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Chapter 515 The Child of Fate The Aura of the Bloodbath Masterpiece Technique!

The fleet of the Xuan Yuan clan airships had traveled for several days and was already halfway through their journey.

Yun Changqing came to Yun Cangqiongs room and asked,

“Senior Cangqiong, our fleet needs some more supplies.”

“Didnt we bring enough supplies before” “It was a little insufficient because we brought a total of 14 billion clansmen from the Nine Provinces back this time.

The number is really too large and our resources are simply insufficient.”

Yun Cangqiong rubbed the space between his brows and said,

“Is there a god clan that we are acquainted with nearby”

“There is one.

Its called the Icy Mist god clan.”

“Then lets buy some supplies and resources from the Icy Mist god clan.”


On Ye Xiaos side, he was currently exploring the storage rings of the various Godly Emperors.

There were a total of nine Treasured Artifact storage rings and eight divine weapon-grade storage rings.

The divine weapon-grade storage rings worn by the eight Godly Emperors in modern times contained quite a number of resources, which could already be considered dazzling.

Among them, there were not only all kinds of materials, but also all kinds of medicinal pills, heavenly materials, and earthly treasures.

In terms of cultivation techniques, there was also a pile of god techniques, but for Ye Xiao, it might have had some use in the past.

At that point, what he needed to synthesize was only masterpiece techniques, so even if it was a nine-star god technique, it was still a pile of waste paper.

Ye Xiao took out some pills and threw them into his mouth.

Like eating candy, he ate them into his stomach.

Those pills were much worse than the pills he refined.

However, their foundations were very good, and they were all refined from very good materials.

They could be considered to have some use, and they could slightly raise his cultivation.

At the very least, their original owner had already completely died while he was still alive.

The items in the archaic Godly Emperors ring were a little better.

That was because the Treasured Artifact-grade ring had the function of preserving freshness.

Even after such a long time, many pills could still be used.

Moreover, their quality was high.

They were even better than the pills of the Godly Emperors of the modern era.

It was the same for the refining materials, heavenly and earthly treasures, and other aspects.

Ye Xiao made a new plan.

He gathered all the medicinal pills and all sorts of refining materials together.

Then, he synthesized all the refining materials together.

Finally, he synthesized all the cultivation techniques and other things together.

The divine crystals were placed in the imperial jade seal.

At that time, the number of divine crystals had increased by an unknown amount.

In any case, the amount was more than a trillion, and there was no way to use it up.

Ye Xiao could not be bothered to calculate anymore.

The few extra rings were all extracted by Ye Xiao and the spatial energy contained within them was then injected into the imperial jade seal and two of the rings.

The space of the three of them was infinitely enlarged.

As for the rest, they were all destroyed.

The medicinal pills and alchemy materials were definitely used for cultivation.

Ye Xiao was prepared to gather the refining materials and re-forge the Great Dragon, turning it into an even more powerful Treasured Artifact.

The augmentation of a Treasured Artifact in battle was sometimes even comparable to a masterpiece technique.

If the Great Dragon was several times stronger, who knew how many times stronger Ye Xiao would be in battle

If there were still some masterpiece techniques left in the god technique, he could just give them to the Xuan Yuan clan when the time came.

In any case, he did not have much use for them.

When Ye Xiao was done with all of that, Yun Cangqiongs divine thought suddenly came to his mind.

Yun Cangqiong told Ye Xiao that they had come to a star area that was subordinate to their clan called the Icy Mist god clan.

They were also here to purchase some supplies.

He asked if he was willing to go down so he could take a look at the Icy Mist god clan.

Ye Xiao pondered for a moment before immediately rejecting.

The Icy Mist god clan had nothing to do with him.

Right then, he only needed to cultivate.

He did not need anything else.

Therefore, he continued to meditate and rest on the spiritual airship.

However, his divine sense spread out for a week, inspecting everything in his surroundings to prevent anything from happening

Therefore, from that perspective, although he did not leave, everything that happened in the star area was under his nose.

That was the benefit of becoming a Godly Emperor.

He could know everything that happened around him without having to appear behind the scenes.

Moreover, at the moment, a dispute in the grand hall of the Icy Mist god clan also attracted his attention.

“The Grand Elder of the Icy Mist god clan actually paid tribute to his own disciple in order to curry favor with the high-ranking god clan.

What kind of Grand Elder is this”

As soon as those words were said, the expressions of everyone present changed.

“How dare you! Ye Fan, how dare you publicly insult the Grand Elder! Are you tired of living”

“Ye Fan, you deserve to die!”

In the great hall, other than the people from the Xuan Yuan clan who sat on high seats, the people standing below were all existences from the various factions of the Icy Mist god clan.

Sitting high in the center of the great halls throne was Yun Xuanyuan.

It was impossible for the Godly Emperor to come out and meet the Icy Mist god clan so casually.

The representatives sent by the Xuan Yuan clan were also a group of Godly Emperors!

Among those people, Yun Xuanyuan naturally followed the lead.

He was at the fifth level of the Godly Emperor realm, and he was also the future star of the Xuan Yuan clans younger generation.

It was equivalent to being the representative sent by the Xuan Yuan clan.

At that moment, he was sitting on the throne, looking down coldly at the young martial arts master of the Icy Mist god clan, Ye Fan, who was boasting.

“Hahahaha… A group of despicable people who are attracted to the flame! Seeing that the Xuan Yuan clan is a high-grade celestial race, each of them wants to curry favor with them.

They wish they could give their wives, daughters, and even their mothers to them as mistresses! Why are we offering Sister”

“Ye Fan! Enough! Ive said it before.

This matter is something Im willing to do.

It has nothing to do with them.

Stop messing around!”

A beautiful woman who was kneeling in the main hall spoke with an ice-cold expression.

However, a hint of pain flashed through her eyes.

The others could not help but laugh,

“Ye Fan, did you hear that We didnt force her.

Ouyang Xuan did It of her own volition!”

“Its her honor to be able to become the personal maid of the future Holy Child of the Xuan Yuan god clan.

Its an opportunity that countless people couldnt even dream of!

“Do you really think that she doesnt want


“Why are you still pretending to be a good person here Ouyang Xuan is the daughter of the clan leader.

Even if she doesnt become Young Master Yuns personal maid, in the future, she isnt someone you can climb up


Ye Fan clenched his fists and gritted his teeth.

His gums were even bleeding due to excessive force.

“Sister, you really are willing”

“Thats right!”

Ouyang Xuan answered without hesitation.

There was no other meaning between her brows.

She was as cold as ice.

That was because she knew that in front of her, she had to do it in order to protect Ye Fans life.

“Hahahaha… Good! Good! Good! Its me, Ye Fan, who overestimated myself! Ouyang Xuan, remember, from now on, you and I are cut off from each other and have nothing to do with each other anymore!”

Ouyang Xuans delicate body obviously trembled for a moment, but her eyelids were lowered and she did not say a word.

A layer of mist appeared on her beautiful eyes that were facing away from everyone.

After that, Ye Fan immediately pointed at Yun Xuanyuan on the high seat and said,

“Yun Xuanyuan, I, Ye Fan, will be here today to issue a challenge to you.

Three years later, I will definitely fight you and defeat you.

I will let Ouyang Xuan know that her lack of loyalty today is the biggest mistake in her life! You… Do you dare to accept the challenge”

Everyone was shocked when they heard that.

“B*stard! What kind of existence do you think you are You actually dare to challenge the young master of the Yun family”.

“Thats right.

Why dont you take a piss and take a look at yourself Are you worthy”

As soon as he finished speaking, a towering figure from the Icy Mist god clan stood up.

“Ye Fan, you dont have the qualifications to challenge Young Master Yun.

However, you have sinned against your superiors and deserve to die! Today, I, Wei Ting, will teach you a lesson.

I will let you know that you shouldnt be so arrogant.”

When the crowd saw him appear, they instantly laughed.

“Its Wei Ting who made a move.

This time, Ye Fan is dead for sure.”

“Wei Tings cultivation is at the third level of the Godslayer realm.

Ye Fan is trash.

Even if he doesnt die, hell still be crippled.”

Ouyang Xuan, who had just knelt, immediately spoke,

“Wei Ting, Ive already agreed to be Young Master Yuns maid.

Why are you still making things difficult for Ye Fan”

Unfortunately, Wei Ting could not be bothered to listen to her nonsense.

He immediately stepped forward and threw a punch at Ye fan.

Shock flashed through Ye Fans eyes, but soon after, he felt even more hatred towards Yun Xuanyuan.

He knew that his sister still had him in her heart.

It was only because of the circumstances that she had no choice but to be Yun Xuanyuans personal maid in order to protect him.

That was enough!

With that thought in mind, he took a deep breath and took a step forward, aiming his fist at Wei Tings fist power.

Initially, everyone thought that ye fan would lose.

However, no one expected that after one punch, Wei Ting, who was at the third level of the Godslayer realm, would be sent flying by Ye Fans punch.


The huge impact force sent Wei Ting flying backward and he fell heavily 300 feet away.

He actually fainted.

“What How is this possible”

“How did he suddenly become so strong Isnt he only at the third level of the God realm Did he conceal his cultivation”

“But even if he concealed his cultivation, how old is he Hes only 65 years old now.

How could he defeat Wei Ting whos at the third level of the Godslayer realm”

Everyone was shocked, including Ye Xiao who was in the spiritual airship.

However, what shocked him was not the other partys cultivation, but the melodramatic plot.

Why did it feel so familiar

Why did that guy have the inexplicable feeling of a child of fate

First, he made a battle pact with Yun Xuanyuan.

Then, three years later, he easily defeated Yun Xuanyuan.

The Xuan Yuan clan would definitely not let that matter rest.

Then, they would send a pile of experience points one after another, sending Ye fan to become a Godly Emperor!

Then, it was estimated that in the end, he would most likely send himself up.

Moreover, the most damnable thing was that he actually felt the aura of the Bloodbath masterpiece technique!

That was right, it was the Bloodbath masterpiece technique that Blood Venerable One had passed down!

How did that fellow obtain the Bloodbath masterpiece technique

Could it be…

Thinking up to that point, Ye Xiao immediately used his divine sense to contact Yun Xuanyuan.


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