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After confirming his own way of life, Ye Xiao no longer needed to think so much from then on.

There were no questions regarding the way of life.

If his martial heart was not in disarray, his mind would never be in disarray!

Following that, he could focus on refining the power of laws and the divine blood.

From that point of view, his greatest gain from going there was that he had decided his own way of life.

Of course, there was actually no need to cultivate the way of life from the start.

Godly Emperors mainly cultivated the power of laws, and divine blood was also compulsory because, without a sufficiently powerful divine body, one could not withstand such powerful power of laws.

As the power of laws gradually increased and became stronger, divine blood would also gradually increase and become stronger.

However, if one could cultivate earlier, there would definitely be benefits.

Just like the divine soul, the earlier one awakened, the higher ones talent would be.

The later one awakened, the weaker ones future would be.

Cultivating earlier and getting used to the comprehension of themartial way of life, when ones strength reached a higher realm, one would be able to do it as easily as a fish in water!


After doing all of that, Ye Xiao cupped his chin and began to think about his next move.

‘Ive exterminated the members of the four great god clans, and Ive also exterminated their ancestral shrine.

As for the people below the Godly Emperor of the Xuan Yuan clan and the Netherworld clan, Ive also used the Minor Destiny technique to erase their memories of my identity and the ten great masterpiece techniques I know.

‘In a short period of time, no one would know about this matter.

‘Moreover, because the war between the two great god clans and the four great go clans had been started by the four great god clans, and the Xuan Yuan clan had the Dragon clan behind them, no one should find trouble within a short period of time.

‘The only one who could find trouble was the Qilin clan.

‘Because the backing of the four great god clans was the Qilin clan.

‘Looks like recently, the people of the Xuan Yuan clan and the Netherworld clan should be allowed to obediently hide in their own divine territory to cultivate and not look for trouble outside.

‘As long as they did not give the Qilin clan an excuse, even if the Qilin clan wanted to look for trouble, they would not have enough excuses for the time being.

‘Due to the face of the Dragon clan, they wont dare to attack forcefully.

What Ye Xiao needed the most earlier was time.

He had sufficient resources.

As long as he was given enough time, he would be able to advance to the late-stage Godly Emperor realm.

He might even be able to advance to the realm of the legendary Supreme Eternal.

At that time, he could really be considered to have no need to fear anyone.

At least, that was the case in the current great world.

‘The original plan was to go out and gain experience after advancement to the Godly Emperor realm to see if there was a way to advance to the Supreme Eternal realm.

‘Now, I have already prepared all the resources in advance.

‘The cultivation technique has the Golden Book divine soul synthesis.

The power of laws might be a little lacking, but it should be enough for me to advance to the seventh or eighth level or even the ninth level of the Godly Emperor realm.

It should not be a big problem.

‘The divine blood is also enough for me to advance.

‘But now, there are Supreme Eternal outside, as well as other god clans who are pressing down on the Xuan Yuan clan.

Thats why I have no choice but to continue developing in a low-key manner.

‘Taking advantage of this opportunity, I should also further increase the strength of the Xuan Yuan clan.

This way, when I really leave in the future, they will have some ability to protect themselves.

Thinking of that, Ye Xiao summoned all the Godly Emperors outside.

The Godly Emperors who sensed Ye Xiaos summon immediately entered.

“Ye Xiao!”

“Is this the place where the Ancestral Dragon cultivated in the past”

Everyone looked at the entire cave and could not help but let out waves of emotions like a group of curious toddlers.

After they finished their tour and after a long while, Ye Xiao opened his mouth and said,

“The reason I let you all in this time is to raise your cultivation.

“This time, although I defeated the four great god clans, they did not all perish.

No one knows if they will revive in the future.

“Other than that, the more powerful existences behind them are also not certain that they will not make a move against the Xuan Yuan clan.

“The speed of your improvement is really too slow.

If Im not in the Xuan Yuan divine territory in the future and you guys encounter trouble again, you wont have the ability to protect yourselves.”

Hearing that, everyones hearts jolted, and then they were overjoyed.

Ye Xiao actually wanted to personally guide them.

That was truly a good opportunity to inspire peoples hearts!

One had to know that Ye Xiaos aptitude, martial art comprehension… Had already surpassed them in all aspects.

He even said something that did not go against his heart.

Ye Xiaos appearance had even surpassed their total score!

Perhaps the only thing that did not surpass them was their age.

However, that seemed to make people feel even more sorrowful and sad.

“Ye Xiao, when do you plan to start guiding us”

“We can start right now.”

Ye Xiao had just finished speaking when the others immediately started moving.

They all sat in front of Ye Xiao, looking for pens, looking for spirit stones that were recorded in spirit stones, afraid that they would miss out on Ye Xiaos guidance because of their slow speed and leave out Ye Xiaos guidance.

Ye Xiao did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“You dont have to make such a big deal out of it.

Im just going to say a few words.

“Your cultivation is already the Godly Emperor realm, so the understanding of the knowledge has been understood many times.

“Im just going to give you a little bit of an understanding of who I am.

“Its possible that all of you already know this knowledge.

If you know it, you can directly filter it out yourself.

If there are some things that you dont know, you can write it down and go back to properly comprehend it.”

Everyone nodded.

Ye Xiao then straightened his expression and continued to speak,

“Since everyone is already prepared, Ill start speaking.

“As everyone knows, Godly Emperors have already started cultivating the power of laws.

By raising the power of laws to its limits, one would have a certain hope of advancing to become a Supreme Eternal.

“Even if one could not advance to become a Supreme Eternal, one would still be able to advance to the late-stage Godly Emperor realm.

“Generally speaking, the Godly Emperor realm needed to increase ones understanding of the power of laws and cultivate more law energy.

“There were many ways to comprehend the power of laws.

For example, the method Im explaining to you now was one that you could use powerful masterpiece techniques to cultivate.

It was also one of the methods.

“Of course, currently, the most important methods are these two methods.

The ones that improve the fastest are also these two methods.

Therefore, we will not talk about those methods that are more targeted and more unorthodox for now.

“Next, we will begin to explain the power of laws.

Or rather, this part of the power of laws that I understand myself,


Ye Xiao was explaining the power of laws at the top while everyone was listening attentively below.

They had all benefited greatly.

When they asked themselves, before they met Ye Xiao, their understanding of the power of laws was extremely limited.

Not only was there no one to explain it to them, but there was also a very important reason.

It was because their masterpiece techniques were too low in level.

The reason why the Godly Emperor needed to cultivate masterpiece techniques was that while cultivating masterpiece techniques, they would be able to capture the power of laws between heaven and earth.

It was just like capturing spiritual energy.

The power of laws could be found everywhere.

In fact, they were existences that were more precise than spiritual energy.

It only depended on whether one had the ability to find them and absorb them into ones body.

At that moment, several figures inexplicably appeared in the starry sky.

Each figures strength was so powerful that it made ones hair stand on end.

Their strength was at the level of Godly Emperors.

Their figures were similar to the figures of the god clan in the starry sky after they had taken human forms.

However, they were different from the god clan.

More or less, some of them had mutated.

For example, their pupils did not look like mutated pupils.

They were more like the pupils of beasts.

Some of them had vertical pupils, while others had frog-shaped pupils.

Not to mention all kinds of strange things, at least the pupils of the people who came here were different.

Of course, other than that, there were many other subtle differences.

However, the most eye-catching thing was still the pupils.

“This is the Yanhuang Great World!”

“The great war is about to begin.

In order to ensure that our Xuanhuang Great World can win, we must think of a way to destroy the ancestral shrine of the god clans, which is ranked in the top 30 of this world.

“According to the intelligence that the higher-ups have researched, their ancestral shrine contains the divine blood and divine soul of the martial arts masters of their clan.

They can continue to revive them.

“As long as they cant continue to revive, even if the martial art strength of their great world is stronger than ours, we can still use the sea of people tactic to kill them!”


“The coordinates of the star map that everyone needs have been sent to you.

Those who complete the mission will be revived by the Supreme One.

“Those who cant complete the mission should be able to guess their fate, right”

Everyone nodded.

“Since thats the case, lets start moving.”

With an order, all the figures turned into streaks of light and instantly disappeared from their original spots.

At the same time, Ye Xiaos first lecture had also ended.

The first lecture took half a day.

Actually, for existences at their level, a lecture could casually last for a month, or even a few months.

The power of laws was filled with endless profoundness.

There were countless topics to explain.

However, Ye Xiao still had some matters to attend to, so it was impossible for him to continue lecturing there.

Even so, because of his half a day of simple explanations, everyone had learned a lot of things.

Many peoples strength had obtained a huge increase because of it.

Yun Cangqiong was originally only at the peak of the first-level Godly Emperor realm.

Although he was still a hairs breadth away from successfully advancing to the second-level Godly Emperor realm.

To him, he might only be able to comprehend it after cultivating for several years or even decades.

However, under Ye Xiaos explanation, he had successfully advanced to that realm after that afternoon, officially stepping into the threshold of the second level of the Godly Emperor realm.

That also made everyone admire Ye Xiao even more.

With his third level of the Godly Emperor realm strength, he was actually able to guide people to accelerate their advancements.

If it was any other third-level Godly Emperor, it would be impossible for them to achieve that step.

“Yun Cangqiong has advanced!”


Everyone congratulated Yun Cangqiong one after another.

Yun Cangqiong replied respectfully,

“All of this is all thanks to Ye Xiaos contributions.

If it wasnt for him, I wouldnt have been able to advance to this realm without a few years of time.

Ye Xiao, thank you!”

After saying that, he bowed deeply to Ye Xiao and expressed his gratitude.

Ye Xiao gave him a hand and the spiritual energy lifted him up.

“Senior Cangqiong is too polite.

I was only doing my part for everyone.”


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