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Ling Shaoyu waved his hand.

“Im just joking.”

At that moment, Song Qingxue suddenly said,

“Hey, look, the Heavenly Pillar of Innate Talent below has been lit up.”

“Let me see, it really is! Not bad, not bad.

Brother Ning, it seems that your Ning family will reap a few rewards this time.”

Ning Zhiyuan nodded, not very concerned.

To the dignified Ning family, one or two existences who could become gods in the future were far from a rare fortune.

Not to mention the Ning familys direct line of descent, even some branch families could cultivate gods.

The martial arts experts of the Ning family who came here were just a drop in the bucket, and they were the weakest batch.

However, at that moment, Song Qingxue cried out in surprise.

“Look! The Heavenly Pillar of Innate Talent has lit up another layer.

Wait a minute, its not the first layer, its the tenth layer… No, its still rising… Its rising, its rising even higher, its already over a hundred!

“Its still rising!”

Everyone was startled and immediately looked down.

More than a hundred levels meant that the Nine Provinces human race would nurture an existence at the Godslayer realm.

“Brother Ning, it seems that your familys luck is quite good.”

Ning Zhiyuan nodded.

That time, he did not remain silent.

Even someone as strong as the Ning family, who was at the Godlsayer realm, was more or less a genius.

However, the Heavenly Pillar of Innate Talent did not end.

It continued to climb higher.

110 levels, 120 levels, 130 levels… In the blink of an eye, it had broken through 200 levels.

“It has broken through 200 levels!”

Everyone could not help but exclaim.

At that moment, it was impossible for them not to be moved.

That was because the other party was able to advance that level.

Compared to their talent, it could be said that it was not inferior.

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“Brother Ning, Your Ning family is really going to be rich this time.”

Ling Shaoyu could not help but exclaim.

Song Qingxue, on the other hand, said with a solemn expression,

“Thats not right.

Its still rising.

Its not over yet.”

210 levels, 220 levels, 230 levels, 240 levels, 250 levels…

Everyones heartbeat was already beginning to accelerate.

That level had already surpassed them, and it surpassed all of them.

In other words, there would be a genius below them that was even more outstanding than the young master of the Xuan Yuan clans direct line of descent, the most outstanding genius of all the direct line of descent families!

260, 270, 280, 290, 300!

“It… It broke through 300.”

Song Qingxue gulped as her voice started to tremble.

However, the Heavenly Pillar of Innate Talent did not stop there.

Its light continued to rise.

310, 320… In the blink of an eye, it broke through to 400.

“It broke through to 400!”

Song Qingxue said faintly as her face started to turn numb.

Then, everyone looked at the Heavenly Pillar of Innate Talent and lit it up bit by bit.







When its strength reached its limit, it continued to emit even more intense light.

Finally, it seemed to be unable to withstand the opponents talent and completely exploded.

A loud noise rose from the ground.

The mushroom cloud soared into the sky.

The massive shockwave spread everywhere, causing countless trees to fall outside.

“What happened”

“Whats going on Why is there a sudden explosion”

“Could it be that other God clans are invading the surface world”

The martial artists on the ground, as well as the God clan masters stationed in the Xuan Yuan clan, could not help but fly out of their rooms and look in that direction.

In the sky, the Xuan Yuan young masters were thoroughly disordered.

All 900 levels were lit up.

Even the son of the Xuan Yuan family might not be able to reach that level.

Only the most powerful beings in the universe can do that.

To be presumptuous, if the existence of that person was really true.

Then it was very likely that he would bring the entire Xuan Yuan clan to an unprecedented height.

It was even possible that he would change the current pattern of the starry sky.

That made them unable to believe their own eyes.

They even felt that they might be dreaming or that they had been affected by an illusion.

Otherwise, how could such a strange thing happen

Where was that place

It was merely a small human world where the descendants of the Xuan Yuan clan lived.

It was just a small world.

How could such a flimsy little place actually have such a top-notch heavens favorite in the entire galaxy

What kind of joke was that

How could such an existence have appeared here

“That… I say, could it be that this Heavenly Pillar of Innate Talent has been left out for too long, so it has been left out for too long, which is why such a wrong judgment has appeared”

Ling Shaoyu could not help but speak up.

The others hurriedly nodded and agreed.

“Yes, yes, yes, what you said is very true.”

“I think so too.

Young Master Ling, dont you still have many Heavenly Pillar of Innate Talent in your hands Why dont you just take out a few more and give it a try”


Ling Shaoyu was also straightforward in doing things.

Very quickly, he took out another Heavenly Pillar of Innate Talent and threw it on the ground.

A few minutes later.


Another violent explosion.

Everyone fell into silence again.

Ling Shaoyu said faintly,

“Should I throw another one down now”

“I think so.”

Another few minutes later.


At that time, everyone really did not know what to say anymore.

At that point, there was no need for the slightest doubt.

They could be 100 percent sure that there was really a super genius down there.

After a moment, Song Qingxue was the first to speak,

“Everyone, I suddenly remembered that I still have something to do.

Ill go back first.

See you tomorrow!”

“Everyone, Ill go back first too.

Take your time to chat.”

Ling Shaoyu also turned around and left.

After that, the others also left one by one.

After everyone had left, Ning Zhiyuan took a deep breath and immediately landed on the surface world, inside the Ye familys manor.


Uncle Ning had suffered a lot of injuries during the battle with big fish, so he had been recuperating recently and had not fought.

When he saw Ning Zhiyuan return, he slowly walked out and said,

“What happened just now Why were there two violent explosions all of a sudden Didnt you guys fail in robbing the Godly Kings tomb Surely the Hundred Clans Alliance wouldnt come and attack us, right”

Ning Zhiyuan said with a serious expression,

“Uncle, something big really happened this time.

And it was a very big one.”

“What happened”

Uncle Nings expression suddenly changed.

Ning Zhiyuan told him what had happened earlier.

After Uncle Ning heard it, his eyes widened to the extreme, looking like the eyes of a cow.

“Are you kidding me How could an existence of that level appear in a place like this

“To put it bluntly, for him to appear at the Xuan Yuan clans side is already the ancestral grave of the Xuan Yuan clan!

“This is just a small human world.

Although it is also a descendant of our Xuan Yuan clan, the bloodline power here is weak.

It should never have given birth to such an existence.”

Ning Zhiyuan spread his hands and said with a bitter smile,

“I also thought that this was fake, but unfortunately, it just happened to be real.”

Uncle Ning let out a deep breath.

“You shouldnt have come back just now! You should have sent a message to the Ning family directly.

If my guess is correct, the reason why they went back so quickly was definitely to send a message to their family.

“They were afraid that it wouldnt take long for their family to send a prodigy here to look for that unrivaled genius.”

Ning Zhiyuan shook his head.

“Im not worried about that.

When they left just now, I actually sent a message to inform the family to send a prodigy here.

“The question Im thinking about now is, could that guy be the person I saw before The so-called Saber-sword Immortal in this world”

Uncle Ning nodded.

“Thats very possible.

Its a pity that we were only focused on digging the divine tomb and didnt put our focus on that.

Otherwise, we might have already found that genius.”

Ning Zhiyuans expression became even more serious.

“Thats not the question Im thinking about now, but the palm print.

Uncle, have you ever thought about it Saber-sword Immortal never left Jianghai city Hes always been here.

“Last time, it was because he made a move that Xiong Ben Gang of the Black Soul clan was annihilated.

“These few days, when I was fighting against the Hundred Clans Alliance, I paid special attention.

No one from the Black Soul clan appeared.

Not a single one.”

Uncle Nings heart shook.

“If you really say that, doesnt it mean that his cultivation has already advanced to the ninth level of the God realm

“But how long has it been since he transcended the tribulation and became a god

“Its only been a few months.

In a few months time, no matter how talented he is, its impossible for him to reach this level.”

“What if he obtained a Godly Kings inheritance”

“No… It cant be such a coincidence, right”

Uncle Nings heart paused, and Ning Zhiyuan spoke again,

“When we entered the Godly Kings tomb this time, we discovered that the inside of the tomb was already empty.

“I didnt understand this question at first.

Clearly, all the arrays inside were intact, and the spiritual energy was also very normal.

It had reached the level that a Godly King should have.

“But why was there nothing inside

“That could only be one explanation.

He was also an array formation master.

“Dont forget, he was a top-grade genius.

He cultivated both saber and sword arts, and his results were very good.

Another array shouldnt be a big deal.

“I had read about Saber-sword Immortal in the books.

The books said that he was indeed on the path of array formations and had very high standards.

“So, could it be that he entered the Godly Kings tomb ahead of time and snatched everything away before repairing the array in one piece.

“Thats how we ended up in the situation we encountered today.”


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