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Sacred Sovereign Shang!

He was an existence that had suppressed all of the geniuses in the immemorial era, an existence that had suppressed an entire era.

In the age of chaos, he had once again suppressed everything.

There was no doubt about his existence.

His strength was terrifying.

In the age of chaos, he had lived a brand new self!

If there really was a legendary monster in that world, then that person must be Sacred Sovereign Shang.

Countless people paid high respect to Sacred Sovereign Shang!

Even Sacred Sovereign Shang himself seemed to have started to relax from the expression on his face.

That seemed to mean that even he himself thought that Ye Xiao had already been killed by him.

In truth, it was not his fault and the others for thinking so.

It was just that the power of that move was too great.

It had already reached an unprecedented level that made people unable to control themselves.

It could even be said that the move was the most powerful attack that people had seen with their own eyes so far in the age of chaos.

However, after that light continued for a moment, it began to slowly decay.

Moreover, it was on a scale, a fixed decay.

That scene caused Sacred Sovereign Shang, who was already certain of victory, to suddenly frown.

Something was not quite right.

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In the next moment, when the explosions light weakened to a certain extent, it actually completely retracted, completely condensed, and disappeared without a trace.

In its place was the unharmed Ye Xiao, who appeared in front of everyone!

“What Hes actually fine!”

At that moment, everyone present was petrified.

That was because of their excessive shock, their jaws almost all fell to the ground.

No one had expected that after facing such a powerful attack, Ye Xiao was actually unharmed.

That powerful attack, it was probably impossible for the Sacred Sovereign with eight apertures to resist.

Not turning into ashes could already be said to be an unimaginable outcome.

“How on earth did he do it”

“I dont know.

I feel that he shouldnt have been able to withstand that attack.

D*mn it, I feel that my entire mind is in a mess now.

I dont know what to say at all.”

“God, save me.

Im already starting to doubt life.

What on Earth is going on Can someone explain it to me”

Everyone was at a loss.

Only Sacred Sovereign Shang widened his eyes and looked at Ye Xiao in disbelief.

It was as if he had already seen through the reason.

After a long while, he could not help but take a deep breath and asked with a trembling voice,

“This aura, could it be… The celestial art”

The celestial art!

Upon hearing that word, everyones heart seemed to have failed.

At that moment, it suddenly stopped trembling.

That was right, they stopped trembling!

That simple word sounded as if it was from a completely different dimension.

Everyones minds were blank at that moment.

They did not dare to think too much, as if they had become rigid.

“It… It should… It shouldnt be possible, right”

“It… It should be.

He must have said something wrong just now, right Perhaps, he saw wrongly”

“But Sacred Sovereign Shang has already relied on his own talent to fuse a lesser celestial art.

Could he still see wrongly”

Hearing those words, everyones hearts began to beat uncontrollably.

Ye Xiao did not say much.

He had always disliked too much nonsense.

However, he slowly opened up his own Void celestial art.

A dark energy halo that was emitting a purple glow slowly surfaced in everyones shock.

It looked extremely simple, but it was filled with supreme majesty.

Even a Sacred Sovereign was like an insignificant ant in front of it…

It was in response to that phrase, the great art is the simplest!

The more powerful something was, the simpler it looked.

Even so, as simple as it was, it was enough to crush all energy in that world.

People began to despair and collapse!

No one could imagine that the freak Ye Xiao actually possessed the legendary celestial art.

It was the complete celestial art!

It was not some incomplete inheritance or something like that, but a complete celestial art.

One had to know that even Sacred Sovereign Shang, a supreme prodigy from the immemorial era, only possessed a lesser celestial art.

However, that lesser celestial art of his was already sufficient to crush all sacred art, including an extremely powerful existence like the Destiny sacred art that had been blessed.

At that point, Ye Xiao had directly created a complete celestial art!

Did he still want others to live

Sacred Sovereign Shangs body had already begun to tremble faintly.

At that moment, his martial heart had completely collapsed!

If Ye Xiao was a Celestial Sovereign and had the celestial art, he would not feel fear instead!

That was because he would feel that that was the strength that the other party should have.

Although he could not defeat the other party, he was confident that as long as he continued to work hard, he would definitely have a chance to catch up to the other party in the future!

Yet what Ye Xiao shattered was his most confident aptitude!

At the same level, Ye Xiao was actually able to completely crush him.

That was something that he could not compare to no matter what.

No matter how hard he worked, how could he catch up to a person whose improvement speed was even faster than his own

No, he and Ye Xiao were not at the same level.

To be precise, he was a lesser Celestial Sovereign who had opened up the Sacred Sovereign with 12 apertures, while Ye Xiao had only opened up the Sacred Sovereign with eight apertures.

Although he was in a deep sleep, which resulted in him being unable to display the full extent of the Sacred Sovereign with 12 apertures, he still could not change his sacred body.

He was the existence of the Sacred Sovereign with 12 apertures.

With the eight apertures, Ye Xiao had surpassed the Sacred Sovereign with 12 apertures in terms of aptitude.

He had surpassed the level that he should have, but in the end, he was unable to possess it.

At that moment, he had lost!

He had completely lost.

From the immemorial era to the current age of chaos, Sacred Sovereign Shang had never been so powerless as he was that day.

He felt as if all the strength in his body had been used up.

A sense of danger of death enveloped his heart.

That was the first time in his life that he had such a feeling.

It was so oppressive that he could not breathe.

“Has my era finally passed”

Sacred Sovereign Shang let out a long sigh and chuckled softly as if he had already given up on resisting.

Sometimes, for a supreme genius like him, there was no longer any hope if his heart was lost.

The moment he lost his heart, he had already died.

Hence, he no longer had the heart to resist that attack.

Ye Xiao expanded the power of the Void celestial art.

All the energy and matter in the surroundings were absorbed and refined by him.

They continued to spread, and very soon, they surrounded Sacred Sovereign Shang.

Sacred Sovereign Shangs martial heart had already collapsed.

He no longer had any thoughts of resisting.

However, the Discord sacred art that he created in his body would not easily surrender.

Although it was also very afraid of Ye Xiaos Void celestial art power, in order to survive, it still rose up to resist.

Unfortunately, its resistance was only in vain.

The essence of the Void celestial art was to devour everything and turn it into Ye Xiaos energy.

The way it was released was to consume Ye Xiaos lifespan and energy at the same time.

Its energy dimension had already completely surpassed the current world.

It could be said that no one could withstand it in front of it.

Unless it was another celestial art.

Sacred Sovereign Shangs energy was devoured by Ye Xiao.

Sacred Sovereign Shangs body gradually turned into powder.

The entire place was silent and deathly silent.

Everyone looked at Ye Xiao in the sky, whose strength was continuously erupting.

He had won!

He had defeated Sacred Sovereign Shang, the prodigy of the generation from the immemorial era!

With his identity as a cultivator from the age of chaos, he had defeated a cultivator from the immemorial era.

Furthermore, Ye Xiao himself was a Sacred Sovereign with eight apertures while his opponent was once a Sacred Sovereign with twelve apertures.

His battle experience far surpassed Ye Xiaos.

At that time, Ye Xiao once again proved himself, and it was not an ordinary battle.

It was likely that from that day onwards, no one in that world would ever doubt Ye Xiao again.

That fellow was born to be an existence destined to become a supreme king!

No one was his match.

Going against him meant death.

From that day onwards, probably no one would dare to rashly make an enemy of Ye Xiao again.

Ignoring everyones shock and thoughts, Ye Xiao was currently doing his best to refine Sacred Sovereign Shang.

Sacred Sovereign Shangs spiritual energy and blood essence were too dense.

Ye Xiaos aura continued to soar and soon reached the cultivation of the Sacred Sovereign with nine apertures.

Sacred Sovereign directly made him open another aperture.

His blood, energy, spirit, and cultivation were so rich that they made ones hair stand on end.

Originally, the blood essence in Sacred Sovereign Shangs body was the Sacred Sovereign with twelve apertures.

It was just that his cultivation had yet to recover to the Sacred Sovereign with twelve apertures for the time being.

Moreover, he had come to the immemorial ruins and absorbed the strength of God knows how many Sacred Sovereigns.

The combination of various reasons allowed him to become such a huge experience bag, allowing Ye Xiao to properly enjoy it.

Otherwise, just by relying on his own cultivation, it would have taken him at least a few years.

Moreover, not only that, while swallowing Sacred Sovereign Shang, Ye Xiao had also swallowed dozens of Sacred Sovereign Shangs sacred arts, imprinting them all on the Golden Book divine soul, allowing it to evolve and fuse into the Void celestial art further strengthening the power of the Void celestial art.

The Void celestial art was already very strong, but although it was strong, it did not mean that its strength stopped there.

It had no limits.

Its strength was strong, and it would continue to grow stronger by relying on the cultivation techniques it absorbed.

Moreover, Ye Xiao could clearly sense that the Golden Book divine soul did not seem to have reached its limit.

After absorbing so many sacred arts, it actually did not have that kind of full state.

On the contrary, it was very easy to fuse them into the Void celestial art.

It was as if these top-tier cultivation techniques were as insignificant as a group of ants to it.

That made Ye Xiao even more amazed.

Where was the limit of the Golden Book divine soul

Did it really have no limit

Feeling Ye Xiaos pressure, increased explosively.

Its strength had already reached the Sacred Sovereign with nine apertures.

Everyones heartbeat began to accelerate and jump.

Countless Sacred Sovereign lowered their heads one after another, lowering their bodies even lower, it was to show their loyalty to Ye Xiao.

No one dared to run.

They were all very clear in their hearts that they definitely could not outrun Ye Xiao at that moment.

At that time, it was best not to do anything that could provoke him.

Otherwise, they might die without a burial ground.

However, to their surprise, Ye Xiao did not target them.

He only used his Primordial Pupil to scan them.

With just that glance, they felt as if they did not have any privacy.

All their secrets were exposed to Ye Xiao.

Then, Ye Xiao turned around and left, disappearing on the spot.

Although he had left, his aura was still there and his remaining might was still there.

The powerful pressure still made everyone unable to raise their heads.

After a long time, everyone looked left and right.

“Has he… Left”

“I dont know.

He should have left, right I cant feel his aura at all.”

At that moment, everyone was gasping for breath, revealing a feeling of having survived a disaster.

At that moment earlier, they almost thought that they were going to die.

Life was really too terrifying.

One moment of carelessness and one might die.

However, what they did not know was that Ye Xiaos glance earlier was not an ordinary glance at them.

In fact, that glance from Ye Xiao had already scanned all the sacred arts in their bodies.

Their sacred art might not be some supreme-grade sacred art, but as long as it was a sacred art, it could increase the power of the Void celestial art a little.

The Golden Book divine soul was really too useful.

Ye Xiao did not want to waste that precious trump card of his.

Ever since he had just learned that the Void celestial art could devour other sacred art to strengthen himself, Ye Xiao could not wait to strengthen the Void celestial art.

The Golden Book divine soul was no longer able to continue synthesizing higher-level cultivation techniques.

Strengthening the Void celestial art and making his own strength stronger became Ye Xiaos most pressing key.

At the same time, at the instant, Ye Xiao destroyed Sacred Sovereign Shang, several spaces in the immortal world shattered with a loud crack.

The spatial barrier shattered, revealing a few figures from within.

Their auras were so terrifying that it made ones hair stand on end.

The lightning disturbance caused by the pressure even caused the spatial barrier to be unable to withstand it, causing it to crack.

The cracking sounds were incessant.

“Its been over 100,000 years.

Heavens Chosen One from the immemorial era have finally been killed.

Theres no one in this world who can suppress fate anymore.

The opportunity weve been waiting for is here.”

“Its been over 100,000 years.

The starry sky has gone through a great cycle of reincarnation.

Without the children of fate, that world is about to descend into chaos.

A new era has arrived.

In the chaos, a new Celestial Sovereign will definitely be born.

It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!”

“I will definitely become a Celestial Sovereign!”

Ye Xiao, who had just returned to the Xuan Yuan immortal territory, suddenly could not help but stop in his tracks and sweep over a few directions in the distance.

He did not know why, but he vaguely felt a sense of discomfort.

“What happened just now”

However, he had just finished speaking when a few figures arrived very quickly.

They were Yun Cangqiong and the others.

“Welcome back, Ye Xiao!”

Everyone greeted him in unison.

Ye Xiaos thoughts were pulled back.

He took a look at everyone and nodded his head in satisfaction.

“Not bad.

Your current cultivation has already advanced to the Sacred Sovereign with one aperture.”

Those people relied on his advancement gift to successfully advance to their current realm.

Seeing his clan getting stronger and stronger, Ye Xiao was naturally happier than anything else.


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