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The cultivators of the Void Alliance were well aware that as long as the Lord of Heaven was not eliminated, he would have a higher chance of advancing to the Supreme Sovereign realm.

Moreover, to them, once the Lord of Heaven became a Supreme Sovereign, they would all die without a burial place!

They might even become the puppet of the Lord of Heaven, unable to live or die.

If that happened, they would suffer even more!

Therefore, no matter what, they could not let the Lord of Heaven and the others succeed in their advancement.

Time was of the essence!

As soon as the Celestial Sovereigns appeared, the hearts of the cultivators from the sacred hall within the defensive array shook.

They had been in a somewhat relaxed mood, but in the blink of an eye, a layer of dark clouds had once again enveloped them.

As expected, they still chose to attack.

The array was very strong.

It might be enough to defend against more than a hundred Sacred Sovereigns, but it might not be enough to defend against the Celestial Sovereigns.

To those high-level cultivators, even the powerful Sacred Sovereigns were just a bunch of ants in front of them.

Therefore, just because an ant could not break the array did not mean that it could not break it.

As expected, after the arrival of those Celestial Sovereigns and the retreat of the other Sacred Sovereigns, the battle situation changed.

The attack of the Lord of Heavens sacred hall had lost its effect!

Originally, the attack of the Sacred Sovereigns of the sacred hall could have killed a few Sacred Sovereigns and severely injured many of them when fighting against the Void Alliance.

However, when the Celestial Sovereigns appeared, all the attacks were like scratching an itch.

They were completely ineffective against him.

They continued to move forward.

All the attacks were repelled and exploded in other places.

Everyones expressions were extremely grave as they clenched their fists.

In the next moment, Celestial Sovereign Wu finally arrived.

He stretched out his right hand and pointed in the air.

A beam of light appeared, which then began to shine with blinding light.

As soon as the light appeared, all the attacking light from the Lord of Heavens sacred halls array collapsed and disappeared without a trace.

A blank area appeared in front of the Lord of Heavens sacred hall and the Celestial Sovereign.

One move!

With just one move, the attack from the array was easily suppressed.

The power of the Celestial Sovereign was fully displayed at that moment.

“So powerful!”

The Sacred Sovereigns of the sacred halls hearts trembled.

The Celestial Sovereign was so powerful that the array would not be able to withstand it.

If the array was destroyed, they would face the opponent directly.

However, they were not the opponents match at all.

What should they do

“The Lord of Heaven hasnt come out of seclusion yet If he doesnt come out soon, Im afraid we wont be able to hold on.”

Despite everything, the Lord of Heaven did not come out of seclusion.

It was as if he did not care about that matter at all.

He only focused on cultivating.

That ray of light finally landed on the defensive array.


Following a violent explosion, the mushroom cloud soared into the sky.

However, what surprised everyone was that when the dust dispersed, the array was not destroyed.

The Lord of Heavens sacred hall suddenly heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that scene.

He could not help but reveal a hint of surprise on his face.

He did not expect the array to be able to withstand the attack of a Celestial Sovereign.

It was simply heaven-defying.

Although they knew in their hearts that the array could block the opponent for a while, it could not block the opponent for a lifetime.

However, at that moment, to them, every second they could live was a second.

Every second they could live was a gain.

In particular, the longer they lived, the more likely it was for them to wait until the Lord of Heaven came out of seclusion.

As long as the Lord of Heaven came out of seclusion, they would be completely saved.

They would no longer need to worry about being killed!

The other party was slightly shocked, but only a little.

However, the other party did not reveal an overly shocked expression.

It was obvious that he had already expected that to happen.

He calmly launched another attack.

Moreover, that attack was several times stronger than the previous one.

The difference in aura was like heaven and earth.

As soon as he attacked, the space around the Lord of Heavens sacred hall was sealed.

The entire sacred hall was under his attack range.

There was no difference at all.

Then, a shocking sword light suddenly appeared.

It fell straight down, and a powerful force smashed on the array.


The violent tremor even caused the entire sacred hall to fall a distance away.

It began to shake continuously.

However, the array still looked very strong and did not show any cracks.

Wu Shi Shui said,

“It seems that the Lord of Heaven has made sufficient preparations.

He knew that we were coming, so he strengthened the array in advance and more than doubled it to deal with us.”

“We cant wait any longer.

Celestial Sovereign Wus attack power is about to reach its peak.

While he is going all out, lets help him and break this array.”


As they spoke, several Celestial Sovereigns attacked at the same time and used their power on Celestial Sovereign Wus attack.

After receiving their power, Celestial Sovereign Wus attack became several times stronger in the blink of an eye.

The sword light became even more dazzling and intense, radiating out an area that was comparable to the size of a universe!


Finally, under the pressure of that powerful attack, the spatial barrier completely collapsed.


When the Sacred Sovereigns of the sacred hall saw that scene, despair appeared on their faces.

As for the Sacred Sovereigns of the Void Alliance who had retreated, they took the opportunity to rush forward.

“Go! Dont let them escape.

Kill them all and avenge our brothers who died just now.”

“Kill them all!”

The battle was about to break out, and the battle had reached its climax.

The attacks of both sides were so powerful that they could make people collapse.

The range of the attack was even stronger than the ordinary attack of a Celestial Sovereign.

However, the Celestial Sovereigns were not affected by the attack at all.

Even their clothes were not blown.

As they slowly descended, all the Sacred Sovereigns nearby would explode.

They did not even need to take the initiative to attack.

They only needed to casually crush a Sacred Sovereign with a thought!

However, that was all they did.

They did not attack the Sacred Sovereign in the distance.

The Celestial Sovereigns had the pride of a Celestial Sovereign.

With so many Sacred Sovereigns of the Void Alliance attacking, they only needed to maintain their grace.

There was only one target that they cared about, and that was the Lord of Heaven.

When they arrived at the square of the sacred hall, they immediately used their parapsychic sense to scan the entire square to find the location of the Lord of Heaven.

However, they could not help but frown very quickly.

That was because they could feel that there was a small array inside the sacred hall.

The area was not big, but the aura coming from it was very powerful.

It was much stronger than the array they had just destroyed.

“I didnt expect this old b*stard to be so smart.

He actually prepared two defensive arrays for himself.

It seems that hes really determined to reach the Supreme Sovereign realm in one step.”

“But unfortunately, since weve already arrived, we wont let him succeed.

No matter how many defensive arrays he builds, well break them for him.”

“You are right! It is impossible for him to avoid us.”

“Lets attack together!”

Everyone attacked again.

Their hearts did not waver.

Since they had already successfully destroyed the sacred halls defensive array, it would not be a big problem to destroy it again.

The Lord of Heavens sacred hall would definitely fall that day.

Everyone attacked together, and the powerful shockwave from the attack shook the entire sacred hall once again.

It was several times lower than when it had landed!

The powerful shockwave sent the Sacred Sovereigns flying like paper airplanes.

“Its over! Im afraid its over.

The sacred hall has fallen!”

The Sacred Sovereigns of the sacred hall felt extremely sad.

Under such a powerful attack, even if the Celestial Sovereign was powerful, he would not be able to withstand it, right

If he died, they would all be finished.

Without his protection, the cultivators of the Void Alliance would kill them all.

However, when the dust settled, the sadness on their faces suddenly turned into joy.

“Look, the array is actually fine.”

The members of the Void Alliance also noticed the strange image in front of them and could not help but feel surprised.

“How is this possible The few of us attacked together, but we didnt destroy the array Even if its stronger than the previous array, it still has a certain degree of endurance.

It cant possibly reach that Supreme Sovereign level, right”

“Just how strong is it We dont know, but as long as the person who set it up is the Lord of Heaven, then its absolutely impossible for it to be so monstrous that we cant break it! If we attack again, we must try to shatter it completely and force that guy to come out.”

The Celestial Sovereigns attacked again.

One move, two moves, three moves… At that time, they attacked thousands of times in a row, but the screen still did not move.

“This is really impossible.”

Everyone could not help but be dumbfounded.

No matter how strong it was, it could not go against common sense.

What on Earth was going on

At that moment, the Wu Shi Shui seemed to have suddenly discovered something and hurriedly said,

“Somethings wrong.

Everyone, stop attacking.

This array is absorbing the power of the dead.

Our attacks have actually been blocked by the dead.

“Although we will have a chance to break it if we continue to attack, the price we have to pay is too great and the time we have to spend is too long.

“If thats the case, we will fall into his trap.

He wants to delay us so that he can successfully advance to the Supreme Sovereign realm.

“Right now, time is the most important issue for us.”

“Then what should we do now We cant just stand by and watch.

Well still let him succeed.”

“Let me think about it.”

Wu Shi Shui thought for a moment, then suddenly thought of something and immediately said,

“Use our blood.

The main reason why the Lord of Heaven could set up such an array to absorb the power and blood of the sacred halls Sacred Sovereign was that he had already grasped their blood essence and fused these things into the array in advance.

“But our blood is different.

He has never had our blood, so he cant use it.

“Using our blood can neutralize and destroy this array.”

“Good Idea!”

Everyones face lit up.

They did what they said and started to attack.

They forced a drop of blood essence from their fingers into the array.

The array that had been contaminated by their blood essence immediately began to mutate.

Their blood essence began to fight against the blood essence of the Sacred Sovereigns of the sacred hall.

Due to that reason, the array began to change continuously.

It also began to expand and shrink.

“Its done!”

Everyone was delighted and immediately began to attack.

They wanted to take his life while he was ill.

At that time, the attack landed on the array and detonated it on the spot.


Another earth-shattering explosion sounded as the mushroom cloud rose up.

However, before the mushroom cloud was fully formed, an angry roar suddenly came from the sky.

That roar was heart-wrenching and contained unparalleled hatred and anger.

“Ahhhhh! Just a little bit more! Just a little bit more and I would have successfully advanced to the Supreme Sovereign realm!

“Just a little bit more, and youve ruined everything!”

The crowd felt a biting cold and murderous intent, and they could not help but retreat.

Before long, the appearance of the Lord appeared in front of them.

However, he was obviously different from his usual self.

His hair was messy, his face was repulsive, and his eyes were scarlet.

“Hes been bewitched!”

Wu Shi Shui could not help but exclaim.

Everyone was not surprised.

Since ancient times, the greatest dream of all Celestial Sovereigns was to advance to the Supreme Sovereign realm!

However, that was a dream that was too far-fetched.

It did not just require talent, nor was it just a fortuitous encounter.

It was a slim chance of success or failure.

Moreover, the Lord of Heaven had already caught hold of that slim hope, but it was destroyed by them.

If they were in their place, they would definitely be the same, suffering from spiritual energy deviation.

Even so, they would not regret it.

That was because they knew in their hearts that if the Lord of Heaven succeeded in advancing, then their little lives might be lost.

They were not fools.

They were not willing to let the enraged Lord of Heaven succeed in advancing even if they were to fight him.

Although that battle was extremely dangerous, and there was a possibility of him being seriously injured or even dying, there was still a chance of survival.

If he were to succeed in his advancing, then they would not even have that last chance of survival.

“I want to kill all of you! I will kill all of you!”

Lord of Heaven Yin Shi, who had been possessed by the devil, no longer had any extra will to think.

All he had left now was hatred, anger, and killing intent.

Right then, he only wanted to kill those b*stards in front of him.

He wanted to tear them into pieces, burn their bones, and scatter their souls, never to be reincarnated again.

With an angry roar, the Lord of Heaven charged toward them.

That terrifying power made everyone tremble.

“Quickly spread out, dont fight him head-on.

This guy is too strong.

Use the containment tactic.”


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