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After Ling Shaoyus reminder, Ning Zhiyuan finally remembered that Ye Xiao had just reminded them that the two of them only had 60 seconds to escape.

They had been too focused on shock just now, and now time was almost up.

“D*mn it! Retreat quickly!”

The two of them quickly escaped.

Finally, at the last moment when the Undying masterpiece technique in their bodies was exhausted, they escaped from the poisonous fog.

They turned around and looked at the poisonous fog that had already filled hundreds of football fields.

They could not help but sigh.

“He said that we only had a minute or so to survive, but in reality, the time that we spent was a full two minutes!

“If my guess is correct, what he used on the two of us should be a god technique!”

“He really is a god!”

The two of them could not help but sigh with emotion.

They once again had a deep understanding of the Saber-sword Immortals terror.

On the other side, Ye Xiao had already entered the poisonous Godly Kings tomb.

After entering that place, he realized that there were too many toxins placed inside.

Many of the toxins were so dense that they formed a kind of inky black jade-like state, looking a little like charcoal, it even started to reflect light.

It seemed that the Godly King that was buried here was really afraid that others would rob his tomb.

The Great Divine Mind swept out.

In the next second, Ye Xiao could not help but be slightly startled.

He did not expect that there were actually so many living beings in there.

That was rather surprising.

He ignored it.

In the next second, he began to walk in.

Just as he stepped inside, a pitch-black ray of light instantly erupted like lightning.

With a whoosh, it emitted a piercing sound and headed straight for Ye Xiaos face.


It had not even arrived in front of Ye Xiao when it was blasted into pieces by the World Destruction masterpiece technique.

It was a Ten-thousand-legged Centipede.

It should have only been a Hundred-legged Centipede.

Perhaps because it had survived for too long, it had already grown into a Ten-thousand-legged Centipede.

It was very strong and had reached the first level of the Godslayer realm!

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That was probably because the Godly Kings tomb was relatively closed and did not have enough spiritual energy to support its evolution.

Moreover, it was not the only star beast in the entire Godly Kings tomb.

There were other star beasts as well.

Everyone was living here and needed to absorb a certain amount of spiritual energy to differentiate themselves.

Even if it was a very long time, they would not be able to grow very strong, it was already very good that they were barely able to keep themselves alive.

Even so, their strength was not weak.

At the very least, they were very strong to those people outside.

If they waited for the poison fog to dissipate and wanted to charge in, there would probably be many more casualties.

However, what made Ye Xiao feel strange was that according to normal logic, even if that type of poison did not move much and had a very long lifespan, it was impossible for it to live from that time in the archaic Divine Kingdom until today.

There should be something wrong.

He continued to walk forward, and another black light shot towards him.

At that time, it was a poisonous scorpion.

Unfortunately, it very quickly followed in the footsteps of the Ten Thousand-legged Centipede.

Two black lights fell in succession, and the other star beasts also hid in the black shadows, not daring to move at all.

Ye Xiao stored the centipede and poisonous scorpion corpses in his spatial ring.

Although he would not eat those two things, it would still be pretty good if he used them to refine pills.

Only when Ye Xiao entered the depths of the tomb did he realize that the resources here had already been mostly eaten up by these poisonous creatures.

Other than some alchemy materials, even the divine crystals had been completely eaten up by them.

Perhaps the reason why they were able to survive until then was that they had devoured the entire Godly Kings tombs resources

Ye Xiao knew that the resources of a Poison King were definitely much stronger than the resources of a healer.

The number of people who died at the hands of the Poison King was definitely countless.

Even if only the alchemy materials were left, they were still much more expensive than the burial items of the Healer King.

Looks like in a while, he would have to capture these fellows and refine them into pills to make up for the losses of this trip.

Otherwise, he would suffer a lot of losses.

Ye Xiao collected all the alchemy materials into his spatial ring.

In that wave, he felt that refining over 100 dragon-like divine weapons would not be a problem.

Only then did he step into the last level of the tomb.

Inside that last level of the tomb was the tomb chamber where the Godly King was buried.

Although there were many poisonous substances outside, the interior was still quite clean.

Just like the Godly King who was a healer, that poison king also had a white jade coffin.

It was unknown if it was from the primordial Divine Kingdom, but such a style was popular, or if it was a coffin distributed by the Divine Kingdom.

The material of that coffin was very good.

It could preserve a corpse for tens of thousands of years without rotting, and it was also a good thing.

It belonged to Ye Xiao.

That was because his friends strength could not reach his level, their lifespans naturally could not live as long as he did.

If they died naturally, they could not be revived with healing techniques.

They should still have a certain need for that kind of coffin.

In the future, he could give it to them and ask them if they wanted it.

Ye Xiao glanced inside the white jade coffin.

It was a little old man dressed in clean clothes.

His clothes were very clean, comparable to that of the other Godly King.

There was also a portion of divine blood remaining in his body.

In a while, he could refine them to increase his strength.

He looked at the two sides of the tomb.

The things placed here contained some powerful cultivation techniques.

The marks on the page showed that these things were god techniques, ranging from one-star to nine-star god techniques.

The most important thing was that there were actually some martial arts experience handbooks inside.

Those were the things that Ye Xiao needed the most at the moment.

It seemed that during the primordial era, the martial arts culture of the entire starry sky was much stronger than it was then.

Ye Xiao swept up all the martial arts and earned another wave.

In front of the white jade coffin, there was a small notebook.

On it should be records of the life and deeds of that Godly King.

Ye Xiao picked it up and glanced at it.

“When I was young, my family was poor.

In order to stand out, I had no choice but to dig a wall and steal light to study martial arts.

“However, my neighbor and his wife were busy every night.

Their voices were noisy and there were many moves.

Every time they discussed until daybreak, I would waste my martial arts.

“By the time I reached adulthood, the best cultivation date had passed.

Due to my lack of talent, I had no choice but to switch to the path of poison.

“Only after cultivating for 2,000 years did I have a small success…”


D*mn it, what kind of ancient language was it He could not understand it at all.

Fortunately, it did not mention anything about the Divine Kingdoms treasury, which made Ye Xiao feel a lot more at ease.

It seemed that not every Godly King was that boring.

He burned the booklet and opened the white jade coffin, ready to absorb the divine blood in the Godly King realm.

However, the moment he opened the coffin, a golden light suddenly jumped out of the coffin and pounced on his shoulder.

Its speed was so fast that it made peoples hair stand on end.

In almost an instant, it arrived beside Ye Xiao.

In the next second, Ye Xiao felt a sharp pain like a mosquito bite coming from his shoulder.

Then, half of his body began to become numb.

Ye Xiaos pupils constricted.

What a strong poison!

He had already cultivated the nine-star god technique, Superb Divine Poison, to protect his body.

Even so, the other party could still poison his body.

One could imagine how strong the poison was.

It was likely that no martial artist below the Godly King realm would be able to dodge that attack.

However, in the blink of an eye, his Undying masterpiece technique began to circulate, instantly removing the poison and leaving his body intact.

Ye Xiao turned his head to take a look.

On his shoulder, there was a small golden snake with a triangular head.

Its teeth were firmly embedded in his shoulder.

That snake should be an ancient mutant.

Its cultivation was not high and was only at the second level of the Godslayer realm.

Otherwise, it would not need to use poison to fight against him directly.

That old Poison King was not only poisonous, but his methods were crafty and strange.

Even in his own coffin, he still had to raise such a small snake.

Even if the people outside had gone through a lot of trouble to avoid the poisonous fog and deal with those poisonous insects, they might still die on this small snake in the end.

Seeing that it was biting happily, Ye Xiao slapped it on the head.

The little Golden Snake died.

Like a mosquito, it was flattened by Ye Xiao.

Its cultivation might be a little stronger, but its physical body was not that strong.

Moreover, Ye Xiao could cross ranks.

After pulling the little Golden Snake down, Ye Xiao threw it into his spatial ring and left it for later.

It was also good to soak such a good thing in wine.

Then, he absorbed all the divine blood in the old Godly Kings body.

The divine blood in the old Godly Kings body only had more than two million drops, which was not as much as the healing-type female Godly King from before.

After all, one played with poison, while the other was a professional healer.

The positioning of the two was different.

If there was not much milk, was it still worthy of being a healer

After that, Ye Xiao gave the old Godly King a stroke of good fortune and took the white jade coffin away.

Then, he went outside and captured all the poisonous insects.

He ransacked all of them, leaving none behind.

Only then did he leave the Godly Kings tomb.

In the starry sky outside the Godly Kings tomb, the descendants and clansmen of the Xuan Yuan clans aristocratic families appeared to be a little disappointed.

The Godly Kings tomb was not found.

In the end, they lost two young masters and several God realm masters instead.

They had lost a lot that time.

However, just when everyone was depressed, two figures flew toward them.

“Sorry, were late.”

“Young Master!”

“Young Master!”

The God realm masters of the Ning and Ling families quickly surrounded them.

Song Qingxue and the others could not help but follow them,

“Ning Zhiyuan, Ling Shaoyu, why arent you two dead”

Ning Zhiyuan did not know whether to laugh or cry as he replied,

“Do you wish for the two of us to die, or what”

Song Qingxue coughed lightly.

“Thats not what I meant.

I wanted to ask how the two of you escaped.”

Ning Zhiyuan and Ling Shaoyu looked at each other.

“Do you want to say it Or should I say it”

“You can say it.

After all, you know more than me.”

Ning Zhiyuan nodded.

Then, he took a deep breath and said seriously,

“We met the Saber-sword Immortal! He saved us!”


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