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Upon hearing Ye Xiaos words, the Dark Moon Imperial Demons expression could not help but change.

“What do you want to do You are in the presence of the Sacred Sovereign! Could it be that you still dare to make a move against me in front of an existence like him Are you tired of living”

The Dark Moon Imperial Demon threatened Ye Xiao, but unfortunately, Ye Xiao completely ignored him.

He also did not care about the so-called Sacred Sovereign!

The Dark Moon Imperial Demon and the others were working together to deal with him.

It was inevitable that he would kill him.

He would never let go of anyone who dared to attack him.

Once the Great Dragon appeared, the wind and clouds changed.

The law of heaven and earth was chaotic, while lightning flashed chaotically.

The spatial barrier was like broken glass, constantly breaking.

The Sacred Senior above in the immortal world seemed to have already discovered Ye Xiaos intentions.

He immediately roared angrily and said,

“B*stard! I dare you!”

That roar was mixed with the might of thunder.

It seemed to have shocked all the living beings in the immortal world and the ordinary world to the point that they did not even dare to move.

Ye Xiao was calm and unhurried.

He still held the Great Dragon tightly.

The sword ray was unperturbed as it struck the Dark MoonImperial Demons head.


The Dark Moon Imperial Demon used all his strength to use his immortal technique to block.

However, in front of Ye Xiao, he was like a marshmallow.

There was no way to block even the slightest bit of his strength.


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The sword ray descended and finally killed him completely.

In the end, the Dark Moon Imperial Demon still did not manage to survive.

When everyone in the immortal world and the ordinary world saw that scene, they were so shocked that they were speechless.

They knew that Ye Xiao was unreasonably strong, but no one had expected that his courage was actually also unreasonable.

Even if he could cross ranks to kill enemies, it was impossible for him to contend against a Sacred Sovereign!

Under such circumstances, he actually dared to disobey the order of the Sacred Sovereign and killed the person whom the Sacred Sovereign forbade him from killing.

He was simply courting death.

In the next moment, the Sacred Sovereigns furious roar sounded once again.

“B*stard! Youre courting death!”

Along with that furious roar, the Sacred Sovereigns pressure poured down from the nine heavens like a waterfall, pouncing straight at Ye Xiaos face.

Wherever that pressure passed by, even the space-time barrier could not withstand it.

It directly broke apart, revealing a large stretch of dimensional space.

Although that powerful pressure was not used on the others, they could still feel a gush of pressure that pounced on them, causing their breathing to quicken.

Their entire strength could not be used in the slightest.

It was as if their entire bodies were confined by time and space.

Even some third-level Imperial Immortals had become trash at that moment and were unable to move.

One had to know that it was not a simple case of one or two people being confined.

Instead, it was all the living beings in the entire immortal world and the ordinary world being confined.

Just how terrifying was that power Everyone did not even dare to think about it.

At the same time that Ye Xiao felt that power, he could not help but be shocked as well, his expression filled with astonishment.

He had never felt such a powerful power before.

In fact, he even felt that he was somewhat unable to move.

The difference between a Sacred Sovereign and an Imperial Immortal was indeed extraordinary.

Just like the difference between the power of the sacred art and immortal techniques, the difference could be said to be like heaven and earth.

However, the two sacred arts in his body immediately helped him to overcome that suppression easily.

He raised his head slightly and looked at the sky calmly.

The space-time barrier was broken and two figures walked down from the broken void at the same time.

They stepped through the alternate dimension as if they were not afraid of the danger.

One of those two people was dressed in white, his hair and beard white.

He looked like an old immortal who had lived forever.

The other was dressed in a black dragon robe and looked like an emperor!

The one who was the most furious at him was the guy in the black dragon robe.

It was not hard to imagine that he was the one who had stopped him earlier.

That was because he had a very dense demonic aura, and the Dark Moon Imperial Demon was a member of the demonic sect.

He would definitely be angry if he went against his will.

At that moment, he probably wanted to swallow him alive.

Behind the two of them, there was a special nine-colored halo.

Every layer of the halo was filled with a holy and inviolable auspicious glow.

When all the living beings saw them, they could not help but want to kneel down and worship them.

Only Ye Xiaos gaze was indifferent and did not lose his mind in the slightest.

The two of them stared intently at Ye Xiao.

The demonic sects Sacred Sovereign was the first to speak.

“B*stard, I just told you to stop.

Why didnt you stop”

Ye Xiao replied indifferently,

“Dont you think that what you said is nonsense If I had spared him, would you have let me go”

“Good! Very good! Since thats the case, you can go to Hell.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he directly extended his hand.

The area where Ye Xiao was located was instantly controlled by the other party.

It was as if the other party had completely grasped it in his hands.

Ye Xiao had no way of controlling it at all.

Ye Xiao was not flustered either.

With a slight movement of his eyes, the Primordial Chaos sacred art circulated, and he instantly left that area.

With the support of the sacred art, he could unleash the power of the same attribute as the other party, preventing the other party from harming him.

“Hmph! Do you think that just because you ran fast, this venerable self cant do anything to you”

The demonic sects Sacred Sovereign angrily rebuked as his gaze shifted in the direction that Ye Xiao was flying towards.

Ye Xiao suddenly felt a huge sense of danger enveloping him.

He did not let his guard down at all and immediately gripped the Great Dragon tightly before turning around and unleashing a sword strike.

The might of that slash was earth-shattering.

It was even stronger than when he attacked those six peak third-level Imperial Immortals earlier.


In the next second, the attacks between the two of them directly collided.

The terrifying power shook, causing the starry sky to pale in comparison.

Dozens of great worlds trembled because of that.

That terrifying power forced Ye Xiao and the demonic sects Sacred Sovereign to retreat at the same time.

However, the other party was clearly one step ahead.

The distance they retreated was not too far.

The distance that Ye Xiao retreated was relatively farther.

Actually, he could completely run away at that point.

Feng Nishang was in the Phoenix immortal sect, so he did not need to worry about the other partys safety.

Moreover, the Xuan Yuan immortal sect had basically been taken in by him into his imperial jade seal.

Therefore, he did not need to care about anyone at all.

He only needed to protect himself well.

However, he did not run away.

Running away meant that he had failed in his heart.

He had already reached that level of cultivation.

Retreating was no longer suitable for him.

At that moment, he should press forward without any obstacles in his eyes.

His martial arts heart could not be shaken!

Moreover, he still had two superior killer moves that he had yet to unleash.

It was still uncertain who would be the final victor.

Therefore, after he fell silent for a moment, he took another step forward.

The demonic sects Sacred Sovereign clearly did not expect that he would actually dare to charge forward.

A look of admiration flashed across his eyes for a split second, but it was only for a split second.

After that, his eyes were once again filled with killing intent.

The second move arrived as promised.

When ones strength reached the level of the Sacred Sovereign, there was practically no need to consider any method of attack.

When the thought of attacking appeared, the next second, the attack had already landed on Ye Xiaos body.

Ye Xiao did not dodge.

He directly slashed out another sword strike, directly pressing on the opponents attack.


The sound of explosions rang out in all directions.

Space was once again distorted, and Ye Xiao once again retreated.

However, at that moment, the demonic sects Sacred Sovereign who had just displayed his move and stood on the spot seemed to have suffered some unknown attack.

His body suddenly retreated repeatedly.

His entire face was filled with disbelief.

Even the immortal sects Sacred Sovereign behind him had a look of astonishment in his eyes.

Countless people in the immortal world were dumbfounded.

No one had expected that he, who was clearly at a disadvantage, would actually have a way to attack the demonic sects Sacred Sovereign.

More importantly, he had even forced him to retreat.

“Just now… What happened”

“I dont know either.

It seems that the demonic sects Sacred Sovereign was suddenly attacked and was completely caught off guard.”

“Somethings wrong! Somethings very wrong!”

The demonic sects Sacred Sovereigns expression was extremely gloomy.

It was not only because he was forced to retreat by Ye Xiao, but more importantly, it was because he saw Ye Xiaos pupils at that moment.

It was a pair of strange pupils that were filled with supreme dignity.

It was also a pair of pupils that he had dreamed of.

“I didnt expect that there would really be Primordial Pupils in this world! I always thought that it was a legend, but I didnt expect that it was actually true.

“You… Could it be that you are of the legendary pure True Immortal bloodline”

Hearing those words, everyone in the world could not help but be shocked.

“Oh my God! Hes actually the legendary pure True Immortal bloodline! Such a bloodline actually really exists.”

“According to the rumors, a person who possesses such a bloodline can have unlimited possibilities.

Youll never know what his limit is.

“To think that Ye Xiao is actually the person who possesses such a legendary bloodline.”

Feng Nishang also did not expect that Ye Xiao actually possessed such a bloodline.

Her entire person was dumbstruck.

The hearts of those Phoenix immortal sect Grand Elders could not help but jump wildly.

If Ye Xiao possessed such a bloodline, did that not mean that the child in Feng Nishangs stomach might also possess such a bloodline In an instant, many peoples breathing could not help but become a little hurried.

That did not mean that they had too much evil in their hearts.

It was just that Ye Xiaos performance had already let everyone know just how powerful the pure True Immortal bloods power was.

It was really difficult for them to withstand that temptation.

If they were able to obtain the power of the pure True Immortal blood, they might also be able to break through their own shackles and reach an unprecedented and unimaginable stage.

Even so, at that moment, in the forbidden ground of the Phoenix immortal sect, an extremely terrifying aura suddenly erupted and enveloped Feng Nishang within.

Sensing that terrifying aura, all the hot-headed Grand Elders of the Phoenix Immortal clan instantly calmed down.

Many people could not help but shiver and no longer dared to covet her.

Feng Nishangs heart sank.

She naturally knew who was protecting her.

The ancestor of the Phoenix immortal sect was also a cultivator at the level of a Sacred Sovereign!


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