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Chapter 55: Star Beast Bloodline

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Normally speaking, humans and star beasts were two completely different races.


However, it was inevitable that some unexpected events would occur.

One example would be if a certain human had a whimsical idea, or if a certain star beast was in high spirits, something inexplicable would happen.

Just like in his previous life, in a hospital for chemotherapy, Ye Xiao saw a divorced lady who, out of curiosity, or perhaps because she went on for too long without meat that she felt barren…

Just… Hmm… In any case, in the end, the doctor gave the puppy an anesthetic and used a knife to cut off its thing.

Only then could the matter be considered settled.


However, there was a very serious problem.

Star beasts and wild beasts were two different concepts.

Both star beasts and humans could cultivate, so there would be a certain probability that there would be no reproductive limitations!

In other words, it was possible to give birth to an existence that had half of a humans bloodline and half of a star beasts bloodline.

Such an existence was regarded as taboo by humans.


Of course, in Ye Xiaos view, it was because humans were afraid and jealous, thinking that the other partys talent was too strong.

According to legend, the cultivation techniques of humans were obtained from star beasts.

That was because star beasts were born with the talent to communicate with the spiritual energy of heaven and earth.

Within their bloodline, they even had innate special abilities.

Human cultivation techniques were learned from those special abilities.

However, humans were still humans.

They needed to rely on cultivation techniques to cultivate.

If they had the bloodline of star beasts, they would not need to cultivate.

They could activate the innate ability in their bloodline directly and automatically activate their natural cultivation technique.

Then, they could cultivate on their own.


Other than that, the bloodline of star beasts made it easier to absorb spiritual energy than humans.

It was said that because of that reason, many humans and star beast hybrids appeared in history… Due to that kind of thing.

However, later on, people discovered that although possessing the star beast bloodline was not bad and their strength increased rapidly, there was a huge hidden danger.

That was, half of the beastmen would have beastly nature, which was very difficult to control.

Once they lost control, coupled with their understanding of human habits, the damage they caused would be even greater than that of pure-bred star beasts!

Therefore, the beastmen gradually became a taboo existence.

Ning Yuhen patted the little kitten.

“Little guy, you cant be mischievous anymore in the future.

You must be careful when crossing the road.”



The little kitten licked the back of Ning Yuhens hand a few times, and then it hopped into the bushes by the side.

Ning Yuhen stood up and glanced at Ye Xiao, and his little face could not help but turn slightly red.

‘This kid… Is really… Killing me.

“Supervisor, I… Am I not boyish enough”

At that moment, the pedestrian light on the zebra crossing turned green.

Ye Xiao shifted his gaze away, put his hands in his pockets, and continued to walk towards the library.

“Its not bad, after all, you didnt eat a peach and say its cool1.”

Ning Yuhen walked up quickly.

“Thank you, sir I know that Im actually quite girly.

Although I dont know why Im like that.

Even so, you have never laughed at me or bullied me.

Im really grateful to you.”

“Giving respect to others is a very normal thing in itself.

You dont have to thank me.”

Ning Yuhens smile carried a hint of bitterness.

“That may be the case, but when a person has suffered too much harm, that trace of warmth will become a big matter that is enough to make one cry with gratitude.”

Ye Xiao glanced at him.

Looks like that kid has quite a story.


Thinking about it carefully, it made sense.

With such a delicate personality, such beautiful looks, adoration from men, and jealousy from women, people would probably not be able to resist bullying him a little, right

However, Ye Xiao was not interested in doing so.

What he was interested in was the healing cultivation technique that Ning Yuhen had just displayed.

That should be the basic healing cultivation technique that he possessed within his star beast bloodline.

He had searched for so long in the library, but he still could not find that basic healing cultivation technique.

His last hope is within Ning Yuhen.

However… How should he obtain that healing cultivation technique

Using his position as a superior and his powerful strength to plunder

Should he use the Big Dippers Grand Mystery to forcefully scan the others memories

However, Ye Xiaos worldview was not that shallow.

He was a normal person who had received good social education and influence.

Bullying the weak was not his personality, nor was it the work of a man.

Moreover, ever since Ning Yuhen came to the library, he had been hardworking and loyal to him.

It was too savage of him to forcefully take his things.

Why not… Use something else in exchange

Perhaps, teach him a few techniques to avoid wolves

Although they were usually learned by women, it should be necessary for Ning Yuhen, right

‘Yes, Ive decided.

Ill find a suitable opportunity in the afternoon to have a good talk with him.

They went to work in the afternoon, and everything was the same as before.

Ye Xiao continued to read while Ning Yuhen stored the books and files into the computer to record them.

After working for an entire afternoon, Ning Yuhen stretched his body and finally finished his work.

The clock chimed after work.

At the same time, a cup of steaming hot coffee was gently placed in front of him.

Ning Yuhen was stunned.

When he saw Ye Xiaos smiling face, he was shocked and immediately stood up.

“Supervisor Ye.”

“Theres no need to panic.

Sit down.”

Ning Yuhen sat down a little nervously.

He did not know what Ye Xiao was planning.

He stole a glance at Ye Xiao.

So handsome!

If his own beauty was universally accepted by both men and women, then Ye Xiaos handsomeness was killing both young and old!

Moreover, Supervisor Ye stood condescendingly and looked down on him, adding an even more domineering aura.

He really wanted to become a man like Supervisor Ye.

He was both handsome and manly.

“Hey, be honest, how have I been treating you”

“Supervisor Ye has always been very good to me.”

“Are you sure”

Ning Yuhen nodded solemnly.

“Alright! Then I want to make a deal with you.

Of course, its fine even if you reject it.

Everything is up to you.

Theres no need to feel burdened.”

After saying that, Ye Xiao pushed the coffee in front of him.

Ning Yuhen nodded his head as if he did not know that already.

He picked up the coffee and took a sip.

“Sir, please continue.”

“I want to learn your healing cultivation technique.

Of course, I wont learn it for free.

In exchange, Ill teach you a very good cultivation technique.

I wont let you suffer any losses.”

After saying that, Ning Yuhens expression immediately became solemn and flustered.

He glanced at Ye Xiao with a guilty conscience.

“Supervisor Ye… Why would you take an interest in my healing cultivation technique”

“Ive been learning healing cultivation techniques recently.

Ive never seen that healing technique of yours, so Im a little curious.”

“This… This cultivation technique is passed down from my family, and its usually not allowed to be passed on to outsiders.

I… Ill think about it.”

After saying that, Ning Yuhen immediately ran away, and he did not finish the remaining coffee.

That caused Ye Xiao to raise his eyebrows slightly.

Looks like the healing cultivation technique was very important to Ning Yuhen.

Thinking about it carefully, it made sense.

It might involve his star beast bloodline.

If it were to be spread out, it might be fatal to him.

Therefore, even if he was willing, he probably would not dare to casually teach it to him.

Looks like he was lacking in consideration.


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