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That sudden tentacle shot up into the sky, instantly causing a heaven and earth phenomenon.


Thunder rumbled throughout the sky.

A wave of dense dark clouds formed and pressed down at an extremely fast speed.

The lightning was like chains, twining around the huge tentacle.


That octopus was ginormous!

There were already people on the island who had begun to discover it.

They could not help but exclaim,

“What is that”

“Sea beasts! Its a sea beast that has come to attack.”

“But, how can there be such a huge sea beast Ling Yun Island is the island closest to the mainland.

This can not be considered a true deep sea zone.

Such a powerful sea beast should not have appeared at all!”

As soon as the crowd finished speaking, some Imperial Immortals quickly flew into the sky.

They stared at the long tentacle with shock in their eyes.

“This tentacle is actually emitting a nine-colored glow.

Its cultivation has probably advanced to the Imperial Immortal realm.”

“No, its not just that.

Look carefully, theres a faint layer of auspicious golden color above the glow.

“Its a third-level Imperial Immortal! Its cultivation can be considered at least a third-level Imperial Immortal!”

“With such a huge tentacle and such powerful energy, could it be… Could it be… The huge deep sea beast, the Sun-devouring Demon”

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Hearing that name, everyone present could not help but tremble violently.

“Brother… Brother Lin, this isnt a joke! Dont scare us.”

The other party could not help but smile bitterly.

“This is a matter of life and death.

Is there a need for me to scare you”

Despair appeared on everyones faces.

The Sun-devouring Demon was an extremely special existence on the Undesirable Sea.

It had been famous for a long time.

Not only was it powerful, but it was also nearly invincible.

It also had an undying body.

As long as a piece of its flesh managed to escape, it would not be long before it could recover its cultivation and body.

The forces of the Undesirable Sea had made an alliance to kill it many times.

However, after so many years, not only did they fail to destroy it but it caused the deaths of many cultivators.

During the most heroic time, it was said that the forces of the Undesirable Sea had gathered a total of 30 Imperial Immortals.

In the end, 15 of them died and 12 were severely injured.

Even so, the sea beast was lucky enough to escape in the end.

Not long after it escaped, it was resurrected again.

After it resurrected, it began its pursuit of revenge.

It killed all the severely injured Imperial Immortals.

It did not even spare their disciples and grand-disciples, ruthlessly destroying the other partys sect.

From then on, no one dared to have any plots against the Sun-devouring Demon.

Every time the Sun-devouring Demon appeared, it would devour many creatures to increase its strength.

“Why would the Sun-devouring Demon appear in such a place Logically speaking, it should be in the deep sea!”

One of the Imperial Immortals could not help but say,

“Recently, the incident with the Pirate King Zhang San in the deep sea has caused a lot of trouble.

Its said that when the Undesirable Sea Immortal Sect Alliance encircled and annihilated Zhang San, they would occasionally use the power they had gathered with great difficulty to target some sea beasts.

“Its possible that Sun-devouring Demon was also affected, which is why he escaped here temporarily.”

“D*mn it! Zhang Sans matter has actually implicated this place.

Isnt the inland a mess because of him”

“Its useless to talk about that now.

Our most important problem now is to fight the Sun-devouring Demon.

If the Sun-devouring Demon doesnt die, all of us will be in trouble.

Even Ling Yun Island might not be able to make it out unscathed.”

“Now, it seems that we can only join forces.

Although we have many Imperial Immortals here, we might not be a match for the Sun-devouring Demon.

Everyone, you have to use 120 percent of your strength to fight it!”

“There are countless lives on Ling Yun Island.

No matter what, we must not let it invade Ling Yun Island.


As soon as he finished speaking, more than 30 Imperial Immortals flew up at the same time and headed straight for the tentacle.

However, that tentacle seemed to have eyes.

The moment they took off, it directly lashed out like a whip.

However, that was not an ordinary whip.

That strike caused the space-time barrier in the immortal world to tremble violently.

The sound of shattering glass could be heard in the air.

At the same time, lightning and thunder also fell down along with the tentacles.

That whip had not even landed yet, but the terrifying pressure had already made countless people tremble in fear.

Even some first-level Imperial Immortals were forced to the point that they found it difficult to advance.


The speed of the two sides was extremely fast.

In just an instant, they collided.

The huge impact of the explosion seemed to have formed a sun in the sky.

The dazzling light made the low-level cultivators below unable to open their eyes.

The extremely high temperature instantly burned many peoples clothes.

“Ah, its so hot!”

After the temperature was over, the shock wave came.

It killed many people on the spot and even sent countless people flying.

However, when the light dissipated, everyone discovered that the number of Imperial Immortals did not decrease.

Evidently, their combined strength had successfully resisted the Sun-devouring Demons attack.

Many people heaved a sigh of relief.

If they failed, they would die.

In that place, other than Imperial Immortals, there was no one else who could resist the Sun-devouring Demon.

If they could not resist it, then all the lives on Ling Yun Island would perish.

The Imperial Immortals could not help but feel happy when they saw that scene.

“Thats great! I didnt expect that we could resist the Sun-devouring Demon together.

If this goes on, we might have a chance to protect Ling Yun Island.”

However, just as he finished his sentence…


Another violent explosion erupted on the surface of the sea.

Everyones heart sank.

They turned around and their expressions turned ugly.

It turned out that a huge tentacle had also extended out from the surface of the sea behind them!

It was already very difficult for them to resist a tentacle until then.

Although they had successfully resisted the attack of that tentacle, they had used almost all of their strength.

Then suddenly, another tentacle appeared, which meant that they needed to divide their strength at the same time to form two forces to resist it.

In that case, the battle that should have been evenly matched had finally turned into a situation where they stood no chance.

However, the shock did not stop there.

In the next second, a violent explosion sounded from the surface of the sea in another direction.


Another huge attack slammed down like a heavenly pillar.

Then the third, fourth…

In the blink of an eye, eight huge tentacles reached out.

The people completely collapsed.

They could barely resist one tentacle.

Yet with eight huge tentacles, how could they resist

It was over!

At that time, they were completely finished.

Just as everyone was in a serious mood, the eight towering tentacles suddenly descended from the sky.

That was right, the eight tentacles had all descended.

At that moment, the pupils of all the Imperial Immortals contracted, and their heartbeats seemed to have reached a height that they had never seen before in their lives.

“What kind of joke is this How can we win this battle”

“Its over! Were completely done for.”

The 30-plus Imperial Immortals could only resist one tentacle at most.

It was already very difficult for them to resist more than one tentacle, not to mention the fact that the other party had used eight of them.

At that moment, even the entire space of Ling Yun Island was completely sealed.

Everyone fell into a state of fear and shock.

There were all sorts of expressions on their faces like hope, despair, pessimism, fear…

Only at that moment did they finally understand how terrifying the strength of the Sun-devouring Demon was.

After that space was sealed, let alone the Imperial Immortal, even if the father of the Imperial Immortal came, he probably would not be able to dodge that move.

He would have to take it head-on.

However, the problem was that no one could withstand it head-on!

No one had ever felt that one day, their group of Imperial Immortals would be suppressed by someone.

That they would be unable to move and face death head-on.

That was simply the most ironic thing in the world.

However, it was about to happen.

Seeing that everyone was about to be eliminated, at the critical moment, a sword light suddenly shot up into the sky.

The pressure from that beam of sword light covered the sky and earth, causing everyones breathing to stiffen involuntarily.

Its light was even more intense compared to the attack they used earlier when they fought against the tentacle of the Sun-devouring Demon.

At that moment, even the Imperial Immortals did not dare to look directly at the sharpness of that sword light.

The instant the sword light appeared, heaven and earth turned dim.

The sun and moon retreated.

In the next second, that sword directly swept out.

The sword light was mixed with lightning, causing the eight gigantic tentacles of the opponent to all severed.

Severed in one strike!

All the Imperial Immortals were dumbstruck when they saw that scene.

All of them were dumbstruck, their mouths agape, unable to say a single word.

They were grand Imperial Immortals, yet at that moment, they felt like a pile of trash.

However, they could not do anything because it was simply too shocking.

One tentacle of the Sun-devouring Demon was enough to suppress 20 to 30 of them.

Eight tentacles.

From a certain point of view, the number of Imperial Immortals suppressed was more than 100.

At that point, those eight tentacles with supreme techniques were no match for that sword!

How unbelievable and shocking was that

“Sacred Sovereign! It must be the Sacred Sovereign!”

“Yes! Only a cultivator of the Sacred Sovereign realm has such a terrifying cultivation base!”


The Sun-devouring Demon let out a heaven-shaking roar.

No one knew whether it was because he was in too much pain or because he was too angry.

As soon as that roar was released, countless cultivators of the first level of the True Immortal realm were unable to withstand it and immediately exploded into blobs of blood mist.

Some Mystic Immortals who were slightly stronger were also bleeding from their orifices.

Although they did not die, they were still severely injured.

The Heavenly Immortals had short breaths and tight chests.

It was as if their internal organs had suffered a heavy blow.

Only existences above the Great Immortal realm could barely withstand it.

However, even if they could bear it, they would still be scared out of their wits.

In the next second, the entire Ling Yun Island began to tremble.

The surface of the sea immediately began to swell.

A terrifying figure burst out from the sea, suffocating everyone.

It was much bigger than the giant ship.

The giant ship looked like a huge mountain, but in front of it, it was as small as a tree at the foot of the mountain.

Its appearance directly destroyed several giant ships.

“Who Who cut off my arm Who Get out here!”

It opened its bloody mouth and roared wildly.

Every time it opened its mouth, a strong wind mixed with the strong smell of blood would cause a hurricane.

The Imperial Immortals were terrified.

Was that the real body of the Sun-devouring Demon

As expected of the deep sea beast, the Sun-devouring Demon.

Its body was simply too terrifying.

A casual breath of air would probably make a first-level Imperial Immortal cultivator feel uncomfortable, and could even be compared to the opponents full-strength attack.

That also made them admire that person even more!

To be able to cut off the eight tentacles of the Sun-devouring Demon with a single sword, how powerful must he be

However, everyone quickly stopped thinking about that person.

That was because the Sun-devouring Demon was extremely furious.

“Get out here! Get out here! If not, I will kill all of you!”

Everyones hearts sank.

It was over.

The Sun-devouring Demon was extremely furious.

Next, he might have to use even more powerful techniques.

His strength was so monstrous.

If he used his full strength, what kind of scene would it be

Would he directly destroy the entire Ling Yun Island

“We cant let him succeed.”

“Thats right! We Imperial Immortals must use all our strength to stop his attack! Otherwise, the people on this island will be finished.”

Unfortunately, he had just said that.

There were already a few Imperial Immortals who ran away.

If one ran away, there would be even more.

In the blink of an eye, half of the Imperial Immortals had run away.

Ling Yun Island could be considered a transit station.

There were some Imperial Immortals who lived on that island.

However, most of them were just passing by.

What did the people on that island have to do with them They did not want to be good people.

Those who ran away basically belonged to that group.

“D*mn b*stards!”

Those Imperial Immortals who did not run away and belonged to Ling Yun Island were furious when they saw that scene.

They almost cursed.

They had no chance of winning against the Sun-devouring Demon.

After that, so many people had run away, it was even more impossible for them to fight against the Sun-devouring Demon.

They had a slight chance of winning, but now they had no chance at all.

“Its over! What should we do now Should we give up on Ling Yun Island”

“Ling Yun Island is my home.

If the island lives, the people will live.

If the island dies, the people will die!”

The remaining Imperial Immortals were determined to die in that battle!

Even if they died, they would stay with their families, relatives, and friends.

They would never run away!

At that moment, just as Sun-devouring Demon was about to use his ultimate move to destroy Ling Yun Island, a sword light that was even stronger than the previous sword light flashed out again!

That sword strike made all living beings tremble in fear!


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