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At the final critical juncture, the righteous and evil paths had no choice but to use their final means.

When Ye Xiao heard their words, his gaze paused and he immediately rushed forward.

He vaguely felt that something was not right.

Although he did not know what the other party was trying to do.

He felt a fatal sense of threat.

He definitely could not let them succeed.

With a twist of his wrist, the Great Dragon spun in his hand, and with a swing of his hand, he unleashed a Primordial Chaos sacred art.

At that time, he did not store any energy, so he would not use up all of his energy in an instant.

The first step he wanted to take was to stop the other party first, and not kill them.

That was a little unrealistic.

The other party naturally had already expected it.

At the instant he made his move, the attacks of the four people attacked at the same time.

Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom…


Four consecutive explosions were emitted from the starry sky.

The terrifying power undulations caused the space-time barrier in the entire starry sky to become like waves, continuously rising and falling.

Taking advantage of that opportunity, they immediately began to use a strange immortal technique.

That was an immortal technique that Ye Xiao had never seen before.

It actually faintly had the aura of the sacred art.

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That was right, it was the sacred art!

Although its main body still belonged to the category of immortal techniques, the aura of the sacred art contained within it was still very dense.

Ye Xiao could sense that once they were allowed to successfully activate it, he would definitely be in big trouble.

In order to increase his strength, Ye Xiao directly drew out 100 million immortal crystals and gathered the energy in an instant to replenish the immortal energy that he had burned when he used the Primordial Chaos sacred art until then.

Then, he would further use the Primordial Chaos sacred art.

With a slash of his sword, that powerful force even caused the shockwave and the exploding light ball from the explosion earlier to be split apart.

One had to know that each exploding light ball was the distance of dozens of celestial bodies.

However, Ye Xiao could destroy it with a slash of his sword and tear the space apart again.

Moreover, he came to the side of the four people at the first instant.

In order for that immortal technique to be successfully executed, two of them directly used up all of their strength.

The other two disregarded everything and used their full strength to execute their immortal techniques, bombarding Ye Xiao wildly.

In the starry sky, there was an endless stream of light.

It was incomparably dazzling, just like an endless stream of nuclear bombs.

However, the power was much, much stronger than nuclear bombs.

Ye Xiao held the Great Dragon in his hand and used all his strength.

Slash after slash, he attacked rapidly, destroying the other partys immortal techniques one after another.

In the middle of that, every sword he used was the Primordial Chaos sacred art.

In order to maintain his own strength, he quickly absorbed the energy within the immortal crystals to replenish his own strength.

The immortal crystals were consumed like a tide, wave after wave.

It was all thanks to Li Si who stole from the tomb of an archaic almighty figure back then and obtained a huge amount of immortal crystals.

Otherwise, Ye Xiaos endurance would have been reduced to zero long ago.

However, just as he was about to arrive in front of those two people and execute the Primordial Chaos sacred art to heavily injure them, the other two Imperial Immortals suddenly pounced forward.

The four of them joined hands to fight against Ye Xiao.

The explosive shockwave forced the five of them to retreat.

With four peak third-level Imperial Immortals joining forces, it was sufficient for them to be on par with Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao steadied himself.

His pupils constricted, and his expression became incomparably solemn.

In the end, he still failed.

The four of them joining forces meant that they had already completed that tactic.

It was just that at the moment, he still did not feel anything strange.

He did not know what exactly they were doing.

The few of them looked at Ye Xiao and the corners of their mouths curled up slightly.

“Ye Xiao, this battle is finally coming to an end.

Your doomsday has arrived.”

Ye Xiaos mind moved slightly.

He could not continue to wait like that.

If that continued, something might really happen.

He immediately retreated and summoned his clones at the same time, speeding up and closing in on them.

He had to make good use of the time to merge with his clone.

Otherwise, it would be challenging to deal with the situation that would happen next.

The other four saw him retreat and immediately caught up with him with a smile.

“Whats the matter You know fear now.

I didnt expect that you, would also know fear one day.

But its already too late.

“Today, youre destined to die without a burial ground.

Accept your fate.”

“Theres no such wordaccept your fate in my dictionary.”

As he retreated, he executed the Great Way of Life immortal technique at the same time and slashed out several sword lights to resist the other party.

A burst of extremely resplendent sword light exploded in the starry sky, allowing countless people to comprehend quite a bit.

That battle was simply a great gift to them, allowing many people to learn quite a few things, thus obtaining a new life on the path of martial arts.

“Ye Xiao! Dont continue to struggle blindly, its useless! No one can save you today! Die!”

Greedwolf Imperial Demon suddenly increased the speed of his attacks.

Ye Xiao suddenly felt that he was restrained by a wave of ocular power as if he wanted to firmly grasp himself within it.

“Want to escape Do you think thats possible”

Greedwolf Imperial Demon smiled coldly and directly took out his lesser sacred weapon, wanting to cut off Ye Xiaos arm with a sword and cut off his path of retreat.

His sword emitted radiance of ten billion miles across the entire starry sky.

That sword was not the slightest bit weaker than Ye Xiaos previous sword rays.

It was aimed directly at destroying Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao was naturally not afraid of such a thing.

With a wave of his large hand, the Great Dragon let out a world-shaking roar.

Following that, the entire weapon instantly transformed into a long dragon.

With an unstoppable stance, it fiercely collided with the other partys sword.

At that moment, the other three Imperial Immortals did not stop their actions either.

They joined forces to attack Ye Xiao一not giving him any time to react at all.

However, at the critical moment, everyone suddenly felt as if they were locked onto by a special force.

Furthermore, that force came very quickly.

“What terrifying speed and strength.

Where did this fellow come from”

“This fellows cultivation has only just reached the second-level Imperial Immortal realm.

Hes probably in cahoots with Ye Xiao.

Everyone, just dont let down your guard and dont pay too much attention to them.

“Because our main target right now is Ye Xiao! We wont ask about anything else and dont be distracted.”

“Youre right.

Even if his strength is really very strong, theyre only a puny second-level Imperial Immortal.

Whats there to be afraid of”

“Everyone, dont be careless.

Qing Xuzi, youre in charge of attacking and destroying this fellow.

The three of us will continue to besiege Ye Xiao.

He wont be able to hold on much longer.”


After receiving the order, Qing Xuzi was immediately in charge of intercepting that figure.

He left the four-man team and turned around to attack the other party.

His speed was very fast and his power was extremely strong.

Although the other party was only a second-level Imperial Immortal and was far from qualified to fight him, he still did not have the slightest bit of carelessness and used his highest level.

The sword directly slashed onto the other partys body, but that kind of separation of flesh and blood did not happen.

On the contrary, the other party had already passed through his defense and arrived in front of Ye Xiao.


“Whats going on”

Countless people were dumbfounded.

No one had expected that such a thing would actually happen.

The dignified Qing Xuzi, an existence of one of the three peak third-level Imperial Immortals of the immortal sects righteous path, had made a move to intercept a second-level Imperial Immortal and was actually fooled by the other party.

The other party had even escaped in front of him.

It was simply a humiliation!

A blatant humiliation to Qing Xuzi!

Qing Xuzis face was flushed red, and he almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

He could not understand what had just happened.

Right at that moment, someone seemed to have recognized that fellows identity.

He could not help but immediately open his mouth and cry out in surprise.

“Oh my God, look at that fellow, its Li Si! Its Li Si!”

“Holy sh*t! Its really him.

That guy dug up my mother-in-laws grave.

I was just trying to find trouble with him, but I didnt expect him to actually come here.”

“Thats not right! Why would he appear here Hasnt this Li Si been hiding in the immortal world for a long time Now that hes suddenly here, what the hell is he doing”

Just as his voice fell, just as everyone was still unable to understand what had happened, in the next second, they saw Li Si directly fuse into Ye Xiaos body.

“Holy sh*t!”

“Hes fusing! Hes actually fusing! Is there a mistake The awe-inspiring Li Si was actually just a clone of Ye Xiao! My God, Ye Xiao was actually able to nurture such an outstanding clone! He himself still needs a certain amount of cultivation.

This fellow, his aptitude is simply too inhuman, right”

Everyone simply could not believe what they were seeing.

Even if their main bodies came out to cultivate, they would not be able to reach Ye Xiaos level even if they cultivated for tens or even hundreds of thousands of years.

No, to be precise, even Ye Xiaos clone, Li Si, would not be able to reach Ye Xiaos level.

That was simply a blow to everyones confidence.

It made them unable to help but start to doubt their own lives.

Could it be that their level was really too low

Was it because they were too ugly

In the end, they could not even compare to one of Ye Xiaos clones

It simply made it impossible for them to live on.

However, the shock everyone experienced was not over yet.

From the other side, another extremely terrifying aura was about to fly out.

Another second-level Imperial Immortal!

Everyone who felt that aura could not help but narrow their eyes.

Some of them even jumped up and began to curse.

“F*ck! Is this guy done yet Its already abnormal for him to create one.

In the end, he actually created two more.

Hes simply going to drive the entire world crazy.”

That was a second-level Imperial Immortal!

It was very rare for someone to be able to cultivate to that realm.

Even so, Ye Xiaos two clones had actually reached that level.

It was simply a merciless slap on everyones faces.

“Quick! Quickly stop him.

We must not let them merge.

Otherwise, well be in big trouble.”

Greedwolf Imperial Demon could not help but exclaim.

Then he turned around to fight the new clone that had just appeared!


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