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Chapter 444: The Name of the Saber-Sword Immortal

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The vengeful spirits in the sea of blood were all focused on Ye Xiaos body.

Ye Xiaos body was unable to leave, so he summoned three clones from outside without much hindrance.

After obtaining those three clones, Ye Xiao did not hesitate and immediately absorbed the three of them into his body.

These three spiritual energy clones were not very strong.

One was formed when Ye Xiao was in the eighth level of the Godslayer realm, while the other two were formed when he reached the peak of the ninth level of the Godslayer realm and was a lesser Godly King realm.

Therefore, their strength was only around the middle stage of the Godslayer realm.

Therefore, the three of them were not able to refine much law energy.

However, that little bit was enough.

Ye Xiao himself was only one step away from advancing to the last stage.

Moreover, the power of laws itself had a certain level of martial art intent.

The power of laws contained everything, and it was the strongest power in the world.

Therefore, Ye Xiao could completely advance to the Godly King realm.

After the power of laws entered his body, Ye Xiao immediately sat down cross-legged and began to fuse it with his own body, raising his own power to another level.

The vengeful spirits in the sea of blood outside were all wildly crashing into Ye Xiaos barrier.

Due to Ye Xiaos barrier being too powerful, they even chose to refine their own soul bodies and fresh blood to form corrosive resentful energy, they continuously corroded Ye Xiaos spiritual energy barrier.

In their bodies, there was only hatred and killing intent.

Other than that, there were no other emotions.

Ye Xiaos barrier was quickly corroded away.

Not long after, the vengeful spirits arrived in front of Ye Xiao.

Hatred made their corrosiveness increase to the extreme.

However, at that moment, an unmatchable powerful pressure suddenly erupted from within Ye Xiaos body!

A powerful force erupted around 720 degrees and swept out, sweeping away hundreds of millions of vengeful spirits.

The strength of these vengeful spirits varied from strong to weak.

Among them, there were both peak experts and extremely weak existences.

However, there were no Godly Kings.

Hence, under Ye Xiaos one wave of attacks, hundreds of millions of vengeful spirits were killed on the spot.

Even so, the vengeful spirits that Ye Xiao killed were only a drop in the ocean of blood.

In the ocean of blood, there were still countless vengeful spirits.

They saw that Ye Xiaos strength was increasing.

They were both jealous and covetous.

Thus, they attacked Ye Xiao more fervently.

However, in reality, the airwave that Ye Xiao released was not only to repel them but also to summon the Heavenly Tribulation.

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When Ye Xiaos aura seeped out from the ocean of blood, a thunderclap suddenly sounded from the sky.

Then, purple thunderclouds quickly gathered and covered the entire ocean of blood in the blink of an eye.

The blood sea was already monstrous enough, but the thunderclouds were even more powerful.

The Heavenly Tribulation that contained the might of the laws of nature struck down the Lighting Tribulation mercilessly.

Boom, Boom, Boom…

For a moment, the entire blood sea was bombarded by lightning, Fresh blood continued to evaporate, turning into white vapor and dissipating in the world.

The vengeful spirits inside were even more miserable.

Each bolt of lightning would take away millions or even tens of millions of vengeful spirits and turn them into ashes.

In the blink of an eye, the enormous lightning split the sea of blood into a huge abyss and arrived on Ye Xiaos body.

At that moment, the lightning seemed to have found its target and fell even more wildly.

‘The Lightning Tribulation that was more than a thousand feet thick continued to lash at Ye Xiao in an unstoppable manner.

The powerful electric energy fused into every cell of Ye Xiaos body.

It flowed endlessly in his body and forged every drop of his divine blood.

‘The excruciating pain caused Ye Xiaos divine body to involuntarily tremble slightly.

Ye Xiao remained as firm as a rock.

He sat cross-legged on the ground and did not make any unnecessary movements.

‘The tempering of one bolt of lightning after another soon caused the surface of his body to emit a pure golden light.

Within the light, there were hints of faint purple.

It was rumored that becoming a Godly Emperor would attract the purple lightning from the east.

Although a Godly King was not a Godly Emperor, as an existence before becoming a Godly Emperor, there were already faint signs of the purple lightning coming from the east.

All the masterpiece techniques within Ye Xiaos body shone brightly at that moment.

Above his head, they formed one ray after another of light.

Various colored lights interweaved with each other and finally formed a nine-colored multicolored light.

Finally, at the moment when the hundreds of millions of Lightning Tribulations descended, Ye Xiaos Godly King body was forged into the Mahayana state.

An even more powerful aura erupted from his body, forcefully suppressing everything in the surroundings.

At that moment, he had completely declared that he had entered the Godly King realm, becoming a genuine Godly King!

Ye Xiao opened his eyes and clenched his fists.

Feeling the unbelievably powerful energy within his body, his heartbeat could not help but accelerate.

Every time he increased his cultivation, he felt as if he had done it over and over again.

The feeling in his body was completely different.

It made him feel more energetic and energetic.

Whether it was his facial features, senses, or spiritual perception, they were all clearer than before!

That kind of feeling was like a person who was tired every day and was so exhausted that his head was dizzy.

In the end, after a day of rest, he wished that he could find a few mountains to climb.

The current Ye Xiao felt that if he were to face Su Chen again, he would be able to blow his little head off with a single punch!

The vengeful spirits in this sea of blood had already begun to continuously retreat.

They knew that they were no longer a match for Ye Xiao and that staying would only lead to death.

They had already thought of starting to run.

It was not bad for the vengeful spirits to want to kill, but this did not mean that they were brainless.

Facing enemies that they could not defeat at all, they also knew how to escape.

Ye Xiaos gaze moved, and he was prepared to make a move.

Those vengeful spirits were indeed harmed by others, and that was why they had become like that.

However, if they were allowed to leave just like that, who knew how many living beings would die.

One billion Ten billion A hundred billion Or a trillion

Of course, the most important problem was that even though he had used a disguise technique to change his face, they still knew that he was the Saber-sword Immortal of the Xuan Yuan clan.

In the future, it was inevitable that they would find trouble with him.

After killing countless people, they continued to absorb fresh blood and constantly strengthen themselves.

When they met again, he might not be their match.

Rather than that, it was better for him to strike first and kill them first.

Smart people never left trouble for him.

However, at that moment, three figures flew over from afar.

The aura of each figure was actually not the slightest bit weaker than Ye Xiaos at that moment.

It was the Godly Kings of the Hundred Clans Alliance.

It had probably been more than five minutes since Ye Xiao and Su Chen attacked.

The Godly Kings of the other god clans should have long sensed the power there and rushed over at the fastest speed.

Further behind them, there were also some Godslayers who were quickly following over.

The vengeful spirits in the blood sea seemed to want to use those Godly Kings to deal with Ye Xiao.

They immediately shouted loudly,

“This person is the Xuan Yuan clans Saber-sword Immortal! His talent is extremely monstrous, and he even has an archaic masterpiece technique.

“Dont let him off!”

When they thought of those words, everyones expressions changed drastically.

“Why would the Xuan Yuan clan appear behind us”

“The Xuan Yuan clan is simply going too far! Theres the Xuan Yuan clans Yun Xuanyuan at the front line.

He trampled on martial arts masters below our Godly Kings and beat up our Hundred Clans Alliance so badly that we cant even raise our heads.

“In the end, theres still the Xuan Yuan clans Godly Kings behind us.

They are acting recklessly.

Do they really take our Hundred Clans Alliance as humans”

“Dont waste your breath on him.

He still has an archaic masterpiece technique on him.

Lets work together to kill him and then take away the archaic masterpiece technique on him!”

With that order, the three Godly Kings came pressing over at the same time.

Behind them, five-colored multicolored light rose together, forming three auspicious clouds.

Although the auspicious clouds were beautiful, they were filled with killing intent.

That represented that the three Godly Kings had all released their own spiritual energy at that moment.

They could only form such a heaven and earth phenomenon when they used their full strength.

That was also a characteristic of when ones cultivation reached the Godly King realm.

The spiritual energy was too dense, to the extent that it formed a mystical power that surpassed the secular world.

If it was Ye Xiaos previous cultivation, he might have had a headache when he encountered that scene.

Fighting across ranks was not too big of a problem.

It would be more or less troublesome if one person fought against three.

At that point, his own strength had also advanced to the Godly King realm.

He was invincible among those of the same rank.

No one within the same rank was his match.

Even if the three opponents were all Godly Kings.

Seeing the three divine lights coming at him, Ye Xiao did not dare to be too careless.

He raised his hand and activated the nine-star god technique, the Starquake Palm.

With the power of the World Destruction masterpiece technique, that palm directly exploded the divine lights of the three Godly Kings.

The star islands in the middle of each other all cracked open.

They were like cracked rocks, drifting outward in the starry sky.

However, the three Godly Kings clearly would not let him off because of that.

In the next second, three light figures broke through the central area of the explosion and instantly arrived in front of Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao had clearly already expected that.

He did not dodge or block.

He used the Space Warping masterpiece technique and his body instantly pierced through the middle of the two Godly Kings at a speed that was several times faster than the other partys.

The nine stars god technique God-subduing Palm was activated in parallel.

The palm force turned into two sharp blades as the World Destruction masterpiece technique was activated.

With one move, the necks of the two Godly Kings were cut off on the spot.

Golden blood spurted out.

Ye Xiao turned around and used another Star-splitting Fist, mercilessly shattering the bodies of the two.

Two first-level Godly Kings!

They were killed by Ye Xiao, who was also in the Godly King realm, in just one exchange.

How shocking and powerful was that

That scene made another second-level Godly King tremble in fear.

His eyes tuned red and he was extremely furious!


He roared angrily and circulated his nine stars god technique to the limit.

A palm was aimed at Ye Xiaos body and pressed down on him in all directions.

Ye Xiao also returned a hand and used the God-subduing Palm to meet it.


In an instant, white light exploded out from the starry sky once again.

The light lump was incomparably dazzling and illuminated the entire starry sky around it.

Several meteorites and star islands were all shaken into gravel because of it.

The might of the impact caused Ye Xiao and the other partys bodies to be pushed back at the same time.

However, Ye Xiao did not continue to fight and immediately tuned around to leave.

That area was not only the domain of the Hundred Clans Alliance but also the border of the Azure Billow star field.

Ye Xiao was not sure if there was any more powerful existence in the neighboring star field.

In the surroundings, there were clearly more auras that were speeding up their approach..


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