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Chapter 493 Godly Emperor Trial Ground

After a short long journey, the spiritual airship soon arrived at the entrance of the Goldy Emperors tomb.

Ye Xiao knew more about the Godly Emperors tomb than anyone else.

The nearby starry skies had long been filled with spiritual airships.

There were countless of them that stretched as far as the eye could see.

When he arrived, he could vaguely sense that there were six extremely powerful forces hidden within the many spiritual airships.

Ye Xiao knew that they were six Godly Emperor prodigies!

He did not continue to release his perception and just silently followed everyone forward.

Under the arrangement of the six great god clans, he followed Xia Xinyi and a group of Xia family members into the Godly Emperors tomb.

The Godly Emperors tomb looked similar to the one he had arrived at previously.

However, those Godly Kings tombs had been turned upside down at the moment.

However, it was useless even if they turned the tomb upside down.

That was because the things inside the Godly Kings tomb had already been taken away by Ye Xiao.

Those were the materials used to forge the Little Dragon.

Many people in the surroundings began to discuss.

“These should be the tombs of the Godly Kings that are used to be buried together, right”

“Although its only the tomb of the Godly King, there are countless things buried together with it.

Previously, the few young masters and the others, along with the Hundred Clans Alliance, fought over a few tombs of the Godly Kings and obtained countless resources.

“There are so many Godly Kings tombs here, so there must be even more good things inside.”

“Whats the use of having more Didnt you see what was dug up inside No matter how many good things there were, they were all snatched away by others.

We dont have the chance to get the things inside the Godly Kings tombs.

We can only see if we can get more in the Godly Emperors tomb.”

As they spoke, everyone had already arrived in front of the main entrance of a Godly Emperors tomb.

There were many other people in the distance.

They were all martial arts masters from the other god clans.

Other than the four great god clans, there were also some martial arts masters that the four great god clans had recruited from the nearby star areas.

Looking at those figures who were eager to give it a try, Ye Xiao could not help but shake his head.

Those people all thought that they would be nave enough to snatch some good things later on.

However, in reality, it was impossible for them to take any good things away.

With those few Godly Emperors guarding outside, those who did not have the strength would lose a layer of skin if they went out.

That made Ye Xiao ponder in his heart.

If he obtained any good stuff, he would have to leave immediately.

After snatching the divine blood from the core area of the Godly Emperors tomb, it was very likely that he would be sensed by others.

If he left by himself, others might not think of the Xuan Yuan god clan.

After all, there were still some god clans that the six great god clans had sent over.

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However, if he stayed, it was very likely that it would trigger a great war.

The Xuan Yuan god clan was at a disadvantage, so it would be very troublesome if they fought.

At that moment, under the control of a few Godly Emperors, the core area of the Godly Emperors tomb was finally opened.

The tomb that had been silent for tens of thousands of years was finally opened.

At the next moment, a surge of spiritual energy that exceeded everyones imagination exploded out rapidly in an unstoppable manner.

It was like a huge wave in the sea.

Many existences in the Godslayer realm were unable to do anything about it, they stabilized their bodies and retreated a little.

Everyone was dumbstruck.

It was spiritual energy.

The purest spiritual energy!

It was not the kind of simple spiritual energy that was produced after being augmented by masterpiece or god techniques.

The spiritual energy in the Godly Emperors tomb had actually condensed so much.

It was so dense that everyone could not stand on their feet.

However, very quickly, everyone could not help but become excited.

Just the spiritual energy alone was already so dense.

How many good things were there

Thinking of that, everyones eyes lit up.

They rubbed their fists and could not help but want to rush in.

Soon, the Godly Emperors gave the order,

“All martial arts masters, enter one by one.

Do not cut the line or snatch! Begin entering.” With the order, everyone entered the Godly Emperors tomb.

In the beginning, everyone could still suppress their desires.

After all, there were Godly Emperors standing beside them.

If they crossed the line, they might be instantly killed.

However, after entering, everyone immediately lost control.

That was because there were simply too many good things inside.

Putting everything else aside, the ground inside had been nourished by countless years of spiritual energy.

It had long turned into high-quality divine crystals.

They were multicolored and filled with spiritual energy.

When everyone saw that scene, their eyes turned red.

“Snatch it!”

“Mine, all of it is mine!”

“Whoever dares to touch my divine crystals, I will kill them!”

The people seemed to have gone mad.

Their eyes turned red as they went up to snatch and beat.

As for the Godly Emperors, they did not seem to be prepared to continue the control.

One reason was that they were allowed to enter just to make up the numbers and complete the restriction of entering the Godly Emperors tomb.

After entering, other than their own clansmen, the others were no longer important.

On the other hand, it was also because at the moment, they had to make every second count and rush to the center of the Godly Emperors tomb.

That was the place where the true foundation and materials of the Godly Emperors tomb were condensed.

After Ye Xiao and the Xia family members arrived, a portion of the Xia family members with low cultivations was also fighting outside for the divine crystals.

Those with high cultivations flew into the Godly Emperors tomb.

Xia Xinyi secretly transmitted her voice,

“Ye Xiao, are you going alone, or are you going with us”

“Im going alone.”

“Thats fine.

Im going with the Godly King of the Xia family.

You must be careful if youre going alone.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

Taking advantage of the chaos, he used the Space Warping masterpiece technique and instantly disappeared on the spot.

Ye Xiao, who had left the large group, instantly became a wild horse that was out of control.

No one could stop him at all.

Even the peak ninth level of the Godly King realm could not sense and trap him.

Ye Xiao moved forward alone, but unlike the others, he did not fly toward the center of the tomb.

Instead, he flew toward the other half of the tomb.

He had scanned the Silver Dragon Kings memory, so he knew that the structure of the tomb was not as everyone thought.

The most important part was concentrated in the center.

On the contrary, the position of the Godly Emperors corpse was at the edge.

In the center, there were actually only some cultivation resources, such as cultivation techniques, pills, heavenly and earthly treasures, Treasured Artifacts, refining materials, and so on…

Although those things were equally precious to Ye Xiao, in reality, they were not of much use to the current Ye Xiao.

The first thing he had to do now was to raise his cultivation.

As long as his cultivation was sufficient, even if he did not have those ingredients, he could still snatch them over.

However, if his cultivation was insufficient, even if he managed to snatch those ingredients, it was possible that he would be snatched away by an even stronger existence.

That was where the problem lay.

Nevertheless, Ye Xiao had just flown out not long ago when he discovered an extremely precious divine mushroom.

It was an extremely precious pill refinement material that could mediate the rejection of various ingredients in pills.

“To think that theres actually such a good thing here!

Ye Xiao grabbed at the air with his large hand, and all the divine mushrooms broke out from the ground and were instantly kept by him.

There was no more soil on the ground, and all the soil had turned into the existence of divine crystals.

If not for the countless divine crystals that Ye Xiao had dug out from outside the Divine Kingdoms treasury, which was many times more than there, he might not have been able to resist digging out these divine crystals at that very moment.

Then, just as he was about to continue moving forward, his keen vision after cultivating the Primordial Pupil allowed him to see that there seemed to be something buried beneath the divine crystal.

With a slight shift in his gaze, Ye Xiao instantly arrived at the ground.

He raised his hand and launched an attack, blasting open the divine crystal layer on the ground.

What surprised him was that beneath the divine crystal, it was not empty space.

Instead, it was a ground made entirely of bronze.

On the surface of the bronze, there were some fine lines carved.

Those lines were straight with one end connected to the entrance of the Godly Emperors tomb, and the other end was connected to the direction in front of Ye Xiao.

At the same time, there were also one or two vertical bars that led to other directions of the Godly Emperors tomb, connecting those lines.

Ye Xiao was a little puzzled.

When the shape of the ground was created, a few streams of bright red liquid instantly flashed past in front of his eyes.

Ye Xiaos pupils constricted once again.

He could see clearly that the thing that had just flashed past in front of him was not anything else, but divine blood.

Fresh divine blood!

The direction that this divine blood came from was the entrance of the Godly Emperors tomb, which was also those existences that were fighting over the divine crystals.

At that moment, Ye Xiao had a bad premonition.

He seemed to have thought of something.

The primordial Divine Kingdom had a total of 13 Godly Emperors, but they were divided into several parts.

One of them was the power of laws that guarded the Divine Kingdoms treasury.

The other part died in the war back then.

The other part was the Godly Emperor who was unwilling to die and attempted to revive in the future.

Resurrecting the Godly Emperors might require the power of laws from the Divine Kingdoms treasury.

Back then, the primordial Divine Kingdom had been besieged by many martial arts masters because of the order of the Supreme Eternal.

Those Godly Emperors who had defended to the end had no choice but to gather their power of laws together and end their own lives.

However, in order to obtain the power of laws, they had to awaken first.

The way to awaken was to use the fresh divine blood, just like the Silver Dragon King and the others.

If his guess was right, the Silver Dragon King and the others had wanted to use that method to awaken the Godly Emperors inside.

As for the Godly Emperors tombs setup, it required 9,999 fifth level or above Godslayer realm martial arts masters to open it.

The reason was, in the scenario where the Silver Dragon King and the others were not able to gather the divine blood, or in the case where the Silver Dragon King and everyone else were killed.

That was because, if the later gods wanted to enter, they would have to gather so many people.

After those people entered, there was a 100 percent chance that they would fight each other for a huge amount of resources.

The dead were certain.

When a person died, naturally, a lot of divine blood would be produced.

The bronze blood slot below would absorb the divine blood and continuously awaken the Godly Emperor inside.


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