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The Phoenix Empress stared fixedly at Ye Xiao, and a flash of anger flashed across her phoenix eyes.

“This empress is so unworthy of your eyes”

Ye Xiao did not speak.

Some words were good enough to be kept in the heart.

There was no need to say it out loud, otherwise, it would be easy to get beaten up.

Seeing that he did not speak, the Phoenix Empress was also helpless.

He took a deep breath, shook his head, and immediately opened his mouth to say,

“Why didnt you inform me of todays matter in advance If you had informed me in advance, I could have handled this matter gently.

It would not be to the extent of becoming enemies with the Qilin King.”

Ye Xiao immediately opened his mouth to say,

“There are some things that I can handle on my own.

I definitely still wish to handle them on my own.

I dont like to rely on others to do everything.”

A hint of admiration flashed across the Phoenix Empresss eyes.

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Ye Xiao was the man that her Love Tribulation incarnation had taken a fancy to after all.

He had to act like a man.

If Ye Xiao really wanted to rely on her for everything and did not want to work hard at all, she would not have taken a fancy to him.

Things in the world were sometimes like that.

It was impossible to do everything according to ones own expectations.

“However, speaking of which, the four great god clans are actually not the only ones who are finding trouble with me behind my back.”

Ye Xiaos words made the Phoenix Empress put away her expression and said seriously,

“You suspect that this matter has something to do with those few Supreme Eternals who came in”

“Its not suspicion, but confirmation and certainty.

After they came in, they have been investigating my information.

Just a few days ago, I just found a few Godly Emperors in the territory of the Netherworld god clan who were investigating my information.

“However, they were killed by me on the spot.

“The four great god clans dared to mess with me publicly this time.

They must have the two Supreme Eternals supporting them.

“If my guess is correct, they must have promised them something good, such as status, opportunities, and cultivation.

“If you destroy me, its impossible for you to transcend the Love Tribulation.

It can also be considered as a way to deal with you.

“This is probably to take revenge on you and me before plundering the resources of the Yanhuang Great World.”

“Its also possible.

If I were to capture those two beasts, I definitely wont let them off easily.”

The Phoenix Empress clenched her fist.

On her small white fist, one could faintly see the thin veins.

One could imagine how furious she was at that moment.

At that moment, Ye Xiaos intent stone suddenly flashed twice.

He could not help but raise his brows slightly.

“Whats wrong”

The Phoenix Empress opened her mouth to ask.

Ye Xiao immediately replied.

“My people sent a message.

The Xuan Yuan god clan has lost a batch of clansmen.

The Xuan Yuan god clan has an array that I set up.

If they can silently break through the array and enter without me knowing and abduct a batch of Xuan Yuan god clansmen, then the other party has to be at least a Supreme Eternal.”

“You suspect its those two guys”

“It should be! Its just that I dont know why they captured the people from the Xuan Yuan god clan.

“As a Supreme Eternal, I feel that they shouldnt be so childish as to specifically seek revenge on my clansmen.

“Moreover, even if its revenge, it doesnt destroy all the clansmen.

Instead, they only captured a small portion.

Its also illogical.”

“This… Could it have something to do with a True Immortal”

The Phoenix Empress could not help but suggest her own idea.

“When they took out the Immortal Talisman previously, I actually thought about it.

Could it be because they have a True Immortal backing them up

“Otherwise, the Xuanhuang Great Worlds standard is already below the Yanhuang Great World.

They probably wouldnt have the guts to directly attack the Yanhuang Great World.

“Now, not only are they taking revenge on the two of us, but they have also taken away the members of the Xuan Yuan god clan.

This made me think of something

“You are saying that one of the objectives of the other partys attack on the Yanhuang Great World is for the Xuan Yuan god clan.”

Ye Xiao completed the rest of his sentence.

That was because Ye Xiao had encountered such a thing in the past.

That was when he was still in the Azure Billow star field and the Nine Provinces world, Su Chens target was also the descendants of the Xuan Yuan god clan in the Nine Provinces.

It was because the purity of the divine blood of the Xuan Yuan god clans descendants was definitely stronger than that of the other god clans descendants.

Absorbing the divine blood of the Xuan Yuan god clans descendants was much stronger than absorbing the divine blood of the other god clans descendants.

At that point, Ye Xiao could also think of the reason why they wanted to plunder the Xuan Yuan god clans divine blood.

The Ancestral Dragon!

The Ancestral Dragon had long entered the world where True Immortals existed.

With the dazzling degree of the Ancestral Dragon, Ye Xiao believed that even if he entered a higher level, he would still be dazzling in the world.

Based on that point, it was not difficult to imagine that there would be people coveting the power of his god clans bloodline.

That was the Xuan Yuan god clan.

After all, the other True Immortals should not know that the Ancestral Dragon had already severed his bloodline relationship with the Xuan Yuan god clan.

In truth, even if they knew, it did not matter.

That was because from another point of view, even if the Ancestral Dragon severed his bloodline, he still evolved from the Xuan Yuan god clan.

Hence, the Xuan Yuan god clans bloodline still had value.

The Phoenix Empress spoke again,

“Actually, the Xuan Yuan god clan has its own uniqueness.

Im not sure if you know this or not.

“The Xuan Yuan god clan is the only god clan that doesnt have a beast form!

“Our Phoenix god clans archaic treasured scripture records that in the entire Yanhuang Great World, all the god clans basically evolved from star beasts.

“If the star beasts can successfully transcend the tribulation when they become gods, they can evolve into god clansmen.

“If they dont succeed in transcending the tribulation, they will become Venerable Beasts, Sacred Beasts, and other existences.

However, their achievements are limited, and it is difficult for them to achieve very high achievements.

“The Xuan Yuan god clan was the only one who had reached the state of human form from the moment they were born.

“The Xuan Yuan god clans initial strength was very weak, but the Xuan Yuan god clan had the ability to learn from the very beginning.

“And the star beast had to advance to become a god clansmen before it had this ability to learn.

“At that time, although the Xuan Yuan god clans initial strength was weak, after a certain amount of learning, their strength had increased by quite a bit.

Very quickly, their strength had increased by quite a bit.

“Of course, they were still much weaker than the normal god clans in the Yanhuang Great World.

However, considering that their foundations were too weak, their foundations could be considered to be the strongest in the starry sky.

“However, no one paid too much attention to it at that time.

After all, even though they had improved very quickly, their overall strength was still very weak.

“Later on, the Xuan Yuan god clan used the price of serving the Dragon god clan to form a marriage alliance with the dragon race.

They used the Dragon god clans bloodline to fuse with the Xuan Yuan god clans bloodline, allowing the Xuan Yuan god clan to leap into the starry sky in an instant, a god clan that was worthy of being ranked on the list.

“Moreover, the Dragon god clan that formed a marriage alliance with the Xuan Yuan god clan back then was only one of the most trashy members of the dragon race.

“You also know that it was definitely impossible for the dragon race to pass on their direct bloodline to the Xuan Yuan god clan.

“Even so, the Xuan Yuan god clan still improved by so much.

One can imagine how strong the potential of the Xuan Yuan god clans bloodline is.”

“The Xuan Yuan god clan actually has such a history…”

Ye Xiao was greatly astonished, but he quickly could not help but ask in puzzlement,

“But thats not right.

Even if the other god clans did not discover how monstrous the bloodline of the Xuan Yuan god clan was previously, they should have discovered it later on, right”

“Its useless even if they discovered it.

One reason is that at that time, the Dragon god clan and the Xuan Yuan god clan were in a marriage alliance, and the others were afraid of the Dragon god clans strength.

“Two, after the marriage alliance, the martial arts masters that were born from the Xuan Yuan god clan also became a Supreme Eternals in a very short period of time.

“Although there were many Supreme Eternals in the immemorial era, and there were more than one or two, Supreme Eternals were still Supreme Eternals.

“With Supreme Eternals holding down the fort, there werent many people who dared to attack the Xuan Yuan god clan.

“Later on, with the flow of time, those ancient memories were gradually forgotten by people.

“The Xuan Yuan god clan was naturally not cared about by everyone.”

Ye Xiao nodded and immediately opened his mouth to ask,

“Right, there are some things that Im not very clear about.

Ive never been able to figure it out.

That is, there were clearly so many martial arts masters during the immemorial era, so why are there so few of them now

“In the immemorial era, there should be Supreme Eternals everywhere.

There should be as many Godly Emperors as dogs, right”

One had to know that in the past, there was the primordial Divine Kingdom in the Azure Billow star field and the surrounding star areas.

There were a total of 13 archaic Godly Emperors.

In current times, in places like the Azure Billow star field, it was very difficult for even one Godly Emperor to appear.

Compared to the immemorial era, it was like the difference between heaven and earth!

“Regarding this, Im not too sure.

The Phoenix god clans archaic treasured tome doesnt record too much in this aspect.

“However, it does record one point.

That is, during the immemorial era, it was said that this world had True Immortals.

And in this current era, as long as one becameTrue Immortal, it would be impossible for them to remain in this world.

“It seems that they were forcefully brought to another plane of higher dimensions by a special rule.”

Ye Xiao once again fell into deep thought.

If that was the case, could it be that there were too many martial arts prodigies during the immemorial era, causing the order to go out of control

That was because the Supreme Eternal was already heaven-defying enough.

With a casual move, they could easily destroy a few divine territories.

If they worked a little harder, it was even possible for them to destroy an entire great world.

There was simply no one who was their match.

That legendary True Immortal was probably even more powerful.

Based on that point, Ye Xiao suspected that they might even directly destroy a great world-level existence the moment they made a move.

If it was from that aspect, then it could not be ruled out that there would be even more powerful existences.

In order to maintain the balance of the entire starry sky, they would set up a special rule system to bring away existences in the True Immortal realm.

As long as one advanced to the True Immortal realm, they would be brought to a higher level of the world.

Due to that reason, it would cause the martial arts culture to break apart.

As a result, there were not as many martial arts prodigies as there were in the immemorial era.

If that was the case, then Ye Xiao would have to consider it again for a while.

Should he continue to live a little longer in the future

From that reasoning, it could be seen that there might be stronger existences above the True Immortal realm.

He might even become a True Immortal, but he would still be a threat.

At that moment, Ye Xiao suddenly thought of the last evolution of the Golden Book divine soul.

It seemed to be convenient for him.

Right, while the Phoenix Empress was there, he will test it again.


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