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A sacred weapon!

That was definitely a sacred weapon!

Only a sacred weapon would have such a feeling and aura.

Only a sacred weapon could change a persons strength and pressure in an instant.

He could not fight.

If he were to fight with him, he would really be dead.

Moreover, he would be the kind of person who would die without leaving even a trace.

Therefore, the green wolf used all of his strength to suppress his speed and stabilize his body so that he would not hurt Ye Xiao.

Following closely behind, it immediately shouted loudly,

“Wait! Spare…”

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It would have been better if it did not say that sentence.

Just as it said that sentence, Ye Xiao instantly attacked like lightning.

The Primordial Chaos sacred art was circulated to its maximum as the Great Dragon drew a sword ray in the air.

That sword ray was so powerful that it could not be matched.

With an unstoppable stance, it instantly killed the green wolf.

Then, its momentum did not decrease as it tore the ground apart, creating an abyss.

That terrifying scene shook heaven and earth.

Countless Immortal Beasts in the entire Wolf Smoke Valley were shocked.

Ye Xiao let out a long sigh of relief.

“Fortunately, I acted quickly and didnt make him beg for mercy.

Otherwise, I wouldnt have been able to kill him.”

After saying that, he ran down excitedly, flaying the skin, cramping the tendons, pouring water, lighting a fire… After completing the entire set of movements, the green wolf also became a sumptuous delicacy.

Ye Xiao sprinkled cumin, pepper, salt, and other seasonings and immediately began to feast.

As expected, the quality of the meat was very delicious!

Due to the other partys strong cultivation, every mouthful of it could also replenish a lot of vitality for Ye Xiao.


Not bad, not bad at all.

Although a second-level Great Immortal green wolf could not reach a heaven-defying level, it was still better than nothing.

The way Ye Xiao cultivated was different from others.

He basically relied on the Golden Book divine soul in his body to cultivate on his own.

If he meditated and cultivated, it was roughly equivalent to two cultivation sessions.

However, he was far from being comparable to the Golden Book divine soul and could not reach the other partys level.

Therefore, the increase in his cultivation when he meditated and cultivated was limited.

It was also because of it that under normal circumstances, he rarely meditated and cultivated unless he was really bored.

However, eating delicious food was different.

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Eating food was much faster than his own meditation and cultivation.

Ye Xiao quickly ate up the green wolf, but he purposely left a wolf leg behind.

Nishang also needed to nourish her body at the moment, so he should bring some back for her to taste.

That made Ye Xiao unable to help but sigh in his heart.

After having a wife and child, it was really different.

In the past, he only needed to consider himself.

It could be said that if he ate his fill alone, the whole family would not be hungry.

At that point, he could not.

After he ate by himself, he still had to take care of his wife and child at home.

However, there were still many good ingredients in there.

Ye Xiao could already sense that there were many Immortal Beasts and their attention was already on him.

If it was an ordinary person, he would probably avoid the Immortal Beasts in there.

However, Ye Xiao would not.

A true foodie would definitely be an existence that was not afraid of life and death.

Ye Xiao took a deep breath and strode into the Wolf Smoke Valley.

That massacre lasted for a very long time.

The next day, 10,000 miles away from the Wolf Smoke Valley, two figures were walking in the direction of the Valley with their brows tightly knitted.

One of them could not help but ask,

“Holy Maiden, along the way, weve already killed six or seven second-level Great Immortals one after another, but we still have not found the person that the Imperial Demon wants.

“Not far ahead is the Wolf Smoke Valley.

If we still cant find him at this last place.

Im afraid we really wont be able to find him.”

“Even if we cant find him, we still have to find him.”

The holy maidens face was solemn.

She took a deep breath and said,

“No one is allowed to disobey Masters orders.

They must be obeyed unconditionally.

“Furthermore, with my masters strength, everything he says makes sense.

“Since he said that a young man of the second level of the Great Immortal realm would appear on this path, then there must be a young man of the second level of the Great Immortal realm.

We only need to be responsible.

We just need to complete this order.

Theres no need to think too much about anything else.”


As soon as the two of them finished speaking, the holy maiden suddenly stopped in her tracks and looked down at a forest.

The assistant beside her understood and raised her palm.


With a shocking explosion, the forest along with hundreds of trees were all destroyed and turned into ashes.

The huge shockwave sent many figures flying.

They were extremely fast and disappeared like bolts of lightning.

They fled deeper into the forest.

The assistant raised her hand and grabbed at the air.

She instantly grabbed several figures and pulled them to her side.

“Holy Maiden, they are Immortal Beasts.”

The holy maiden glanced at them and could not help but raise her eyebrows slightly.

“This doesnt seem like a place where Immortal Beasts live.

The immortal energy here is too thin, and there are no suitable obstructions here.

Its very easy to be discovered and attacked.

Why are they here”

She then took a closer look before opening her mouth to speak,

“They seem to be injured.

This isnt something they got by accident, but something that they received.”

“But why are there so many Immortal Beasts hiding here Could it be that they escaped from somewhere else”

The holy maiden frowned slightly as she pondered,

‘There should be a large number of Immortal Beasts nearby, which should be the Wolf Smoke Valley.

Could they have escaped from the Wolf Smoke Valley

“Let me search their memories.”

The assistant quickly searched the Immortal Beasts memories, and she could not help but be shocked.

“This is… Someone is hunting them in the Wolf Smoke Valley!”

The holy maiden could not help but reveal a stunned expression.

Although the Wolf Smoke Valley was not the most powerful force in the immortal world, it was definitely not an ordinary place.

At the very least, if a first-level Imperial Immortal was careless there, they might be seriously injured or even die.

It was precisely because of that that the Wolf Smoke Valley had existed for so long and was not targeted by anyone.

However, the two of them actually knew that someone had invaded the Wolf Smoke Valley, which naturally caused them to be greatly shocked.

“Could it be… That guy is the person that the Imperial Demon wants us to find But, hasnt his strength just reached the second level of the Great Immortal realm

“It shouldnt be so easy to attack the Wolf Smoke Valley with this level of cultivation, right”

The holy maiden pondered for a moment and immediately said,

“Lets go! Lets take a look.”


The two let go of the Immortal Beasts and disappeared from where they were in the blink of an eye, heading straight for the Wolf Smoke Valley.

On Ye Xiaos side, after an entire night of devouring, he had already consumed quite a number of powerful Immortal Beasts.

Using their blood essence, he allowed his strength to further increase, finally reaching the peak of the second-level Great Immortal.

Moreover, there was still excess and abundant energy within his body.

Using that energy, Ye Xiao meditated for an entire night and his cultivation finally advanced to the third-level Great Immortal realm.

The strength of that level was terrifying!

The third-level Great Immortal could be said to be the strongest existence below the Imperial Immortal.

If the Imperial Immortal did not appear, who would contend with him

To Ye Xiao, that maverick fellow, the meaning was very different.

That was because he himself could cross realms to kill enemies.

Other people merely advanced to the third-level Great Immortal, but if the Imperial Immortal did not appear, who would contend with him

Furthermore, when he advanced to the third-level Great Immortal, he dared to compete with the first-level Imperial Immortal.


He spat out a mouthful of extremely dense immortal energy, and the powerful immortal energy even formed a thick fog in the air.

It was faintly filled with the sound of thunder.

What was even more terrifying was that the law energy mixed within it was extremely dense.

Ye Xiao dared to say that just that mouthful of immortal energy that was casually spat out might be greatly lethal.

It was to the extent that even a first-level True Immortal might be unable to withstand it and would be instantly injured.

That was just a casual breath.

If it was combined with an immortal technique or the sacred arts to unleash an attack, how powerful would it be

Could it be that in the snap of a finger, it could easily destroy a great world of the ordinary world

That also caused Ye Xiao to involuntarily exclaim and sigh in his heart.

With such a powerful strength, it was no wonder that the primordial mighty figures wanted to separate the ordinary world from the immortal world.

A casual move of the Great immortal could be so powerful.

If it was an Imperial Immortal, how terrifying would it be

Would he be able to shatter a great world with a single blow

That made it impossible for the people of the ordinary world to contend against him.

Admittedly, their initial goal was to lock up the immortal energy so that it could be better used for their own cultivation.

In reality, it was also equivalent to indirectly protecting those weaklings.

Ye Xiao clenched his fists and sensed the powerful strength in his body.

At that moment, the confidence in his body became stronger.

He looked at the deepest part of the Wolf Smoke Valley.

At that moment, the place he was at was the final stop in the deepest part of the Wolf Smoke Valley.

It was also the place where the legendary mixed immortal herb existed.

Of course, Ye Xiao believed that the place should not only have mixed immortal herbs but there should also be better natural treasures.

However, all of that would have to wait for him.

He had to take down the Wolf Smoke Valley first.

Therefore, that fellow in front was a ruthless character.

Ye Xiao had already sensed it from the moment he entered.

However, it had never made a move.

It seemed as if it was waiting for him, but also as if it did not take a fancy to him at all.

After arriving there, Ye Xiao could clearly see the words written on the mountain in front of him一anyone who crosses the line will die!

It was a simple sentence, but it was filled with supreme dignity and pressure, as well as deep confidence in his own strength.

It was like a peerless king who looked down on the world and did not put anything in his eyes.

Ye Xiao was looking forward to it.

Just what kind of existence was it, and just how strong was it

With a turn of his right hand, the Great Dragon appeared.

Ye Xiao lightly tapped his feet and stepped into the deepest part.

Just as he stepped into the deepest part, a thunderous explosion suddenly sounded in the sky.

“Son, you… Have crossed the line.”


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