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Ye Xiao had just arrived there when, in the blink of an eye, there was an explosive sound in front of him.

He narrowed his eyes slightly and swept his gaze forward.

That was a Sacred Sovereign with two apertures.

After his body was blasted through and several celestial bodies exploded, he was finally nailed to a gigantic celestial body that was like the sun.

With Ye Xiaos current strength, his vision could easily pierce through several large worlds.

After he took a glance at the other party, he immediately cast his gaze onto Li Qing, who was surrounded by everyone in the immemorial ruins.

At that moment, although she looked like an old lady, her strength could not be underestimated.

Ye Xiao could clearly sense that the old woman was slightly stronger than an existence of the same level.


Looks like she should be related to that fellow.

Otherwise, it would be impossible for her to possess a cultivation of that level.

As expected, the archaic Sacred Sovereign were all extraordinary.

Looking at her appearance, she should be protecting that archaic ruin.

Thinking about it, someone should have already entered.

Moreover, if Ye Xiaos guess wasnt wrong.

It should most likely be that fellow calledShang.

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‘Looks like I have to hurry up.

After taking a deep breath, he took large strides forward as well.

On Li Qings side, she effortlessly killed a Sacred Sovereign with two apertures, causing everyone present to be unable to help but feel their hearts tremble.

That fellow was really too strong.

Although she was at the peak of the Sacred Sovereign with two apertures, the one she killed was only at the Sacred Sovereign with two apertures.

There was still quite a gap between her strength and his cultivation.

However, she was able to easily injure the other party, and she did not suffer too much damage.

That way, even if she encountered an existence of the same level, she would still have a certain chance to take him down.

That was something unimaginable in the present.

As expected, the cultivation civilization of the immemorial era was many times stronger than it was in the current era.

After killing the other party, Li Qing glanced around and immediately said,

“Who else wants to come up Dont waste my time.”

No one dared to step forward.

They looked at each other, not one of them casually making a move.

There were slightly stronger existences there, but they were not much stronger.

The reason why they did not want to act rashly was that it was a battle of wits, not a life and death battle.

If they were injured in the early stages, they might not be able to compete with others in the later stages.

Think about it.

If they tried their best, even risked getting injured, and could not get anything in the end, then what were they after

All the people there who were able to get to where they were that day were not good people.

All of their hands were covered in blood.

Seeing that everyone was in a deadlock and no one dared to come forward, Li Qing could not help but sneer.

“What a bunch of trash.

In this era, there isnt even a man brave enough Since you dont dare to come forward, then get the hell out of here.

Dont waste your time here and annoy me.”

However, just as she finished speaking, a terrifying aura suddenly descended.

“Shes only at the peak of the Sacred Sovereign with two apertures.

Theres no need to be so arrogant, right”

That short sentence was like a thunderstorm, causing countless people to go crazy.

Even the spatial barrier seemed to be unable to withstand it.

Under that sound, cracking sounds sounded like glass shattering.

When they heard those words, everyone present could not help but suck in a breath of cold air.

A chill ran from the soles of their feet to the top of their heads.

That was an extremely terrifying pressure.

That pressure gave them the feeling of a tall mountain descending on an ants head.

They could not see the end of it at a glance, and all that entered their eyes was destruction, unable to escape.

“Its Ye Xiao! Ive heard this voice before.

Its him! Its definitely him!”

In the crowd, there were already people who recognized that it was Ye Xiaos voice.

“Oh my God, its actually him coming over.”

“I didnt think that even he would be interested in the archaic ruins.”

“Arent you speaking nonsense The archaic ruins are such a good place.

Anyone would be envious.

Isnt this very normal”

“However, speaking of which, why do I feel like his cultivation is even stronger than before

“A few months ago, his cultivation seemed to be only at the Sacred Sovereign with three apertures.

There was a limit to the area he could affect.

“But now, his cultivation seems to have far surpassed before.

“When he spoke just now, he was still very far away from us.

But when I heard his voice, the sacred blood in my body was actually activated and shaken.

This is simply unimaginable!”

“How long has it been His cultivation has actually expanded once again.

His talent is truly too terrifying.

Im afraid that Sacred Sovereign Shang is no match for him.”

“Previously, he had killed quite a number of Sacred Sovereigns in the Undesirable Sea.

If Im not mistaken, he must have refined their sacred blood! Thats why he was able to increase his cultivation greatly in such a short period of time.

“However, it was not easy to completely refine the sacred blood of those Sacred Sovereign in such a short time.

“If it were someone else, it might take hundreds, or even thousands of years.

“But he only used a few months.

Just that alone was not something that ordinary people could compare to.

“He is the legendary pure True Immortal blood after all!”

“In this world, only he, this extraordinary person, can be compared to the geniuses of the immemorial era.

We are ultimately just a bunch of green leaves that serve as a foil to his existence.”

“However, isnt this also a fortunate thing To be able to live in the same era as such an existence, to be able to witness the growth of such a genius, is also an opportunity that many people can only come across but not seek.”

Li Qing heard everyones discussion and looked at the distant horizon.

A handsome and extremely imposing figure stepped out, and her eyes flickered twice.

She had long heard of Ye Xiaos prestige.

That was because she woke up earlier than Lord Shang.

Moreover, she had also seen it with her own eyes.

Lord Shang was also very fearful of him.

Although Lord Shang had been asleep for more than 100,000 years, his strength had greatly decreased, and he had yet to completely recover to his peak, but even a portion of his cultivation was still an existence that many people could only dream of but could not reach.

It was still a dazzling star in the starry sky.

However, even he was somewhat afraid.

One could imagine how much strength Ye Xiao had.

Seeing Ye Xiao walk over step by step.

After taking a deep breath, she immediately opened her mouth and said,

“I didnt expect it to be the famous Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao is an unparalleled hero, a prodigy of a generation.

This old man admires him.

If Ye Xiao wants to enter this ruin, this old man should give up his position for Ye Xiao.”

After saying that, she actually made way for half of her body.

However, Ye Xiao did not walk over.

He just stood where he was, squinting at the other party.

Li Qing was very smart.

She knew that she was not her match, so she directly made way for him.

However, by doing that, she also made herself stand on the opposite side of all the contemporary Sacred Sovereigns.

She was on the side of the archaic Sacred Sovereigns, and she had previously offended so many present-day Sacred Sovereigns.

If he listened to her words and walked in at that time, it would cause the other Sacred Sovereigns to have objections against him.

Ye Xiao was not afraid of those people.

There were not only those people among the present-day Sacred Sovereign but also some even more powerful hermit cultivators.

They had yet to come out.

If he stood on the opposite side of the current generation of Sacred Sovereigns, if he did not succeed in killing Lord Shang at that time, then he might be roped in by the archaic Sacred Sovereigns to become the current generation of Sacred Sovereigns and become his enemy in the future.

Of course, even if both sides were to join forces, Ye Xiao would still not be afraid.

He only cared about one problem, and that was the Xuan Yuan immortal sect!

Making too many enemies would be very harmful to the Xuan Yuan immortal sect.

Therefore, he directly opened his mouth and said,

“Although the archaic ruins were created during the immemorial era, it has already become a product of our era now.

In other words, what should have it the most is all the cultivators of our generation, and not you archaic Sacred Sovereigns.

“So, who can enter Its not up to you to decide.

“If you scram now, I can let bygones be bygones.”

When the many contemporary Sacred Sovereigns heard that, they all raised their arms and cheered, praising Ye Xiao,

“Good job!”

“Ye Xiao is indeed Ye Xiao! He is indeed not an ordinary person!”

“This archaic Sacred Sovereign really thinks highly of himself This is our era now, not the era they are in.

“The authority of this era is in our hands.

“Scram quickly, or Ill let you die without a burial ground.”

Li Qings eyes narrowed.

She had wanted to sow discord between Ye Xiao and all the current Sacred Sovereigns earlier and shift the hatred away.

In the future, she might have the chance to ally with those current Sacred Sovereigns to deal with Ye Xiao together.

In the end, she did not expect the other party to actually not fall for it.

However, Lord Shang had ordered her to guard that place, so she could not leave casually.

Therefore, she snorted lightly and said,

“Dont refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit.

Do you know who the existence in this ruin is

“Thats an existence that you cant afford to offend.


Before Li Qing could finish her words, Ye Xiao directly raised his hand and slashed out with his sword.

The sword ray was so fast that it made ones hair stand on end.

The moment the sword ray was unleashed, it was as if the entire time had been sealed.

Time and space became so tiny in front of that sword ray.

The moment the sword ray was unleashed, Li Qings head flew up on the spot.

She simply could not believe her eyes.

The human head floated in mid-air.

Her eyes were still looking around, looking at Ye Xiao in the distance with a face of disbelief.

She had never thought that the guy would actually make a move just like that.

He did not dare to care about Lord Shang at all.

If she had known that that was going to happen, she would have taken the initiative to run away earlier instead of saying so much nonsense there.

At that point, she could not run away even if she wanted to.

Unfortunately, there was no medicine for regret in that world.

After killing Li Qing with one sword strike, Ye Xiao took away her primordial soul and sacred blood.

After returning, he could refine them again.

Although with his current strength, refining a peak Sacred Sovereign with two apertures would not bring him much benefit.

However, no matter how small a mosquito was, it was still a piece of meat.

Directly refining a peak Sacred Sovereign with two apertures would save a lot of time compared to cultivating it by himself.

The surrounding people were also shocked by his sword strike.

They were all clear about Li Qings strength.

Earlier, there were quite a number of people who suffered losses at Li Qings hands.

That was because Li Qings back was leaning against the archaic ruins, no one could sneak attack her from behind.

Thus, they could only use the method of taking turns to fight.

Even then, quite a number of people still suffered losses at her hands.

There were even Sacred Sovereigns who died.

At that moment, Ye Xiao arrived and casually killed her.

That strength was simply so strong that it made peoples hair stand on end.

It was shocking to the extreme.

“Good job!”

“Ye Xiao is indeed worthy of being Ye Xiao! Hes indeed powerful enough!”

Everyone cheered for Ye Xiao, and Ye Xiao immediately opened his mouth to speak,

“The archaic ruins are very big.

The resources inside, even if 100 Sacred Sovereigns divide them equally, wont expend too much.

Everyone can plunder as they wish.

As for how much you can obtain, that will depend on your abilities.

Ill take my leave first.”

After saying that, Ye Xiao directly flew in.

He had his own plans with those words.

There were simply too many resources in the ruins.

It was impossible for him to finish absorbing them all in a short period of time.

Sacred Sovereign Shang was also absorbing them at the same time.

His strength was very strong, and his aptitude was truly heaven-defying.

During the immemorial era, he suppressed so many geniuses.

Ye Xiao could not help but suspect that his absorption speed would be very fast.

Moreover, he was once an existence close to the strength of a Celestial Sovereign.

He did not lack the comprehension of the cultivation of the energy of heaven and earth.

What he lacked was only energy.

As long as he absorbed enough energy from it, his cultivation would be able to easily recover to its peak state.

Ye Xiao had only just reached the Sacred Sovereign with six apertures.

He was still far from the cultivation of a Celestial Sovereign.

He was not blindly arrogant enough to think that he could go against an existence that was close to a Celestial Sovereign.

At that time, if he let those Sacred Sovereigns enter and absorb the energy together, he would be able to greatly divide the energy.

That way, the speed of Sacred Sovereign Shangs absorption would be greatly reduced.

As long as he could not easily recover to his peak state, he had the confidence to kill him.

That was a business that would not lose out.

Not only could it ensure that his chances of defeating Sacred Sovereign Shang would increase, but it could also allow him to buy peoples hearts.

Moreover, other than that, although those Sacred Sovereigns absorbed a certain amount of energy, as Sacred Sovereigns, they would not die under normal circumstances.

As long as they were alive, he would have a way to make them spit it out sooner or later.

Ye Xiao was not afraid either.

They would not agree.

The truth was always in the mouth of the strong.

The truth defined by the strong was the actual truth.

In any case, as long as his strength was strong enough, everything would not be a problem.

Hearing Ye Xiaos words, all the Sacred Sovereigns had excited faces and immediately rushed into it, completely unaware that they had all become Ye Xiaos chess pieces.

“Lord Ye is really a good person.”

“In the past, Ive heard many things about him.

Now, it seems that those were all people who framed him.

“Theres no one better than him in this world.”

“Such a broad-minded person.

He deserves to have pure True Immortal blood.

He deserves to have such monstrous aptitude.

He deserves to have such a strong cultivation!”

“Ive decided.

From today onwards, he will be my idol!”


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