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“Your words are a little too modest.

To be honest, if it werent for you, we definitely wouldnt have been able to improve so quickly.

“Your lecture today not only raised Cnagqiongs cultivation base to the second-level Godly Emperor realm, but even people like us have also improved quite a bit.

Its at least comparable to our bitter cultivation of more than ten years!”

Xuanyuan Long could not help but sigh.

“Actually, this is only from a superficial point of view.

In fact, the kindness you have shown us is far more than this.

“Back then, the Ancestral Dragons advancement had brought some benefits to the Xuan Yuan clan, such as the Godly Emperors favor.

“However, when he was at the first-level Godly Emperor realm, he chose to sever his bloodline connection with us.

Therefore, we did not receive too much favor.

“Of course, to be honest, our Xuan Yuan clan did not provide much help to the Ancestral Dragon, so we did not have the qualifications to ask him for help.

He had already given us quite a lot.

“However, similarly, we did not give you too many resources.

You are the same as the Ancestral Dragon.

You have practically grown up on your own.

“Yet, you have helped us so much and even specially guided us in our cultivation.

“Just based on this point, the Xuan Yuan clan should open a monument for you.”

The others also nodded.

“Elder Long is right.

The Ancestral Dragon did raise the reputation of our Xuan Yuan clan, but you are the one who has truly given us more gifts.

These gifts are enough to truly change the future of the entire Xuan Yuan clan!”

Ye Xiao was silent for a moment before he opened his mouth to explain,

“Actually, you cant say it like that.

“The Ancestral Dragon was an existence with great wisdom and great dreams.

He had a grand goal that mortals would never know or even dare to dream of even if they knew.

“The path he chose made him have no choice but to offend many people.

He had no choice but to sever ties with the Xuan Yuan clan in advance.

“This was because he would offend many people, but it was impossible for him to guard the Xuan Yuan clan at all times.

“Only by severing ties with everyone can he pursue his goals with peace of mind and not let his enemies make a move against the Xuan Yuan clan.

“Otherwise, I believe that with his character, he shouldnt care about it and allow himself to advance a little more, allowing the members of the Xuan Yuan clan to borrow his bloodline power to improve a little more.”

Speaking up to that point, Ye Xiao felt that sometimes, life was indeed filled with a lot of helplessness.

In the face of many things, people were always powerless and had to make a certain choice.

He remembered that there was a very popular saying in his previous life.

‘If I pick up the saber, I cant hug you tightly.

‘If I put down the saber, how am I supposed to protect you

Of course, there were also some more complicated factors involved on the Ancestral Dragons side.

That was his dream.

Ye Xiao felt that there was actually nothing wrong with that.

Although the Ancestral Dragon was a descendant of the Xuan Yuan clan, he had advanced to the Godly Emperor realm and raised the bloodline power of the Xuan Yuan clan.

It was also enough to repay his fellow members of the Xuan Yuan clan.

Moreover, the Xuan Yuan clan did not know of his existence in the beginning, nor did they provide him with any resources or assistance.

At most, it could only be said that the Xuan Yuan clan had given him life.

Otherwise, there might not have been him.

However, what he had done was already enough to repay.

Humans always had to fight for their dreams.

If he was like a dog, chained to his neck by the shackles of his fellow members and lived like a dog, that would not be him!

Ye Xiao thought that he would rather give up his life than just be a Godly Emperor.

The strong had the stubbornness of the strong.

If they did not step onto the peak of the nine heavens, they would not be satisfied!

However, when he thought of that, Ye Xiao thought of another sentence.

All the pain and helpless choices were the embodiment of the persons lack of ability.

The Ancestral Dragon was a man and not a god.

He used himself to prove his martial way of life and chased after the immortal path.

That was why he made the decision to sever ties with the Xuan Yuan clan.

Ye Xiao did not want to do that.

He did not want to give up on his friends and clansmen.

Therefore, that meant that he wanted to make himself an unparalleled martial arts prodigy, an existence that was extremely strong!

He had decided that he would first go into seclusion and cultivate for a year.

He would first surpass the current Godly Emperor realm and become a Supreme Eternal!

When everyone heard his words, they nodded.

Then, they opened their mouths and said,

“Of course, we have no intention of blaming the Ancestral Dragon.

Everyone knows in their hearts that he has his own difficulties.

Moreover, he doesnt owe us anything.

Instead, we owe him some favors.

“However, the problem were talking about now is that youve given us so many favors.

We want to open a monument for you to pass on.

We want your name to forever be branded in the hearts of every member of the Xuan Yuan clan.”

Ye Xiao waved his hands repeatedly.

“I dont object to you guys going to open a monument for you to spread your legacy.

However, theres one point.

Before I advance to the Supreme Eternal, no one is allowed to leak any information about me.

Right now, I only want to quietly cultivate here.

I dont want to provoke anyone.

“Dont give me any trouble.

I dont want to be killed by others.”

Everyone burst into laughter.

They all thought that Ye Xiao was joking with them, but in reality, Ye Xiao was really not joking with them.

There were so many martial arts masters outside, so it was better to take it easy.

“You guys go back today and digest the knowledge that Ive taught you.

After you guys digest it all in two days, Ill teach you some decent archaic masterpiece techniques.”

Everyone was dumbfounded.

“Masterpiece techniques Didnt you already give us a portion of the archaic masterpiece techniques previously Why are you imparting us archaic masterpiece techniques now”

Ye Xiao said,

“Among the archaic masterpiece techniques that I imparted to all of you previously, although its not bad, in reality, it doesnt have much meaning.

“I want to put the Xuan Yuan clan on par with the top few god clans in the starry skies.

“Therefore, I will impart the True Lightning masterpiece technique and the Great Brahma masterpiece technique to you.”

When everyone heard that, it was as if a huge bomb had been dropped on their heads.

With a bang, their bodies were blasted to pieces.

“Ye Xiao… You… What did you say just now You want to impart the True Lightning masterpiece technique, which is ranked eighth, and the Great Brahma masterpiece technique, which is ranked tenth in our starry skies”

Ye Xiao nodded.

He had already started to cultivate the immortal technique and the masterpiece technique was about to be eliminated, so it was not bad to use it to raise the strength of the Xuan Yuan clan.

There were some masterpiece techniques that were more dangerous, such as the Undying masterpiece technique, True Dragon masterpiece technique, and so on.

They were all the masterpiece techniques of the Dragon, Phoenix, and Qilin clans.

Ye Xiao himself did not dare to let others know of them so easily, naturally, he could not take them out and teach them to avoid being targeted by others and causing trouble when the time came.

As for the True Lightning masterpiece technique and the Great Brahma masterpiece technique, there was no god clan that specialized in controlling them.

It was not bad to teach them to increase their strength slightly.

They might even be able to do things for him in the future, which would be quite convenient.

However, he did not expect that just as he finished speaking, Xuanyuan Long actually knelt down for him with a plop.

It was not just him.

The other Godly Emperors of the Xuan Yuan clan also knelt down at the same time.

“Ye Xiao, you… Are really the number one lucky star of our Xuan Yuan clan! From now on, if you have any orders, the Xuan Yuan clan will definitely complete them.

They will be at your disposal and definitely wont have any complaints.”


Were they not a little too exaggerated

He had merely passed on the True Lightning masterpiece technique, which was ranked eighth, and the Great Brahma masterpiece technique, which was ranked tenth, to them.

Was there a need to exaggerate it so much

He basically did not use these two things much on a daily basis.

What he used were the masterpiece techniques that were ranked in the top few places.

As for the ones at the back, they were so empty that the land was deserted.

To use an inappropriate analogy, the grass was so thick that even birds would foam at the mouth if they fell in.

“Get up, dont do this trick so easily.

Im much younger than all of you.

If you kneel like this, itll be very easy for me to lose my life.”

The humorous words made everyone laugh again.

However, their loyalty to Ye Xiao would probably not change in the future.

After that, everyone retreated and comprehended the knowledge that Ye Xiao had taught them.

As for Ye Xiao, he began to consider synthesizing the second immortal technique.

If his cultivation was at the second-level Godly Emperor realm, he definitely would not be able to fuse another immortal technique.

After he had already advanced to the third-level Godly Emperor realm, the power of laws was already sufficient to allow him to fuse it once more.

At that time, what kind of cultivation technique would he use to fuse it

The Minor Destiny technique, the Undying masterpiece technique, and the True Dragon masterpiece technique would definitely not be used for the time being.

The Great Way of Life immortal technique that was fused from the Creation masterpiece technique and the World Destruction masterpiece technique would almost exhaust his spiritual essence if he were to casually use it.

If he were to use the cultivation technique that was fused by such a troublesome little fairy-like the Minor Destiny technique, it would not take long, he would be squeezed dry.

Kidney pain!

At the very least, at the moment when his cultivation was relatively low, he would not use it.

He would wait for his strength to further increase before finally fusing with it.

Then, there were only two plans left.

One was the fusion plan of the Space Warping masterpiece technique and the Reincarnation masterpiece technique, while the other was the True Lightning masterpiece technique, Bloodbath masterpiece technique, and the Great Brahma masterpiece technique.

Which should he choose first

Ye Xiao was slightly conflicted.

At the same time, outside the Xuan Yuan Mountain, as the space distorted, a figure with eyes like that of a frog slowly walked out from within.

“This should be the Xuan Yuan clan, ranked 19th in the Yanhuang Great World, right

“According to our intelligence, the Xuan Yuan clan only has five Godly Emperors.

Moreover, the strongest ones are only in the third-level Godly Emperor realm, while the rest are all in the first-level Godly Emperor realm.

“As long as I avoid those two third-level Godly Emperors, there should not be much of a problem.

“Moreover, even if Im discovered by the two of them, with my eye-bloodline technique and voice command masterpiece technique, Ill be able to get ahead of them and destroy their ancestral shrine.

“Those first-level Godly Emperors of the same level wont be able to stop me at all.”

As he finished speaking, the corners of his mouth could not help but curl up slightly.

Then, he placed his hands behind his back and walked forward, entering the Xuan Yuan Mountain.

However, he had just entered when he met Xuanyuan Long and the others who had just walked out.


Xuan Yuan Long and the others had the same expression.



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