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Since ancient times, there have been countless Supreme Eternals in the various realms.

However, until then, how many Supreme Eternals could still be remembered after death

The vast majority of them had long disappeared along with the river of time, leaving no traces behind.

Even their names were not known to the world.

What people would always remember was that most stunning blazing sun.

“Esteemed ambassadors.”

The remaining six ninth-level Godly Emperors finally heaved a sigh of relief when they saw the Godly Emperors from the Dragon god clan and Qilin god clan come out.

They cupped their hands and bowed.

Although Ye Xiao had not made a move against them, they knew that the other partys strength was far from what they could deal with.

After the two ambassadors had made a move, they could finally heave a sigh of relief.

The ambassadors were lesser Supreme Eternals.

That level should be sufficient to take down Ye Xiao.

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The two of them nodded and immediately opened their mouths to speak,

“All of you should withdraw.

He is able to cross ranks to kill enemies.

There is nothing you can do here.

Instead, you will be targeted by him.

“If you are killed by him, your strength and aptitude will also be greatly reduced after being resurrected.

In the future, you will no longer have the chance to pursue the Supreme Eternal realm.”

Everyone nodded in agreement.

“Yes, thank you, esteemed ambassadors.”

After saying that, everyone quickly took their leave and exited the battle.

Following that, the two of them swept a glance at Ye Xiao and said indifferently,

“You are indeed a character.

If you were given a period of time to develop, even the two of us might not be a match for you.

If it werent for the fact that you secretly learned our secret techniques, neither of us would be willing to make a move against you.

“But then again, if you didnt secretly learn our secret, you wouldnt have the strength you have today.”

Ye Xiaos expression was also calm and indifferent.

“Dont be so full of yourself.”

“Hahahaha… Interesting, youre really interesting!”

After laughing, the two peoples expressions gradually became calm again.

“However, no matter what, youve secretly learned the secret techniques of the three great god clans and the Bloodbath technique.

Today, you must be punished.”

After saying that, the two of them began to secretly increase their strength.

As soon as the lesser Supreme Eternal appeared, all the stars in the starry sky could not help but fiercely shine.

The nine-colored multicolored light released by the two of them was as bright as two small suns, radiating over a distance of 10,000 miles.

That scene made countless people unable to help but sigh.

That was the true multicolored light that filled the sky!

As expected of a martial arts master at the peak of the ninth-level Godly Emperor realm, the lesser Supreme Eternal realm!

That level of cultivation had already exceeded everyones imagination.

No one knew what realm it was at.

Facing that terrifying heaven and earth phenomenon, Ye Xiaos eyes did not waver too much.

He only waved the Great Dragon in his hand slightly, and the powerful energy caused the stars to throb once again.

The two lesser Supreme Eternals looked at each other and could not help but smile.

They immediately opened their mouths and said,

“I know that you have a lesser Immortal Artifact in your hand.

In addition, you know the secret techniques of our three great god clans.

That is why you are able to reach the strength you have now.

“However, if you think that this method can be used on the two of us, then you are gravely mistaken.”

As they spoke, both of them slowly raised their hands.

In the next second, lesser Immortal Artifacts appeared in their hands.

One looked like a treasured sword.

The other looked like a seal.

“This is an ancient treasure of our Dragon god clan, Dragon Spike! It was refined from the fangs of our immemorial dragon ancestor.

“Back then, when our immemorial dragon ancestor transcended the tribulation and became a True Immortal, he left behind four Dragon Spikes.

The Dragon Emperor and the three Grand Elders each have one.

“This Dragon Thorn of mine is one of them.

“Its power is comparable to a lesser Immortal Artifact.

Its not much different from the item in your hand.

“As for the ancient seal in Brother Qilins hand, its the Qilin Seal! Its also a treasure left behind by an ancient ancestor of the Qilin god clan when he transcended the tribulation and became a True Immortal.

“It can suppress everything in the world.

I wonder if the treasure in your hand can withstand it!”

When everyone in the distance heard those words, four words basically appeared in their hearts.

‘Hes dead for sure!

That was right, Ye Xiao was dead for sure.

Admittedly, Ye Xiao was indeed able to cross ranks to kill enemies.

However, he had two conditions for crossing ranks to kill enemies.

One of them was that he had mastered all the archaic masterpiece techniques that were ranked in the top ten in the starry sky.

The other one was the lesser Immortal Artifact in his hand.

If it were not for these two things, he would not have been able to cross realms to kill his enemies.

At that point, the two ambassadors from the Dragon god clan and Qilin god clan who were going to battle were all cultivating the secret techniques of their god clan.

The True Dragon masterpiece technique, Space Warping masterpiece technique, and Reincarnation masterpiece technique.

They were all archaic masterpiece techniques that could be ranked in the top ten.

That way, Ye Xiaos methods would be suppressed.

On top of that, Ye Xiao had one lesser Immortal Artifact, while the other party had two lesser Immortal Artifacts.

With that, Ye Xiaos advantage in front of the other party would be completely gone.

Moreover, he was only at the eighth-level Godly Emperor realm, not the peak of the ninth-level Godly Emperor realm.

Even if he was in the ninth-level Godly Emperor realm, he would barely make it.

If Ye Xiao wanted to turn the tables, he would have to have a cultivation technique of a higher level and possess a weapon of a higher level.

In other words, he would have to possess immortal techniques and Immortal Artifacts at the very least!

However, that was simply impossible.

It was completely a pipe dream.

One had to know that even the three great god clans did not have such a thing.

How could he possibly have it

To put it more realistically, there was no such thing in the entire world.

Of course, other than that, there was another opportunity.

That was for him to once again display his heaven-defying standards and advance once more.

If his cultivation base advanced to the ninth-level Godly Emperor realm, he might be able to put up another desperate fight.

However, that seemed even more unrealistic.

Previously, when he advanced, it was very likely that he had cultivated for a very long time.

Therefore, the cultivation base in his body had already reached the critical point where he was about to advance.

Only then could he successfully advance.

However, everyone was very clear in their hearts that even if he advanced successfully, it would not be of much use.

That was because if he advanced successfully, it would be impossible for him to become a martial arts master at the level of a lesser Supreme Eternal.

As long as he did not become a martial arts master at that level, it would be useless.

How would he play against the Supreme Eternals of the Dragon, Phoenix, and Qilin god clans

If he was given some time and allowed to grow a little, perhaps he would be able to endure that calamity.

However, it was too late.

He had already been discovered in advance, so there was no longer any space or time for him to secretly cultivate.

It was a pity.

Otherwise, his future would be that of a Supreme Eternal.

In that case, the Xuan Yuan god clan would have a lesser Supreme Eternal.


Faced with the Dragon and Qilin clans envoys and the doubts of so many people outside, Ye Xiao merely spat out two words indifferently and immediately attacked.

He did not have any other thoughts.

When his cultivation had advanced to the eighth-level Godly Emperor realm, he already knew that he had already won that battle.

Hence, he had nothing to worry about.

The Great Dragon in his hand swung out with the Great Way of Life immortal technique attached to it, immediately slashing towards the one from the Dragon god clan.

Sword light spread out, cutting half of the star region in half.

On both sides of the sword light, all the star meteorites within a range of 50 miles were shattered.

There was simply no way to withstand the power of that sword light.

Facing that sword light, the special envoy of the Dragon god clan immediately held the Dragon Spike in his hand and used the True Dragon masterpiece technique in his body to slash out.


A dragon-shaped shadow seemed to roar within the sword light.

The energy that charged out did not leave a trace behind.

The two sword lights collided and immediately formed a large empty area.

That large empty area was extremely bright.

It did not seem to contain any impurities, making it impossible for any spiritual perception or gaze to enter.

In fact, that empty space was extremely dangerous.

All of the energy exploded and mixed within, continuously crushing and colliding.

However, because the energy was too powerful, people could no longer see the form of the energy.

They could only see white light.

However, if a ninth-level Godly Emperor entered, he would instantly be ground to dust.

Those who were killed instantly would not be left with a single drop.

At the same time that the sword slashed out, the Qilin god clans lesser Supreme Eternal immediately used two masterpiece techniques.

The Space Warping masterpiece technique and the Reincarnation masterpiece technique.

The Reincarnation masterpiece technique could reduce Ye Xiaos speed and at the same time increase his and the Dragon clans ambassadors speed.

As for the Space Warping masterpiece technique, it could instantly change the position of him and the Dragon clans ambassador.

The Dragon clans ambassador was instantly teleported behind Ye Xiao.

Once he was before Ye Xiao, he instantly threw out the Qilin seal in his hand.

Unfortunately, Ye Xiao knew all of their moves!

Not only that, but Ye Xiao had also evolved an immortal technique that was even stronger than theirs.

Therefore, the two of them at that level were as laughable as showing off their skills in front of Ye Xiao.

When the two of them attacked, Ye Xiao instantly turned around and faced the Dragon clans representative directly.

Following that, he slashed out with his sword, and the Great Dragon in his hand instantly faced the Dragon Spike in the other partys hand.

The Great Way of Life immortal technique revolved and rapidly stacked on the Great Dragon, causing its entire body to look as if it had turned into nine colors.

Its entire body was burning with nine-colored light.

The instant the two of them collided, Ye Xiaos Great Dragon slashed out and exploded the Dragon Spike in the other partys hand.

The huge explosion shockwave sent the two of them flying on the spot.

Along the way, it also blasted the Qilin envoy behind them away.

As the shockwave was too powerful, it pushed the star islands and celestial bodies within a radius of millions of miles back.

Many stars collided together and formed countless energy waves.

The entire star area was filled with the energy shockwave continuously.

All the living beings inside were forced to escape.

Only existences above tier sixth-level Godly Emperor realm had the chance to continue staying there.

However, even they had no choice but to retreat to the edge of that star domain.

That kind of extremely terrifying energy was simply alarming.

It was extremely frightening.

However, what was even scarier and more terrifying than that situation was that Ye Xiao had actually destroyed that Dragon Spike with a single sword strike!

That was no longer a Treasured Artifact, but a lesser Immortal Artifact!

An existence that was already infinitely close to an Immortal Artifact!

The immemorial dragon clan only had four of them, and all of them were left behind by their ancestors when they transcended their tribulations and became True Immortals.

An existence at that level could no longer be described with ordinary weapons.

Even so, Ye Xiao still directly destroyed it with a single strike.

Then how could Ye Xiaos sword be a lesser Immortal Artifact

It was clearly a true Immortal Artifact!

He actually had a freaking Immortal Artifact!

A true Immortal Artifact!

Did he still need others to live

At that moment, it had nothing to do with hatred.

Everyone present wished they could kill him!

That fellow was too infuriating!

With him around, the others were simply not human!


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