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Sensing the Qilin Kings arrival, everyone present started to get excited.

A Supreme Eternal!

That was a martial arts prodigy that could be ranked in the top three in the starry sky!

Although no one knew which of the three Supreme Eternals was the strongest and which was the weakest, at least everyone knew that he was one of the three Supreme Eternals.

That was enough.

Although Ye Xiao was publicly acknowledged as the fourth, there was still a huge gap between the fourth and the top three.

Just like the Giant Serpent god clan, although they were in the starry sky and could be ranked in the top four, they still had to listen to the orders of the three great god clans.

The three great god clans had absolute iron-fisted rule over the entire starry sky.

The three great Supreme Eternals similarly had absolute suppression over everyone in the starry sky.

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Facing the top three existences in the starry sky, no one was able to suppress their hearts and could not help but reveal a hint of admiration.

It was respect for the strongest.

It was also a desire for strength.

Apart from respect, everyone also began to think that Ye Xiao should have stopped his resistance, right

No, to be precise, not only would he stop, he might even die without a burial ground.

After all, no matter how strong he was, in front of the Qilin King, he was ultimately just trash.

That lesser Supreme Eternal Qilin took a deep breath.

The heart that was hanging in his throat finally relaxed.

If the Qilin King came, he would be alive.

Although Ye Xiao could beat him who was a lesser Supreme Eternal, he definitely could not beat the true Supreme Eternal.

The strength of a Supreme Eternal was already on a different dimension from that of a Godly Emperor.

No matter how close he was to a Supreme Eternal, he would never be able to keep up with the strength of a Supreme Eternal.

That was the strength of a Supreme Eternal.

However, no one expected that at that moment, Ye Xiao would instantly slash down with his sword.


That sword, with unstoppable momentum, mercilessly destroyed the life force of that lesser Supreme Eternal Qilin, turning him into ashes.

The entire starry sky seemed to have come to a standstill in that instant.

No one expected that at the moment when the Qilin King had already arrived, Ye Xiao actually did not hold back and instantaneously killed the High Envoy Qilin.

How arrogant was that

No, it could not be said to be arrogant.

It was simply insane.

By doing so, he was undoubtedly declaring war on the Qilin King.

That also meant that even if he wanted to beg for mercy, the Qilin King would not forgive him.

He would not have any chance of survival.

The Qilin King would definitely crush his life.

The truth was as expected.

After Ye Xiao slashed out that sword, the air was silent for a second.

Following that, the Qilin Kings earth-shattering roar was heard.

“B*stard! This king will definitely kill you today! Hand over your life!”

Following his words, the entire star field was immediately thrown into chaos.

The world trembled.

The power of floods, thunder, wild winds, flames, ice, heavy earth, and metals… All kinds of elemental energy erupted at that moment.

All kinds of powerful elemental energy descended rapidly, destroying everything mercilessly.

With their ultimate target being Ye Xiao.

It was over!

He was dead for sure!

At that moment, almost everyone had the same thought.

It was a situation where death was certain.

No one could resolve it.

Actually, if he had not been so arrogant previously, there might still be a chance for him to survive.

That would be to use the immortal technique and Immortal Artifact in his hands.

Unfortunately, he could only die after that.

Countless people sighed for him.

It was such a pity!

With Ye Xiaos genius-like talent and so many tricks up his sleeve, if he had the chance to survive, his future would definitely be limitless.

At that point, everything was over.

He would never have the chance to survive again.

His entire life had come to that…



Just when everyone thought that he was going to die, something unexpected happened.

First, a phoenix cry resounded in several star areas and entered everyones ears.

Then, a black flame with a red hue destroyed all the energy released by the Qilin King.

Many people widened their eyes and looked at that scene in disbelief.

“The Phoenix Empress! This flame is the Phoenix Empresss flame.

Only the Phoenix Empresss phoenix flame can destroy the Qilin Kings power.”

“What… Whats going on Why did the Phoenix Empress stop the Qilin King Arent they supposed to be together”

“This is getting more and more interesting.”

In the starry sky, the Qilin King narrowed his eyes as two beams of coldness shot out.

“Phoenix Empress, what are you trying to do”

The Phoenix Empresss figure slowly walked out of the starry sky.

Her proud figure, supreme majesty, and stunning looks caused all the men present to be unable to help but admire her.

She was truly the number one woman in the starry sky.

Not only was she strong, but she was also number one in terms of looks.

It was the supreme ruler of the Phoenix god clan, the Phoenix Empress!

However, in the next moment, the words she said were even more shocking.

“You cannot touch this person.”

Those simple words were filled with an unquestionable and domineering aura that could not be refuted.

That caused the hearts of countless people to stop.

The Qilin King was slightly displeased.


“That is not for you to know!”

“You! Dont go too far.

This person killed a member of the Qilin god clan in front of all the clans.

If I dont kill him, wont the entire clan laugh at me”

“That has nothing to do with me.

In any case, you cant touch him!”

The Qilin King clenched his fists tighter and tighter.

“Phoenix Empress, dont think that just because I gave you some respect, you can treat me this way! Ill say this one last time.

Get away from there immediately.

Otherwise, Ill kill you as well!”

“Id like to see you try!”

The Phoenix Empress waved her hand, and the Great Dragon in Ye Xiaos hand suddenly turned into a bolt of lightning and flew into her hand.

As she waved the Great Dragon, the entire starry sky could clearly hear the roar of a dragon that resounded across the galaxy.

That pressure caused the creatures in the surrounding divine territories to start trembling uncontrollably.

Those were divine territories, not a star domain.

A divine territory could envelop several star domains.

One could imagine how powerful the Phoenix Empress, who was holding an Immortal Artifact, was at that moment.

The Qilin King was so angry that he blew his beard and glared.

However, he was not an idiot.

He did not need anyone to remind him of how powerful the Phoenix Empresss explosive power was at that moment.

An Immortal Artifact was already a weapon that could surpass the Supreme Eternal.

If a Supreme Eternal held it, the increase in attack power would be so great that even he did not dare to imagine it.

To be honest, even if the Dragon Emperor came, the two of them working together to fight against the Phoenix Empress would probably only end in a draw.

At most, it would only be a narrow victory.

Under such a situation, fighting with her alone would be courting death.

What was the point of acting brave for a moment

Therefore, clenching his fists, he could only snort coldly and turn around to leave.

“Phoenix Empress, you win! Ill settle this score with you sooner or later.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he immediately disappeared from where he was.

Everyone present was dumbfounded once again.

He ran away

The Qilin King ran away

He ran away just like that

Was there a mistake

He was slapped in the face by Ye Xiao in front of the various clans in the starry skies, and in the end, he only left behind a few vicious words before turning around and running away

Originally, Ye Xiao was 100 percent certain to die, but suddenly, the opponent had turned a corner and nothing happened.

He was fine

What illusion had just occurred

At that moment, everyone simply did not dare to believe their eyes.

They even felt that it was just a dream.

Everything ended just like that.

The rules that Ye Xiao had broken, if it were any other person… It would be enough for him to die 10,000 times, 100,000 times, a million times… Nevertheless, at Ye Xiaos place, he actually did not die

That was simply a legend that was rare throughout the ages and had never existed before.

At that moment, a huge question mark appeared in the minds of almost everyone.


Why did that happen

Why did the Phoenix Empress save him

Why did his Immortal Artifact run into the Phoenix Empresss hands

What on earth was going on

Just as everyone was puzzled, the Phoenix Empress had already landed beside Ye Xiao.

She held onto Ye Xiaos large hand and returned the Great Dragon to him.

“Cant you stir up less trouble for me Are you trying to drive me to my death”

That tone that sounded like a wife scolding her husband made everyone go numb.

What situation was that

What kind of situation was that

Why would the Phoenix Empress have such a tone towards Ye Xiao Moreover… Her expression was slightly angry, but also carried a few traces of sentiment.

If it was said that there was nothing going on between the two of them…

They would probably not believe it even if they were beaten to death.

However, what made them even more incredulous was that… The Phoenix Empress actually had some special relationship with Ye Xiao.


At that moment, countless men present wanted to go up and chop him to death.

Chop him to the point where there was not even a piece left.

That b*stard.

You can cross ranks to kill the enemy, we will tolerate it.

You have the immortal technique, we will tolerate it.

You have the Immortal Artifact, we will tolerate it too.

If your talent is monstrous, we will tolerate it too.

Even so, you were even so f*cking lucky in love.

You even managed to obtain the most exquisite woman in the entire starry sky.

Do you still want others to live

Even the Xuan Yuan god clans Ancestral Dragon will probably kneel down when he sees you at that moment.

As the saying goes, no one is perfect!

While Ye Xiao was already perfect beyond perfection!

A person should have some dignity, right

Although everyone present also knew that it was impossible for them to have any interaction with the Phoenix Empress in that lifetime.

One must know that many people did not even dare to think about the Phoenix Empress.

Yet he had already taken the other party away.

At that point, if Ye Xiao said that he was not the illegitimate child of God himself, those people would not believe it.

Ye Xiao put away the Great Dragon and said indifferently,

“Im not the one who caused trouble.

They came to find trouble with me first.”


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