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In order to arrange that matter reasonably, Ye Xiao found Xia Xinyi.

Xuanyuan Long and the others still left one or two people available for Ye Xiao, in case he could not find them when he needed them.

That day, Xia Xinyi wore a slightly cool dress.

She wore a white dress with a thin layer.

As she walked, the indentation between the collar and the back of her waist always highlighted her wonderful figure.

That faintly discernible feeling was actually more irresistible than wearing a short skirt.

Standing beside Ye Xiao, she gave off the feeling of a CEO and a secretary.

A secretarys secret

Ye Xiao raised his eyebrows slightly and said,

“From now on, dont dress too frivolously when you do things with me.”

“Ah Oh, oh!”

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Xia Xinyis little face could not help but turn red.

Actually, she did not think too much about it.

These were the clothes that she usually wore when she practiced her martial arts because they were lighter and more convenient for absorbing spiritual energy.

Due to Ye Xiao calling her, she had rushed over in a hurry and did not think to change her clothes.

She really did not mean to seduce him… Hmm… Alright, she had once hesitated for a second.

What If Ye Xiao took a fancy to her

In the end, she did not expect to be rejected.

“Grand Elder, why did you suddenly call me here”

Ye Xiao asked,

“Are there beastmasters in the clan”

“There are, but not many.

Basically, those who cultivate these things are mostly unable to cultivate martial arts.

Those who can cultivate martial arts properly wont touch these things.

“However, the elders should also know that after all, there are a lot of people with big problems with their aptitude.

“Therefore, most of their families would choose to let them become Beast Tamers and nurture some star beasts to help the other members of their families cultivate.”

“So thats how it is.”

Ye Xiao nodded and immediately said,

“Gather them.

I have something to tell them.”


Xia Xinyi immediately went to gather everyone.

Due to the Xuan Yuan divine territory already having an array that was specially used to move, they came very quickly after receiving the order.

“Greetings, Elder Xia.”

When everyone saw Xia Xinyi, they immediately greeted her.

Xia Xinyi coughed lightly and immediately said,

“This is our Xuan Yuan god clans Grand Elder, Elder Ye! Today, weve gathered all of you here because of his intentions.”

Everyones heads exploded.

He had actually met the legendary Grand Elder.

Although they knew that the Xuan Yuan god clan had conferred a few new Grand Elders, they had basically never heard of anyone else other than Yun Changqing.

That was especially so for the name Ye Xiao.

Back then, in order to prevent news of him from leaking out, he had erased all the memories of everyone in the Xuan Yuan god clan.

At that point, no two people knew of his matter.

“This Grand Elder is so young!”

“Dont spout nonsense.

Its possible that he concealed his appearance.

Grand Elders are all existences at the Godly Emperor realm.

Using disguising techniques or something like that is just a small matter.”

“But hes really handsome.

It would be great if I were half as handsome as him.”

Many of them were young people.

Seeing that Ye Xiao was about the same age as them and did not have a doorknob on his lips, they could not help but whisper among themselves.

Xia Xinyis face turned black.

She coughed lightly again and glared at everyone.

“What are you saying Are you not thinking clearly Stand properly.”

Everyone immediately fell silent.

They stood properly in unison and lowered their heads, not daring to look at Ye Xiao again.

Xia Xinyi immediately said to Ye Xiao,

“Grand Elder, some of them are too young and insensible.

Please dont take it to heart.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

He swept a glance at everyone and immediately said,

“I asked all of you to come here today because I have a mission for all of you.

“I know that all of you arent very talented in the path of martial arts, and theres no way for you to cultivate, so you can only choose to become beastmasters.

“Today, I want to gather all of you together and raise star beasts together.

The workload this time is different from the previous ones.

Its huge!”

Everyone looked at each other, looking at each other in dismay.

“How… How big is it”

“Um… About… 18… Um… Its about the size of 20 star islands.”

Everyones heart skipped a beat, and they could not help but be shocked.

“So big How many star beasts do you want to raise”

Ye Xiao thought for a moment.

“Im not too sure about the exact number.

Anyway, its here.”

After saying that, Ye Xiao directly released all the star beasts in the Imperial Jade Seal.

Looking at the mountain of star beasts, there were even some that were flying in the sky.

Their strength had already reached the level of Sacred Beasts.

Heavens, where did that Grand Elder get so many star beasts

Moreover, there were so many high-level existences among them.

“Look quickly, there are so many star beasts! There are even some powerhouses inside.

They have already reached the level of Sacred Beasts.”

“Is this the Grand Elders method It was really too terrifying.

He could reach such a level with just a casual attack.

If it was anyone else, even if they had reached the realm of Godly Emperor, they would not be able to reach the level of the Grand Elder was currently!”

Xia Xinyi was also shocked.

She did not expect Ye Xiao to take out so many star beasts at once.

Where did he get so many star beasts

Ye Xiao immediately said,

“These are all the star beasts that I have accumulated over the years.

I promised them before that I would find a place for them to settle down.

“Therefore, from today onwards, I am prepared to let you guys raise and manage them.

“Regarding the remuneration between you guys, it will only be more than before, and not less than before.”

Everyone nodded.

Since it was the Grand Elder who spoke, then there was no need to worry too much.

The Grand Elder would not go back on his word.

“Since you agree, then let these star beasts go back with you.

“Remember, dont bully them too much.

Give them enough immortal herbs every day for practical use.

“Of course, if they want to obtain more immortal herbs, then they will have to pay a price.

For example, they would have to sacrifice their flesh and blood.

As for this part, you have to be responsible for directly handing it over to the god clan.

The god clan will be in charge of it.

Do you understand”


Ye Xiao nodded.

“Since thats the case, you can start bringing them back.”

With Ye Xiaos order, the beastmasters from the various large clans immediately began bringing those star beasts back to be raised in captivity.

In the future, with those star beasts, the Xuan Yuan god clan would be able to harvest quite a number of star beast meat, blood, and other materials.

At that time, their cultivation would be able to further improve.

It was wonderful.

After everyone left, Ye Xiao spoke to Xia Xinyi,

“You did very well today.”

“Thank you for your praise, Elder.

Oh right, Elder, this subordinate has some questions regarding cultivation.

Im a little confused.

I wonder if you can explain it to this subordinate”

Ye Xiao nodded.

Without waiting for her to open her mouth to ask, he had already scanned Xia Xinyis memories.

Thus, he could immediately tell that she had some questions regarding cultivation.

He immediately opened his mouth to say,

“When you cultivate, the reason why you feel exhausted every time you want to advance is that your blood essence and cultivation are not compatible enough.

Your blood essence is not enough, but your spiritual energy has already reached the level where you can advance.

“This way, when you advance, your blood essence and cultivation can not keep up with your spiritual energy.

“This is actually very bad.

Although it wont lead to spiritual energy deviation, over time, it will cause your spiritual energy cultivation and body to have a certain amount of resentment.

“In the future, when your cultivation is high, if you want to advance again, you will find that you can not do so completely.

“This is because your body and spiritual energy cant reach a 100 percent perfect fusion.”

Xia Xinyi was shocked and immediately said,

“Then what should I do now Sometimes, I dont even… Do that anymore.”

Ye Xiao explained,

“Your spiritual energy and blood essence are already at a loss.

If its not enough for you to support and raise your spiritual energy cultivation, your body will definitely not allow a portion of it to flow out.

“How about this Among my star beasts, there are some of the star beasts divine blood that can be used to make up for the loss in your body.

“However, according to normal logic, youre at most a few hundred years younger.

Your spiritual energy and blood essence is at its peak, so how can you be at a loss

“You… Dont have the habit of using your hands, right”

“AH Of… Of course not.”

Xia Xinyis face immediately started to turn red.

Ye Xiao looked at her fingers.

The finger cover in the middle of her right hand was clearly thinner than the other finger covers.

At the same time, each finger was a little whiter than the other fingers.

However, he did not say it out loud.

After all, she was a woman.

Her skin was thin, so she had to leave some face for her.

Therefore, he only reminded her:

“Its best if you dont have it.

Young people should be wary of arrogance and impetuousness.

They shouldnt have hobbies that they shouldnt have.

Its best if they dont have them.

Only by keeping themselves clean and pure can they keep their spiritual energy and blood essence in a vigorous state.

Only then can they cultivate without any obstacles.”

Xia Xinyis face turned even redder.

She nodded slightly and immediately lowered her head.

It was so close.

She did not expect that the Grand Elder would almost discover her little secret.

However, since she knew the reason, it was also a great thing that she could successfully advance in the future.

Her current cultivation had greatly increased due to Ye Xiaos recent advancements one after another.

Her bloodline power had already advanced to the third level of the Godly King realm, and she was just a little bit away from advancing to the fourth level of the Godly King realm.

However, even though it was just a little bit, when she truly started cultivating, with her improved aptitude, it would take at least half a years time.

However, on careful thought, half a years time was not considered much.

At least compared to the other members of the god clan, it was much faster.

Some people might not be able to advance even if they were at the same realm.

Even so, at that moment, the sound of thunder suddenly came from the sky.

Multicolored light filled the sky as purple thunderbolts disturbed the clouds.

Xia Xinyi was shocked and her expression changed drastically.

“Why did the sky suddenly change Could it be that there are enemies coming over”

Ye Xiao said casually,

“Thats not it.

It seems like I advanced to another cultivation level.”


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