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Chapter 50: Butterfly Effect

Somewhere 400 miles away from Jianghai city, an angry roar suddenly came from an abyss.

‘D*mn it! Just a little bit more! Just a little bit more! This king would have gotten out! How could this be

Not long after, the other partys voice grew dark and serious.

‘You humans are lucky this time, but dont be complacent for too long.

The seven stars will align, and the day is close at hand.

At that time, the strength of the star beasts will reach its peak.

‘This king will eventually escape from this d*mned abyss.

‘It wont be long…

Life in Jianghai city once again returned to a period of peace.

However, the hearts of the common people were not so easily calmed.

Every time something major happened, the two legends of Jianghai city would always be the easiest to discuss.

One saber, one sword.

The strong were like dragons, mysterious and invisible.

On Tuesday morning, Ye Xiao carried his breakfast and ate as he walked to the library to go to work.

As he passed by Wangda Square, the huge electronic screen at the entrance of the shopping mall was broadcasting the news program of the Jianghai television station.

Ye Xiao drank soy milk while listening to the news.

“Hello, everyone.

This is Jianghai city television stations morning interview.

“Recently, Jianghai city has been experiencing a lot of strange phenomena, to the point that netizens have been speculating whether or not it was our Jianghai citys mysterious martial artist who made a move.

“For this episode, we have invited the special professor of Jianghai Martial Arts Academy, the Houtian eighth grade martial artist, Professor Zhang Daqiang.

“The chairman of the Pan group, the Houtian ninth grade martial artist, Ms.

Pan Yinlian.

“The retired veteran, the founder of Zhang Liangs Spicy Soup, the Houtian seventh grade martial artist, Zhang Liang.

“Now, lets invite these few martial arts experts to interpret the mysterious events in Jianghai city from their own professional perspectives.

“And the impact behind these mysterious events.”

The one who spoke first was the veteran, Zhang Liang.

His expression was extremely solemn as he knocked on the table and said seriously,

“Based on my many years of experience, Im afraid that our Jianghai city has an important treasure!”

As soon as he said that, many passersby could not help but stop and watch.

The veteran Zhang Liang continued,

“Since ancient times, theres only one possibility for a small place to attract martial artists, and that is a place to conceal ones identity and settle down!

“If theres only one martial arts prodigy in our Jianghai city, then they must have been tired of the life of deception and wants to retire.

“But now, our Jianghai city already has two martial arts prodigies.

“One had to know that there was no room for two tigers on one mountain unless there was a male and a female!

“If two unparalleled martial artists came out together, it would definitely not be for retirement.

There must be something here that attracted them.

“Therefore, I am certain that more and more martial artists will appear in Jianghai city in the future!”

Professor Zhang Daqiang nodded in agreement.

“I agree with what Mr.

Zhang said.

I have looked up a lot of ancient records and found many legends of Jianghai city that faintly indicate that our city is extraordinary.

“Its not that the martial artists have chosen Jianghai city, but that Jianghai city has attracted the martial artists.

“At the same time, with the arrival of the extraordinary martial artists, Jianghai city is bound to attract a large number of ordinary martial artists.

“The sharp increase in population will inevitably lead to an increase in the price of houses.

If you have some money in your hands and want to invest, but you dont know what to invest in, I suggest you buy a house.

Especially the house in the Bi Gui courtyard.

It will definitely rise after you buy it!”

Pan Yinlian was the last to speak.

“We all hope that Jianghai city will develop better and better.

This is very likely to be a turning point for our Jianghai city.

“As we all know, if a city is on a larger scale, it will have a great impact on the safety of the entire city.

“Then it will definitely have an extremely strong siphon effect.

“In the next few decades, we can foresee that Jianghai citys changes will definitely be earth-shattering.

“At the same time, I feel that we, the entrepreneurs of Jianghai city, should provide these martial arts prodigies with a better quality of life to thank them for their indelible and important contributions to the development of our Jianghai city.”

Ye Xiao did not finish listening.

He conveniently threw away the breakfast trash in his hand and walked away.

Too shameless!

These so-called martial artsexperts were nothing but phonies.

What was even more shameless was that they actually took the opportunity to promote residential areas, and even used his name as an excuse to raise the prices.

Although he could not afford to buy a house in the first place, toward these profiteers, he was really… Very unhappy.

That evil capitalism!

He had decided that he would never fall in love, never marry, never have children, and never buy a house.

Its not easy to live that kind of life but he would never be a mortgage slave!

‘Then again, as I get stronger, it seems that my influence on Jianghai city is getting stronger and stronger…

‘Could it be that Im like a butterfly flapping its wings

‘Will it bring a butterfly effect to this world

‘I hope it wont bring disaster to this world.

‘If its unavoidable, I hope it will bring disaster to other states… As long as it doesnt bring disaster to the nine provinces, it wouldnt be a big deal.

After arriving at the library, he noticed that it had already been repaired.

The brand new library was a little different from the original building.

The entire building was bigger than before, and it had at least doubled in size.

In that world of martial arts, the development of technology was also quite good.

Take architecture as an example.

All kinds of high-tech new composite materials made building fast and cheap.

Of course, cheap materials did not mean that the prices were low.

The price was still very expensive.

In addition, the group ofexperts just now wanted to take the opportunity to raise the price, so it was estimated that Jianghai city would go up quite a bit in the future.

However, what made Ye Xiao more curious was that there were many large trucks parked in front of the door and he did not know what they were for.

He used the Big Dippers Grand Mystery to sweep through them and found that they were all filled with books.

That made his eyes light up.

Those books… Many of them were new.

Could it be that they were new books that the library had just bought

He had not expected that there would be more unexpected surprises.

That made his mood, which was not too good in the morning, instantly feel much better.

With so many new books, he estimated that he would be able to find quite a number of basic cultivation techniques.

“Manager Ye, youre here.”

When he walked into the library, Ning Yuhen saw Ye Xiao and immediately came forward to greet him.

Ye Xiao nodded in response.

After the two of them clocked in, they arrived at the hall and sat down.

The library was going to start anew, so there was definitely going to be a regular meeting.

Very soon, Ouyang Yunzhong arrived at the hall with a solemn expression.

“Before we begin this mornings regular meeting, let us first observe a minute of silence for our colleagues who died in the incident.

Stand up!”

Everyone stood up and lowered their heads to observe a minute of silence for their colleagues who had passed away.

Ye Xiao glanced at his surroudnings.

Most of his colleagues were still there, only a few of them were not.

It seemed that Yang Zhengyi did not kill too many people.

However, after thinking about it carefully, it made sense.

Yang Zhengyi was a powerful grandmaster.

Very few people would be able to discover him if he wanted to steal, so there would not be any conflict.

After a minute of silence, Ouyang Yunzhong waved her hand and motioned for everyone to sit down.

“Lets begin todays regular meeting.

There are two things…”


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