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Chapter 483 You Brought This Upon Yourself

“Hahahaha… Run! Keep running! Lets see where you can run to!”

Waves of mockery came from Sacred Crocs stomach.

He did not know how many tens of thousands of years of seals had tortured his mind.

He had been holding back until he went crazy.

At that moment, after he escaped, he wanted to vent the anger in his heart and the torture accumulated by the endless night.

Among those members of the four great god clans who were being chased, there were some whose cultivation was at the Godslayer realm.

There were also some whose cultivation was in the God realm.

If they were placed in other places, for example, in front of some small worlds, they might be a group of martial arts masters.

However, when placed in that group of Sacred Beasts, they were really the dregs of the dregs.

They were completely not worth looking at.

Although Ye Xiao took a step forward and could arrive in one step, he was not in such a hurry to come over.

The people from the four great god clans were enemies with him, so he did not have the mood to save them.

He was not some saint.

In the blink of an eye, Sacred Crocodile caught up to those people and swallowed them all in their despair.

Everyones miserable cries reverberated twice in Sacred Crocodiles mouth before they ceased to exist.

The Sacred Crocodile smacked his lips.

“As expected, the god race who are frightened tastes the most delicious.

Unfortunately, there are too few of them.

They are not enough to fill the gaps between this sacred beings teeth.

“It would be great if a prodigal martial arts master could come.

A Godly King, for instance.

Their blood essence would be extremely exuberant.

That would be the true delicacy of the human world.

– VV

“Previously, when we just came out of the tomb, although there were three Godly Kings, it was a pity that everyone would be split.

This sacred being would only be split with one leg.

Its not enough to eat at all.”

Just as his voice fell, his gaze suddenly noticed Ye Xiao who was walking through the air.

The instant he saw Ye Xiao, his eyes immediately could not help but light up.

“Woah, a big fish has come, hahaha… Little brat, were you aware that this sacred being is hungry, so you specially delivered yourself to this sacred beings doorstep to give this sacred being a taste of your own medicine”

The Sacred Crocodiles huge body moved through the starry sky.

Along the way, who knew how many meteorites had been knocked away.

When he came to Ye Xiaos side, he opened his bloody mouth.

A huge suction force even attracted some meteorites and star islands.

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Ye Xiao did not say anything and raised his hand to throw a Star-splitting Fist.

The Star-splitting Fist was not enough.

He even needed to add a World Destruction masterpiece technique.

One punch instantly blasted Sacred Crocodiles big white teeth into pieces.

The huge pieces of teeth flew out like bullets and entered the Sacred Crocodiles upper jaw.


The heart-wrenching pain made him unable to help but let out an earth-shattering roar and miserable cry.

“Stinky brat, Im going to kill you.

I must kill you.


Accompanied by his furious roar, terrifying heat energy gathered from his throat and shot straight at Ye Xiao.

That terrifying power was still in Sacred Crocodiles mouth when the high temperature had already melted the meteorites in the gaps between Sacred Crocodiles teeth.

Facing the terrifying flame, Ye Xiao did not dodge or block.

He once again threw out a punch.


The enormous power turned into a golden beam of light.

Taking advantage of the fact that the attack did not have time to explode, it immediately exploded in Sacred Crocodiles throat.


Accompanied by an earth-shaking loud sound, Sacred Crocodiles throat directly exploded, as if a bullet had exploded.

The pain at that time was many times stronger than before.

It directly suppressed Sacred Crocodiles enormous body, causing it to continuously roll in the starry sky.

His dragon-like long tail continuously lashed out.

Every time it lashed out, it would shatter a small star island into smithereens.

His throat could no longer make any sound because the explosion had already completely turned his throat into charcoal.

Ye Xiao used the Space Warping masterpiece technique and instantly pulled Sacred Crocodile back to his side.

With a light tap of his feet, his body instantly exploded out, turning into a bolt of lightning.

Following that, he used the World Destruction masterpiece technique.

Along the way, he was like a hot knife through butter, from Sacred Crocodiles upper jaw, he slaughtered his way through, destroying all the bones in his body.

Sacred Crocodile relied on his own dragon bones the most.

That was the source of its enormous strength.

Ye Xiaos sword cut through all of that from the beginning to the end.

The originally lively Sacred Crocodile was completely destroyed at the moment.

A pair of huge crocodile eyes completely lost all of their vitality.

Then, Ye Xiao put it into his imperial jade seal.

When the distant Silver Dragon King saw that scene, she could not help but be petrified.

Three moves!

A total of three moves!

Moreover, the first move was purely a test and did not use his full strength at all.

Just like that, he killed a Sacred Croc who was comparable to a sixth-level Godly King.

Was that method really that wicked

One had to know that as a Sacred Beast, although Sacred Crocs cultivation was comparable to a humans sixth-level Godly King, in reality, when fighting against an ordinary sixth-level Godly King, he would definitely be stronger.

However, he still could not withstand three moves from Ye Xiao.

No! No!

If that continued, when Ye Xiao killed all the Sacred Beasts, he would most likely make a move on her, right

The Silver Dragon King clenched her pink fists tightly.

She absolutely could not continue like that, or else she would definitely die without a burial ground.

She would never believe that Ye Xiao would be so kind as to really give her life.

A strong person could wantonly decide the lives of others.

In front of Ye Xiao, she was just like a tiny ant.

Ye Xiao wanting to kill her was just a matter of a thought.

Moreover, although she believed that Ye Xiao had sufficient strength to save her, the energy used was definitely not small.

As an example, using the power of laws in the Divine Kingdoms treasury.

She did not believe that Ye Xiao would be willing to use a large amount of power of laws to revive her.

Therefore, taking advantage of the fact that Ye Xiao had just killed Sacred Croc and had not placed his attention on her, she turned around and ran.

Ye Xiao naturally knew her actions.

In reality, even though he was fighting Sacred Croc, he was still keeping an eye on the Silver Dragon King.


With a faint smile, Ye Xiao used the Space Warping masterpiece technique and his body instantly disappeared from where he was.

The first time she escaped, Ye Xiao could forgive her.

After all, at that time, he went to destroy the four great god clans and the archaic Godly King.

Both sides were enemies and had different standpoints.

However, the second time, Ye Xiao had clearly promised that as long as she brought him to the Godly Emperors tomb, he would definitely not mistreat her.

However, she still chose to escape.

That was a little insensible.

What did he take Ye Xiao for

To take his words as fart

Hence, at that point, Ye Xiao naturally would not let her off.

The Silver Dragon Kings speed was extremely


She swore that she had never used such a fast speed in her entire life.

After escaping for a very, very long distance, she felt that she seemed to have arrived at the borders of the Azure Billow star field!


She could not help but let out a long sigh of relief.

‘Ive already run so far.

He shouldnt be able to catch up, right

‘Fortunately, my speed is fast enough.

Otherwise, Im afraid I wont be able to escape his demonic claws.

‘With a dead freak like him here in the Azure Billow star field, Im afraid I wont have the chance to revive the ancient Divine Kingdom.

‘Looks like I can only make other plans.

‘Ill temporarily leave this star field and go to other star fields to spend some time first.

At the very least, Ill ensure that I can survive.

Then, Ill think of a way to revive myself!

After making up her mind, she was about to leave.

At that moment, an accident suddenly happened.

Her body suddenly stiffened and then began to tremble.

So it turned out that right in front of her, she did not know when but Ye Xiao had already appeared.

A kind of fear continuously spread in her heart.

“You… How did you come here”

Ye Xiao looked at her with a smile that was not a smile.

“Dont you think that I should be the one asking you about this matter Didnt the two of us just agree that you help me find the Godly Emperors tomb, and Ill resurrect you

“Why did you come here alone”

“I… I… I…”

The Silver Dragon King stuttered, unable to speak.

Ye Xiao smiled faintly.

“Do you know what kind of person I hate the most in my life A person who doesnt keep his word.”

The Silver Dragon King fell to his knees with a plop.

“I… I was wrong.

I shouldnt have escaped on my own accord.

I shouldnt have broken the contract between us.

Please give me another chance.

This time, Ill definitely do my best for you.

“This time, I will give you whatever you want! I beg you to let me off.”

“Its too late.”

Ye Xiao raised his hand and aimed it at the Silver Dragon King.

He said indifferently, “In the name of Ye Xiao, crush the Silver Dragon Kings soul.”


Suddenly, the Silver Dragon King seemed to hear the sound of glass shattering beside her


Following that, the Silver Dragon Kings consciousness gradually disappeared into the darkness.

At that moment, she was completely shocked!

Why was the way that masterpiece technique was used so similar to the legendary supreme masterpiece technique in the first place, the Minor Destiny technique Why did he know the legendary Minor Destiny technique

In the legends, the Minor Destiny technique was omnipotent.

At that moment, she suddenly realized how huge a mistake she had made.

She was wrong!

Ridiculously wrong! Ye Xiao could really save her!

Moreover, he could do it just by casually moving his fingers.

That was because he had the Minor Destiny technique, he could dominate everything.

In other words, she was actually the closest to being resurrected.

If she had expressed her loyalty earlier instead of choosing to run away.

Then Ye Xiao really might resurrect her after the event.

That was because Ye Xiao did not need to spend too much money.

He only needed a thought.

It was too simple for him, so he would not lie to her.

That was because the strong would not lie to ants.

However, she had given up.

That run of hers had completely destroyed her life.

Hehehe… In vain, she had thought that she was an extremely intelligent person.

She did not expect that in reality, she was so stupid!

So stupid that she could not be saved.

If there was an afterlife, she would definitely not be so stupid.

Unfortunately, there was no medicine for regret in the world, and she would not have another afterlife.

Ye Xiao used the Bloodbath masterpiece technique and instantly swallowed her divine blood into his body.

He originally wanted to give her another chance.

Since she did not want it, then forget

It just so happens that the divine blood of the fifth level of the Godly King realm can also give him a wave of cultivation.


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