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The powerful purple divine lightning fell on the Xuan Yuan Mountain, but that was only the divine lightning at the side.

The Xuan Yuan Mountain had the support of Ye Xiaos martial true intent, so it would not be destroyed.

The divine lightning at the center mercilessly fell on the Great Dragons body.


The Great Dragon let out a heart-wrenching roar.

At that moment, every part of its body was enduring the purple divine lightning from the outside to the inside.

The divine lightning contained both the power of lightning and the power of rules.

That power was not only testing the Great Dragon but also increasing its strength and increasing the power of rules in its body.

If it could withstand it, it would undergo a transformation from the outside to the inside, becoming a Supreme Lifes Path Immortal Artifact.

If it could not withstand it, then it would be finished.

Not only would its soul scatter, but its entire body would also turn into ashes.

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He did not know why.

At that time, a name that he remembered deeply from his previous life came to Ye Xiaos mind.

It was a woman that his companions were all very afraid of.

Her name was Kelly, a poor girl who stood by the side of the street.

She always had a smile on her face and cared for you with a warm tone.

If you did not watch your feet, you would fall into her bottomless black hole and send everything you had into it, not leaving a single drop behind.

Thunder and lightning struck down one after another, and the dragon let out one miserable cry after another.

That also meant that the Heavenly Tribulation was continuously increasing its attributes.

The dragon held on for a second, two seconds, three seconds… Its body even began to emit traces of purple luster.

However, it was still a little weak in the end.

It could not withstand that power, and traces of cracks began to appear on its body.

Ye Xiao frowned slightly and immediately used the True Lightning masterpiece technique.

The True Lightning masterpiece technique controlled the purple divine lightning.

That way, it could help the dragon reduce a lot of pain.

As expected, with the True Lightning masterpiece technique, the side effects of the purple divine lightning falling on the Great Dragon were reduced.

The Great Dragon took that opportunity to use the True Lightning masterpiece technique to quickly consume and absorb the power of laws within the purple divine lightning.

Soon, the light on its body continued to flash and grow stronger.

Finally, after the time it took for an incense stick to burn, the Great Dragon finally succeeded in forging.

The Lightning Tribulation gradually stopped, and a purple-gold light continuously emerged from the Great Dragons body, gradually spreading outwards, it also formed a nine-colored multi-colored light, and each layer had a special light.

The Immortal Artifact was a great success!

Ye Xiao felt the light spreading out from the Great Dragons body at that moment, and he was also extremely excited.

Very strong!

A feeling that could blow the heavens apart!

Holding the thick and heavy Great Dragon, it was heavy and felt extremely safe.

An Immortal Artifact! Combined with the immortal technique, it was estimated that even Supreme Eternals could be injured by him with a single strike.

It was truly a weapon in hand.

At the same time, the various Godly Emperors in the starry sky saw that the Lightning Tribulation had stopped and that there was already a peaceful aura coming from below.

They could not help but become even more excited.

“Its done! Its done! He really did it!”

“An Immortal Artifact has appeared! No matter what, we have to think of a way to obtain this Immortal Artifact!”

“At this time, I can only use my clans secret technique, the Astor Array-breaking Nail! To forcefully open this array.”

“Astor Array-breaking Nail! Its actually this kind of magic treasure.

According to rumors, this is an ancestral item of the upper god clan.

It was created by a Supreme Eternal.

It can break all the arrays in the world.

“There were only three!

“Since ancient times, it has attacked twice in total.

Each time, it can easily break the array.

“The last time it was used was to break the seal that the Yanhuang Great World had set up at the border.

“This is the last Astor Array-breaking Nail!

“Isnt it too much of a waste to use it here If we attack higher-level god clans in the future, we can use this thing again.”

The gaze of the Supreme Grand Elder Tai Luo was like a torch.

“We cant care about that anymore.

We have already blasted the array for an incense sticks worth of time, but we still havent been able to blast open this array.

“If we drag this out for too long, when the other martial arts masters of this world come over to reinforce them, we will be in deep trouble.

“To us, this is truly a big problem.”

Everyone nodded.

“This is the only way.”

No matter how good the Astor Array-breaking Nail was, it was still an array-breaking supreme treasure.

Other than breaking the array, it had no other use.

How could it be compared to an Immortal Artifact

In the next moment, the Supreme Grand Elder Tai Luo took out a long and thick golden diamond-studded nail from his storage ring.

That nail was really long and thick.

The Supreme Grand Elder Tai Luo could not even grab it with one hand.

However, he could use his spiritual energy to support it and ensure the accuracy of the Astor Array-breaking Nails attack.

“With the blood of my supreme god clan, activate the array-breaking supreme treasure left behind by the supreme ancestor, Astor Array-breaking Nail.

With the supreme reputation of our ancestors, break the array in front of us.


Following that, he let out a furious roar.

In the next second, the Astor Array-breaking Nail turned into a golden light that was like a yellow dragon.

With unstoppable momentum, it charged straight towards the array.

Seeing that scene, the Godly Emperors and Godly Kings hiding behind the array could not help but become cautious.

Their expressions changed drastically.

One of the Godly Kings could not help but exclaim,

“Its over! Its really over now.

Something big is going to happen.

This array is going to be broken.”

Although Zheng Tianya also felt a little uneasy, he still smiled and comforted him,

“Theres no need to be so exaggerated.

Our Xuan Yuan god clans array has been specially reinforced.

“Just now, they had so many Godly Emperors, but they spent an incense sticks worth of time, but werent they still unable to break it open

“Now, this tiny nail is like breaking our array.

Isnt it a little wishful thinking”

Cold sweat began to flow down the forehead of that Godly King.

“No! You dont know the power of that nail.

Its a supreme treasure passed down from the Supreme Grand Elder Tai Luo in the Xuanhuang Great World.

Back then, when they first invaded, I was at the scene.

I saw with my own eyes that he used the Astor to break the array constructed by the Qilin clan!

“According to legends, this nail was constructed by their supreme ancestor from ancient times.

Their supreme ancestor was a Supreme Eternal!”

Upon hearing that, Zheng Tianyas head felt as though a huge bomb had been dropped on it.

That tiny nail was actually so powerful

However, he could not help but say,

“Even if this supreme treasure is so powerful, our Xuan Yuan god clan also has a Godly Emperor guarding it.

Once the array is broken, they wont be able to gain much advantage.

Everyone, dont panic.”

The Godly Emperor spoke again,

“You are mistaken again.

This supreme treasure can only be controlled by the Supreme Grand Elder Tai Luo personally.

In other words, the person who used it outside must be the Supreme Grand Elder Tai Luo.

His strength is at the seventh level of the Godly Emperor realm.”

Zheng Tianyas footsteps shook as he felt that he nearly fell from the sky in shock.

Was there a mistake

A seventh-level Godly Emperor!

Was that level not a little too high

Could Ye Xiao still hold on


Just as he was thinking, the Astor Array-breaking Nail had already smashed onto the array.

After a loud bang, a terrifying power erupted, and the surrounding stars paled in comparison to that ray of light.

However, it did not produce that kind of intense explosion shockwave.

Instead, it gathered all of its power into one point.

In the end, it forcefully penetrated a large hole in the array that was strengthened by Ye Xiaos law energy.

“The array is open! Quick!”

Seeing that scene, the Supreme Grand Elder Tai Luo and the others were extremely excited.

They instantly turned into streams of light and charged over.

Sensing the extremely powerful aura that came pouncing at them, everyones breathing froze.

“Such powerful strength.

Is this a seventh-level Godly Emperor”

“Its not just the seventh-level Godly Emperor! There are many other Godly Emperors among them!”

“Oh my God, we wont die here today, right If thats the case, it would be a huge loss.”

Some Godly Emperors were already on the verge of tears.

One had to know that they had come there to thank the Xuan Yuan god clan.

At the same time, they wanted to hug their thighs.

If they died just like that, it would be a huge loss.

However, the Supreme Grand Elder Tai Luo and company were not in the mood to kill those Godly Emperors.

Their current goal was only that Immortal Artifact!

The Immortal Artifact was the priority!

As long as they obtained that Immortal Artifact, they would not hesitate to spare the lives of those Godly Emperors.

The Immortal Artifact!

How precious was that

There were probably not even one or two in the entire world.

Its value was even greater than killing a bunch of early-stage Godly Emperors.

No, it could even be said that its strength alone was equivalent to 1 percent of all the resources in the entire Yanhuang Great World.

Do not underestimate this 1 percent.

This was 1 percent of all the resources in the entire Yanhuang Great World!

It was an item that had a price but no market.

Resources could be obtained through other means, but Immortal Artifacts were things that could not be obtained.

It was the only one.

The Godly Emperors were dumbstruck.

Although the other party did not charge at them directly, ignoring them.

However, that did not mean that their suppression would not affect them.

That suppression made one feel as if they were standing at the foot of a mountain alone, feeling the immense threat of that massive object.

An endless pressure was ruthlessly suppressed above the entire Xuan Yuan god clan.

Due to it heading straight for the Xuan Yuan Mountain, Xia Xinyi even knelt on the ground, unable to climb up.

The Godly Emperor-level power was suppressing her to the point that she could not breathe.

Just as she was feeling despair and fear, the power that was suppressing her suddenly vanished without a trace.

Following that, she saw Ye Xiao holding a weapon that was emitting nine-colored light as he walked out step by step.

“Grand Elder, there are Godly Emperors invading.”


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