send him to court” Lu Xingzhi was very direct with his opinions.

If anyone were to mess with him, he would return the favor tenfold, making sure that the vengeance was his.

“What is the point” Sergeant Ge snickered.

“After the divorce, we are two different people living our own lives.”

With Sergeant Ge in a lousy mood, Lu Xingzhi stopped talking.

He called out to Jiang Yao, wanting to return to the cafeteria to finish his breakfast.

Lu Xingzhi could not stand being in the wrong, especially when it concerned his subordinate.

How could he allow Sergeant Ge to be cheated on and yet not do anything

On the way to the cafeteria, he gave Zhou Weiqi a call, asking him to do a little bit of research on Mrs.

Ges lover to find out who he was.

“Brother Lu, once I find him, should we tie him up in a sack and break his legs” Zhou Weiqi suggested.

All five of the brothers were ruthless and did not care for the consequences.

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