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Chapter 413: The Vast Primordial Divine Kingdom Was Actually Just a Drop in the Ocean

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King Alfa, who had been slumbering for tens of thousands of years, chose to linger on for the sake of surviving.

surviving was his only motivation.

Even an existence as powerful as a Godly Emperor would eventually turn into dust in the starry sky and completely disappear into the river of time as time passed.

Therefore, even if he was once a Godly King, at that moment, he could still choose to lower his stance and acknowledge Ye Xiao as his master.

He only wanted to live.

He did not care about the dignity of a Godly King.

Moreover, even if he was a Godly King, he often had to kneel to those Godly Emperor realm existences in the past.

Kneeling was much better than dying.

Unfortunately, Ye Xiao only spoke indifferently,

“You chose to kneel so easily.

No wonder you betrayed the country back then and were suppressed and sealed by the Godly Emperor.”

King Alfas heart thumped, and he was extremely terrified.

Since the other party actually said that, then he practically knew how the other party would treat him.

The truth was as expected.

Just as he had just had a thought, Ye Xiaos Great Divine Mind instantly tore apart his divine soul.


King Alfa let out an indignant roar.

In the next second, his soul was completely torn to shreds by Ye Xiao, and he could no longer resurrect.

In fact, he was indeed a very good candidate to be his subordinate, but it was a pity that he was born to rebel.

Back in the primordial era, he had been sealed because he had betrayed the primordial Divine Kingdom.

Now that he had finally revived and experienced countless years, his bones were still so soft.

If Ye Xiao took him in, there was no guarantee that he would rebel one day.

Ye Xiao did not want to trouble himself.

Moreover, there was a very important reason.

Just like how he wanted Ye Xiaos divine blood, Ye Xiao also wanted his divine blood.

Compared to an unreliable subordinate, it would be better to raise his own strength.

At that moment, someone in the distance had already sensed the strange situation there and was swiftly rushing over.

Ye Xiaos eyes moved slightly.

He immediately stored King Alfas corpse into his spatial ring and then took away the other huge coffin in the group of coffins.

According to King Alfas memories, that was the coffin of another Godly King realm master.

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King Flame Dragon.

There was also a large amount of divine blood remaining in his body.

Ye Xiao glanced at the Ning family martial arts experts who had died on the ground again.

With a flick of his finger, several beams of Undying masterpiece technique radiance were cast, entering everyones bodies and bringing them back to life.

It could be considered as compensation for taking away the Ning familys two Godly King corpses.

All of that was completed in an instant.

After that, he turned around and disappeared from where he was, leaving that place.

After he left, several martial arts experts from the Ning family arrived in the blink of an eye.

They happened to be the people that Alfa had killed earlier.

“Whats going on”

Those people scratched their heads, somewhat puzzled.

“We remember that a martial arts expert that weve never seen before suddenly appeared here.

Before we had the time to make a move, he had already killed us.

“How did we come back to life”

“We dont know either.

We saw you guys get up from the ground as soon as we arrived.

We were also confused.”

At that time, someone had already noticed something strange.

“Look, theres a coffin here thats broken.

In addition, the coffin beside it has also disappeared!”

“What did you say”

“D*mn it! Its those two coffins that sealed the Godly Kings.

Quickly notify the Young Master!”

After ten minutes, the entire Jianghai city descended into chaos.

Alarms sounded repeatedly as the garrison began to patrol the streets.

The citizens of Jianghai city were forced to return home.

As for Ye Xiao, he had long since returned to his own home.

He had already found the memories he wanted from King Alfas soul.

Everything was related to before the primordial Divine Kingdom was destroyed.

‘That was because after the primordial Divine Kingdom fell, he had already stayed in the seal for an unknown period of time.

In King Alfas memory, the primordial Divine Kingdom had once been extremely glorious.

It had a total of 13 Godly Emperors, and its territory had once spread to hundreds of star areas.

‘There were countless Godly Kings among them.

‘That made Ye Xiao unable to help but sigh.

Such a powerful primordial Divine Kingdom was actually destroyed by time in the end.

One could imagine how cruel time was.

Other than that, Ye Xiao sensed a trace of abnormality.

‘That was because according to King Alfas memories, in the primordial era, there was actually far more than one such powerful primordial Divine Kingdom!

In other words, the number of stars at that time far exceeded the current star field.

However, for some unknown reason, Ye Xiao could sense from the books from the Ning family that the current star field was no longer that big.

‘That made Ye Xiao feel especially puzzled.

Could the star field be shrinking

Perhaps, it could be that something unexpected happened that caused the starry sky to be divided into many universes.

Just like the one in his previous life… The continental plates were drifting

It seemed that there were many mysteries in this starry sky that he did not know.

Unfortunately, that was the extent of King Alfas memories.

Everything after that was gone.

He reckoned that he would only be able to know the reason for that when he opened the Divine Kingdoms treasury!

Ye Xiao sighed slightly and laughed as if he was mocking himself.

‘am I thinking too far now Im just a piece of trash who isnt even at the Godly King now.

Whats the point of thinking so much Its better to raise my cultivation.

After that, he used the Space Warping masterpiece technique and teleported into the cellar.

‘When the Venerable Beasts saw Ye Xiaos sudden appearance, they were all shocked and immediately avoided him, afraid that they would bump into Ye Xiao and be targeted by that fellow.

At that moment, Ye Xiao took out King Alfas corpse from his spatial ring.

Although he was already dead, King Alfa was once a Godly King.

On his corpse, there was an imposing aura that none of the Venerable Beasts had ever seen before.

‘That kind of power suppressed them so much that they could not breathe.

The Venerable Beasts could not help but tremble.

“My God, this pressure is so strong!”

“Is he a Godslayer realm master”

“No! If he was just a Godslayer realm master, it would be impossible for him to have such majesty! Hes a Godly King! Hes a Godly King!”

“Holy sh*t!”

‘The Venerable Beasts were already petrified.

They had not expected that Ye Xiao would actually kill a Godly King.

Could it be that that fellow had already reached the Godly King realm

Heavens, how long had it been He had already advanced to that level of cultivation.

That rate of improvement was so monstrous that it could not be described with words.

However, very soon, the Dragon Bird let out a question.

“Somethings not right.

His cultivation has yet to advance to the Godly King realm.

His aura is still in the Godslayer realm.

If my guess is correct, this Godly King might be a corpse.”

“Oh! So thats how it is.

I told you! How could he successfully advance to the Godly King realm in such a short time! Thats a little too illogical.”

Ye Xiao could not be bothered with those idiots.

He immediately extracted all the divine blood in King Alfas body, then fused it into his body and began to refine it.

‘There was a certain amount of Blood Butterflies in King Alfas corpse.

Unfortunately, although the Blood Butterflies were very powerful, they were instantly crushed by the Undying masterpiece technique in Ye Xiaos body.

In the blink of an eye, they turned into nutrients and were absorbed by Ye Xiao to provide him with energy.

The cultivation in Ye Xiaos body immediately began to increase rapidly.

Soon, his cultivation was raised to the peak of the fourth level of the Godslayer realm.

He was just one step away from advancing to the fifth level of the Godslayer realm.

Ye Xiao glanced at the many star beasts behind him.

The star beasts immediately trembled in fear and quickly retreated.

The Dragon-blooded Tiger stepped on the Netherworld Wolfs head.

The Orchid-hearted Daffodil hid between the Dragon-blooded Tigers legs.

The Dragon Bird stuck close to the wall, and one of its claws viciously kicked the others who were trying to approach him.

“Get lost.

This place is mine.

Dont come over!”

Ye Xiao shook his head slightly and could not help but be a little speechless.

He grabbed another black jade coffin from his storage ring and took it out.

The Venerable Beasts immediately heaved a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, they were temporarily safe.

Looking at Ye Xiaos state, he probably would not chop off their flesh and collect their blood anymore.

However, very soon, when Ye Xiao opened that black jade coffin, they could not help but be speechless again.

D*mn! This aura, its another Godly King Just how many Godly Kings did he dig up”

The seal on the black jade coffin was lifted, and spiritual energy entered it.

Very soon, the figure within it was awakened.

Aslightly hoarse voice that seemed to have come from a dry throat without a trace of moisture entered everyones ears.

“The seal… Is lifted! Did Alfa break the seal

“Hehehe… We have finally welcomed the day when we can see the light of day again!”

Just as he finished speaking, his pair of dry eyes saw a long and slender hand reaching in from outside the coffin.

In the next second, that large hand grabbed onto his neck and a huge and violent force directly pulled him out of the coffin.


When he was skinny and looked like a dried corpse, he was pulled out by Ye Xiao with one hand.

When he saw Ye Xiao and the few Venerable Beasts behind him, he could not help but ask in puzzlement,

“Who are you Wheres Alfa Tell him to come out and see me.”

“Tm afraid its impossible for him to come and find you.

However, Ill send you to see him right now.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Ye Xiao used the Star-splitting Fist.

With the addition of his powerful World Destruction masterpiece technique, he punched through his chest and exploded his soul on the spot.

Up until the moment of his death, he still did not understand what had happened.

Who was Ye Xiao

Where was he

‘Where was Alfa

With that series of questions, he completely fell and disappeared.

All the other Venerable Beasts looked at that scene in silence with their eyes bulging out of their heads.


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