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One had to know that it was the entire force of the three god clans, and they were not to be trifled with.

Even the Ning family could not be wiped out so easily.

Moreover, not only were they wiped out, the time it took was also very short!

That further proved that his cultivation was terrifyingly strong.

Emperor Jing could not help but sigh.

“Looks like we are really old and can no longer keep up with your pace.

We have only just thought of the first point, and you have already achieved the third point or even the tenth point.”

Beitang Ce praised,

“However, doesnt this also mean that Emperor Yun, the seniors, and the ancestors of our Nine Provinces human race didnt pick the wrong person”

Emperor Jing nodded.

“Thats true.”

Ye Xiao looked at the two of them.

“However, even so, we cant let our guard down.

“Although Ive killed all of them this time, and even shattered their souls, making it impossible for them to resurrect.

“However, the three god clans would definitely not give up so easily.

“If I guessed correctly, they would definitely send people over in the near future.

“I dont know if the Ning family can hold on, and the Ning family will probably send more troops, but will they be able to make it in time Or whether they can make it in time is a very serious problem.

“We dont even know if the Ning family will pay attention to this matter.

This is also why I didnt want you to say that Senior Beitangs eyes were stolen because I was afraid that they would discover some clues.”

Emperor Jing nodded.

“Everyone, you shouldnt slack off.

You should work even harder on your cultivation.”

Ye Xiao and the two seniors exchanged a few simple words before saying goodbye and leaving.

He still needed to return to his cultivation to increase his strength.

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On the other side, in the starry sky, in the three god clans encampment, after absorbing all the fresh blood on the ground, not long after, a wave of murderous aura became heavier and heavier!

Finally, when the murderous aura condensed to a certain extent, the ground suddenly exploded.

A gigantic fish body drilled out from the ground and turned into an azure-colored ray of light as it loitered happily in the sky.

“Hahahaha… My true body has finally come out.

Its been over 2,000 years! Its been over 2,000 years! My true body has been trapped in this boundless array, and my bones are almost rusting.

“I never thought that I would have such good luck today.

Ive obtained powerful blood essence, and Ive been resurrected.”

As he finished speaking, his gaze turned towards the huge human world, and a bloodthirsty coldness erupted from his eyes.

“When I was born, I bumped into that monster Ancestral Dragon of the human race.

He suppressed me with one hand for more than 2,000 years.

“Now, more than 2,000 years have passed.

The Ancestral Dragon should have left the human world long ago.

“Ill go and kill all the humans on the ground! Ill eat all his descendants.”

He could not help but swallow his saliva.

“The human race is the same race as the Ancestral Dragon.

They must have the same bloodline as him.

If I can find his direct descendants, it would be even more perfect.


“If I take down the human race this time, I cant kill all of them.

I must raise them well and domesticate them.

“Only in this way can I eat human flesh every day.”

He had already thought of many practical methods in his mind.

‘Pan-fry, stir-fry, braise, deep-fry, marinate… Oh right, you can even eat them raw.

At that moment, several figures slowly flew over from afar.

The star beasts eyes flickered with two bloodthirsty rays.

“What you say really comes true.

I was just in need of blood and spiritual energy, and you all came to me of your own accord.


He swung his huge tail and transformed into a stream of light that instantly went up to meet them.

On the ground, Ye Xiao had been reading books in the library for nearly half a month, but he still could not gather the last healing technique.

Instead, he found another alchemy god technique, Yin-yang Creation.

The healing technique was really too difficult to find.

To be more precise, there were very few people who practiced it and there was not much demand, which resulted in the scarcity of its cultivation method.

Other things aside, if one were to forge pills, one could at least sell them for money.

If one were to forge weapons, one could also sell them for divine crystals.

These were all top-notch survival techniques.

As for the healing technique

One had to stay close to the other party in order to work.

However, it was impossible for a single person to bring along a healer.

It was too troublesome, so it was better to bring along two pills.

Those who could bring along the healing technique could basically be considered an army.

However, it was not safe to be with them.

They might even be killed.

Hence, from that point of view, many peoples thoughts of cultivating healing arts were deleted.

In short, although healing arts were very strong, it was a role that ones father did not dote on and mother did not love.

What made Ye Xiao even more puzzled was that even though he had obtained an alchemy technique and allowed his alchemy technique to gather two, there was still no new cultivation technique that could be synthesized.

According to the previous synthesis rules.

Sword and saber techniques, movement techniques, as well as healing techniques were two types of four cultivation techniques that could be synthesized into a masterpiece technique.

However, at that moment, the alchemy technique did not react with the other cultivation techniques.

On the other hand, the alchemy technique could be truly synthesized into a masterpiece technique.

What was going on

What cultivation technique could it be combined with to form a masterpiece technique

Ye Xiao was truly puzzled.

The excavation progress of the Divine Kingdoms treasury had already reached eight percent.

It would still take a long time to completely dig it out.

Furthermore, his spiritual energy cultivation progress had yet to reach the third level of the God realm.

Although he had a masterpiece technique that could speed up his cultivation progress, allowing him to easily surpass others.

However, before that, Ye Xiao had thought that every increase in the God realm would be at the same speed as cultivating to the first level of the God realm.

However, in reality, Ye Xiao was still thinking too simply.

In reality, the more he cultivated, the more spiritual energy he needed for each stage would continue to increase.

To put it bluntly, it was because Ye Xiao had now lost a very big supplement, star beast blood essence!

In the past, he relied on the star beast blood essence and the cultivation technique to double-stack, which was why he could cultivate so quickly.

However, at that point, he had lost the star beast blood essence, so his cultivation speed would definitely slow down a lot.

Even so, Ye Xiao really had no choice.

Not to mention that the star beasts had already been arranged by him to mine, even if they did not mine, with their cultivation, their blood and spiritual energy would not be enough for him to use.

What he needed was a more powerful star beast!

At the very least, it had to be comparable to a star beast above the God realm.

Only their blood and spiritual energy would be enough to replenish the blood essence that he needed.

However, just as Ye Xiao was reading, a few discussions suddenly sounded by his ears.

“Hey! Have you guys heard I heard that a Venerable Beast has appeared in the starry sky.”

“Whats that thing called a Venerable Beast”

“You dont even know about a Venerable Beast Its so outdated A Venerable Beast is an existence comparable to a human God realm master.”

“Oh my God, you cant be joking with me, right Star beasts actually have such a powerful existence Didnt they say that if star beasts advanced to the God realm, they would also become a member of the god race”

“Its not like that.

The star beast and the human race have one thing in common.

That is, if the advancement is successful, it can become a god.

If the advancement is unsuccessful, it will either be shattered into pieces by the Lightning Tribulation, or it will be disbanded and become an itinerant cultivator.

“Human martial artists who failed to overcome the tribulation would be called land immortals.

In the future, they would have a chance to overcome the tribulation and become a god again.

“And if the star beast failed to overcome the tribulation and disbanded, it would become a Venerable Beast.

“If the star beast became a god, from now on, he would enjoy the same cultivation path as the other gods.

For example, the God realm, Godslayer realm, Godly King realm, and Godly Emperor realm.

“However, for the star Beast to become a beast venerable, it was another path.

It was impossible for them to overcome the tribulations and become a god.

Instead, they would gradually grow into a type of void behemoth, wandering in the starry sky all day long.

“To the star Beast, after becoming a god, his cultivation would not be inferior to the other gods.

Even if he did not overcome the tribulations and become a god, he could still cultivate after overcoming the tribulations.

It was just that he was not as fast as the gods.

“So thats how it is.

Then, this Venerated Beast should be very powerful!”

“Its more than powerful Its strength is rather terrifying.

I heard that it caused a ruckus in the starry skies, causing the Divine Tree Academy and the other five great factions to lose more than half of their forces.

Even the Ning family was affected.

“In the end, it was the Ning familys God realm master that made a move.

They had to pay the price of being heavily injured to force the other party to retreat.”

“Oh my God! Isnt this too awesome Even a star beast from the army disarray can be so strong! Fortunately, our strength is very poor and we dont have the qualifications to go to the space battlefield.

We cant meet it.

Otherwise, Im afraid we would have been eaten by it.”

“Who says so Thats why its good that our strength is poor, but its not necessarily less than those who are stronger.”


When Ye Xiao heard those words, he could not help but squint his eyes.

“A Venerable Beast! Interesting.”

If it was really as they said, the other party had a blood essence that was comparable to a Godly realm master.

Catching him to replenish his blood essence was simply too satisfying!

Pan-fried, stir-fried, braised, fried, braised… If it was some special star beasts, they could even choose to eat it raw.

Some examples are sashimi, drunken shrimp, and the like…

Of course, there was also a prerequisite that the other partys meat had to have a good texture.

If it was something like a bat, no matter how much blood essence it replenished, no matter how good it was, Ye Xiao would definitely not move his mouth.

He was afraid that he would get sick.

If that happened, he would be done for.

It was not easy for him to transmigrate once, but because he ate, he ate himself to death.

How aggrieved would that be

If the other partys meat had a good texture, he could consider setting up a farm for him and raising him.

Perhaps, he could just follow the old method and use the healing technique to mend his wounds every day.

What he consumed was spiritual energy, and what grew out was meat.


However, he did not know if he would be lucky enough to bump into him.

On the other side, in the starry sky, as the air distorted, several spiritual airships quickly gathered from three directions.

There were more than 1,000 of them! They were extremely powerful!

The spiritual airships had different symbols engraved on them.

Some were in the shape of lightning, some were in the shape of wings, and some were in the shape of gorillas.

The members of the three big god clans had already arrived in the starry sky.


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