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“Madman Zhang San!”

Xuanyuan Long said that name with a solemn expression.

After the other two heard that name, they could not help but take a deep breath.

“Hes actually called crazy! This person is only at the second level of the True Immortal realm, and he actually dares to call himself crazy Where did he get such courage”

“Youre overthinking it.

Its not that he calls himself a madman, but thats a nickname given to him by others.

Who would call themselves a madman

“It was said that this person was from a certain assassin organization.

However, although ordinary assassins were also ruthless and desperate, they still had some brains.

“Without saying anything else, there were some people who should be killed and some people who should not.

They were still clear about that.

“However, Madman Zhang San was different.

Ever since he started his career, the missions he had taken were each harder than the last! Each one was more dangerous!

“Although he had killed some first and second-level True Immortals, one had to know that his previous strength had not reached this level yet.

He had chosen to kill enemies of a higher realm.

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“Some of them were even the juniors of some sect masters.

“It was said that he had already raised his target to a new realm, the third-level True Immortal!

“It had only been two months!

“Think about it, how fast was his improvement speed

“It was said that he appeared and disappeared like a ghost, and his techniques were hard to find! It was very difficult for ordinary people to find him.

Moreover, even if they found him, they would not be able to catch up to him.

His techniques were unheard of.

“To be honest, although I dont really want to admit it, I feel that Ye Xiao is probably slightly inferior when facing him.”


When Yun Cangqiong and the Xuan Yuan clan leader heard that, they immediately could not help but suck in a breath of cold air.

Ye Xiao was already sufficiently monstrous.

In that world, there was actually someone even more monstrous than him.

As expected of the immortal world!

Even so, thinking about it carefully, it made sense.

That was because the immortal world itself was an existence that was above the ordinary world.

Many people born in the immortal world had innate talent that was stronger than those of people in the ordinary world.

Was it not very normal for someones strength to surpass Ye Xiaos there There was nothing to be curious about.

As the three of them were talking, they had already arrived at Lu Fengwus mountain peak.

When they arrived there, their eyes could not help but light up.

“Oh my God, there are so many immortal herbs here!”

“Not only immortal herbs, but there are also Immortal Beasts! Look, those immortal cranes, the fish and prawns in the lake, as well as the wild beasts running! All of them are Immortal Beasts whose strength is comparable to that of True Immortals!”

“There are so many good things, I dont know how much blood essence they contain.

It would be too good to be true if we can stew them for a meal.”

“The two of you should stop daydreaming.

These things dont need to be said.

They are definitely for that Young Master Lu Fengwu to eat.

They have nothing to do with us.”

“Thats true.

If only we could secretly send these things to the ordinary world.

With Ye Xiaos techniques, theres an 80 percent chance that we can take them down.

When that time comes…”

When he said that, everyones eyes suddenly lit up as if they had thought of something.

Lu Fengwu was currently thinking of targeting the Xuan Yuan god clan, but he had no way of personally going over.

At that time, if they were to trick Lu Fengwu into sending these immortal birds to the ordinary world, would that not just be delivering vegetables to Ye Xiao

That way, they could be considered to have indirectly contributed to Ye Xiao.

Although they did not have the qualifications to kill Lu Fengwu for the time being, it was still good to help Ye Xiao raise his strength.

At that moment, Lu Fengwu, who was at the peak of the mountain, was already furious like thunder.

His expression was gloomy.

“This group of d*mn trash! Theyve taken so many of my things, yet they still havent caught any members of the Xuan Yuan god clan!”

Lu Fengwu had never been so angry before.

If it were not for the fact that his main body could not go to the ordinary world, he would have gone over personally and killed that group of Supreme Eternals.

Those bunch of b*stards!

Previously, they had teamed up to tell him that they wanted to go to the Xuan Yuan god clan to kill Ye Xiao.

Furthermore, they had used that opportunity to ask him for a large number of resources.

Even though he was the young master of the Cloud Lake immortal sect, those resources were not too precious.

Though no matter what, they were still quite a number of resources.

What was even more infuriating was that it was fine if they wanted the resources, but in the end, they still had not killed Ye Xiao.

What was most infuriating was that they had not even captured a single member of the Xuan Yuan god clan.

No matter how foolish Lu Fengwu was, he had more or less thought of something.

It was definitely those few fellows who had joined forces to deceive him, swindling resources from him.

In the end, they only took the money and did nothing.

That group of b*stards, he simply wanted to kill those people.

At that moment, a voice suddenly came from beside him.

“I dont know who provoked Young Master to make you so angry.”

Lu Fengwu swept a glance, and in front of him were three unfamiliar figures that he had never seen before.

He slightly raised his eyebrows and was slightly displeased as he said coldly,

“Where did the three of you come from How come Ive never seen you before”

The three of them immediately replied,

“In response to Young Masters words, the three of us have just been assigned here and will be in charge of cleaning this mountain in the future.

Weve especially come here today to report to you.”

“I see.”

Lu Fengwu snorted lightly, but there was not much care in his eyes.

With his current status, he did not need to care about those three people at all.

“If theres nothing else, you can go down.

In the future, without my orders, you are not allowed to go up the mountain.

You are only allowed to stay at the foot of the mountain, understand”

“Yes, sir.”

The three people answered, but they did not turn around and leave.

Lu Fengwu raised his eyebrows slightly, and his eyes showed some displeasure.

“Didnt I ask the three of you to leave Why arent you leaving yet”

The three of them continued to speak,

“Young Master, we heard that you had something troubling you just now”

“You seemed to have mentioned something about Xuan Yuan or some god clan just now Is It related to the ordinary world”

As soon as those words were said, Lu Fengwus expression instantly turned cold.

Two streams of biting cold intent suddenly erupted from his eyes, and killing intent appeared.

“Your ears seem to be very sensitive”

However, the three of them spoke once again after he finished speaking,

“Young Master, please dont misunderstand.

The three of us dont have any other intentions.

We just want to do our little bit of help for Young Master.”

Lu Fengwus expression eased slightly after those words were said.

However, the killing intent in his eyes did not disappear.

“Oh What do you mean by this”

The three of them laughed and Xuanyuan Long opened his mouth to speak,

“Although there are rules in the immortal world and you are not allowed to casually interfere with the matters of the ordinary world, or else you will be killed.

“To be honest, before the three of us joined the sect, we had seen some people reach out to the ordinary world in order to obtain some resources.

“Of course, they did it without anyone knowing.

“Now that the young master wanted to kill some people in the ordinary world, it was definitely impossible for him to go by himself.

If he was caught by others, then he would die without a burial place.

“Even the Cloud Lake Immortal sect could not protect you.

“However, there was one point.

Although you could not go down personally, you could choose to put something down.

“For example… The Immortal Beasts on this mountain.

“Even if you were to be discovered in the future, you could also say that they escaped by themselves and fled into the ordinary world!

“That way, no one would be able to find trouble with you.

“Dont you agree”

When Lu Fengwu heard those words, he immediately narrowed his eyes.

Actually, he had thought about that matter before, but he just did not have the courage.

That was because the immortal world strictly forbade interference with the ordinary world.

Many immortals in the immortal world were of the same god clan as some of the god clans in the ordinary world.

The reason why the mighty ancestral immortals had chosen to separate the immortal world from the ordinary world back then was to prevent some of the martial arts prodigies in the immortal world from secretly oppressing the ordinary world.

The martial arts prodigies in the immortal world were too strong.

It was possible that they could casually send out a person and the entire ordinary world would be an apocalyptic disaster.

If the Cloud Lake immortal sect knew about that matter, they would not protect him.

Even so, after hearing the words of those three people, Lu Fengwu suddenly thought of a good idea.

If he simply sent Immortal Beasts down to the ordinary world, even if he said that he did not know about it in the future, it did not seem very appropriate.

Others would still suspect that he had something to do with Immortal Beasts.

After all, it was impossible for an Immortal Beast to enter the ordinary world for no reason.

Even if they were to escape, they would only escape to other places in the immortal world.

It did not make sense for them to specifically run to the ordinary world.

Even if he were to do something bad, it should be logical.

Otherwise, it would be easy for him to fall apart and be discovered by others.

Then, there would be many loopholes.

Moreover, it was impossible that no one would come out to be the scapegoat for doing something bad.

However, he could pin the blame on those few people.

He could say that they had a grudge against the martial arts masters in the ordinary world.

In the end, they specially sent his Immortal Beasts to the ordinary world to take revenge.

That matter was reasonable and justified.

When the time came, if someone wanted to hold him accountable, he could just directly push the three of them out to take the blame.

Moreover, that matter might not be known by others.


Very perfect!

He was simply too smart!

Thinking of that, he smiled and said,

“The method you mentioned is excellent.

Smart, very smart.

From today onwards, the three of you can move around in places halfway up the mountain.

The immortal energy there is much stronger than the one at the foot of the mountain.

This can be considered as my reward to you.

“Furthermore, the three of you will be responsible for arranging the Immortal Beasts to descend to the ordinary world.

This young master still has to cultivate and can not take care of both.”

The three of them could not help but slander in their hearts.

What a stingy person.

He did not even mention giving them some good things like immortal crystals, yet he allowed them to live on the mountainside.

He was extremely stingy.

He really wanted to act pretentious but was unwilling to spend money.

Forget it.

Anyway, as long as they sent the Immortal Beasts down and allowed Ye Xiao to increase his strength, that would be the best reward for them.

The show still had to go on.

“Thank you, Young Master, for your great kindness.

The three of us will definitely do our best to work for Young Master!”


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