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Chapter 52: Targeted

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At the governors manor in the center of Jianghai city.

At the moment, a group of unfamiliar guests had arrived.


Zhao, welcome, welcome.”

The current governor of Jianghai city, Du Tianyu, was already waiting there early, along with his secretary and the management of Jianghai city.

Du Tianyu was the descendant of a prominent family in Jianghai city, and Du Changfeng was his biological uncle.

His cultivation was not high, but he used his brain, foresight, and decisiveness to manage the administration of the city despite it.

Of course, the most important thing was that there was too much land in the nine provinces, and the area was vast.

There were also many cities.

There was simply no way for every city in the nine provinces to be matched with a governor with high cultivation.

The vast majority of the powerful martial artists were sent to the front lines.

Only the three special positions of the Jianghai Martial Arts Academys director, the Jianghai Librarys director, and Jianghai Garrisons commander would be filled with martial arts experts at the grandmaster rank and above.

Strictly speaking, that was the general situation in the rest of the regions around the world as well.

After all, martial arts experts were truly one in ten thousand.

If one purely relied on the strength of their martial arts to determine the strength and weakness of their social status, it would directly result in the loss of morality, forming an extremely unequal society where the strong preyed on the weak.

Then, between humans… They would be separated from each other and would be on the verge of destruction.


Governor, this time, we have come with the expectations of the headquarters of the nine provinces alliance.

No matter what, we must evolve Jianghai city into a high-level city.”

The joy on the governors face could not be concealed.

“Our Jianghai city has been waiting for this day for a long time.”

“As for the detailed plan, lets go in and talk.”


Please come in, please come in.”

After everyone entered the governors manor and discussed for a full two hours, the entire meeting came to an end, and the next development plan of Jianghai city was confirmed.

After the meeting, everyone dispersed and began to draft the development plan for Jianghai city.

Only Mr.

Zhao and the governor were left in the huge meeting room.


Zhao took off his gold-rimmed glasses and casually wiped them while glancing at the governor.

He smiled and said,

“Actually, before I came, the headquarters had a private mission for me.

They asked me to convey something to you.”

The governor was stunned and immediately said with a serious expression,


Zhao, please tell me.”

“A few months ago, there were rumors in Jianghai city that there were two martial arts experts with the cultivation of a grandmaster.

Do you know about this”

The governor nodded.

“Everyone in Jianghai city knows about this, so naturally I do too.”

“The headquarters request is to find out the identities of those two individuals.

“You know, in the land of the nine provinces, no force is allowed to appear that is not under the control of the Alliance.

“Of course, it would be best if we can recruit him into the Alliance to work for the nine provinces.”

The governor was a bit troubled.

Those kinds of idle martial arts experts did not want to be controlled by the system.

If they wanted to join the Alliance, they would have joined long ago.

However, they had yet to do so, which meant that they were not greedy for power.

If he went to look for them and they did not agree to it, he would be causing trouble for them.

They had even saved Jianghai city a few times.

If he were to do so, he would be forcing them into a corner.


Zhao, Im afraid that this matter will be a little difficult to resolve.

Firstly, the other party is too powerful, and their whereabouts are unknown.

It wont be easy for my men to find him.

“Secondly… In these difficult times, if not for them, Jianghai city would have suffered great losses, you can say, they are the benefactors of Jianghai city, I…”

“Du Tianyu!”

Before the governor could finish, he was interrupted.

“Dont forget, you are the governor of the Alliance as well! It is taboo to talk about the affairs of the public.

The first thing you should think about is the interests of the Alliance!”

Du Tianyus heart trembled, and in the end, he could only helplessly lower his head.


Seeing that Du Tianyu was obedient, Mr.

Zhaos tone also softened.


Governor, Im also thinking with them in mind.

Since they have such powerful strength, then they naturally should contribute to the nine provinces.

“These few years, the situation at the front line is grim.

If there were two more major sects, it would be a lot of help.

“If they are willing to contribute, the nine provinces alliance would definitely not mistreat them.

“Money, power, women… All the wealth and honor of the world, they would have as much as they want.


“This is a win-win situation for them and for everyone.”

“I understand.”

“Its best that you do.

In addition, the case of the library being raided is also very important.

King Els map is of great importance.

We must investigate this case and get to the bottom of it.

“The missing Yang Zhengyi is a major suspect.

Use him as a clue and thoroughly investigate the entire library.

We must get King Els map back.”


On Ye Xiaos side, he instructed the workers to bring in the books.

After working for half a day, he had finally arranged all the new books.

Not all of those books were new.

Some of them were newly purchased by the library, while the others were donated by libraries in other provinces.

In that way, Ye Xiao would have a lot of new books to read.

He was now the supervisor.

Although he was still on the third floor, due to the expansion of the library, the area he managed was already as big as the entire third floor.

Ning Yuhen followed him and became his personal assistant.

Although that kid… Hmm… It was a little difficult to distinguish male from female, but he was still a good person and was quite diligent.

Ye Xiao allocated the rest of the tasks to the managers under him while he himself became a hands-off supervisor.

He read books peacefully and lived quite a comfortable life.

He also began to understand the benefits that power brought more and more.

It was like countless invisible hands and feet.

You only needed to move your mouth and it would help you accomplish many things.

That point was somewhat like a spiritual cultivation technique, but the difference was that a spiritual technique still needed to consume ones spiritual energy.

Power, on the other hand, made one superior to others, and it also carried an inexplicable sense of control.

Even if Ye Xiao did not bully others, others would also want to curry favor with him and take the initiative to work for him.

That was the charm of power.

After reading for two days, Ye Xiao collected two more basic healing techniques.

That way, he had already reached the level of nine basic healing cultivation techniques.

In the divine souls Golden Book, the nine pieces of paper that were imprinted with the healing cultivation technique were already beginning to emit a faint golden glow.

That meant that with another basic healing cultivation technique, he would be able to synthesize a top-notch healing cultivation technique.

He reckoned that when the time came, even if he was beaten until his arms and legs were broken with a large hole left in his chest, as long as he was still breathing, he would be able to quickly heal his injuries.

It was as if he had activated an immortal cheat code.

It was also a free and unlimited renewal!

Just thinking about it made him feel happy.

However, when he was reading a book, a big hand suddenly patted his shoulder.

“Old Ye, youve been promoted so why are you still reading”


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