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“Sir, she said that she wanted to take a look, so I showed it to her.

I didnt give her any money, so I didnt do anything wrong, right”

“Your matter was not about an illegal transaction.

Shes reporting you for fraud!”


In the noisy garrison, Ye Xiao found Gu Hai.

He was shirtless and had lost his left shoe.

His eyes were red, and he probably had not slept the whole night.


“Youre saying that youre his father”

The garrison member who was in charge of dealing with Gu Hai glanced at Ye Xiao with a skeptical look on his face.

Ye Xiao nodded with a solemn expression.

“I hope you can forgive my son for not being well-educated.”

“Do you take me for an idiot I wont believe you even if you say that youre his brother.

How dare you say that youre his father”

Ye Xiao was silent for a moment.

Taking advantage of the fact that no one was paying attention, he stuffed a roll of red paper into the others pocket.

The other party coughed lightly and immediately said,

“Ahem… Uh… Considering the fact that hes still young and this is his first offense, Ill just give him a verbal lecture.

In the future, keep your son in check and dont let him go to those places that he shouldnt go.”

“Yes, thank you, Mr.


“Its alright, go.”

Ye Xiao nodded and led Gu Hai out of the garrison.

Fortunately, he had been informed beforehand, so he gave Gu Hai a set of clothes to change into.

It was only after Gu Hai had dressed that he finally came back to life.

His tired face revealed his signature cheap smile again.

“Old Ye, it was all thanks to you I made it out.

If you hadnt impersonated my father, Id be dead for sure.”

“Dont do that.

I dont want a useless son like you.

To save you this time, I spent a total of 3,000 yuan and took a cab for 50 yuan.

Ill have you reimburse me.”

“No problem.

My phone is out of battery.

Ill charge it when I get back.

Ill transfer the money to you when I turn it on.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

The two of them walked out of the hall of the garrison.

Just as they walked out of the door, Gu Hai bumped into a middle-aged man who was being detained.

“Sorry, sorry.

I didnt do it on purpose.”

Gu Hai laughed.

The other party only gave him a cold glance before being detained by the guards.

Gu Hai scratched his head and frowned.

“What a fierce look.

I only bumped into him.”

Ye Xiao looked at that figure thoughtfully.

After his cultivation had advanced to the Xiantian realm, his perception had naturally far surpassed that of an ordinary person.

Earlier, he had clearly felt a strange fluctuation from the middle-aged mans body.

It was a non-human fluctuation.

Although it was also full of vitality and blood, it carried a trace of bloodthirsty killing intent!

He had concealed it very well and had only slightly revealed it.

The people around him had not sensed it, but he had.


Even so, he was not sure what kind of fluctuation it was.

“Old Ye, whats wrong Why do you keep looking at him”

“Its nothing.

Lets go back.

Its almost time for work.”

The two of them took a cab and quickly returned to the library, just in time to clock in for work.

However, today, for the first time, the director actually held a big meeting.

She informed all the staff in the library to keep a low profile and refrain from losing their temper at the martial artists who entered the library during work, or else they would be severely punished.

Her speech was relatively casual, but she emphasized her words very heavily.

It was clear that she was very serious about the matter.

Ye Xiao did not mind.

There were very few martial artists who went to the third level.

Moreover, his temperament was gentle.

Even if someone really went there, he would not offend anyone.

The director was a white-haired old woman.

Ye Xiao had seen her from afar a few times before.

In the past, he did not think much of it.

He only felt that her face was ruddy and her blood was vigorous.

Although now, after his cultivation had advanced, he realized that the director was actually a grandmaster-rank martial artist.


However, it did not shock him too much.

The library was the foundation of the city.

If the director did not have sufficient strength, it would be difficult for her to guard it.

The director seemed to have noticed his gaze and turned her head slightly.

She glanced in his direction, and a hint of surprise appeared in her eyes.


‘Has his temperament always been that way

She could not help but feel surprised.

As the director, she naturally knew that there was a handsome employee like Ye Xiao in the library.

It was said that he was even popular among her colleagues as they referred to him asthat princely librarian.


However, in the past, Ye Xiao was just a handsome face.

Today, Ye Xiaos temperament was exceptionally outstanding.

She snuck a few more glances and had not noticed anything suspicious, so she stopped looking and continued with the meeting.

Ye Xiao quirked his eyebrows slightly.

That director, as expected of a grandmaster, she actually noticed that he was different than before.

Thankfully, he was able to restrain his aura.

The director had not completely concealed herself, so her rank was discovered by him.

However, he had properly hidden his aura so the other did not see through him.

Previously, he had only avoided the director, so he had not been noticed.


It seemed that he would have to keep a lower profile in the future.

After the meeting ended, Ye Xiao began to walk upstairs.

Gu Hai came forward, hooked his arm around Ye Xiaos shoulder, and said, “Old Ye, do you know why the director suddenly asked us to lay low”

Ye Xiao shook his head.

Gu Hai jumped to his own conclusions and said, “I just heard from Ms.

Wang on the first floor that our Jianghai city has a new grandmaster! They slashed at the riverside.

Holy sh*t, the slash spanned over 2,000 feet! Now, quite a number of forums are in an uproar.”


Ye Xiaos eyes twitched, but his expression did not change as he said, “That doesnt mean its a new grandmaster, right There are already a few grandmasters in Jianghai city.

Maybe its one of them”

“Thats impossible.

As long as they are grandmasters, they will be involved in the army or hired by companies to fight star beasts at the front line.

There are only three grandmasters left in Jianghai city.

“One is our director, Ouyang Yunzhong, and the other is the director of the Martial Arts Academy, Qin Shenglong.

The last one is the one-in-a-hundred-years genius of Jianghai city, Nangong Ling!


“The three of them werent saber practitioners.

Even though they are grandmasters, they cant make saber marks like that!”


“Thats your reaction Arent you happy that we have a new grandmaster in Jianghai city Arent you looking forward to it”

“Grandmasters wont put food on my plate.

If you can return my money to me, then Ill be very happy.”


Gu Hai rubbed his nose, his face a little awkward.

“Ill go back and transfer it right away.”

After saying that, the two of them arrived on the second floor.

Gu Hai ran to his management area as fast as possible, while Ye Xiao walked towards the third floor.


He had not revealed anything about himself to Gu Hai.

Friends were friends, but secrets still had to be kept.


Furthermore, what happened today made Ye Xiao, who was a very laid-back guy, feel a sense of danger.

Even if he was unknown and kept a low profile.

If he kept occasionally exposing himself, there was still a possibility of danger.

To put it bluntly, he was still not strong enough!

Therefore, he had to work a little harder.

First, he had to set a small goal to advance to the final stage of the Xiantian realm and become a divine grandmaster within a year.


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