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Chapter 474 Anyone Who Dares to Offend The Xuan Yuan Clan, Will Be Killed Without Mercy

In the Ning familys manor, Zheng Tianya was holding the hand of Godly King Cangming tightly.

“Brother Cangming, Im sorry.

If I didnt invite you to the Azure Billow star field, your Netherworld clan would not have lost so many Godly Kings.

“Thus, they could use the divine blood and soul of their family to nurture and resurrect.

However, after they resurrect, their cultivation base would not be as high as before.

Their talents would also be reduced.

“Its hard to say if they could become Godly Kings again in this life.

“Im… Sorry to you!” Godly King Cangmings eyes reddened.

“Brother Tianya, dont say that.

Weve been friends for many years.

You invited me to the Azure Billow star field for my own good.

Its the four great god clans.

Theyve gone too far!” “Brother Cangming, Im afraid I cant make it this time.

If I resurrect, it will take at least dozens of years.

I can only apologize to you after I resurrect.

“Ill have to trouble you to lead the Xuan Yuan clan and the other young masters to leave the Azure Billow star field.

Please.” Godly King Cangming nodded, his eyes filled with tears.

Zheng Tianyas chest had suffered a fatal wound.

Even his soul was beginning to shatter.

His death was inevitable.

Just as he had said, although he had spent dozens of years and still had a chance to resurrect, in fact, at that time, his aptitude and everything would be lost.

Moreover, after decades, no one was sure if he would encounter any danger.

If he met with any danger and died, the two of them would not be able to meet for decades.

Zheng Tianyas pupils could not help but begin to dilate.

He no longer made any sound, as if he would die at any moment.

The two Godly Kings outside the door were also in grief.

One of them was a Godly King of the Xuan Yuan clan, while the other was a Godly King of the Netherworld clan.

Both of them had suffered heavy injuries, but they were still able to rely on healing techniques and medicinal pills to heal their injuries.

As for Zheng Tianya, after he died and was resurrected, things would change.

However, at that moment, a figure shrouded in golden light quietly appeared in front of the two of them.

“Who is it”

The other party was naturally Ye Xiao, who had just arrived at the Ning family manor.

Ye Xiao did not reply to the two of them.

Instead, he walked into the room.


The two of them immediately moved to stop Ye Xiao.

Unfortunately, their cultivations were at most at the first level Godly King realm.

Even if they were at the same level, they could not trap Ye Xiao, let alone a mere first-level Godly King.

The Space Warping masterpiece technique was activated, and Ye Xiao instantly passed through the middle of the two.

The two first-level Godly Kings instantly broke out in cold sweat, and they were extremely astonished.

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That… That technique was simply incredible!

Ye Xiao did not open the door, but directly passed through the wall and entered.

In the room, Godly King Cangmings pupils constricted, and he cried out in surprise.

He immediately opened his mouth and said,

“Who are you”

Ye Xiao did not speak.

He only raised his hand and aimed at Zheng Tianya, using the Undying masterpiece technique.

A five-colored ray of light instantly entered Zheng Tianyas body.

In the next second, Zheng Tianyas dying body was rapidly restored in a manner visible to the naked eye.


Godly King Cangmings eyes widened as he looked at that scene in disbelief.

What was going on It was simply too unbelievable!

Zheng Tianya had suffered a fatal injury.

If not for his Godly King bodys powerful maintenance, he would have long been annihilated.

He definitely would not have been able to hold on until then.

He was certain that neither the Xuan Yuan clans healers nor the Netherworld clans healers were able to do that.

Who was that mysterious martial arts master that had suddenly appeared in front of him

Could it be that he was the Godly Emperor of the Xuan Yuan clan that was present there

However, that was not right.

The cultivation base that he was displaying at that moment was completely at the fifth level of the Godly King realm.

He was not a Godly Emperor at all!

Zheng Tianya, whose consciousness was about to fall into complete darkness, suddenly woke up at that moment.

He could clearly feel that the injuries on his body were rapidly healing.

In the blink of an eye, they had all healed.

Whether it was his soul or his physical body.

In reality, although his soul had been shattered, it was still condensed in his body.

It did not disappear much.

In front of the Undying masterpiece technique, repairing it was a piece of cake.

When he was completely healed and saw Ye Xiao, he immediately stood up and bowed deeply to him.

“May I ask, are you the Saber-sword Immortal of Jianghai city”

Ye Xiao turned around and left, instantly disappearing from where he was.


Zheng Tianya wanted to speak, but he could no longer sense the other partys aura.

He could not help but let out a deep sigh.

The Godly King Cangming asked with a puzzled expression,

“Saber-sword Immortal Who is the Saber-sword Immortal”

Zheng Tianya let out a long sigh and explained.

When the Godly King Cangming understood who the Saber-sword Immortal was, he could not help but widen his eyes again.

“Brother Tianya, are you joking with me More than half a year ago, he was still at the early stages of the Godslayer realm.

Now, his cultivation has already advanced to the fifth level of the Godly King realm!”

Zheng Tianya smiled bitterly.

“To be honest, if it wasnt because Im from the Xuan Yuan clan, I might not have believed such a thing.

But it is indeed true.

“However, as you saw just now, he isnt willing to reveal his true identity to us, so we still havent recognized who he is.

“However, this matter actually provoked him to take action, so it shouldnt be a big problem.

We dont need to be in a hurry to leave now.

If the four great god clans and archaic Godly Kings attack, he alone can resist an army of thousands of horses!”

Godly King Cangming could not help but shudder violently.

To hold off an army of thousands of horses by himself was too terrifying a concept!

“No… It cant be that exaggerated, right He has such a terrifying healing technique.

Its impossible for his combat strength to be that terrifying, right” Zheng Tianya smiled and shook his head.

“If my guess is correct, the five Godly Kings who were teleported away and were killed should be his doing.

“We thought that only the Godly Emperor could do that, but didnt he do it as well “Killing five Godly Kings was as easy as flipping his hand.

Now that there are more than 20 of them, he shouldnt be too difficult to deal with, right”

The corner of Godly King Cangmings mouth twitched uncontrollably.

Zheng Tianya was right.

If the Saber-sword Immortal could kill five Godly Kings with ease, it meant that his actual combat strength had completely surpassed the cultivation of the fifth level of the Godly King realm.

If that was the case, then would it not be the same when facing more than 20 Godly Kings, and the highest strength was only at the fifth level of the Godly King realm Would it not be as simple as slaughtering a chicken and taking a dog

At that moment, he suddenly thought of a person, an existence that had stunned the entire starry sky over 2,000 years ago! Could it be that another existence on the level of the Ancestral Dragon would appear in the Xuan Yuan clan

However, just who was he

At the same time, Ye Xiao had already taken a step into the sky.

The four great god clans and archaic Godly Kings had joined forces to kill so many Godly Kings of the Xuan Yuan clan and even threatened the Nine Provinces.

If he did not take action now, they might really not know his surname.

However, before he reached the starry sky, a terrifying aura had already flown over and descended in the sky above Jianghai city.

It was the figure of a first-level Godly King.

Looking at his clothes, there was a strange pattern carved on his chest.

It was the same as the Godly King from the Golden god clan.

He came to the sky and directly displayed his powerful Godly King-level aura.

The terrifying power suppressed the entire ground on the spot.

Countless creatures could not help but tremble in fear when faced with the Godly Kings pressure.

There were even some who could not even stand up.

They could only kneel on the ground, unable to raise their heads.

Even if an existence in the Godly King realm were to release pressure high up in the sky, it was not something those weak martial artists could withstand.

Zheng Tianya and Cangming quickly arrived outside the courtyard.

The other two Godly Kings wanted to release their auras to resist, but they were held down by the two of them.

The two of them shook their heads.

At that moment, there was no need for them to make a move.

Saber-sword Immortal would definitely not sit idly by.

Everyone looked towards the sky.

In the sky, the Godly King of the Golden god clan slightly raised his chin and glanced down at the ground.

His expression was filled with disdain, it was as if he was a high-ranking noble above everyone.

“This king came here to tell you that the four great god clans only give the Xuan Yuan god clan and the Underworld god clan ten hours!

“After ten hours, we will take over this place.

At that time, all the living beings in this small world will be swept away.

“I hope that you can seize the time and not waste the mercy that the four great god clans have given you!”

Humiliation, unwillingness, anger… Suppressed in the hearts of every living being in the Nine Provinces.

It was as if they had lost a battle and become slaves.

Unexpectedly, just as he said that a sword light suddenly shot into the sky.

One sword directly cut off one of his arms.

The Godly Kings pupils suddenly constricted and he immediately screamed.

“Ahhhh… D*mn it, which b*stard attacked me”

Before he could finish his sentence, another sword beam slashed out and his other arm was chopped off.

Two sword beams had chopped off his two arms.

No matter how arrogant he was, how could he be brainless At that moment, he was scared out of his wits as he turned around and


“D*mn Xuan Yuan clan, how dare you! You actually dare to attack me.

Just wait, the experts of the four great god clans will come immediately and exterminate your Xuan Yuan clan!

“None of the creatures in this small world can think of escaping.”

His miserable appearance caused everyone to laugh loudly.

Soon, however, everyones expressions became solemn again.

The four great god clans were so powerful.

If they really attacked, would the Nine Provinces be able to withstand it

Only Zheng Tianya, Cangming, and the other Godly Kings knew that the four great god clans were likely doomed at that time!


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