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“Master, Master, Ive taken care of it.”

Norfis ran in excitedly to report.

The two Supreme Eternals froze on the spot when they saw Bai Linglong having been beaten up.

“What… Whats wrong with her”

Norfis chuckled.

“Nothing much.

I just helped clear her thoughts.”

The two Supreme Eternals could not help but shudder violently.

That was too terrifying.

The kind of terror was not the terror of killing people.

It was the terror of pressing a persons dignity to the ground and rubbing it.

A dignified ninth-level Godly Emperor was crippled by a supreme divine beast with a cultivation base that did not even reach the god realm.

She would definitely not die, but she would probably remember that matter for the rest of her life.

It would be her eternal nightmare.

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Every time she thought of that matter, she would probably be unable to resist the urge to vomit.

She would wash her entire body 10,000 times.

Fortunately, the two of them were more tactful.

Otherwise, they would probably be killed by Ye Xiao at that moment.

That fellow was not a human.

He was too cruel!

“The two of you can go down first.”


Just then, Ye Xiao opened his mouth and asked the two of them to go down.

The two of them would use that opportunity to get down and quickly leave.

Ye Xiao immediately put them into the array space in which the Blood Venerable One and the Qilin King were staying.

In the array space, the Blood Venerable One and the Qilin King were cultivating the immortal technique that Ye Xiao had taught them.

All of a sudden, when they saw the two Supreme Eternals enter, they could not help but feel a wave of surprise.

“There are new people entering again.”

“Its actually you guys!”

Qilin King had already recognized them.

The Blood Venerable One could not help but ask in puzzlement,

“Little Qilin, you know them”

“In reply to Senior, the two of them are the two Supreme Eternals of the Xuanhuang Great World, Huan Yun, and Huan Yu!”

“Oh, so thats the case.

I remember that in the Xuanhuang Great World, there was a Supreme Eternal called Ouyang Yanlong.

I reckon hes long gone”

Huan Yun and Huan Yu, the two Supreme Eternals, could not help but tremble when they heard that.

If they remembered correctly, Ouyang Yanlong should be a Supreme Eternal from the Xuanhuang Great World more than 100,000 years ago!

They did not expect that elder to be able to say his name.

Did that mean that he had experienced countless years

“May I ask who this senior is… ”

The Blood Venerable One did not speak, but the Qilin King opened his mouth to introduce:

“This is the well-known Blood Venerable One!”

“What You are the Blood Venerable One The Supreme Eternal from the immemorial era, the Blood Venerable One”

The Blood Venerable One waved his hand.

“Its all in the past.

Now, this old man is also working under Ye Xiao.”


When the two of them heard those words, they could not help but feel a wave of fear.

It was too terrifying.

They did not expect that even the legendary Blood Venerable One would actually become Ye Xiaos subordinate.

“So it really is Senior Blood Venerable One.

Ive long heard of you.

Im sorry!”

“Hehehe, everyone will work together in the future.

I hope that we can get along peacefully.”

“Thats only natural.

The two of us will go cultivate first.

If you have any instructions for us in the future, Senior can just say so.”

“Youre too polite.”

The few of them simply greeted each other.

After chatting for a while, they parted ways.

The Blood Venerable One looked at the backs of the two of them as they left and whispered,

“This Ye Xiao is taking in more and more subordinates.”

The Qilin King nodded.

“Furthermore, all of them are martial arts prodigies at the level of the Supreme Eternals.

At this rate, who knows how many more guardians of the Xuan Yuan god clan will be added in the future”

“Looks like the two of us should work together and work harder for Ye Xiao.

In that case, we should strive to collect all the immortal technique scrolls as soon as possible.

“Otherwise, in the future, he will have too many subordinates.

If he doesnt need the two of us, he might not give us two immortal technique scrolls anymore.

Then, well never have the chance to collect a complete set of immortal techniques.”

“Senior is right.

The two of us will work together and strive to make Ye Xiao value us more, so as to increase the number of immortal technique scrolls that the two of us will obtain.”

Huan Yun and Huan Yus expressions were also extremely solemn.

As they walked, they said,

“I didnt expect that apart from the Qilin King, theres actually the ancient Blood Venerable One here.

Theres really a generation of talents.”

“Looks like the two of us have to perform better in the future.

Otherwise, Ye Xiao will definitely think highly of the two of them and not the two of us.

“In that case, the two of us wont have the chance to obtain more immortal technique scrolls.”

“Thats right.

We have to perform better than the two of them in the future.”

Ye Xiao who was outside was not aware that the four Supreme Eternals became so pumped up after meeting each other.

However, even if he knew, he would only be happy.

That was because the more determined they were, the more benefits he would obtain.

At that moment, he was focusing on interrogating Bai Linglong.

Bai Linglong had already been tortured miserably.

A dignified ninth-level Godly Emperor had her body sealed by Ye Xiao.

The things that Norfis had done to her earlier had become a nightmare for her entire life.

Ye Xiao looked at Norfis.

Only then did Norfis understand in his heart.

How could he make his boss deal with such a small matter like an interrogation

Moreover, Ye Xiaos status was already so high.

He coughed twice and immediately began to ask.


“Bai Linglong.”


“Are you really unaware”

Bai Linglong retorted in a bad mood.

Norfis coughed lightly and continued to speak,

“Who is the Supreme Eternal behind you”

When she heard that, a respectful expression appeared on Bai Linglongs face as she said arrogantly,

“My master is ranked 48th in the Xuanhuang Great World Supreme Eternals, Blade Master Ling Ming!”

“Why did your master come to find trouble with my master”

“Because your master took away my master and placed him in the Azure Billow star field to nurture the power of laws.”

When he heard that, Ye Xiao instantly understood what was going on.

Blade Master Ling Ming was definitely the guy who destroyed the primordial Divine Kingdom of the Azure Billow star field in the immemorial era.

However, what he did not expect was that the power of laws of the Azure Billow star field was actually used by him to cultivate.

That was somewhat different from what the Godly Emperor of the primordial Divine Kingdom had said to him back then.

It seemed like the Godly Emperor of the primordial Divine Kingdom had not told him the truth back then either.

What they said back then was that the primordial Divine Kingdom had been destroyed by the Supreme Eternal, and then they had collected their own law energy.

If he had obtained their law energy, he would have helped them take revenge in the future.

In reality, that law energy had been bound by the Supreme Eternals special methods and was used by them to cultivate.

However, if they had chosen to say that back then, he might not have taken the law energy, and if he had not taken the law energy, he would not have stirred up the opposition between him and Blade Master Ling Ming.

They had deliberately tricked him so that he would dare to take away the power of laws boldly.

That way, he would be implicated in the whole incident.

At that time, even if he did not want to help them take revenge, he would not be able to do anything.

That was because from the moment he took away the power of laws, he had already become a thorn inBlade Master Ling Mings side.

As expected, everything came with a price.

Behind all the beauties, there were fatal traps hidden.

Even so, forget it.

It was useless to think about it at the moment.

He reckoned that he would have to face the attacks of that True Immortal and Blade Master Ling Ming next.

Ye Xiao did not need to worry too much about the True Immortal for the time being because he could not come down for a while.

Ye Xiao was somewhat uncertain about the other partys strength after hearing the words of Blade Master Ling Ming.

Although he did not transcend the tribulation, the Supreme Eternals cultivation was different from the others.

At the level of the Supreme Eternal, one could choose to never become a True Immortal until the end of ones life.

In that realm, there were no ranks.

That also meant that no one knew how strong his cultivation was among the Supreme Eternals.

He could not be too careless just because he was able to defeat 90 or so martial arts masters.

One had to know that within the Supreme Eternals, there was a huge gap between each ranking.

There was a gap of dozens of ranks between them.

Of course, that was not what Ye Xiao was most worried about.

The thing that Ye Xiao was most worried about was that if he were to join hands with that True Immortal and obtain something like an Immortal Artifact from him, he would be in some trouble.

It looked like he should seize the time from then on and raise his strength.

However, at that moment, Bai Linglong, who was kneeling on the ground, suddenly changed her aura.

Her eyes emitted an extremely cold expression.

“B*stard, how dare you do such a thing to my beloved disciple Youre really courting death!”

“Ultra-long-range mind control!”

Ye Xiao was slightly stunned.

He did not expect the other party to have such a method.

The distance between the two of them was unknown.

However, the other party was able to use ultra-long-range mind control to directly control a ninth-level Godly Emperor to talk to him.

Such strength was somewhat predictable.

However, it was impolite not to reciprocate.

Ye Xiaos eyes moved slightly as he activated his Primordial Pupil.

A stream of immortal technique-level ocular power blasted onto Bai Linglongs body.

Bai Linglongs body could not help but tremble violently.

In the next second, that stream of ocular power had passed through countless divine territories and arrived in front of Blade Master Ling Ming in an instant.


The ocular power had crossed such a long distance, so the damage was not great.

Even so, it still turned into a fierce slap on Blade Master Ling Mings face.

The sound of the slap resounded through the domain where Blade Master Ling Ming was at.

The Godly Emperors who were seated around the domain were all so frightened when they saw that scene.

They held their breaths and did not dare to say a word.

They did not even dare to take a deep breath, they were afraid that they would offend Blade Master Ling Ming.

They did not have the strength to endure the fury of Blade Master Ling Ming!


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