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When the three Imperial Immortals saw that scene, they were instantly dumbfounded and petrified on the spot.

Ye Xiaos speed was too fast.

It was so fast that it made ones hair stand on end.

They did not even have the chance to see clearly before Ye Xiao disappeared.

One had to know that the three of them were not some Tom, Dick, and Harry.

The three of them were true Imperial Immortals!

In the immortal world, they were definitely first-rate cultivators.

Even so, the three of them could not see Ye Xiaos actions clearly.

One could imagine how fast the other party was earlier.

After the three of them were stunned for a while, Imperial Immortal Zhou Chuan could not help but move his lips and could not help but say softly,

“Did the two of you see that just now”

The two Imperial Immortals did not answer him but just nodded silently.

Zhou Chuan said again,

“That speed is simply incredible! What a guy! There is actually such a big shot hidden on our ship, and the three of us actually know nothing about it.”

The other Imperial Immortal could not help but say faintly,

“It is precisely because he is so strong that we do not know about it.

If we could sense him, he would not be so strong.”


After a brief silence, he spoke again,

“Do you think the one who killed the Sun-devouring Demon just now was this guy”

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The other two nodded.

“It should be about the same.

Other than him, theres no other person on this island who has such strength.”

“What a pity.

We have such a high-level cultivator beside us, but we didnt have the chance to receive his guidance and let him leave.”


“Perhaps this is fate.”

The three Imperial Immortals could not help but feel extremely regretful.

The path of cultivation was a rigorous one.

If they could meet a superior cultivator to give them pointers, even if it was just a casual tip, it would be of great benefit.

They could avoid taking countless detours.

They did not know how great an opportunity it was.

However, they were unlucky enough to let such a great opportunity slip by.

One had to say that their luck was really bad.

On Ye Xiaos side, he naturally did not care what those three people thought.

Ever since he advanced to the peak of the third-level Imperial Immortal realm, he rarely deliberately hid his identity.

In the past, he hid his identity because his strength was too low.

Above him, there were countless high-level cultivators.

Hence, he had no choice but to keep a low profile so that he could live longer.

At that point, on one hand, it was because he already had the strength to resist or even kill Sacred Sovereigns.

On the other hand, it was because he could no longer hide.

Killing two Sacred Sovereign and six peak third-level Imperial Immortals.

His name, Ye Xiao, could already be considered famous in the immortal world.

In the entire world, who did not know the name Ye Xiao

Hence, the current him could not hide even if he wanted to.

Even if people could not find him, they could find the Xuan Yuan immortal sect.

He could not abandon the Xuan Yuan immortal sect and hide.

Moreover, the most important thing was that he was about to find his avatar, Zhang San.

As long as he fused with Zhang San and replenished the last trace of his missing origin, he would be able to completely advance to the ranks of the Sacred Sovereigns.

At that time, there would no longer be anyone in the myriad realms who was his match.

Time passed quickly.

In the blink of an eye, it was already the second day.

Countless figures had already gathered in the depths of the Undesirable Sea.

On the way, countless people were still rushing over.

They were all here to watch the Undesirable Sea Alliance kill the Pirate King Zhang San.

Although Zhang San had not been in the Undesirable Sea for long, his legend shocked everyone.

He was the most popular person in the entire Undesirable Sea.

Therefore, everyone wanted to take a look at him before he died and see what he looked like.

They wanted to see if that legend that had stood tall in such a short time was really what they had imagined.

Was he like the proud son of heaven

Time passed quickly while more and more people gathered.

The place where the punishment was carried out was the largest public territory of the Undesirable Sea Alliance, Sea God Island.

Although it was not the largest island in the Undesirable Sea, it was the toughest island.

The materials on the island were unique to the entire immortal world, and they contained unimaginable power.

It was rumored that even if a peak third-level Imperial Immortal fought on that island, it would still be difficult to shake it.

Due to that, in the immemorial era, when high-level cultivators needed to fight, they would often choose to come to that island.

Over time, everyone treated that place as a public domain, a place that was primarily used to deal with the disputes between the various large factions on the Undesirable Sea.

At the moment, they had also used that place to kill Pirate King Zhang San.

Soon, a ray of multicolored light flew over from afar.

People immediately shouted,

“Theyre here! Theyve already started coming.”

Following that shout, everyones gazes turned in that direction.

The multicolored light was extremely fast.

In the blink of an eye, it had arrived at that place.

They were all immortal sect law enforcement teams that were used to maintain the peace of the Undesirable Sea.

They were formed by many immortal sects.

They were in charge of handling the various matters of the Undesirable Sea and were directly under the orders of the various Sacred Sovereigns of the Undesirable Sea.

After they arrived, they quickly cleared the area.

The central area of Sea God Island was spacious and empty.

Then, in the immortal world, immortal energy shook and auspicious clouds fell from the sky.

Everyone trembled.

“A Sacred Sovereign! The Sacred Sovereign is here.”

Countless people could not help but show pious expressions.

The Sacred Sovereign was not an Imperial Immortal.

To them, the Sacred Sovereign was an illusory, eternal existence.

Although the Imperial Immortal was powerful, high-level cultivators were as common as clouds in a place like the Undesirable Sea.

Imperial Immortals could be more or less seen often.

Especially in the depths of the Undesirable Sea, there were many times more Imperial Immortals than in the outer regions.

While Sacred Sovereigns were truly supreme existences that were rarely seen in 10,000 years.

The number of Sacred Sovereigns that came down was not one, but three.

“Eh Didnt they say that the ones who took down Zhang San were five Sacred Sovereigns Why are there only three here”

The others could not help but ask,

“Are you stupid Capturing Zhang San requires the joint efforts of the five Sacred Sovereigns.

But to Judge Zhang San, it doesnt require the joint efforts of all five of them.”

“Thats right, Zhang San has already been controlled.

He has no way to unleash even the slightest bit of immortal energy.

Just casually sending out a few Imperial Immortals would be enough to detain him.

Why would there be a need for so many Sacred Sovereigns to act”

That person nodded.

What he said made sense.

He did not have any room to refute.

After the arrival of the Sacred Sovereigns, the three of them exchanged glances.

“Brother Kong, Brother Yun, the time is up.

Bring that brat over here and send him on his way as soon as possible.”

The other two nodded.

“Brother Yang is right.

Since thats the case, lets bring him here.”

The three Sacred Sovereigns gave the order.

Very quickly, several Imperial Immortals arrived to escort Zhang San.

The crowd was even more excited when they saw Zhang San than when they saw the Sacred Sovereigns.

They all squeezed forward with all their might.

“Wow! Is he Zhang San”

“Hes quite handsome.

Hes my type.”

“Comparing people really pisses me off.

Judging from his age, he seems to be very young.

Hes so handsome, so strong, and so talented.

Look at me.

Ive been cultivating for almost 20,000 years, and Im still at the peak of the third-level Great Immortal realm.

I still cant reach the Imperial Immortal realm.

What a failure!”

“You dont have to say that.

At least youre still alive.

Hes going to die soon.”

“Thats true, but I still feel its a pity.

If Zhang San wasnt so arrogant and cultivated for a while, he might have had a chance to touch the legendary threshold of the Sacred Sovereign.

If that was the case, he might not have been caught so easily.”

“Its quite a pity, but its good that he was caught because hes a pirate.

If he became a Sacred Sovereign, what would happen We would be in big trouble.”

The people chatted casually.

Some of them even wanted to see Zhang San.

Yet, because they had pushed forward too much, the three Sacred Sovereigns were slightly dissatisfied.

Sacred Sovereign Kong snorted coldly and his aura erupted.

The Sacred Sovereigns terrifying power was loaded with an aura that could destroy the heavens and earth.

It directly pushed back the crowd, causing them to continuously retreat.

The scene instantly calmed down quite a bit.

Everyones heartbeat quickened, but their minds were much calmer!

Too terrifying!

The anger of a Sacred Sovereign was simply not something they could endure.

However, at that moment, an incident suddenly occurred.

A terrifying aura suddenly erupted from the crowd.

His cultivation base had already reached the peak of the second-level Imperial Immortal realm.

The moment he appeared, he directly rushed towards Zhang San, his speed was so fast that it made ones hair stand on end.

Within the crowd, someone quickly realized that someone was trying to take Zhang San away.

“My God! That person, is he trying to take Zhang San away”

“It should be, hes at the peak of the second-level Imperial Immortal.

Looking at his aura, its extremely evil and his killing intent is extremely strong.

He must have killed many people.

Such a person, there arent many pirates like him, he should be known as the Wild Wind Luo Feng! The amount of reward he offered in the Undesirable Sea was a lesser sacred weapon!”

“However, even though hes very strong, there are Sacred Sovereigns here, and there are so many Imperial Immortals.

Hes probably at his wits end coming here alone, right”

The three Sacred Sovereigns, seeing that scene, their eyes could not help but reveal a cold smile.

A mere peak second-level Imperial Immortal was like a pig or dog in their eyes, completely without any threat.

With that being the case, the three of them did not even make a move.

The Imperial Immortals below would teach them a lesson.

That was indeed the case.

The moment Luo Feng made his move, a few energies locked onto him.

Every one of them was no weaker than him, they were all above the second-level Imperial Immortal.

The pirates were not strong in the Undesirable Sea.

Compared to the Undesirable Sea Alliance, they were just a weak force.

The alliance had enough Imperial Immortals to suppress them.

Looking at Luo Feng, Zhang Sans gaze was cold.

“Luo Feng, who told you to come here Didnt I say, no one is allowed to come here.”

Luo Feng forced back the first Imperial Immortal with one move, immediately saying,

“You are my king, I can not watch you get killed by the Undesirable Sea Alliance.

Furthermore, this time, its not just me, there are others too.”

As he said that, from the other directions, a few other auras rushed out.

“Little b*stards of the Undesirable Sea Alliance, taste this!”

“You want to kill my king, you have to get past me, Jin Zaishi!”

“The glory of the Pirate King is not something you can trample on at will.”

“Dragon Slayer Qin Dongshui! Demon Slaughterer Jin Zaishi! Blood Demon Ji Meixin! My God, these people are the pillars of the Pirate Alliance.

“They all rushed over.

Arent they afraid of death”

Everyone was shocked.

One had to know that there were Sacred Sovereigns there!

Under the suppression of Sacred Sovereigns, mere Imperial Immortals had no way to resist.

They were not their opponents at all.

The only reason they came here was simply to throw their lives away.

When Zhang San saw that scene, he gritted his teeth.

He quickly transmitted his voice,

“Qin Dongshui, what the hell are you guys doing Why are you still here Dont you know that you guys arent their opponents at all

“You guys are just here to die.”

Qin Dongshui replied,

“King! Of course we know that we are here to die.

However, since we dare to come, we dont want to go back alive.”

“Are you guys crazy Whats the point of doing this”

“We are not crazy! You are the first person in the history of the Undesirable Sea to unify the pirates and create the Pirate Alliance.

At the same time, you are also a top-grade genius.

“As long as we save you, the pirates have a chance to surpass the Undesirable Sea Alliance in the future!

“Were not just trying to save you, were also trying to build a future for the entire Pirate Alliance.”

“You bunch of idiots! There are Sacred Sovereigns overseeing this place!”

“Of course we know that they are here! But Sacred Sovereigns are arrogant.

They wont do anything for trash like us.

“As long as we can get close to you and help you release the suppression seal on your body, you should have a chance to escape with your strength, right

“As long as you can escape, it doesnt matter even if all of us die here.

“Its worth it to exchange us old bones for a super genius like you!”


Zhang San was speechless.

The reason why he unified the pirates was purely to plunder some resources from the Undesirable Sea so that he could help his main body become stronger.

Although he had grown close to those people before, he never thought that they would rush into danger for him.

Although they had a certain goal, and it was not purely to save him, they still fought for him.

That touched Zhang Sans heart and made him feel bitter.

Although those pirates had good intentions, they were still too lacking in terms of numbers.

The Imperial Immortals of the Undesirable Sea Alliance were many times more powerful than them.

The other pirates cultivation bases were too low, only at the first level of the Imperial Immortal realm.

As a result, they were quickly injured, and the situation became increasingly grim.

Seeing that scene, Zhang San gritted his teeth.

“My main body! If you can hear me, please respond to me immediately.

As a clone, I am not worthy of you! I also know that as a clone, I have no right to ask you for anything!

“Now, I am begging you! Please appear quickly and help me save my brothers!”


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