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“If it were not for those idiots not keeping an eye on them, we wouldnt have such a headache.

“Now that were in Spirit Nether Citys territory, the operation wont be that simple.

In Spirit Nether City, the City Lords strength has already reached the level of a Celestial Sovereign.

Unless Lord of Heaven Yin Shi comes personally, no one can easily intimidate him.

“If we were to act presumptuously here, he might really kill us.”

“Regardless of that, weve brought a lot of resources this time.

First, well bring those guys with the World Creation fragment back.

“As long as we bring them back and help the Lord ascend to the Supreme Sovereign realm, at that time, let alone Spirit Nether City, even the entire Void Alliance wouldnt dare to compete with us.”

“Everyone should speak less.

Be careful that the walls have ears.

We are not in our own territory after all.”

“Whats there to be afraid of We have the barrier that the Lord has given us.

Forget about the walls having ears, even the City Lord would not be able to eavesdrop on our conversation.”

Those words were all heard by Ye Xiao next door, not a single word missing.

‘This is quite interesting.

I didnt expect that they would also be so scheming and deceitful.

Between those factions, they simply wish they could crush each other to death.

‘However, this is considered good news to me.

‘I can make use of the battles between them to exhaust each other.

After that, I can take the opportunity to reap the benefits, devour their strength, strengthen my cultivation, and even raise the Void celestial art.

After giving it some thought, Ye Xiao once again entered into meditation.

The next day soon arrived.

The auction was finally about to begin.

There seemed to be even more people in the city that day.

Most likely, they all wanted to come and participate in the auction.

After all, an auction of that level was not very common.

There was also no place in the void that could gather some materials and resources.

Some people needed to improve their cultivation or forge weapons, and they could not do so without good materials and resources.

Most of the people in the void were almost alone, and only a small number of people fought together.

However, there were very few people, and they were very scattered.

Under such circumstances, if they wanted to get the right resources, they had to rely on an exchange.

Moreover, an exchange needed a good place, a safe place, and a place that could gather a lot of resources for everyone to choose from.

That place would naturally be some cities.

The auction would usually not be held in a single city.

That was to ensure the vitality of each city, and it was also a subtle rule for the many allies of the Void Alliance to maintain a balanced relationship with each other.

If not, it would cause one to become bigger while the others would slowly decline.

Perhaps, everyone would fight against each other and compete in secret.

In the end, they would wear down each others strength and eventually cause the overall strength to decline.

Only a fool would do that.

Ye Xiao followed the crowd and arrived at the auction venue.

There was no auction venue or anything like that.

Instead, it was a huge open-air stadium.

Since the weakest person who dared to come there to participate in the auction was at the level of a Sacred Sovereign, regardless of who was shouting, as long as they made a sound, the others would be able to discover it.

It was unlike the Earth in Ye Xiaos previous life where ordinary shouting required fixed seats to determine who was shouting.

“Fellow cultivators from all walks of life are welcome to come to our profound Spirit Nether City and participate in the auction that is held once every 100 days.

Todays auction will definitely be one of the best auctions that everyone will be able to see in the void.

“For this auction, our Spirit Nether City has spent a tremendous amount of effort.

“The scale is absolutely unprecedented.

We have all sorts of resources available.

It should be considered the most complete auction ever.

“I can even boast here that todays auction will be able to rank at the top of all the auctions in the void from now on.

“In short, you will definitely not regret coming here today.

“At the same time, in order to maintain the order of the auction and allow the auction to proceed smoothly, I hope that you will abide by our order and not recklessly bid to disrupt our auction.

“If anyone dares to do so, our Spirit Nether City will definitely not let the other party off.

“In addition, we also hope that everyone will not cause trouble after the auction.

If anyone tries to steal something from someone else in our territory, we will definitely punish them severely.

Spirit Nether City will definitely not let them off so easily.

“I hope that everyone will take care of themselves.

“At the same time, if any fellow cultivators wish to remain here after the auction and refine the resources, we can also provide a free venue for 30 days!”

The Spirit Nether City official gave a large speech.

He also wanted the auction to proceed more smoothly.

If he did not give those people enough confidence, many people might not dare to bid after seeing something good.

As expected, the moment he finished speaking, the entire place erupted in cheers.

“Long live the Spirit Nether City Lord!”

“With the Spirit Nether Citys guarantee, then we can bid without worry.”

“Coming to the Spirit Nether City this time is really the right choice! Hahaha…”

The auction not only required money to be auctioned but there were also some good things.

Even if one had the money to buy them, one had to have the life to enjoy them.

If the things one bought were snatched away by others right after leaving that city, and there was even the possibility of losing ones life, then what meaning was there

Only a fool would do such a thing.

Ye Xiao mingled in the crowd and did not say a word.

He only looked at the crowd silently, and at the same time, he placed his attention on a portion of the crowd.

There were many people there, but not all of them had come specially to conduct the auction.

Some of them looked like they were being auctioned off.

That was because Ye Xiao noticed that their eyes were very misty, and there was not much desire or hope in them.

It felt as if that was just a very ordinary small matter to them.

It seemed that at that time, the City Lord was determined to rip them off.

If he could let the City Lord cultivate and advance to the Celestial Sovereign realm, then he would still have to hate the Lord of Heaven Yin Shi to the bone.

That would be perfect.

First, let the Spirit Nether City auction proceed smoothly.

Let them collect a wave of resources and wait until the collected resources reached a certain level before destroying them.

That way, they could successfully achieve their goal.

Let the City Lord and the Celestial Sovereign Yin Shi fight amongst themselves.

The City Lord was a general of the Void Alliance.

If he could successfully advance to the Celestial Sovereign realm then his position in the Void Alliance would be even more important.

When that time came, his voice would increase.

If he said that he wanted to deal with the Celestial Sovereign Yin Shi, the others would probably agree.

It was not only because his authority had increased.

There was also another reason.

After his cultivation base increased, the Void Alliance would once again increase a portion of its strength.

If their strength surpassed the Celestial Sovereign Yin Shi even if the City Lord did not ask them to attack the Lord of Heaven, they would probably choose to attack their sacred hall.

After all, the resources in the void only had that much.

If they did not plunder it from others, they would not be able to obtain additional resources.

The City Lord could only be considered as a catalyst.

What he needed to do was to let that catalyst play its role.

At that moment, the auction had already started as usual.

The first item to be auctioned was a chaos fruit.

It contained some power of laws that could allow an expert at the level of a holy senior to further increase their cultivation.

However, it did not have much of an effect on an existence at the level of a peak Sacred Sovereign.

Using it to exchange for some other resources was quite worth it.

Moreover, it was one of those very popular products.

Once it came out, it was wildly snatched up by many people.

In the blink of an eye, it was auctioned off by a cultivator of the Sacred Sovereign with seven apertures.

The second item auctioned off was a sacred weapon.

However, it could only be considered the most basic sacred weapon.

Ye Xiao estimated that since he had already advanced to the Celestial Sovereign realm, it was time to exchange for a new weapon.

The weapon used by those above the Celestial Sovereign realm should be a celestial weapon, right

Looks like he needed to find time to level up the Great Dragon and raise his attributes a little.

He looked at the auction while thinking about his next actions.

On the high platform, a few figures stared at the auction below and nodded in satisfaction.

“Not bad! The auction is progressing very smoothly.

At this rate, I reckon that well obtain enough resources today to help the City Lord advance further.”

“Its time for us to catch up with some good stuff.

We cant keep up with these useless things.

Everyones interest has already been hyped up.

We cant waste them.”


At that moment, the auction had already passed the first stage and was entering the middle stage.

The items auctioned were also much better.

Some of the items could even be considered rare and authentic.

At that moment, the number of people shouting for the auction was no longer as many as before.

Perhaps it was because the prices of those items were higher.

It was not something that an ordinary person could easily afford.

After a few rounds of auction, Ye Xiao finally saw an existence that came from the same universe as him, the archaic Dragon Emperor.

However, he was not the only one.

Other than him, there were a few others who should have escaped with him.

Unfortunately, they were unfortunately captured by others, resulting in them becoming prisoners at the auction.

It was also a pity.

Looking at their appearance, they were very depressed.

Their eyes were filled with thick despair.

It was likely that they would not have any hope in this lifetime.

However, Ye Xiao would not sympathize with them.

They had betrayed their universe and ended up in this state.

Everything was their own doing.

“The few people auctioned below are dragons, phoenixes, and other alien races from other universes.

Their strength is basically at the Sacred Sovereign with 12 apertures.

Although they are heavily injured, the sacred blood in their bodies is still there.

“If we buy them back and refine them a little to strengthen our physiques, it would be very good.”

After saying that, the people below the stage could not help but start to boil.

“Its actually the physique of a dragon and a phoenix.

This is good stuff.”

“If we can absorb them, it should be of great benefit to our aptitude.”

“Usually, its as difficult as ascending to the heavens to obtain some of the alien bloodlines.

And even if we do, its only some extremely ordinary alien bloodlines.

“This time, its actually some Sacred Sovereigns with twelve apertures.

It can be said to be very rare.”

“However, theyre all heavily injured, so they probably dont have much sacred blood left in their bodies.

Otherwise, the City Lord of Spirit Nether City wouldnt have put them up for auction.

Instead, he would have kept them for himself.

“If you want to buy them, you should still treat them with caution.”

Everyone was originally quite enthusiastic, but after hearing that rational analysis, they all began to speculate.

It sounded like that was indeed the case.

The auction began very quickly, but the crowd was not as excited as they had been before.

The enthusiasm for the auction was not high, and there were very few bids.

At that moment, the people from the Lord of Heaven were secretly delighted.

That was because if the others did not bid much and only they did, then they would be able to take down these fellows at a very low price and then return to report to the Lord.

At the same time, they could also covet some resources from them.

It was really the blessing of the heavens.

Hence, the people from the Lord of Heaven quickly began to bid.

There were very few other competitors and the scene instantly fell into a passive state.

Ye Xiao could not help but narrow his eyes slightly and did not have the slightest worry.

Actually, the one who had said those words earlier was not anyone else but him.

He was deliberately trying to get rid of the others first.

That was because the main target of the Lord of Heaven was the archaic Dragon Emperor and the others.

Only by revealing the Celestial Sovereign Yin Shis plans alone would it be easier to create friction.

After the Lord of Heavens people called out the price, other than a few individuals and a few others, there was no one else who called out the price.

Due to that reason, even the others were too embarrassed to raise the price.


If no one else raised the bid and only the auctioneer raised the bid, it would be easy for others to see through it.

If the other party suddenly stopped bidding, the auction would be ruined.

At that time, they would be in deep trouble.

As such, no one dared to speak carelessly.

Even though the auctioneer on the stage was unwilling to sell the bid at such a low price, they had no choice but to allow the people of the Lord of Heaven to successfully bid.

At that crucial moment, someone in the crowd suddenly spoke up.

“The people of the Lord of Heavens sacred hall sure has some tricks up their sleeves.

The words that they had just spoken had caused everyone to be afraid of bidding.

Yet, in the blink of an eye, you guys had bought it all by yourselves.

Isnt this a huge bargain”

The moment those words were spoken, everyones faces could not help but change.

“What does that mean Are we being scammed”

“Speaking of which, it seems like only the members of the Lord of Heavens sacred hall are trying to raise the price.”

“Could it be that these alien bloodlines have other good items”

“No matter what, we cant let them succeed so easily.”

The faces of the Sacred Sovereigns of the Lord of Heaven turned green.

The ducks in their hands had flown a distance away in the blink of an eye, and they might not even be able to catch them anymore.

One could imagine how furious they were!

“Whos speaking nonsense”


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