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Chapter 422: Fellow Townsman, Open the Door.

We Are Here to Give You Salvation


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Every god clan more or less had their own special geniuses.

Of course, existences like the Holy Child were special.

‘That was because they were the future successors that the entire god clan had tried their best to nurture.

They were also the strongest existences.

Their cultivation levels often surpassed the entire god clan by one or two generations.

Besides the Holy Child, there were also many extremely powerful people.

Yun Dong Cheng was one of them.

He was an extremely powerful genius of the Winter god clan.

He was only 114 years old that year, a few years younger than Ning Zhiyuans father.

However, his cultivation level was one level higher than Ning Zhiyuans fathers.

Not only that, but his actual combat achievements were also numerous and eye-catching.

It was said that up until now, the top 16 celestials all had martial arts masters of the same level who had been defeated by him.

‘The Xuan Yuan clan also had one.

Back then, Ning Zhiyuans father had been defeated by his opponent when they were at the same cultivation level, the fourth level of the Godslayer realm.

Even after so many years, his combat techniques were still fresh in everyones memory and they were still stunning.

Even so, he was actually defeated by Nangong Chenming.

One could imagine how much better Nangong Chenming was than him

Ina battle between martial arts masters with the same cultivation base, all they had to compete with was battle experience and combat techniques.

Therefore, even if everyones cultivation base was the same, they did not dare to say that they would be able to defeat Nangong Chenming.

The seventh level of Godslayer realm master of the Zheng family could not help but sigh deeply.

“Sigh! I was too careless.

I shouldnt have agreed so rashly just now.

Now, it has brought trouble to our Xuan Yuan clan.”

Ning Zhiyuan comforted him,

“Senior Zheng, you dont have to think like that.

In fact, even if we didnt agree, I dont think we could take back all the star areas weve lost in a short time.

“This process would probably last for more than ten days.

After a month or so, the true experts of our Xuan Yuan clan would arrive.

They wouldnt dare to act rashly anymore.

“What they wanted was those 30 days.

They wanted to dig as many divine tombs as possible.

“Therefore, strictly speaking, they wanted to reduce the harvest in those star areas by more than ten days.

“Moreover, although Nangong Chenming has defeated Yun Dong Cheng, no one can guarantee that.

He wont be defeated by you guys.

“If you guys really defeat him, firstly, we can take back those star areas without any bloodshed, and we can even get their compensation.

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“Secondly, if you guys really defeat him, then your reputation will greatly increase in the starry sky from now on.”

The few of them nodded, their eyes revealing a hint of desire.

Ning Zhiyuan was right.

Without a real fight, no one could be sure who would win or lose

Everyones cultivation levels were about the same, so it was not impossible for them to fight.

“alright! Since thats the case, lets go back and make some preparations.

After three days, well come back and fight to the death!”

Everyone quickly took their leave and went back into seclusion to meditate, adjusting themselves to their best condition.

After everyone had passed, Song Qingxue came to Ning Zhiyuans side and said worriedly,

“You said that on purpose just now, didnt you”

Ning Zhiyuan smiled bitterly.

“As expected of you! Youve seen through me.”

Pausing for a moment, he said somewhat helplessly,

“Lhad no choice.

I could only boost their morale.

Ive already agreed to the battle.

I cant go back on my word, right If thats the case, our Xuan Yuan clans dignity will be gone.”

“Then what do you plan to do If you lose, not only will you lose your face, youll also suffer a huge loss.”

Ning Zhiyuan shook his head.

“I dont know what to do either.

I can only say that Ill do my best.

“Before the martial arts masters of the clan come, for the sake of the overall situation, Ill try my best to ensure that everything is safe.”

Song Qingxue did not reply.

Sometimes, she was just so helpless.

Although the other party was afraid of the Xuan Yuan clan and did not dare to annihilate them, at the moment, the other party was just bullying them a little.

There was not much trouble.

Ina months time, other than the martial arts masters of the Xuan Yuan clan returning, the martial arts masters of their race might also come.

Therefore, they were not afraid that the Xuan Yuan clan would deal with them at that time.

Although that move seemed to be risky, the other party had seen through it before they made their move.

The news of the battle between the martial arts masters of the Xuan Yuan Celestial clan and the Hundred Clans Alliance quickly spread out and was known by everyone.

There was no need to hide that matter.

It was not a secret.

After learning about that matter, Jianghai city and even the Nine Provinces were in an uproar.

The library was also in an uproar.

It was unknown how many people knew about that matter.

“Have you heard The masters of the Xuan Yuan clan and the Hundred Clans Alliance want to peacefully solve the problem of the star area through a battle.”

“Then arent they courting death The strongest martial arts masters of our Xuan Yuan clan are at the Godslayer realm.”

“Do you think they are all fools They sent this time because of an incredible prodigy.

Hes some super genius of the Earth Dragon clan.

Hes very powerful!

“They heard that there were countless people who had lost to him.

Up until now, he has never lost to anyone of the same level.”

“D*mn, he was that awesome”

“No wonder the other party dares to play such a game with us.

I reckon that he has a plan this time.”

“However, there are countless martial arts masters in our Xuan Yuan clan.

If this battle really starts, its not certain who will win and who will lose.”

“Lets wait and see.

I hope that we can do it.

Otherwise, not only will we lose face, but we will also lose a lot of resources.”

Ye Xiao, who was reading by the side, did not pay much attention to the news when he heard it.

Although his current strength was only at the sixth level of the Godslayer realm, to be honest, that kind of battle was not much different from a child playing house in his eyes.

Since he had the time to think about those things, he might as well read a few more cultivation techniques to speed up his synthesis speed.

In those few days, Ye Xiao found another poison technique.

The poison technique he found in the Poison Kings tomb was similar to the Superb Divine Poison.

It had the same origin, so it was not recorded into the Golden Book divine soul back then.

The god technique was called the Yin-yang Two Elements technique.

It was a poison that alternated between yin and yang, cold and hot.

It was very sinister.

‘The spiritual energy in the body of a person who had been poisoned by that kind of poison technique would fluctuate between cold and hot.

The spiritual energy would travel through all the meridians in the human body, and it would even cause a kind of pain to spread throughout the entire body.

In the entire world, there were very few people who could cure that poison.

Unless their strength was extremely powerful, far surpassing Ye Xiaos cultivation when he poisoned them.

On the other hand, there was a masterpiece technique that was similar to the Undying masterpiece technique, and only then would there be a way to cure it.

It could be considered a pretty good move, especially when used to control others.

It was something like the life-death talismans and poison pills in wuxia novels.

It was also quite interesting.

However, what Ye Xiao did not expect was that it did not meet the requirements for synthesis.

Previously, Ye Xiao had already felt very puzzled when he learned two god techniques from the spiritual cultivation technique but did not meet the requirements for synthesis.

However, the spiritual cultivation technique might still have some connection with some other cultivation technique.

‘That was why the synthesis was not successful.

However, as for the poison technique… Could it have any connection with other cultivation techniques That was simply a little ridiculous.

However, thinking about it carefully, since the Golden Book divine soul had done so, it definitely had its reasons, so Ye Xiao was too lazy to think too much about it.

He will just read some more books.

At the moment, there was no need to think about the spiritual cultivation technique and poison technique anymore.

‘The remaining cultivation techniques were the fist, palm, leg, claw, finger, and command god techniques.

Ye Xiao estimated that the first five cultivation techniques were very likely to synthesize into a masterpiece technique.

That was because the five of them could be understood in a broad sense as attacks of the same attribute.

‘They were all fighting with their own bodies.

As for the verbal command, Ye Xiao had a vague feeling that it might synthesize with spiritual techniques or perhaps, with poison techniques to form a masterpiece technique.

Could it be that it would synthesize with poison techniques to form a poisonous tongue

Who would die

It should not be so awesome, right

Forget it.

It was better to wait until he had collected a verbal command god technique and looked at the actual situation before deciding.

On the other side, the Dragon Bird, Shrimp God, Dragon-blooded Tiger, Orchid-hearted Daffodil, and the others… They also began to frantically search for the star beasts in the starry sky, capturing them to be miners for Ye Xiao.

Due to the tension between the Hundred Clans Alliance and the Xuan Yuan clan fighting each other for the resources of the divine tomb, no one had paid attention to those little star beasts for a long time.

At most, there would only be two members of the god clan who would come out to hunt for a meal.

Therefore, those star beasts started to reproduce and gradually recovered their race.

However, at that moment, the sudden arrival of the Venerable Beasts was like a nightmare to them.

That was because the Venerable Beasts were superior in their cultivation and were much stronger.

Not to mention those star beasts, even before the god race descended, the strongest star beasts were only supreme divine beasts.

Therefore, no one could beat them.

Fora time, all the star beasts in the starry sky began to feel insecure.

They hid in their caves, trying their best to hide their auras.

No one dared to show their heads.

They were afraid that they would be captured by those big shots.

Even so, they still could not get rid of the demon claws of the other party.

That was because the other party was too strong, Not only was he strong in terms of strength, but he was also stronger in terms of intelligence.

Hence, the sound of knocking on the stone walls would come from the star island in the starry sky from time to time.

Bang, Bang, Bang!

“Fellow townsman, are there any star beasts inside Dont hide anymore, I can see you all!”

“Fellow townsman, open the door! Its one of us, were here to give you salvation!”

“Fellow townsman, were all star beasts, we can see the traces of digging holes with a glance.

Dont hide anymore! Quickly come out and mine with us.

“Good treatment, high benefits, piece-rate salary, more work, more pay, the base salary of 1,800 stalks of immortal herbs! With piece-rate salary, getting 5,000 to 6,000 stalks of immortal herbs a month is not a dream!”

“Fellow townsman, if you dont open the door, we break it down!”


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