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Chapter 412: May I Serve You, Sir

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‘When those words were said, everyone present fell silent for a moment.

Very quickly, Ning Yi Cheng shook his head and said,

“It should be impossible.

Alchemy and combat strength, arrays, healing techniques, movement techniques, and other cultivation techniques are not the same type.

Its a completely new field.

“If the other party can easily create alchemy, then isnt he an all-rounded talent who knows how to do everything

“As the saying goes, no one is perfect.

“No matter how heaven-defying the Saber-sword Immortal is, he will always have his own weakness.

“I definitely dont believe that he knows how to refine pills, and his alchemy strength is also so monstrous.”

Everyone nodded slightly.

That made a lot of sense.

Up until then, Saber-sword Immortal had displayed countless methods in front of outsiders, and every one of them was extremely powerful.

No matter how powerful he was, there was still a limit, right

If not, why had he not revealed his true identity in front of everyone

Instead, he had been hiding.

“Inever thought that there would be such a genius in the human world! Could it be that there isnt only one Saber-sword Immortal in this world Other than Saber-sword Immortal, there are also many super prodigies”

“This is really strange.

The humans in this world were clearly the offspring of a few ordinary seniors of the Xuan Yuan clan.

How could they have such a powerful bloodline

“To create so many heaven-defying descendants”

Everyone really could not understand.

‘The matter quickly calmed down, and Jianghai city once again regained its vitality.

However, Ye Xiao did not relax because of that.

It was late at night, and the moon was black.

When everyone had entered their dreams, Ye Xiao came to a roadside and opened a porcelain bottle, releasing a pool of blood-red liquid from it.

If one looked carefully, they would discover that it was actually countless bugs and not liquid.

However, because there were too many of them and they were very small, they looked like a pool of liquid when they were gathered together.

It was the Blood Butterfly.

Their bodies contained an enormous amount of blood essence and spiritual energy.

If Ye Xiao refined all of that blood essence, it might increase a small portion of his strength.

Although it would not be enough to advance to the fifth level of the Godslayer realm, it was definitely comparable to the blood essence that Ye Xiao cultivated for half a month.

However, Ye Xiao did not absorb and refine that blood essence.

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Sometimes, one had to learn to play the long game and catch the big fish.

One had to be patient.

If one could not be patient, one would never be able to eat the last, the fattest prey.

In the darkness, the Blood Butterflies followed a strange path and seeped under the road.

After they left the human body, they had to swim in the moist soil underground and move forward at the fastest speed.

After leaving the human body, Ye Xiao had many ways to sense them.

Mental strength, perception, ocular power…

Unless he wanted to personally release that group of Blood Butterflies, otherwise, those butterflies would not be able to escape from his lock.

The Blood Butterflies advanced quickly in front while Ye Xiao placed his hands behind his back and followed behind them calmly.

After walking for about ten minutes, Ye Xiao stopped at the entrance of the Ning family manor.

That made him raise his eyebrows slightly.

“The Ning family Why did the Blood Butterflies come to the Ning family manor Could it be that the Blood Butterfly was actually caused by the Ning family

But… That meant that someone in the Ning family had planted the Blood Butterfly, right”

Ye Xiao vaguely felt that something was not right.

The comers of King Alfas mouth curled up slightly, revealing a proud arc as if he had already seen Ye Xiaos death.

However, just as he was feeling proud, his body suddenly stopped in the next second.

He was restrained by an even more powerful force!

In front of Ye Xiao, he maintained the state of extending his right hand.

His entire body seemed to be fixed in the air.

King Alfas pupils constricted.

His eyes were filled with disbelief!

“This… How is this possible This kings current cultivation has already recovered to the fourth level of the Godslayer realm.

His strength is clearly on par with yours.

How could such a situation happen”

Ye Xiao did not reply and immediately used the World Destruction masterpiece technique.


‘The World Destruction masterpiece techniques extremely powerful offensive power instantly caused King Alfa to spit out a mouthful of fresh blood, and his aura instantly dropped to freezing point.


King Alfas pupils dimmed.

Aheavy blow!

Ye Xiao could have killed him instantly with a single blow, but he did not do so.

Page and the others did not know about the primordial Divine Kingdom, but King Alfa definitely knew.

Alfa was extremely terrified.

‘The method of instantly injuring him without any warning was so familiar.

He had only seen such a level of method in the hands of the top rulers of the ancient Divine Kingdom.

That was the supreme masterpiece technique!

It was a technique developed by a Godly Emperor in order to pry into the heavens and the power of natural laws.

It was the strongest power in the starry sky!

Only that kind of power could cause him, who had the nine-star god technique, to be severely injured in an instant.

No wonder, no wonder the person in front of him, who was only at the Godslayer realm, dared to face him directly.

No wonder he had the same cultivation level as himself, but he did not even move.

He had enough confidence to suppress himself, who was once a Godly King and was currency only at the fourth level of the Godslayer realm.

“Who… Who are you”

King Alfas voice trembled as he voiced the deep questions in his heart.

Ye Xiao did not answer him and directly used The Great Divine Mind.

‘The powerful spiritual energy instantly struck King Alfas soul, causing his body to tremble violently.

He gritted his teeth and instinctively resisted Ye Xiaos spiritual scan.

Unfortunately, he, who had just been severely injured by Ye Xiao, was extremely weak.

Moreover, he himself had not cultivated a spiritual technique, so he had no way of resisting Ye Xiaos nine-star spiritual technique.


With a slight sound, King Alfa knew that his souls defense had been penetrated.

Ye Xiaos spiritual energy unscrupulously invaded his soul, and it continued to extend, scanning every barrier within his soul.

King Alfa broke out in cold sweat.

He knew that he had no way of resisting.

In front of that person, he was just an insignificant ant.

His eyes rolled and he gritted his teeth,

“Sir, Alfa thinks that his strength is still okay.

Although his current strength is only at the fourth level of the Godslayer realm, as long as I have some time, I will be able to recover to the Godly King realm very quickly!

“Alfa can be of service to you, Sir.


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