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Chapter 2179: Shes Asleep

“Shes asleep”

Jiang Yao had just closed her eyes when she heard a question from the large bearded man in front of her.

Then someone looked at her and said, “Shes asleep.

Those are strong sleeping pills.

She was trying to hold on just now.

This woman is too sentimental.

Shes pregnant, and yet, she has come to Lanning.

She said that she did not care about her husband and did not want a disabled husband.

However, it looks like she does care for him.”

“Why wouldnt a woman be loyal if she married someone Besides, her husband is extremely powerful, so she is not worried about him.

Wouldnt she be a widow if something happened to her husband”

A few of them argued whether Jiang Yao truly loved her man or just wanted his money.

Jiang Yao listened to them and pretended to sleep.

On the other hand, those people who heard the discussion through the bugs on Jiang Yaos chest were also embarrassed.

They did not want to hear about that topic.

Could they change the topic, like what was their boss name Who was their young master What exactly were they going to do

Jiang Yao guessed that those people were probably not core team members, so they did not know much, and there was not much to talk about because they did not know much.

Jiang Yao pretended to be unconscious, but the people who heard the conversation knew they had given Jiang Yao sleeping pills.

They became anxious and reported the situation to Liang Yueze.

Liang Yueze and Master Cheng were racing against time to search for Danmu Town.

They could not be too obvious because they were afraid of alerting the mastermind behind the scenes, so they had to do that in secret.

Even if Moe was there, there was no more tension in the search.

To Moe, the north was a vast place with all kinds of animals.

It was a vast place but mixed with all kinds of strange smells.

It was difficult to distinguish Lu Xingzhis scent there.

Jiang Yao expected to be sent to Danmu Town, but that was not the case.

About 20 kilometers from Danmu Town, the car drove onto a small mountainous road that diverged from the main road, which could only accommodate a small car and was winding and rugged.

The road was uneven, and the car drove very bumpily and much slower than the main road.

That road tested the drivers skills and courage because the slightest carelessness would result in a steep cliff on the side, and they would die if the car went off that.

The car drove for nearly an hour on that mountain road before arriving at a populated area that should not be considered a village.

The houses here were sparsely scattered, and they were all built with mud and heads mixed together.

They looked quite new, and they should have been built recently, and there were not many houses there at first glance.

Jiang Yao was carried and thrown into one of the rooms.

After that, the people left.

She leaned on the bed and did not move.

Instead, she surveyed the area within a few kilometers.

There were only about seven or eight houses, but the largest and most imposing one was the innermost one.

Besides the large area, the helicopter parked in the courtyard was the most eye -catching thing..

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