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Chapter 83: Martial Intent Upgrade, Guaranteed Xiantian Sixth Grade

After about ten minutes, Fa Zheng came out with an alms bowl in his hand.

There was a star beast core in his hand, and there was also a trace of blood.

The star beasts body and soul should have been transcended.

Everything was very calm as if nothing had happened.

However, that was to be expected.

Fa Zheng was a Xiantian fifth-grade great grandmaster.

It was a piece of cake for him to ferry a small, extraordinary-level star beast whose strength was equivalent to Houtian ninth grade.

Following that, the two of them continued to wander around Jianghai city.

In the afternoon, they ferried another three star beasts that were mixed in the crowd and a vengeful spirits soul.

In the evening, Fa Zhengs face was slightly pale, and his eyes were somewhat empty.

Ye Xiao felt that he should not be tired.

After all, those few targets were just small entities.

He was a Xiantian fifth grade great grandmaster, so he would not be tired by a few small fries.

However, he did not ask for the reason.

“Do you still want to continue”

Fa Zheng shook his head.

“No, Mr.

Ye should be hungry.

Lets eat first.”


Ye Xiao did not stand on ceremony.

That time, he found a very good aquatic restaurant and ordered a fish feast.

Fa Zheng still ate a bowl of rice and drank a cup of plain water.

After spending more than half a day together, Ye Xiao had already understood Fa Zhengs temperament.

He was just like a kind old man who had seen through life and had an easy-going temperament.

Therefore, he did not need to stand on ceremony.

Otherwise, why did he agree to come over At least give him some sweets, right

100,000 yuan a day.

He would not be able to spend it all anyway.

It would be a waste if he did not eat something good.

The dishes were served very quickly.

All kinds of delicious fish dishes were well-balanced in color, aroma, and taste.

They were both pleasing to the eye and nourishing to the stomach.

Ye Xiao and Huan Liuli ate very well.

Fa Zheng did not move his chopsticks.

As he watched Ye Xiao Eat, he suddenly opened his mouth and said,


Ye, do you think that it is possible for humans to get along peacefully with star beasts”

Ye Xiao shook his head.

“Why do you think so”

Fa Zheng asked again, but Ye Xiao opened his mouth and said,

“Master misunderstood what I meant.

What I mean is, I dont know.

That is because Im just a small librarian.”

Ye Xiaos words made Fa Zheng involuntarily burst into laughter.

That is right, why did he ask Ye Xiao

After all, Ye Xiao was only a Houtian second grade martial artist who had not even activated his divine soul, and he was also just the supervisor of a small library.

It was not that Fa Zheng was discriminating against him, but it was his status, knowledge, and strength that limited his horizons.

Fa Zheng did not speak anymore and silently picked up his bowl to eat his rice.

Actually, Ye Xiao more or less understood what was going on in his heart.

Fa Zhengs heart was in a mess.

That old monk had a good heart to begin with.

It was inevitable that his heart would waver when he was asked to do the matter of slaughtering the star beasts.

After all, there were some good existences among the star beasts, and who could say that there were not any bad people among the humans they protected

That was why his face had turned pale in the afternoon.

He was not injured, nor was he mentally exhausted.

He had fallen into self-doubt, and his state of mind had wavered.

For a warrior, especially a high-level warrior, that was actually a big taboo.

As a mature person, you could think about problems, but you could not bring yourself into the problem excessively.

The essence of the star beasts and humans, one was the conflict between survival resources, and the other was the spiritual and cultural conflict.

The two were completely different life forms.

It was meaningless to discuss whether the star beasts were right or wrong.

A human might kill others for some reason, not to mention star beasts.

The problem now was that star beasts appeared in human cities.

Once they lost control and went crazy, it would bring a destructive disaster to humans!

That was uncontrollable, and so was the beastmen.

In good times, they were good, and in bad times, they were really deadly.

There were too many bloody lessons in history.

That was why there was a saying, “Those who are not of my race must have different hearts.”

Actually, there was no need to be too conflicted.

Thinking about it carefully, the reason why they wanted to kill the star beasts was not because they could not control them.

If they could control them, it did not matter whether they were killed or not.

Just like in Ye Xiaos previous life, people had invented the machine gun, so the grassland warriors had become existences that could sing and dance.

Before humans could completely suppress the star beast, killing it was the only choice.

If they were too merciful, if something went wrong and the human race was exterminated, then there would really be no crying.

In the end, they were still not strong enough.

Only the strong could dominate everything!

Only the strong had the right to choose!

They could choose whether to kill the star beast or raise it as a pet.

However, that also gave Ye Xiao a wake-up call.

As his cultivation increased, the things he saw with his eyes and the things he comprehended in his mind would also gradually increase.

New knowledge would often break his previous understanding.

A person would fall into self-doubt, make some wrong judgments and choices which would result in spiritual energy deviation.

Therefore, people must not be confused!

Thinking up to that point, Ye Xiao suddenly had an epiphany.

When he stepped into the great sect, the two previous epiphanies he had were to protect his family and friends.

The other was to follow his heart! A strong persons heart was not bound!

The essence of those two was relatively similar.

Which was to become stronger.

Only by becoming stronger could he protect his family and friends.

Only by becoming stronger could he protect his dignity and freedom!

With those two points as the foundation in his heart, he would strengthen his mind step by step.

Then, he would nurture the true meaning of martial arts and allow himself to improve.

Then… What would happen next Would he continue to protect them

Ye Xiao felt that that should not be the case.

The process of a martial artists growth was originally a process of breaking away from the secular world.

Think about it.

If you were so strong that you could protect everyone with just a glance, would protecting others continue to be something you constantly need to strive for Obviously not.

If you did not have something to strive for, it would be like losing your skeleton.

How could your martial arts be improved

Therefore, he still needed a higher spiritual motivator to support his heart, so that he would not lose himself because of his growing strength.

That spiritual cornerstone was to become stronger一to endlessly become stronger.

So strong that he would not be bewitched by anyone, nor would he be bound by any strength or anything.

He did not need to think about anything.

As long as he became stronger, he would be able to obtain everything!

His conviction was unwavering!

Thinking up to that point, Ye Xiao suddenly felt a roar coming from his spiritual consciousness.

The Big Dippers Grand Mystery revolved rapidly, and spiritual lotuses bloomed in his spiritual sea.

At that moment, his spiritual energy had once again obtained a huge increase.

His martial intent had also largely increased!

His martial intent had already reached the level of Xiantian sixth grade!

The increase in cultivation was the fusion of spiritual energy and martial intent!

Both were indispensable.

When Ye Xiao had broken through from fourth grade to the fifth grade, his spiritual energy had already reached the zero boundary point.

However, his martial intent had not advanced, so he had not stepped into Xiantian fifth grade.

At that moment, his martial intent had broken through to Xiantian sixth grade ahead of time.

As long as his spiritual energy reached the zero boundary point, he could advance to Xiantian sixth grade.

Just like the college entrance exam, other people needed to take the exam seriously, but you had already gotten a guarantee ahead of time.

Whether you took the exam or not was no longer important, because you were already destined to become a university student in that top university.

Ye Xiao looked at the still confused Fa Zheng and did not know whether to laugh or cry.

Fa Zheng had been bitterly cultivating for 60 years, but he had yet to break through from that state of mind.

Ironically, Ye Xiao had advanced because of him.

What a joke of fate.


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