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On Ye Xiaos side, after everyone left, he began to put his attention on his cultivation.

However, there was something that he felt rather puzzled about.

According to normal logic, he had already advanced to the third-level True Immortal realm so the Golden Book divine soul should already have a way to conduct the next synthesis, but up until then, there was no movement.

Could it be that the immortal technique was the limit

Unfortunately, he had not entered the immortal world yet, and the information he had obtained was not complete, so there was no way to judge.

Forget it.

Even if it was in the True Immortal realm, there were still the Mystic Immortal realm, the Heavenly Immortal realm, the Great Immortal realm, and the Imperial Immortal realm.

Perhaps he still needed to raise his cultivation base a bit more before he could activate the Golden Book again.

After all, the Golden Book was not that little thing it was at the beginning.

Even if it were to synthesize a new cultivation technique, who knew how powerful it would be Naturally, it would not be so easy to synthesize.

In the following period of time, the days passed by peacefully.

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The members of the Xuan Yuan god clan lived in peace and contentment.

They worked hard every day to cultivate, work hard, enjoy a peaceful life, and occasionally do some mischief.

After about a month or so, Supreme Eternal Yu Shui suddenly came looking for him.

The last time he came looking for him was when he reported the matter of the True Immortal from the Cloud Lake immortal sect.

At the moment, not only did he come, but he also brought several other Supreme Eternals.

“Greetings, Ye Xiao.”

Everyone came and paid their respects to Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao nodded slightly in response.

Supreme Eternal Yu Shui immediately opened his mouth to explain,

“Ye Xiao, these few are all well-known Supreme Eternals in the ordinary world!

“Among them are Supreme Eternal Luo Mu of the Divine Leaf Great World, Supreme Eternal Yin Yu of the Mirror Lake Great World, Supreme Eternal Huo Lin of the Blazing Flame Great World… They are all like me, forced by that Cloud Lake immortal sects Exalted True Immortal to deal with you.

“They are all like me, filled with admiration for you and dont want to go against you.

Thats why I brought them here and explained this matter to Ye Xiao in advance.

In case theres any misunderstanding.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“Im not a person who doesnt know right from wrong.

As long as everyone explains the reason clearly and doesnt cause any misunderstanding, its fine.”

When everyone heard that, they heaved a sigh of relief.

Everyone knew how powerful Ye Xiao was.

They were really afraid that if Ye Xiao found out about that matter, he would settle the score in the future.

Then, they would not be able to withstand it.

However, at the next moment, Ye Xiao spoke again,

“Do you all know who this True Immortal of the Cloud Lake immortal sect is Do you have any detailed information”

Supreme Eternal Yin Yu stood up and cupped his hands.

“Regarding this point, I know a bit about it.

He once said that he is the grandson of the Cloud Lake immortal sects Grand Elder and has a revered status.

“As long as I can help him capture more Xuan Yuan clansmen, he guarantees that in the future, he will definitely allow me to become a True Immortal and enjoy extremely good treatment in the Cloud Lake immortal sect.”

“The grandson of the Grand Elder Thats pretty awesome.

However, since he is the grandson of the Grand Elder, he should have some special methods.

No wonder he was able to release some things to the ordinary world.”

At that moment, Ye Xiaos eyes suddenly lit up.

The other party was bribing those Supreme Eternals to deal with him, right

Since that was the case, he might as well play along and trick him into giving him some resources first.

His status was not low, so he should have some resources on hand.

For him, who had just advanced to the third-level True Immortal, his resources were also very tempting.

Ye Xiao did not need immortal techniques, but he needed immortal crystals, pills, alchemic materials, and all sorts of good things.

Thinking of that, he immediately opened his mouth and said,

“Whoever is willing to inform me of these things in advance, according to normal logic, I should give them some compensation.”

Everyone hurriedly waved their hands and said,

“Ye Xiao is too polite.”

Ye Xiao continued to say,

“This is what should be done.

Its just that I dont have so many good things in my hands right now.

I reckon that you guys wont be interested in ordinary things either.

“I have an idea that can make us all rich together.

I wonder what everyone thinks”

Everyones minds moved and they looked at each other.

What kind of character was Ye Xiao Even he said that he could make a fortune.

The earnings from that were probably not low.

“I wonder what Ye Xiao means”

“What I mean is that I want you to go back and tell that guy that you want to join hands to deal with me, but Im too strong.

You need some more substantial support, which is to say, better resources.

“Ask him to give you the resources.

After you obtain these resources, well split it 50-50.

I promise that I will never betray you in the future.

“Even if we meet him in the immortal world in the future, I will only say that you have never beaten me.

How about that”

As soon as those words were said, everyones eyes instantly lit up.

What a good idea!

It was simply a perfect plan to take advantage of the situation.

Since the other party was a True Immortal, the other partys main body could not really come down.

Otherwise, it would definitely be discovered and restricted by the power of law.

However, the other partys resources could be brought down.

Otherwise, he would not have come to look for those Supreme Eternals.

After all, without benefits, who would work for him

Moreover, it was precisely because of those two points that everyone did not have to worry about being discovered by him and retaliating.

They could also obtain a large number of resources.

It was so brilliant!

As for the 50-50 split that Ye Xiao mentioned, they felt that it was still feasible.

After all, with Ye Xiaos potential, he would definitely enter the immortal world in the future.

Spending half of the resources in exchange for silencing him was simply worth it.

“Ye Xiaos words make sense!”

“Lets go back and prepare according to Ye Xiaos words.”

“Then Ill wait for everyones good news.”

Everyone cupped their hands and bade farewell.

They immediately went back to discuss how to scam that True Immortals resources.

Just as they left, Ye Xiaos spiritual avatars rushed back in the next second.

They had already absorbed a huge amount of immortal energy and returned to feed Ye Xiao.

At the same time, they also brought the latest information that Zhang San had gathered.

It was information about the Cloud Lake immortal sect.

Ye Xiao did not think too much and immediately read through it.

The Cloud Lake immortal sect could be considered a second-rate sect in the immortal world.

Although it was not considered top-tier, it was already very good.

One had to know that there were many third-rate, fourth-rate, and fifth-rate sects in the immortal world.

The scale of the Cloud Lake immortal sect could not be compared to the Great Qin immortal sect, but it could still be considered an overlord.

Recently, the Cloud Lake immortal sect had been following the rules, and there had not been much of a commotion.

However, there was one thing that happened that was recorded by Zhang San.

That was the grandson of the Cloud Lake immortal sects Grand Elder.

His talent had suddenly exploded recently, and his talent was extraordinary.

The Cloud Lake immortal sect had already appointed him as the young master and the future successor.

Other than that, there was no other major incident.

After seeing that news, Ye Xiaos eyes instantly turned cold.

He knew exactly why he felt that way.

That was because it was he who had captured the members of the Xuan Yuan god clan.

He must have used some method to extract the immortal blood of the Xuan Yuans bloodline from those clansmen.

The pure Xuan Yuan bloodline was the strongest bloodline in the immortal world.

If he could obtain that bloodline, it would greatly increase the talent of True Immortals.

Currently, although he was the only one in the entire Xuan Yuan god clan who had completely activated the pure True Immortal blood, the other clansmen also had some pure True Immortal blood in their bloodlines.

However, it was hidden and very rare.

However, no matter how rare it was, he could more or less refine some of it.

In other words, the reason why the other partys aptitude had improved so much in such a short period of time and allowed him to enjoy the glory of becoming the young master of the Cloud Lake immortal sect was that he had stepped on the corpses of the members of the Xuan Yuan god clan.

Moreover, he had already enjoyed the benefits brought about by his pure Xuan Yuan bloodline.

He would definitely not let that matter rest.

Just like a cat that had stolen a fish, it was definitely impossible for him to give up.

Hence, from then on, he would use even more vicious methods to deal with the Xuan Yuan god clan, including himself.

Two fierce gleams flashed across Ye Xiaos eyes.

‘No matter what, I have to kill this b*stard.

However, he did not need to worry for the time being.

On the one hand, it was because the other party could not come down.

Even if he was a True Immortal, he could not come down.

On the other hand, it was because the pure Xuan Yuan bloodline was a good thing, a top-grade good thing.

It was also precisely because of it that Ye Xiao did not have to worry about him telling others about that matter.

Who would not want to enjoy a good thing for themselves

No man would be willing to share the abalone he ate with others, especially when the abalone was top-grade.

At the very least, he would not expose himself until he was at the end of his rope.

As long as he did not expose himself, he would give himself a little more time to progress.

Even if he were to be exposed in the future, he would not need to worry too much.

Following that, Ye Xiao opened the storage ring that the spiritual avatar brought back.

That time, the storage ring that was brought back was not only Zhang Sans but Li Si also gave him one.

As expected, Ye Xiao did not waste any effort to create another clone.

He immediately opened the two storage rings and opened Zhang Sans first.

Just as he opened it, in the next second, the nine-colored light illuminated the interior of the entire Xuan Yuan Mountain, making it difficult for Ye Xiao to open his eyes.

‘Hiss! My eyes!

He slowly adapted to it and only then did his eyes relax a little.

When he saw the resources that were comparable to a small mountain, his entire person fell into silence once again.

In a months time, how did that Zhang San get so many resources

Did he find a rich woman

God, he could not be that naive, right

It was said that rich women had some strange hobbies, such as playing with young boys.

The rich women in the immortal world probably did not just play with him, but something else, right

However, Zhang San did not say how he got those things.

Forget it, he will talk about it with him later.

Anyway, even if he robbed the immortal world, the people of the immortal world would not come down and beat him up.

What did the things that the clone robbed have to do with the original body


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