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“What What did you say Say it again.

“Okay, I got it.”

In the spiritual airship of the Ning family, the woman who was in charge of taking care of Ning Zhiyuan quickly came to the deck.

She looked at Ning Zhiyuan who was leaning against the railing and said carefully,

“Young Master Ning, something has happened down there.”

Ning Zhiyuan, who was leisurely watching the Xuan Yuan clan digging the grave, suddenly changed his expression and revealed a chill.

“What happened”

The woman gulped and said carefully,

“Someone died on the ground.

It was the three god clans who were responsible.

They sent a spy over.

When our people intercepted them, two Emperor realm martial arts experts died.

At the same time, they also severely injured an outstanding disciple who had just stepped into the Godly King realm.”

Ning Zhiyuans expression turned ugly as if it was covered with a layer of frost.

“Those three god clans!”

He clenched his fists.

The murderous intent on his face was extremely dense and it was still rising.

At present, the strongest Xuan Yuan clan in that area could also be said that he was the person in charge of the Xuan Yuan clan there.

The three god clans dared to attack the ground.

That was tantamount to pissing on his head and slapping his face.

If it got out, many people would laugh at him.

“Those d*mn idiots.

It seems that I should go there myself.”

The womans face changed slightly.

She was worried,

“Young Master, isnt this a little reckless We dont know how much power the three god clans have deployed in this star area.

What if its higher than we thought

“Its a big deal if you cant come back after youve gone there.

“In comparison, only two people died.

Its not serious enough to be compared to your safety.”

Ning Zhiyuan said coldly,

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“If I dont come out now, I wont be able to raise my head in the Xuan Yuan clan.

Manager Ning, come with me.”

As his voice faded, the air distorted as Manager Nings figure slowly appeared by his side.

Manager Nings appearance appeared.

He was a middle-aged man in his fifties.

He put his hands behind his back and smiled,

“Its better to follow Young Masters orders.”

Ning Zhiyuan nodded and transformed into a streak of light that shot into the distance.

Manager Ning followed closely behind.

The two streaks of light were like meteors that flashed and disappeared into the starry sky very quickly.

The maid said worriedly,

“Young Master Ning, please dont let anything happen to you.”

Although an existence like Ning Zhiyuan could still be revived by his family if he died, death was still death.

His vitality would definitely be damaged and it would affect the future development of his martial path.

Therefore, if he could survive, he would try his best not to die.

On the other side, after Ye Xiao immediately blew up Mai Kang with one move, the Winged God clans martial arts expert behind him, Katsumer, immediately had a cold expression.

“B*stard! Youre too arrogant.

This isnt a place where you can behave atrociously!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he instantly struck out with his palm towards Ye Xiao!

The palm wind was as sharp as a dragon.

In the starry sky, it let out an intense roar.

The terrifying power even caused the surrounding spiritual energy to surge, and then exploded into countless lightning sparks.

The lightning condensed into a fist, gathering but not dispersing.

The momentum was terrifying.

Babulu and the others slightly narrowed their eyes.

That move was one of the top moves in the Winged God clan.

It had already reached the level of a six-star god technique.

Katsumer was a genius martial arts expert of the 104 dragons Emperor realm.

When he used that move, the power was extraordinary.

It was definitely able to cause fatal damage to Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao looked at the palm that arrived, but he did not put it in his eyes at all.

Seeing the palm wind arrive in front of him, Ye Xiao casually raised his right hand and performed a God-subduing Palm.

As soon as the nine-star god technique was unleashed, the power that erupted in an instant completely crushed the opponent.

Ye Xiaos palm print was mixed with a nine-colored light.

Just a glance at that light made everyone in the surroundings feel their breathing quicken.

That was not the scariest part.

The moment it appeared, the lightning that was originally surrounding Katsumers palm seemed to have come into contact with an extremely powerful force.

It was immediately scattered and flew backward then landed on Katsumers body, giving him a fierce electric shock.

“Katsumer, quickly retreat.

Youre not his match.

Someone will die.”

The other martial arts experts could not help but remind him.

When Katsumer was electrocuted, his brain had already understood how terrifying Ye Xiao was.

He was not his match at all.

However, it was already too late for him to withdraw his attack.

That was because he had been determined to kill Ye Xiao in the beginning.

The speed of his attack was really too fast.

On the contrary, Ye Xiao did not display much speed.

It was he who could not stop the car.


The palms of the two people fiercely collided.

Katsumers palm was even larger, and the speed of his palm strike was even faster.

His moves were swift and terrifying.

Ye Xiaos palm was slender, and the speed of his palm strike was also very slow.

It looked as if it was soft and powerless.

However, when the palms of the two people collided, Katsumers palm suddenly exploded into a cloud of blood mist.

The range of the explosion was not just one of his hands, but also one of his arms, then his upper body, and then his entire body.


It was as if he had set off firecrackers, exploding his entire body.

Instant kill!

Everyone who witnessed that scene immediately could not help but narrow their eyes.

So powerful!

Everyone was well aware of Katsumers strength.

With such powerful strength, it was fine if he could not defeat Ye Xiao, but he was actually killed in one move by him.

What was even more terrifying was that the attitude that Ye Xiao had displayed just then seemed as if he had not used his full strength at all.

Babulu shivered and hurriedly cupped his hands,

“Who exactly are you, sir What exactly did we do wrong Sir, why do you want to treat us like this Please explain clearly so that we can die fully convinced.”

Unfortunately, Ye Xiao would not pay attention to Katsumer, and similarly, he would not pay attention to him.

Babulu made his move, and an extremely huge and invisible force instantly clamped onto the other partys neck.


Following a crisp sound, Babulus neck was instantly twisted into pieces on the spot.

“D*mn it!”

Everyones expression changed drastically, and they immediately turned around to run.

Things had already come to that point.

If they still did not know how to run, then they would really be fools.

Moreover, they were a bunch of fools.

It was very obvious that they could not defeat Ye Xiao.

If they continued to stand guard, it would only be a waste of their lives.

Rather than doing so, it was better to escape.

Ye Xiao was unflustered.

He activated the Breaking the Galaxy technique and immediately split his power into countless beams, killing everyone on the spot.

Under the control of his will, the three god clansmen who wanted to escape were so frightened that they continuously screamed.

Their screams were heart-wrenching.

Even so, their bodies were still mercilessly pulled back by Ye Xiao.

“No! No!”

“Whos going to save us”

The screams resounded throughout the surrounding star fields.

After they were pulled back, Ye Xiao once again used the nine-star god-slaying technique, Heaven-worshipping Finger!

As soon as the Heaven-worshipping Finger was used, the wind, clouds, and thunder shook.

Dozens of beams of light, with unstoppable momentum, directly and mercilessly destroyed everyones hearts and souls.

Plop, Plop, Plop…

In the next moment, all those people fell down like dumplings.

Killing dozens of emperors in one move.

That terrifying method was simply lethal.

However, Ye Xiaos face remained calm as if killing those Emperor realm experts was just a trivial matter that was not worth mentioning.

After killing everyone, Ye Xiao took a step forward and walked into the command center.

In the command center, Mcgregors pants were already wet.

He shivered as he looked at Ye Xiao.

He roughly knew that that fellow was most likely coming for him.

That was because only he was not killed.

Moreover, he still had a pair of Divine Eyes in his hands!


He swallowed a mouthful of saliva fiercely and stared at Ye Xiao.

He forced himself to remain calm and said,

“I admit that youre very strong, but arent you afraid of starting a war by doing this

“Although the Xuan Yuan clan is strong, our three clans have even stronger races backing us!

“If we really fight, your Xuan Yuan clan wont be feeling much better either.”

Ye Xiao said indifferently,

“Hand over the things that you shouldnt have taken.”

Mcgregor clenched his teeth tightly.

That pair of Will-o-Wisp Eyes was a good thing.

It was not easy for him to obtain them.

He was too unwilling to just hand them over just like that.

However, if he did not hand them over, he would die!

Even so, for some unknown reason, he continued to persevere bitterly and confront Ye Xiao.

He did not hand over the ring nor did he speak.

Finally, in the next second, the air began to distort.

A Winged God clan martial arts master slowly stepped out from within.

Seeing that scene, Mcgregor was immediately overjoyed.

In his eyes, where was the slightest bit of fear

At that moment, his eyes were filled with joy and smugness.

It was very obvious that the martial arts expert was summoned by him using a special technique of the Winged God clan!

It was also the reason why he did not hand over the Will-o-Wisp Eye earlier.

He was waiting, waiting for his savior to appear.

Then, that God realm martial arts master had arrived so he did not need to die.

Once Ye Xiao died, he could instantly take the Will-o-Wisp Eye as his own!


He smiled sinisterly.

“Do you know You shouldnt have said that nonsense to me just now.

You should have directly killed me and then snatched the thing back.

Now that my savior has arrived, youre dead for sure.”

Ye Xiao glanced at the other party indifferently.

The Winged God races God realm master raised his chin high.

He looked high and mighty as if he did not put him in his eyes.

“Xuan Yuan brat, are you trying to…”

Before he could continue, all of a sudden, with a bang, he exploded into a cloud of blood mist.

That was the first time Ye Xiao had used his masterpiece technique!

World Destruction masterpiece technique!

One strike, instantaneously killing a God realm master!

“Now, your savior is gone.”


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