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The atmosphere in the air froze.

It lasted for a long time before someone could not help but speak carefully,

“Master, did something happen”

Blade Master Ling Mings expression was extremely cold.

“A little b*stard killed Linglong and attacked me!”

“What! Theres actually such an arrogant person in this world”

“B*stard, how dare you insult and provoke a Supreme Eternal like this You deserve to die 10,00 deaths.”

“Master, let us go over and flatten him.

Let him know the price of offending you!”

Blade Master Ling Ming snorted coldly.

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“Linglong, whos at the ninth-level Godly Emperor realm, couldnt even withstand it and was captured by the other party.

With you guys who havent even advanced to the Supreme Eternal realm, going over is just sending someones head over.”

Everyone immediately fell silent and did not dare to say anything else.

Immediately, Blade Master Ling Ming spoke again,

“I have thought about it for so many years.

I have gone around killing and cultivating the power of laws.

It is all so that one day, I will be able to avoid the Seven Immortal Tribulations and the 100 Martial Artists Tribulation.

I will be able to advance to the True Immortal realm in a brand-new way.

That was why I have not advanced to the True Immortal realm!

‘I didnt expect that today, I would be poached by a junior and slapped in the face!

“Such a humiliation.

If I dont take revenge, I, Blade Master Ling Ming, will make the Xuanhuang Great World laugh its head off!”

Everyone nodded in agreement.

“Master is right!”

“We are willing to open a path for Master!”

Blade Master Ling Ming glanced in the direction of the Yanhuang Great World.

“This venerable self has just withdrawn a few areas of law energy and needs to enter seclusion to refine them.

All of you should go and inform the Yanhuang Great World that this venerable self will personally go to the Yanhuang Great World in a months time and use his fresh blood to wash away this venerable selfs humiliation!”


With an order, several figures flew out and headed straight for the direction of the Yanhuang Great World to pass down the order.

At the same time, Ye Xiaos side deeply frowned.

Earlier, because he sensed that the other party was controlling Bai Linglong from a distance, he could not help but retaliate.

In the end, he did not expect to actually hit the other partys face.

However, it was only a slap.

Due to the two of them using Bai Linglong as a medium, and Bai Linglong was only a puny ninth-level Godly Emperor, there was no way for her to withstand the energy of the two of them at once.

Hence, when he released his ocular power, Bai Linglongs weak body could not withstand such a huge impact.

Hence, she died instantly.

He could not attack through the spiritual bridge that she and her master had built.

However, after he slapped her, he estimated that the other party would not let that matter rest.

There was an 80 percent to 90 percent chance that the other party would come and chop him with a knife.

Norfis tugged at Bai Linglongs arm and could not help but say faintly,

“Master, she cant take it anymore.

Ive already played with her badly just now.

Youve instantly killed her.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“Ill give the corpse to you.

Take it and devour it.

The Godly Emperors divine blood should be able to increase your cultivation by quite a bit.

“However, dont devour it all at once.

Your current cultivation is too low.

If you devour it all at once, you wont be able to withstand it.”

Norfis eyes lit up.

“Thank you, Master.”

Ye Xiao waved his hand and used the Space-time immortal technique to send Norfis back directly.

Then, he took a deep breath and immediately began to prepare for battle.

He did not know when that Blade Master Ling Ming would come over but they would definitely come.

In any case, sooner or later, he would have to fight with them.

First, he had to polish and sharpen his weapons.

Although their blade was very old, that old blade might not necessarily be dull.

It might even become stiff because it was too old.

Old bones were, after all, quite difficult to gnaw on.

Moreover, they definitely did not just target one primordial Divine Kingdom.

They had existed for so long.

Who knew how many Divine Kingdoms had they destroyed How much law energy had they collected How powerful had they become

Although his blade was very new and very hard, he still had to be careful.

The old blade was experienced and knowledgeable, so it was inevitable that they would have some tricks up their sleeve.

However, Blade Master Ling Ming had provided him with a new idea.

They used the method of killing others and then cultivating law energy to obtain a large amount of law energy.

He did not know how much law energy they had accumulated.

If his guess was correct, they had not transcended the Immortal Tribulation for such a long time.

It was very likely that they wanted to use a brand new method to pass the Immortal Tribulation.

If that was the case, would he have the same hope to find another way to pass the Immortal Tribulation

Instead of using the 100 Martial Artists Tribulation or the Seven Immortal Tribulations to transcend the Immortal Tribulation.

As he thought, Ye Xiao began to prepare his own methods.

The first thing he did was to obtain Immortal Talismans.

Huan Yun and Huan Yu should have five Immortal Talismans in their hands.

It was just that one of those talismans was crippled when they dealt with the Dragon Emperor previously.

Later on, there were two talismans that were originally prepared to deal with him.

Unfortunately, they were severed by his saber.

However, he did not waste them back then.

Instead, he used the Yin-yang immortal technique to seal them.

It was the perfect time to take them out and repair them.

That way, with two intact Immortal Talismans, he could have four Immortal Talismans at once.

Although it could not beat an Immortal Artifact, it was indeed a good thing.

When it was used unexpectedly, it would still have a great effect.

At that time, if he could not beat Blade Master Ling Ming, he could also choose to trick them.

At that moment, in the direction of the Phoenix divine territory, a wave of Heavenly Tribulation suddenly spread out.

Ye Xiao was stunned and suddenly narrowed his eyes.

‘This feeling, is someone about to transcend the Supreme Eternal Lightning Tribulation Moreover, looking at this size, there are a total of four people about to transcend the tribulation at the same time.

Good heavens, the Phoenix god clan had hit the jackpot!

They should have obtained the gift from the Phoenix Empresss advancement to the True Immortal realm, which increased the strength of their bloodline and strengthened their innate comprehension ability.

‘The Phoenix god clan already had several lesser Supreme Eternal.

Its quite reasonable for them to advance to the Supreme Eternal realm after that.

‘Its just that I dont know how many of them can successfully advance.

The appearance of the Supreme Eternal Lighting Tribulation did not mean that they could successfully advance to the Supreme Eternal realm.

Not everyone had Ye Xiaos Golden Book divine soul that could shield their auras and prevent the Lightning Tribulation from sensing them.

It could allow them to take a break on the way.

It was almost guaranteed that they would advance.

If an ordinary person were to undergo the tribulation, the slightest carelessness could result in death.

Forget it.

Although he could guarantee that he could transcend the tribulation, that was only a guarantee for himself.

He could not guarantee that for others.

Hopefully, the heavens will bless them, right

After saying that, Ye Xiao immediately removed the Golden Book divine souls shield on himself, allowing the Heavenly Tribulation to sense him.

He would first take a lightning bath.

In the next second, all the living beings in the star area where the Xuan Yuan Mountain was located, and even the entire Xuan Yuan god clans divine territory, found it difficult to breathe.

“What a powerful pressure! What kind of pressure is this How can it be so strong It feels like its hundreds of times stronger than the Godly Emperors Lightning Tribulation!”

“Its hard to breathe.”

“Theres thunder.

Its raining.

Quickly go home and collect your clothes!”

Xuanyuan Long and the other Godly Emperors had more or less guessed what was going on.

They were extremely excited and quickly went over.

“The pressure of this Lightning Tribulation, this is the Supreme Eternal Lightning Tribulation! Is Ye Xiao about to advance to the Supreme Eternal realm”

“Just now, I felt the Phoenix god clans Supreme Eternal Lightning Tribulation and was feeling envious.

In the end, I didnt expect that we would also have the Supreme Eternal Lightning Tribulation!”

“If he can successfully advance to a Supreme Eternal this time, everyone present will receive a great gift.

“Perhaps this gift will allow us to become a ninth-level Godly Emperor or even a lesser Supreme Eternal!”

Some people even began to cry in excitement.

A Supreme Eternal!

How difficult would it be for a top-tier existence to appear

In a large world, there were at most a few.

It could be said that Supreme Eternals represented the dignity and power of a world!

They represented supreme authority!

The Supreme Eternal realm was a dream in the hearts of all martial artists.

An eternal dream!

Although Ye Xiao could already cross ranks to fight against Supreme Eternals, he was still not a Supreme Eternal.

Finally, he was about to advance!

The Godly Emperors of the Xuan Yuan god clan were so excited that they were already unable to put it into words.

However, an hour later…

Everyones brows could not help but furrow deeply.

“Why do I feel that something isnt quite right Logically speaking, Ye Xiao should have already transcended the tribulation by now.

Why hasnt he succeeded in transcending the tribulation yet”

“Could it be that he failed to transcend the tribulation”

Yun Changqing could not help but whisper.

However, he had just finished saying those words when he felt that everyones eyes were filled with killing intent as they stared fixedly at him.

He was so frightened that he broke out in a cold sweat.

He hurriedly slapped his mouth and smiled apologetically.

“I said the wrong thing.

This jinx of mine.

Ill shut up.”

Only then did everyone not make a move.

After that, they all looked in that direction in unison for another half an hour.

“This is really strange.

I feel that over at the Phoenix god clans side, there seems to be one who has already completed the tribulation.

Why hasnt Ye Xiao finished yet”

“Doesnt the other party also have four people The other party is practically one step ahead of Ye Xiao in transcending the Lightning Tribulation.

Its understandable that one of them is faster than Ye Xiao.

“Perhaps the fastest one has failed to transcend the tribulation and has already fallen”

“Right, right, right.

Ye Xiaos time is the longest.

Its also possible for him to end the tribulation the latest.”

However, another half an hour passed.

“Brothers, why do I feel that the fourth one over at the Phoenix divine territory has also completed the tribulation”

“Maybe they did not succeed, which is why they are so fast.

Ye Xiao is Heavens Chosen One, so the time taken to transcend the tribulation will definitely be longer than the others.

Theres no need to worry.

Lets take a look again.”

Then, another half an hour passed.

Everyones hearts were already starting to mutter.

“This Ye Xiao… Another half an hour has passed! Even if he fails, he cant take up so much time, right”


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