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The Black Soul clansmen under the God realm controlled the array.

The output of the array was mainly made up of divine crystals and supported by human control.

Therefore, they did not need to use too much energy.

The array was stretched by the Emperor realm martial arts experts like a fishing net fixed by a nail.

Although they only needed to use a little bit of energy, the power it released was extremely powerful.

It was not easy to break it.

“Take advantage of the formation to suppress him.

Lets go.”

At that moment, the remaining God realm martial arts masters of the Black Soul clan moved with their hearts and arrived in an instant.

Ye Xiao still held onto Xiong Ben Gangs soul with one hand and used the World Destruction masterpiece technique with the other.

He clenched his fist and raised his hand to face the God realm martial arts master of the Black Soul clan who was closest to him.

When the two fists collided, the other partys fist was like an egg, exploding into a cloud of blood mist on the spot.

Due to his body being too fast, he did not have time to react.

His body was still moving forward at a rapid speed.

When his arm came into contact with Ye Xiaos World Destruction masterpiece technique, it exploded inch by inch.


His eyes revealed a hint of horror.

That was because he knew that if he collided with Ye Xiaos fist, he would definitely die without a burial ground!

His divine body was completely unable to resist Ye Xiaos fist.

However, that miserable cry of his could only be his final struggle.

In the next second, Ye Xiaos fist directly exploded his head.

Under the World Destruction masterpiece technique, no one could withstand that attack.

All of it happened in an instant.

The others did not have the time to react at all.

The second God realm master had already charged forward.

Ye Xiao spread out his five fingers and transformed his fist into a hand knife.

With a slash, the opponents neck was broken on the spot.

His head was separated from his body and fell to the ground, rolling into the distance.

The hand knife followed the momentum and slashed out like a sharp blade.

Following the momentum, it split open the body of the third God realm master.

Every attack was an instant kill.

Every move was crushing.

It was as if it was art.

Within a short second, Ye Xiao unleashed a series of moves in a frenzy to kill the Black Soul clans martial arts masters.

One… Two… Three.

… The Black Soul clans masters were like a moth flying into a flame.

One died when he came forward.

His corpse was like a dumpling that fell to Ye Xiaos feet with a rustle.

In the blink of an eye, dozens of figures began to fall at Ye Xiaos feet, reaching the height of his thighs.

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That terrifying scene was like a basin of cold water, ruthlessly splashing onto everyones heads.

It immediately made the Black Soul clans people widen their eyes in horror and retreat frantically.

“D*mn it! Hes actually so strong! Retreat quickly! Retreat quickly!”

However, how could Ye Xiao allow them to retreat so easily

Those who made a move on him would definitely die!

Breaking the Galaxy was activated.

All the Black Soul clan masters who wanted to escape were imprisoned.

It was as if there was an invisible rope that locked their bodies and forcefully pulled them back.


Everyone cried out repeatedly in horror.

Their eyes were wide open as they desperately wanted to escape, but there was nothing they could do.

They could only watch helplessly as they were pulled back.

At that moment, even Xiong Ben Gang was in despair.

Only now did he understand just how huge a mistake he had made.

He should not have brought Ye Xiao back at all.

That was a demon.

For his own selfish desires, in order to let himself live, he attempted to lure Ye Xiao over and let his clansmen kill him.

In reality, he had harmed his clansmen.

Then, retribution had landed on his head.

He finally understood why Ye Xiao had not killed him.

He clearly knew that he had framed him, but he still had not killed him.

It was because Ye Xiao had done it on purpose.

He had deliberately wanted him to watch him kill his clansmen.

That kind of despair was a thousand times, ten thousand times more despair than directly killing him.

“Kill me! Kill me!”

Xiong Ben Gangs soul body roared furiously, but Ye Xiao did not make a move at all.

In fact, because of Ye Xiaos imprisonment, he could not even guide his soul power to self-destruct.

What kind of despair was that

Despair to the point that even his soul felt powerless.

Ye Xiaos eyes would not be moved in the slightest.

The strong preyed on the weak.

Were they not the same as the Silver Fox clansmen

It was the law of nature.

To be merciful to the enemy was to be cruel to oneself.

In front of Xiong Ben Gang, Ye Xiao killed all the Black Soul clan masters one by one.

No matter how much Xiong Ben Gang screamed in despair, it did not have the slightest effect.

At that time, in the distance, the Black Soul clansmen who were discussing matters with the various God realm masters, the three ninth-level God realm existences, suddenly seemed to have sensed something.

Their minds jolted, and they immediately exclaimed,

“D*mn it! Our Black Soul clan has been ambushed!”

As soon as they finished speaking, the three masters of the Black Soul clan immediately used the substitution technique.

The substitution technique of the Black Soul clan was a unique divine ability that the ancestors of the Black Soul clan had comprehended when they became Godly Emperors.

They had a unique spatial teleportation ability.

As long as they arranged a substitute in advance, they could instantly reach the place that the substitute wanted to reach.

The other martial arts experts of the god clan could not help but be stunned.

“The Black Soul clan encountered a sneak attack Could it be the Xuan Yuan clan”

“No matter what, everyone is now in an alliance.

We should help each other.

This old man will go and take a look.”

“Thats good too.

Elder Ming is a lesser Godslayer and has been famous for a long time.

Unless the other party is a Godslayer, its impossible for him to be a match for Elder Ming.”

“With Elder Mings help, this matter will be settled.”

On the Black Soul clans Star Island, Ye Xiao was slaughtering in all directions.

Suddenly, three extremely powerful auras emerged from the three Emperor realm martial arts experts who were controlling the array.

Their auras soared.

The first level of the God realm, second level of the God realm, third level of the God realm, fourth level of the God realm… In the blink of an eye, they had reached the terrifying aura of the ninth level of the God realm.

The despair in Xiong Ben Gangs eyes was suddenly lit up and he started to get excited.

“Its a martial arts master at the ninth level God realm! Its a master at the ninth level God realm of our Black Soul clan! Hahahaha…”

The three auras rose to the ninth level God realm and instantly headed straight for Ye Xiao.

“B*stard, you dare to kill my Black Soul clansmen Youre courting death!”

The three of them attacked at the same time from three different directions.

The three dark streams of light in the air were like electric arcs that contained an unstoppable and terrifying force.

They instantly arrived at Ye Xiaos side.

Ye Xiao was unhurried.

He activated his Primordial Pupil.

The three peoples trajectories were instantly slowed down in front of his eyes.

The World Destruction masterpiece technique was executed in succession.

An extremely powerful force fell from the sky in succession and heavily struck the three peoples bodies.

It should have been three attacks in succession, but because the attack speed was too fast, it looked as if three attacks had been completed in an instant.


Three explosions sounded at the same time.

The three ninth-level God realm masters were directly blasted into three clouds of blood mist, which were as beautiful as bright red flowers.

At that moment, Xiong Ben Gang was completely in despair.

The smile on his face completely froze.

That was because he had received a particularly great stimulation, his endurance had reached its limit.

He laughed crazily and foolishly.

The confidence of the remaining Black Soul Emperor realm was also shattered.

Even so, there were still people who shouted out,

“Everyone, dont give up.

As long as theres an array controlling him, he wont be able to come out.

If we give up and no one activates the array, hell be able to escape from the array immediately.”

However, just as those words fell, Ye Xiao raised his right foot and stomped on the ground.


The power of the World Destruction masterpiece technique was unleashed to its fullest at that moment.

The array on the ground was immediately and mercilessly destroyed by Ye Xiao.

The intense explosion shockwave instantly heavily injured those Emperor realm experts and sent them flying.

They spat out blood and fell to the ground.

The Silver Fox clansmen charged forward in anger.

“Kill them!”

“Avenge the dead clansmen.”

The foxes tore and devoured the Black Soul clans bodies in a frenzy, absorbing the divine blood in their bodies and continuously strengthening themselves.

However, not long after, an even more powerful aura suddenly appeared in the sky.

It distorted the stars and landed above Ye Xiaos head.

“Brat, which god clan are you from You actually attacked our ally, the Black Soul clan, and were so vicious.

Killing so many Black Soul clans tribesmen, isnt this a little too much”

Ning Yuhens heart shook

“What a powerful aura.

This aura is even better than the supervisors!”

The Fox Empress clenched her silver teeth.

“His cultivation is even stronger than Mr.



Yes strength should be at the ninth level of the God realm, and his strength has probably reached the lesser Godslayer realm!”


Hearing that, Ning Yuhens heart shook again.

He was extremely worried.

A lesser Godslayer!

That was already an existence whose foot was infinitely close to the Godslayer realm!

Could the supervisor still resist

As they spoke, a gigantic palm technique suddenly descended from the sky, extending a diameter of 50 miles.

Within a radius of 50 miles, all living beings were unable to escape that move.

The other party wanted to kill Ye Xiao, along with everyone from the Silver Fox clan.

Ye Xiao did not mind that move at all.

He instantly threw out the Xiong Ben Gang in his hand.

Xiong Ben Gangs body collided with the palm force and was blasted apart on the spot.

Ye Xiao arrived shortly after.

He threw out a Star-splitting Fist, pressing towards the palm imprint of the other party.


The strength of the two people was really too powerful.

The instant the attacks collided, a golden light wave rapidly spread out in the surroundings.

Ye Xiaos fist force repelled the other partys palm print by a trace, but very quickly, it was suppressed again.

The other party seemed to be shocked as well and could not help but open his mouth to say,

“D*mn! This old mans Northern Underworld Palm is already a six-star god-slaying technique.

Its a god technique passed down from our Northern Underworld clan.

Moreover, this old mans strength is much higher than yours.

This move of yours can actually withstand this old mans move for an instant.

Looks like this move is not simple!

“Looks like its an even more advanced god technique.

“Since thats the case, then Ill take you down and force out this god technique.”

Ye Xiao was still calm and unhurried.

Looking at the Star-splitting Fist that was suppressed, he immediately added the World Destruction masterpiece technique.

The Northern Underworld Palm that originally had the upper hand suddenly emitted a crisp cracking sound.

In the next second, it was actually instantly shattered by Ye Xiaos punch.


Elder Mings pupils constricted.

He simply could not believe his eyes.

He felt Ye Xiaos extremely terrifying move and exclaimed loudly,

“Thats not right! This isnt a god technique! This isnt a god technique! This is an archaic masterpiece technique! How can you have an archaic masterpiece technique I dont believe it, I dont believe it!”

Unfortunately, no matter how much he did not believe it, Ye Xiaos move had already been launched, and he was unable to dodge it.

Ye Xiaos body was mixed in a nine-colored multicolored light as he soared into the sky and headed straight for his face.

What was even more terrifying was that Ye Xiao had also added a Yin-yang Escape technique, raising his own speed to the limit!


Under the World Destruction masterpiece technique, the lesser Godslayer in the sky, Elder Ming, was punched through the heart by Ye Xiao..

It was as if a star that had exhausted all its strength had completely fallen.


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