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Chapter 2195: No Need

If they had found them earlier, they might have been able to save the other soldier.

“We didnt know who those people were.

We thought they were bad guys from the mountain, so we didnt tell them anything.

We hid the two uncles in the stable and covered them with hay.

Then, we covered them with horse dung and cow dung.

The person who came saw the circle and covered his nose before leaving,” the little boy said.

Their tent was very far from the town, and they had young and old members in their family.

They did not ask about the situation in the town.

They only heard the other shepherds talking about fierce-looking strangers in the town.

Most importantly, they were a group of young and strong men.

That was why the grandfather and grandson did not dare take the risk of sending the two injured men to the towns hospital.

Jiang Yao waited until her cell phone had a signal, then she called Liang Yueze and told him that she had found Lu Xingzhi.

She told Liang Yueze to go back to the hospital and arrange an operating theater for her.Come and read on our website Bonnovel.c0m.Thanks

When Jiang Yao and the others arrived at the hospital, Liang Yueze and Old Master Liang had been waiting in the hospital for more than ten minutes.

When they saw Master Cheng bringing Lu Xingzhi in on a stretcher, their hearts skipped a beat.

“Are his injuries serious” Liang Yueze subconsciously looked away.

Lu Xingzhi did look severely injured.

“We need to operate immediately.

He has shrapnels, fractures, and internal injuries, probably caused by explosions.” She briefly explained Lu Xingzhis condition and then pointed to the mans face.

She said, “There is shrapnel here too.

They are embedded in his faces muscles.”

His clothes covered the wounds on his body, but the wounds on his face were the most shocking.

When Jiang Yao found Lu Xingzhi, she did not notice the wound on Lu Xingzhis face because his entire face was covered in blood.

His hair was gray and long.

The blood on it had dried up, so it was not noticeable.

It was only after the system scanned the wound and Jiang Yao cleaned it and disinfected it that the damage was revealed.

“Will it be difficult Do you need two doctors and nurses to help you” The old man looked at the wound on Lu Xingzhis face, and his eyelids twitched.

He thought,Will it leave a scar

Would Lu Xingzhis handsome face be disfigured

“Theres no need.” Jiang Yao shook her head and then told Liang Yueze, “I didnt have a good signal just now.

Then, I was preoccupied with Xingzhis injury and forgot to call Mom and Dad.

Please call them back and reassure them.

Oh, right! Keep Xingzhis injury a secret.

Tell them that hes okay, so theyre not worried.”

After giving her instructions, Jiang Yao pushed the patient into the operating theater.

Even though it was an operating theater, it was quite limited.

One could say it was a temporary ward.

Fortunately, she had the medical system.

Otherwise, it would limit her ability to perform.

Old Master Liang finally breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Jiang Yao calmly pushing the patient into the operating theater.

“It seems like Xingzhi will be okay, at least with Jiang Yao here.

Otherwise, she wouldnt have been so calm just now.”

“Yaoyaos medical skills are exemplary.” Master Cheng grinned.

He knew that Jiang Yao was the Divine Doctor, a legend in the medical world and a genius in that industry, and she had many strange medicines that others could not get their hands on.

There would be no problem with her personally performing the surgery on Lu Xingzhi..

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