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“Youre right.”

After that incident, they had all learned quite a few lessons.

To be honest, they were also very clear in their hearts that they had indeed gone overboard previously.

Perhaps it was because they felt that they had a martial arts prodigy like Ye Xiao supporting them from behind.

In addition, they also had Treasured Artifacts like armors and weapons.

In addition, they had crushed all the martial art masters in the Xuanhuang Great World along the way, so they had been a little carried away, to the point that they did not even know what their surname was.

Not knowing their own cultivation, the highest among them had only just reached the fourth-level Godly Emperor realm.

All in all, it was a profound lesson, so they had to try their best to take it easy in the future.

They could not have the face of the nouveau riche anymore.

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“Forget it.

Ill help you treat your injuries first.”

Ye Xiao began to help everyone treat their injuries because the people who had returned had also suffered quite a number of injuries.

However, the better point was that they were not dead.

Hence, using the Undying masterpiece technique, it was very easy to heal their injuries.

Ye Xiao helped them heal their injuries.

Xuanyuan Long could not help but ask,

“Ye Xiao, what about those dead clansmen How long will it take for them to be resurrected”

“Those below the Godly Emperor realm have already been resurrected by me.

However, their cultivation will definitely suffer a little loss, but its not much.

“As for those above the Godly Emperor realm, I dont have any good methods for them in a short period of time.

The Godly Emperor realm already involves the power of laws.

Even if I want to quickly revive them, my current strength isnt enough.

“Lets wait and see.

Ill think of a way to revive them after my cultivation increases a little.”

Everyone nodded and could not help but sigh emotionally in their hearts.

It was still better to have Ye Xiao.

If not for Ye Xiao, those people would probably need more than half a year, or even many years, before they could complete the revival.

Moreover, after the resurrection, their cultivation and aptitude would definitely be greatly reduced.

With Ye Xiao the resurrection time was fast, and the decrease in cultivation and aptitude was not much.

It could be said to be perfect.

As for those Godly Emperors, they were not worried either.

With Ye Xiaos methods, it might only be one to two months at most.

Two to three months time would be enough to successfully resurrect them.

He would just have to wait.

At the very least, compared to many years, that year was considered to be very short.

To martial artists, two or three months was just a blink of an eye.

It would be gone in the blink of an eye.

However, at that moment, Xuanyuan Long recalled something and could not help but ask curiously, “Whats your cultivation level now”

“Oh right, Ye Xiao, whats your cultivation level now Have you already reached the sixth-level Godly Emperor realm”

Ye Xiao shook his head.

“No, my current cultivation level is only at the fifth-level Godly Emperor realm.”

When everyone heard that, their hearts were instantly shocked.

The fifth-level Godly Emperor realm

Ye Xiao was only at the fifth-level Godly Emperor realm, yet he could actually unleash such a powerful attack

From the Bluebell divine territory to the north of the Yanhuang Great World with a single sword slash.

What level of heaven-defying technique was that Was he joking with them

“Ye Xiao, dont tease us! Although we know that you usually keep a low profile and dont like to completely expose your true cultivation, theres no need for you to tease us like this, right”

“Thats right, Ye Xiao.

To put it bluntly, everyone here can be considered your trusted aides, right

“Dont tell me you cant even trust us”


“What nonsense are you guys spouting Im really at the fifth-level Godly Emperor realm now.”

“Youre definitely not at the fifth-level Godly Emperor realm.

If you were, this old man would be eating sh*t upside down today!”

Yun Cangqiong said with conviction.

He absolutely did not believe that Ye Xiao was only in the fifth-level Godly Emperor realm.

How was that possible

Even if he was a child, he would not believe it.

That was a sword slash that came from the Bluebell divine territory.

He could do it just because he was at the fifth-level Godly Emperor realm That was simply a fools dream.

Even if he could reach the strength to fight across realms, it was impossible for him to do it.

However, just as Ye Xiao was about to open his mouth to explain, an incident suddenly happened the next second.

The spiritual energy and blood essence in his body suddenly expanded at that instant, advancing to a whole new level once again.

A burst of lightning suddenly appeared in the sky, and the sound of thunder also erupted from Ye Xiaos body.

Hearing that sound and sensing the aura that erupted from Ye Xiaos body at that moment, everyone sank into a period of silence.

That was because they could clearly sense that Ye Xiaos aura at that moment was far inferior to that of the seventh-level Godly Emperor.

That meant that he was indeed at the fifth-level Godly Emperors cultivation before, but he had just advanced to the sixth-level Godly Emperor at that instant.

In other words, he really used his fifth-level Godly Emperors cultivation to slash out that sword.

They had still underestimated Ye Xiaos strength.

Among them, the most awkward one was Yun Cangqiong.

Earlier, he had said that he wanted to eat sh*t while standing on his head.

In the end…

Forget it.

Since everyone had yet to react, it was better for him to escape first.

“Ye Xiao, this old man suddenly thought of something.

I havent watered my spirit grass for a long time.

I wonder if it will dry up and die.

Ill go back and take a look first.”

After saying that, he immediately rubbed oil on the soles of his feet and instantly turned into a stream of light, disappearing on the spot.

Everyone was speechless.

However, what was even more speechless was Ye Xiaos technique.

That fellow was really sick to the point of not giving the others a chance to live.

At that moment, Ye Xiao opened his mouth and said,

“Alright, everyones injuries have already been completely healed by me.

You guys went out this time and obtained quite a lot of battle insights.

After returning, cultivate properly.

You should be able to raise your cultivation by another level very quickly.”

Everyone nodded and left one after another.

Only Xuanyuan Long was left behind.

He handed over the divine blood and all the resources that he had obtained from this trip to Ye Xiao.

“Ye Xiao, these are all the divine blood that we collected according to your instructions.

Its all in these storage rings.”

“Its been hard on you.”

“Its nothing.

Its been so long since you helped us.

Now that we finally have this chance to repay you, we definitely have to do more for you.”

Ye Xiao took it and scanned it with his divine sense.

He was still a little surprised.

There was indeed quite a lot of divine blood in there.

It could be seen that they had indeed worked very hard that time and killed many martial arts masters of the Xuanhuang Great World.

“Alright, Ill take this divine blood.

As for the other resources, you guys can keep them for yourselves.

I dont really need those things.”

“Alright! Ill distribute some low-to-middle-grade resources.

Some high-grade or even top-grade resources will all be placed in the Xuan Yuan god clans treasury.

“In this way, if you have any needs, you can go over and take them at any time.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“If theres nothing else, Senior can go back and cultivate.

Ill also be cultivating quietly.”

“Alright! Goodbye.”

Xuanyuan Long retreated while Ye Xiao brought the divine blood back into the Xuan Yuan Mountain.

He used the Bloodbath masterpiece technique to gather all the divine blood into his body.

Although the divine blood that he had plundered from the Blood Venerable One was enough for him to advance, the more the better.

Ye Xiao believed that even if his strength had advanced to the realm of a Supreme Eternal, he still needed to continuously strengthen his blood essence and allow his body to reach a stronger state in order to advance better.

The Bloodbath masterpiece technique was like a huge machine at every moment.

It was constantly refining the divine blood, turning it into the purest divine blood without the will of the original owner of the divine blood, from there, it would fuse into ones body and strengthen ones physical body.

The other masterpiece techniques and immortal techniques were constantly refining the law energy left behind by the 13 primordial Divine Kingdoms Godly Emperors.

Ye Xiaos cultivation was increasing by a large margin every moment.

If not for the fact that his current cultivation had already reached the sixth-level Godly Emperor realm and the amount of energy required to advance was too huge, with the speed at which he was refining the law energy and divine blood, he might have already begun to advance in his cultivation.

‘Oh right, speaking of which, my cultivation has increased by another level now.

Could it be that the Golden Book divine soul can undergo a new synthesis

Ye Xiao immediately immersed his consciousness into his own mind.

As expected, the Golden Book divine soul started to emit a layer of faint golden light again.

He immediately opened the Golden Book and saw that the two pages inside had already begun to light up.

However, he could only choose one of them.

The two pages he had chosen previously had synthesized the Great Way of Life immortal technique and the Space-time immortal technique.

After that, what was left were the pages for the Minor Destiny technique, the Undying masterpiece technique, the True Dragon masterpiece technique, the True Lightning masterpiece technique, the Bloodbath masterpiece technique, and the Great Brahma masterpiece technique.

According to Ye Xiaos previous expectations, the first pages would definitely be the True Lightning masterpiece technique, the Bloodbath masterpiece technique, and the Great Brahma masterpiece technique.

That was because the first page involved the Minor Destiny technique.

That thing was too abnormal and was only at the masterpiece technique level.

At times, it would consume spiritual energy, which was even more terrifying than the Great Way of Life immortal technique and Space-time immortal technique.

Therefore, the immortal technique it synthesized would definitely be so strong that people did not dare to look straight at it.

The price to use it would definitely not be small.

Therefore, Ye Xiao chose the second page without hesitation.

In the next second, a progress bar started to appear on the Golden Book divine soul.

All that was left was to wait.

When the progress bar was completed, a brand new immortal technique would be synthesized.

However, just as Ye Xiao had just completed that matter, something happened.

Xuanyuan Long once again came to Xuan Yuan Mountain and released his divine sense to contact him.

“Ye Xiao, something bad has happened.”

Ye Xiao was startled and immediately used the Space-time immortal technique to transfer him in.

“Whats going on”

“A large number of refugees from the other god clans have appeared in the northern part of our divine territory.

They want to come in and beg us to let them in.”

Ye Xiao was stunned, but he could not help but feel a little puzzled.

“Why are there suddenly so many refugees”

It was only a days time since Xuanyuan Long and the others returned.

A day ago, the northern front of the Yanhuang Great World was still fine.

Why did it suddenly collapse


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