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Chapter 345: Darkness Was Everywhere

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The others could not help but swallow their saliva.

Fear appeared in their eyes.

“Do we… Still want to find trouble with that guy”

Mai Kang was silent for a while.

Then, he said,

“Our Winged God clan… Will stop attacking him for now.

As for you guys, you can do whatever you want.”

After saying that, he stood up and left.

Everyone was silent.

The person who had shouted the loudest was the Winged God clans leader, Mai Kang.

After he had said that, what else did the other clans have to say

A wise man would never be at a disadvantage in front of him!

The other party was so strong.

They should first avoid his sharp edge.

At the same time, in the starry sky, a black-robed figure quietly arrived.

He stared at the human world below with a cold expression.

“If it wasnt for the fact that its inconvenient for me to reveal my identity, I would have killed them all.”

The jade ring in his hand flashed with a light.

“Dont be rash.

Remember, your future is to become a Godly Emperor! Its not for a moment of bravery.”

“Dont worry, Master.

Your disciple understands.”

The jade ring flashed with a green light once again.

“Ill use the Heaven-reaching Technique to check the surroundings and see if theres anything I can use.”

A moment later, he spoke again,

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“Found it! Theres a ruin nearby.

It should be a ruin left behind by a god-slaying existence.

Although its not left behind by some unparalleled prodigy, its enough for them to fight over it.”

Pausing for a moment, he suddenly spoke again,

“Eh There are also a few immortal-grade cave abodes left behind.


In such a remote place, there are actually many immortal-grade ruins that have fallen.

Its quite interesting.

“Unfortunately, its only at the immortal-grade.

Its too trashy.

Otherwise, you can go and take a look.”

The one in the black robe nodded.

“Next, we just need to pass this news to the gods in the human world, right”

“Dont be too anxious.

First, send it to the Thunder God, Winged God, and Giant Gorilla god clans.

Let them search first.

In order to ensure that they can successfully obtain the ruins, they will definitely send even more powerful existences.

“Finally, tell the Xuan Yuan god clan that when they come to search, they will be able to provoke a conflict and be at a disadvantage.”

“Masters foresight is truly admirable.”

In the next second, the jade ring flashed twice.

“Hehehe, it seems that the divine blood of a small world has been collected.

Go and harvest it first to replenish your Blood Fiend technique.”


The black-robed figure released a few star beasts from the ring, threw out a few pieces of paper, and then turned around to leave.

Above the place, Mai Kang stood on the western coastline and looked in the direction of the Nine Provinces.

He clenched his fists, and the hatred in his eyes seemed to be real.

Not long after, a figure quietly arrived.

It was the dark-skinned leader of the Giant Gorilla god clan, Artes.

He patted Mai Kangs shoulder and said,

“Forget it! The other party is the Xuan Yuan god clan, after all, the 19th-ranked race in the starry sky.

We cant compare to them.”

“D*mn the Xuan Yuan god clan.

If one day, our Winged God clan produces a top-tier martial arts expert, the Xuan Yuan god clan will be the first to be exterminated!”

At that moment, above the eastern Nine Provinces, a dragons roar that soared into the nine heavens was suddenly heard.

Mai Kang could not help but shiver.

When he thought of the terrifying scene just now, his eyes revealed some fear.


He swallowed a mouthful of saliva, and his face was slightly feverish.

However, at that moment, a fierce bird flew past in the sky.

It threw an extremely densebig bomb in front of him.

That scene made Mai Kang, who was already furious, feel like he was adding fuel to the fire.

“Vile creature! Just because I cant take care of the Xuan Yuan god clan, do you think I cant take care of you Get down here!”

He raised his hand and slashed out with his sword.

In the next second, the bird of prey suddenly fell and died in front of the two of them.

A satisfied smile appeared on Mai Kangs lips.

However, Artes walked up to them in puzzlement.

“Strange, Whats in the star beasts mouth”

He walked up and took out a piece of paper from the star beasts mouth.

When he glanced at it, his expression changed drastically.

“Mai Kang, come here quickly.

Take a look at what this is.”

“Whats wrong”

Mai Kang walked up and took the piece of paper.

His expression changed as well.

“This is… Its actually a message from the Xuan Yuan god clan.

This star beast is the Xuan Yuan god clans messenger beast.

They found the remains of a Godslayer realm martial arts master in the starry sky.”

In the blink of an eye, after the two of them caught eyes, they were delighted.

“The heavens are really helping me.

I was just worried that I wouldnt be able to vent my anger.

I didnt think that an opportunity would come.”

“Gathering martial arts experts from the clan and snatching away the remains that the Xuan Yuan god clan found can be considered as taking revenge on the Xuan Yuan god clan.”

“They can even let us obtain the inheritance of a Godslayer realm martial arts master.

What a profit!”

A night passed in the blink of an eye.

Early in the morning of the second day, Ye Xiao went to work as usual.

His former colleagues basically either went to the martial arts academy or were fired from the library because they were unable to pass the test.

Ye Xiao appeared even more lonely.

However, he was not used to being with too many people.

Reading quietly was actually the best treatment for him.

While he was reading, a surprised voice came from the other side.

“Director, why are you here”

Ye Xiao glanced at the other party.

It was the new director, Yao Meiqin.

She was currently patrolling the library with her hands behind her back as if she was looking for something.

“I came down to take a look.

Although these cultivation techniques are not very important to the Divine Tree Academy, they were all painstakingly compiled by the teachers of the academy.

“All of you must take good care of them.

You are not allowed to casually borrow them from anyone outside of the rules.”


Everyone replied in unison.

Ye Xiao could sense that Yao Meiqin had already released her spiritual perception to search the fourth level of the library.

However, it was a pity that her strength was really too weak.

Therefore, she had no way of scanning Ye Xiaos abnormality.

After scanning over and over again, making sure that there was nothing on the fourth floor that she was looking for, she once again said to the managers who greeted her,

“You guys do your jobs well! Ill go downstairs and take a look.”

“Yes, goodbye, Director.”

Yao Meiqin nodded and walked downstairs step by step.

As she walked downstairs, her chest heaved up and down, attracting the two male managers.

They could not help but tilt their heads and stare at her.

The beautiful manager at the side nudged the two of them with her elbow.

“Are you still looking Be careful that your eyeballs will be gouged out.

That is an Emperor realm martial arts expert, and the two of you are only at the Xiantian realm.

How dare you have any improper thoughts towards the director”

The two male managers smiled embarrassedly.

Ye Xiao had been reading the entire time, so there was no special expression on his face.

The Winged God clan had died here, so it was normal for Yao Meiqin to come there to inquire.

It seemed like the Divine Tree Academy had some interest in the existence of the Saber-sword Immortal.

However, before his strength improved further, Ye Xiao would not casually reveal his identity.

Not to mention becoming a godly emperor, he had to at least become a godly king.

There were many martial arts experts in the god race.

Without sufficient strength to protect him, he did not have enough authority to speak.

Unfortunately, although his cultivation had already reached the 108 dragons Emperor realm, there was no sign of him becoming a god.

Ye Xiao estimated that it was very likely because he had never met a God realm martial arts master before and had not obtained such an inheritance.

Just like when he had advanced to the Emperor realm previously, he had to at least give himself a little understanding, even if it was to let him take a look at a God realm martial arts master.

Only by giving him a little of that impression in his mind could he have a better direction for advancement.

It was just like if you did not climb to the top of the mountain, you would never have the feeling of looking down on all the mountains.

However… Where could he find such an inheritance

Moreover, it was under the circumstances where no one knew about it, so it was even more difficult to obtain that inheritance.

Ye Xiao shook his head and continued reading.

Fortunately, his luck was not bad.

He actually found an alchemy technique book of the imperial level, and it could be stored in the Golden Book divine soul.

Previously, he already had the Ten Thousand to One and Raging Thunder Pill.

After he added that technique, it was just enough for him to synthesize a brand new alchemy technique at the god technique level.

Coincidentally, he had also collected many star cores previously, including the star cores of the supreme divine beast Lin Qingbei.

He was prepared to refine them into medicinal pills.

He had been bitterly lacking a divine art level alchemy technique all that while.

At that time, he could make up for it.



The clock chimed after work, and Ye Xiao went back to dry his rice.

On the other side, in the Silver Fox Valley, Ning Yuhen was reading an ancient book of the Silver Fox clan.

The Silver Fox clan had existed in the starry sky for a very long time.

They had even surpassed the Xuan Yuan human clan in the surface world.

Therefore, many of the ancient books of the Silver Fox clan recorded even more things than the human clan in the surface world.

Ning Yuhen could not help but be slightly surprised when he read one of them.

“So, this star area was also an extremely prosperous existence during the immemorial era! It wasnt as desolate as it is now.

There were once prosperous god clans and goldy emperors!

“Hiss! This is too terrifying!”

He could not help but sigh.

However, after that, he could not help but sigh at the ruthlessness of time.

Even if there were martial arts masters like the godly emperors, as time went on, they would eventually disappear into the long river of time.

Not to mention ordinary people like them.

‘I really dont know what level I can cultivate to in this life.

Can I follow the supervisor all the time

‘The realm that the supervisor can cultivate to must be very high, right

After all, the supervisor was such a genius, and his aptitude was so monstrous.

That made Ning Yuhen unable to help but feel an inexplicable sadness.

Sometimes, making oneself stronger was not only for the sake of protecting oneself but also for the sake of prolonging ones lifespan, so that one could live happily together with ones family and friends一to live happily ever after.


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