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Chapter 457 The Arrival of the High-Ranking Gods

“Hehehe… Brother Cangming, youre exaggerating.

Its just a small matter.

Its not important.”

“Brother Tianya, this isnt a small matter.

To the Xuan Yuan clan, this is a shameful matter.

But dont worry.

Heiyu Die isnt sensible.

Ill definitely find another sensible girl to marry into the Xuan Yuan clan.

I wont make the Xuan Yuan clan lose their dignity.”

Just as Zheng Tianya was about to nod, all of a sudden, the withered grass in the manor began to sprout.

Some flowers even bloomed in the sudden warm wind.

“This… Whats going on”

The two could not help but be stunned.

Even if their cultivation had already reached the Godly King realm, they could not help but be dumbfounded when they saw that scene.

What was that situation An illusion No, it was definitely not an illusion.

Both of them were already Godly Kings.

If the other party could cast an illusion on both of them at the same time, how powerful would his methods be

“Brother Tianya… This… Could it be a surprise that you specially prepared for me Did you set up some array Or did you do something special”

Zheng Tianya did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“Why would I do such a thing Besides, do you think that I, a mere Godly King-level technique, can resurrect these withered grass and make flowers bloom”

Godly King Cangming could not help but ask in puzzlement, “Thats strange.

who could do such a thing Godly Kings definitely cant do it.

Could it be that the other partys strength has already reached the legendary Godly Emperor realm”


Zheng Tianya could not help but feel his scalp go numb.

There was actually a Godly Emperor in the Nine Provinces world

What kind of joke was that

That was not right.

There seemed to be something wrong.

He knew that the Nine Provinces was the Ancestral Dragons hometown.

In addition, the Ancestral Dragon had disappeared without a trace ever since it appeared briefly 2,000 years ago.

There was no news of it.

Could it be that he had returned to his hometown and had been hiding there

Heavens, could it really be him At that moment, a member of the Netherworld god clan quickly came to their side.

Just as he was about to report to Elder Cangming, Elder Cangming shouted softly.

“Now, Godly King Tianya is one of us.

If theres anything, just report it openly.

Theres no need to hide it.”


After that person glanced at Zheng Tianya, he said softly,

“Reporting to the two elders, Miss Heiyu Die has said that she has agreed to a marriage alliance with the Xuan Yuan clan.”

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“Oh She has agreed”

Elder Cangmings eyes instantly lit up.

Following that, the other party spoke again, “However, Miss Hieyu Die has said that she will not marry the young master of the Xuan Yuan clan directly.

Instead, she will inspect it for a period of time before deciding.”

“What nonsense! Who does she think she is And what position does she place the Xuan Yuan clan in Does she think that she can pick anyone she wants

“The young master of the Xuan Yuan clan was a dragon among men.

How could we allow her to humiliate him like this”

Elder Cangming instantly flew into a rage.

Zheng Tianya thought for a moment before figuring out the reason.

Could it be that Heiyu Die had also sensed the difference behind the change

Thinking of that, he chuckled and tried to persuade him,

“Brother Cangming, its alright.

Since she wants to take a look, let her take a look.

Miss Hieyu Die was also a strange woman.

There were many pursuers in the starry sky.

Among them, there were many talents from the other God clans.

However, she had never taken a fancy to any of them.

This was enough to prove that she was a thoughtful person.

“This old man also wants to see who exactly is able to catch Miss Heiyu Dies eye”.

“This… Alright.”

After all, it was the Netherworld clan who was at fault first.

Godly King Cangming was already feeling guilty, so at that moment, he had no choice but to give Zheng Tianya face.

On the other side, Ye Xiao was already half-kneeling on the ground as he began to gasp for breath.

When he had just used the Minor Destiny technique to do a few small things, he did not feel any pressure.

However, when he finally ordered nature to return to the land of spring, that pressure finally erupted.

In an instant, all the strength in his body was drained, almost burning his divine blood to exchange for spiritual energy.

If not for the fact that the Nine Provinces were not considered too powerful for a Godly King like him, he would really be in danger.

It was only at that moment that he knew what it meant to burn spiritual energy.

The Minor Destiny technique was indeed worthy of being the number one masterpiece technique among the archaic masterpiece techniques.

It could control the power of laws, making Ye Xiao feel that it could even completely defeat the second-ranked Creation masterpiece technique!

However, it was a double-edged sword.

Its consumption was too huge.

If it was not done properly, it might even cause him to die on the spot.

Actually, after thinking about it carefully, it made sense.

The Minor Destiny technique was already so abnormal that it could make ones hair stand on end.

It could directly turn the users words into reality.

If it did not need to consume a lot of things, then the problem would really be huge.

That would mean a small character would be able to destroy the entire starry sky at will after cultivating, right

It seemed that although the Minor Destiny technique could already violate some natural laws, it was still within the natural laws.

He still had to respect the law of conservation of energy!

It seemed that in the future, he should not casually use that move unless he was left with no other choice.

The Minor Destiny technique consumed so much energy.

If he, who was only at the second level of the Godly King realm, were to fight against the Godly Emperor, he would probably be drained after using it once or twice.

The Godly Emperor might not necessarily die.

That was where the trouble lay.

However, when his cultivation base was raised to an even stronger realm, he should be able to withstand the burning of spiritual energy.

He still had to raise his cultivation base!

It was like finding a beautiful girl.

If he was not tough enough, how could he be on par with her

If his body was too weak, he would not be able to withstand it at all.

He might be squeezed dry in two moves, and his legs would stomp, and he would die immediately.

How miserable

All the wonderful things were built on the foundation of his powerful strength!

Alright, he could go back and increase his cultivation base.

In the next 40 days, the remaining part of the Blood Sea and the power of the laws could increase his realm by two more levels.

He could advance to the fourth level of the Godly King realm from the second level of the Godly King realm.


At the same time, at the border of the Azure Billow star field, three figures with dozens of warriors were slaughtering a large group of martial arts masters of the Hundred Clans Alliance.

The martial arts masters of the Hundred Clans Alliance felt extremely miserable.

They thought that the Xuan Yuan clan was hard enough to deal with.

They could not even catch their breath.

However, at that time, they could at least survive and fight against the Xuan Yuan clan.

However, they did not expect that when the archaic Godly Kings revived one by one, they would beat them to a pulp and throw away their armor.

They could not stay in the Azure Billow star field any longer.

The enemy had only sent three Godly Kings and dozens of peak-stage Godslayers to defeat the army of the Hundred Clans Alliance.

The Godly Kings had been killed one by one, leaving only the defeated warriors like them.

At that moment, the Godly Kings did not need to take action anymore.

They just watched them being killed.

That kind of despair that they could not resist was heartbreaking

“Oh my God! Why are you so unfair Are our gods destined to be annihilated just because we are ranked low Why are we destined to be inferior to the other gods Why dont we even have Godly Emperors”.

Some people had completely collapsed.

After shouting, they gave up resisting and waited for the other party to kill them.

However, at that moment, an accident suddenly happened.

Suddenly, an extremely powerful divine light was blasted out from the distant deep starry sky!

The moment that divine light appeared, the entire world trembled.

Countless starlight could not help but flicker for a moment.

It directly swept towards the few peak Godslayers bodies in front of it.

Their powerful stomachs could directly turn them into powder on the spot.

The remaining members of the Hundred Clans Alliance who were crying were stunned when they saw that scene.

Then, a second ray of light shot over, and a third ray of light shot over…

Each ray of light would take a few peak-stage Godslayers lives.

That terrifying scene did not frighten the remaining members of the Hundred Clans Alliance.

Instead, it made them excited.

“Its reinforcements! Reinforcements have arrived! Hahahaha…”

“Its the martial arts masters of the higher god clan! Were saved.

The heavens are finally on our side.

The heavens are not going to kill us!”

The three Godly Kings watching from the back could not help but frown when they saw that scene.

“Whats going on” “Something doesnt seem right.

It seems like the higher god clan behind them have arrived.

There seem to be some Godly Kings among them.”

“Godly Kings Thats good.

I just feel that I havent had any fun for so many days! Those Godly Kings last time were really trash.

They didnt let me have a good time at all.

“Since these Godly Kings are high-ranking gods, they should be much stronger than them.

Let me have a good time and have a good time.”

Another Godly King said coldly,

“Dont mess around.

Our strength is currently recovering.

If we really fight, we wont have any advantage.

We should continue to develop for a period of time so that our strength can recover to a stronger state.

“Dont ruin all of our plans just because of a moment of excitement!”

“Youre right! Lets leave first and avoid the other partys sharp edge.

Well talk about it after our cultivation recovers a little.”

“And! What a killjoy! Alright, thats it then.

Well let them off this time.

When our strength recovers to its peak, this king will definitely come back personally and compete with them.”

After saying that, the three Godly Kings were ready to turn around and leave.

However, at that moment, an accident suddenly happened.

An unfamiliar voice suddenly sounded in the ears of the three Godly Kings.

“Youve killed so many of us.

Youre leaving just like that! You dont even say a word! Dont you think its too much”

“Kill the weak and run away from the Godly Kings! Are the Godly Kings from the immemorial era such a bunch of cowards”


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