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Using their own resources to turn them into guardians was truly taken from the people and using them for the people.

Lin Wanwan looked at Lu Zhanbei in surprise.

“You were still so childish”

“I was four or five years old then.

I was a child to begin with.”

Song Jiatongs face was a little embarrassed.

“Brother Zhanbei, Lin Wanwan doesnt deserve you at all.”

“Thats my business.

If you come to the set to cause trouble for Lin Wanwan again in the future, dont call me brother again.”

In an instant, song Jiatongs face turned pale.

Seeing her like this, Fu Wanyi sighed.

She liked this lively girl who liked to act coquettishly.

Back then, when she and Lu Zhengyu divorced, Fu Zhaoning was only gloating.

However, song Jiatong deliberately ran over to comfort her.

“Brother Zhanbei, I hate you!”After saying this, song Jiatong covered her face and ran out.

Fu Wanyi waved her hand.

“You guys can go back too.”

“Aunty, wait for me for a while.”

Lin Wanwan seemed to have suddenly thought of something and jogged out.

When she returned, there was a three-layered lunch box in her hand.

“This is a snack that aunt ai newly researched.

I tried to make it.

The taste is not bad.

Try It.”

Fu Wanyi was stunned.

She nodded with a normal expression.

“Thank you.”

“Goodbye, Aunt.”

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Fu Wanyi watched the two of them disappear.

The corner of her lips curled up slightly.

It had to be said that Lin Wanwans EQ was very high.

As long as she wanted to please someone, it was very easy to succeed.


He immediately circulated his spiritual energy and immersed it in his mind.

At that moment, the Golden Book divine soul was emitting an extremely dazzling light that he had never seen before.

That light was filled with supreme majesty as if it had the ability to suppress everything in the world.

Other than Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao was the main body and controlled the Golden Book divine soul.

Ye Xiao felt that at that moment, the Golden Book divine soul could even separate from his body and fight on its own.

That way, would it not be the same as having a clone, and that clone also had the same strength as him.

Perfect, very perfect.

That was more than 100 times stronger than Zhang San, Li Si, and Wang Wu, the three scammer clones!

That was a genuine existence with strength comparable to his own.

More importantly, the Golden Book divine soul would completely listen to his orders, and would not act recklessly like the three of them, not taking his orders seriously.

Next, it was time to see what the Golden Book divine soul had synthesized.

Ye Xiao controlled his spiritual energy and opened the Golden Book divine soul.

In the next second, the Golden Book divine soul was quickly activated, revealing the cultivation technique within.

The Void celestial art!

By devouring everything, one could strengthen ones own strength.

Unlimited devouring, unlimited upgrading, it would not stop!


Good heavens, was it not too amazing

To actually be able to achieve the legendary unlimited devouring, unlimited improvement.

‘Does that mean that I can become stronger without limits

At that moment, even if Ye Xiaos state of mind was extraordinary, he could not help but feel excited.

Very quickly, he could not help but ridicule.

Why does the Void celestial art feel a bit too greedy

Could it be that it could reflect his own heart

Was it because he was greedy that he synthesized the Void celestial art himself

Forget it, forget it.

It was enough to have such a powerful good thing.

In the future, as long as he continued to devour and improve his cultivation base, he might be able to advance to the Celestial Sovereign realm very soon, or even the World Creator realm in the future!

Without much delay, he immediately began to activate the Golden Book divine soul to cultivate the Void celestial art.

During the process of cultivation, Ye Xiao quickly understood the characteristics of the Void celestial art.

It could ignore everything and devour everything to become stronger.

At the same time, it could also be used to fight.

That was because it could absorb almost all attacks.

Even the unpredictable power of the Destiny sacred art could be absorbed by it.

Therefore, in that situation, the attacks of others were equivalent to being ineffective.

In that process, Ye Xiaos strength continued to increase.

When he attacked, he would also gradually become stronger and would not gradually collapse.

From a certain point of view, it could be said to be unsolvable.

Triggering the Void celestial art was the dual combination of lifespan and the laws of heaven and earth.

In other words, it was impossible to trigger the Void celestial art with just lifespan.

Moreover, with just the laws of heaven and earth as well as immortal energy, it was also impossible to activate the Void celestial art if its lifespan was not enough.

Ye Xiao could still understand.

After all, such a powerful cultivation technique as the Void celestial art had long been at an unknown level of strength.

If there were no certain conditions to restrict it, would it not be able to massacre everyone in the entire starry sky

However, as the most powerful cultivation technique that Ye Xiao had seen so far, the Void celestial art naturally had its own aspects to resolve.

What it usually cultivated and improved was not only the law energy and other kinds of energy stored in its body but also its lifespan!

That was right, it was lifespan!

Ordinary cultivation techniques could not cultivate ones lifespan.

They could only increase their own cultivation through cultivation and increase their own lifespan through increasing their cultivation.

Even so, Ye Xiao could increase his lifespan at every moment as long as he started cultivating.

When his cultivation level increased, it would also increase his lifespan by a large margin.

Good heavens, it was simply like mother no longer have to worry about me dying!

At that time, Ye Xiao could really be said to have earned a lot of money.

On Ye Xiaos side, cultivation was in full swing.

Outside of Ye Xiao, the entire Xuan Yuan immortal sect was also continuously increasing by a large margin.

Ye Xinyi instantly stepped into the Sacred Sovereign realm.

As Ye Xiaos legitimate daughter, she received the most gifts from pure True Immortal blood.

It was probably more than the entire Xuan Yuan immortal sect added together.

Ye Xiaos body had six apertures, and her cultivation had greatly increased.

For the others, like Xuanyuan Long, the clan leader, Yun Cangqiong, and the others, their cultivation had greatly increased.

They had already reached the peak of the third-level Imperial Immortal realm, only half a step away, they could easily enter the Sacred Sovereign realm.

As for the other Imperial Immortals, there were countless of them.

The current Xuan Yuan immortal sect could be said to be the most powerful clan in the world!

Even if they did not include the guardians, they could still protect themselves if they were given some time.

At the same time, a young figure quietly appeared somewhere in the starry sky.

It was as if he was connected to the entire starry sky.

With a casual step, he could set off ripples in the starry sky.

After the ripple, his body disappeared in the blink of an eye.

After a few steps, his body passed through several major worlds.

There seemed to be nothing in the world that could stop him from advancing!

Finally, he arrived on a fallen planet.

That planet had long lost its vitality.

Half of the planet had been shattered, and the rest of the surface was filled with large craters.

It was as if it had been robbed.

It was heartbreaking.

After he arrived, a never-before-seen aura and energy was slowly released from the planets incomplete body.

It was a strange energy that was pure and dark.

It turned into a silver-haired old woman with braided hair.

She looked at the figure in front of her and did not dare to be negligent.

She immediately bowed and said,

“Your subordinate pays his respects to Lord Shang!”

The man placed his hands behind his back and looked at her with a calm gaze.

He said faintly,

“We have not seen each other for 125,000 years.

Li Qing, you are old.”

When she heard that, the old woman could not help but tremble for a moment.

She immediately smiled apologetically and said,

“No matter how many years have passed, your subordinate will always be a follower of Lord Shang! Even if I become an old steed, I will still aim for 1,000 miles! Everything is for the great plan of Lord Shang!”

Lord Shang nodded and said,

“120,000 years ago, we all chose to fall into a deep sleep for the sake of longevity.

“Now that we have woken up again and unsealed, it is naturally impossible for our lives to remain at the origin unlimitedly.

“Although as a Sacred Sovereign, our lives are far away and we still have a long way to go, there is not much time left for us.”

“Lord Shang is right!”

Lord Shang continued,

“Ziyue is dead.

Do you know who did it”

“I know! I also know that Lord Shang will definitely come because I know that Lady Ziyue is dead.

After the investigation is done, he will wake up immediately and help Lord Shang find the murderer.”

“Is there any result”

“It has already been investigated thoroughly.

The one who killed Lady Ziyue wasnt someone else, but a super genius who had just risen recently.”

“Who is it”

“Its a junior called Ye Xiao.

His strength is extremely strong and his aptitude is extremely monstrous.

His improvement speed is so fast that it makes ones hair stand on end.

“Its even… even…”

When she said that, she seemed to be a little afraid and did not dare to continue speaking.

“Even what”

“His aptitude may even be far above yours.”

After saying that, she did not dare to say anything more.

Then, she carefully peeked at her master and observed the other partys expression, as if she was afraid that the other party would be unhappy.

Fortunately, he was not angry.

He did not even frown and only said calmly.

“I did not expect that after so many years, such a monstrous cultivator had appeared in the immortal world.

There are so many talents, each generation stronger than the last.”

However, as soon as he said that, his face suddenly turned cold.

“But, no matter how strong he is, since he dared to kill my woman, he must not be forgiven.

“I will definitely kill him!”

The old woman quickly said,

“What Lord Shang said is right, but this guys strength is too strong.

Although he is only a Sacred Sovereign with three apertures, he can already cross ranks and kill cultivators one level higher than him.

“Lord Shang has not fully recovered to his peak cultivation.

If he fought him now, it might be a bit dangerous.

“Moreover, he had killed many Sacred Sovereign-level powerhouses at once, and he hadnt shown up recently.

“His subordinate suspected that he was refining their sacred blood.

As a result, his cultivation would increase greatly, and he didnt know how much it would increase.

“Now, it was possible that he had reached a higher level, and in addition, he could cross ranks to kill enemies.”


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