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Chapter 325: Crushing the Supreme Divine Beasts

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Im afraid were in big trouble now.

Three supreme divine beats, isnt that equivalent to three human Emperor realm martial arts experts”

“With so many martial arts experts appearing at the same time, will Ye Xiao be able to withstand it”

Everyones expressions started to become worried.

“Azure Dragon, youre an Emperor realm martial arts expert.

Do you want to go up and help Ye Xiao”

Azure Dragon shook his head.

“I believe in that childs strength.

If he really needed our help, he wouldnt have let us back down from the start, much less split into spiritual energy avatars to help with the other states.”

The speed of the three supreme divine beasts was very fast.

There was naturally no need to say anything about the power of the supreme divine beasts.

In the blink of an eye, they had already arrived in front of Ye Xiao.

Among the three supreme divine beasts, there was a huge gorilla that was over a few hundred feet tall.

It was even bigger than the King Kong in Ye Xiaos previous lifes movies.

However, he was more than a hundred times stronger than King Kong.

Being able to use spiritual energy, he was enough to dominate an entire world.

Combined with the supreme divine beasts powerful blood essence and spiritual energy, it gave him extremely strong defense and combat strength.

The other star beast transformed into a human form.

One could only tell his identity from his triangular eyes and the tiny scale patterns on his face.

The last star beast did not transform into a human form.

It was a moth-like star beast that was more than 160 feet tall.

Its ferocious face, sharp fangs, and sharp claws filled one with fear.

Black Tortoise, who was behind them, saw these figures and could not help but say with a serious expression,

“The one who came this time is probably not easy to deal with.

“The moth on the left should be Doris, who is ranked 68th on the star ranking! He was famous for his brutality and was notorious in the starry sky.

“The Earth King Dragon, ranked 71st on the star ranking, was not only powerful in terms of combat power but also extremely skilled in poison.

“The giant gorilla on the right had even more terrifying strength.

It seemed to be the Overlord Gorilla, ranked 62nd on the star rankings!

“They were originally ruthless characters in the space battlefield.

Now that they had probably absorbed the divine blood in the bodies of the western humans and advanced to the Emperor realm, their strength was even stronger!

“Azure Dragon, are you sure you dont need to go up and help Ye Xiao”

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Azure Dragons expression remained unchanged.

“Youll understand once you see it.”

At that moment, the three supreme divine beasts arrived and swept an indifferent glance at Ye Xiao.

“In the end, its the Nine Provinces.

The descendant of the Xuan Yuan god clan can actually give birth to an Emperor realm martial arts expert in such a place with such thin spiritual energy! He killed so many of our star beast races compatriots.”

“But unfortunately, everything ends here!”

“Let me send you on your way.”

The moth-like star beast took the initiative to attack.

The high-level star beast did not say much nonsense.

When they met, he would use his killing move to serve them.

He did not care who they were at all.

His speed was very fast.

It was so fast that it made peoples hair stand on end.

In almost an instant, he had already appeared above Ye Xiaos head.

The squall that came from the flapping of his enormous wings spun rapidly in the air.

The friction between the squall was too intense.

It even produced the sound of thunder exploding.

One could clearly see the sparks within.

The squall that carried lightning immediately pounced toward Ye Xiaos head.

It was like a tornado!

Everything was formed in an instant, exceeding the range of vision of the other humans.

The humans strength had yet to capture its attack, and in the next moment, it had already arrived above Ye Xiaos head and displayed its cultivation technique.


In an instant, the squall had already engulfed Ye Xiaos entire body, and the world turned dark.

It was as if at this moment, it had lost its luster.


Everyones pupils constricted, and their eyes revealed deep worry.

However, in the next second, a saber light flashed in the strong wind, and it directly shattered.

“So powerful!”

The remaining two star beasts pupils constricted.

Doris sensed that power, and he did not dare to be the slightest bit careless.

With a flap of his wings, countless wisps of phosphorus dust actually flew out.

Once that phosphorus dust appeared, the spiritual energy in its path would be ignited, creating a bright glow of high temperature that was extremely glaring.

Ye Xiao did not dodge.

Looking at the blazing phosphorus dust that pounced at him, he raised his hand and swung his sword.


The sword glow rose from the ground like a long sword that cuts through time and space.

In an instant, it broke through the blazing fire.

The sword rays momentum did not decrease, and it took advantage of the situation to tear Doris body apart.

The giant moth that was more than 150 feet tall fell down.

A supreme divine beast had fallen!


Everyone was excited, and the countless Nine Provinces martial artists who were watching from behind also let out a sigh of relief.

Facing an Emperor realm martial arts expert, Ye Xiao could still calmly and continuously kill.

They could rest assured.

Venerable Black Tortoise and the others also finally understood what Sword Emperor Azure Dragon meant just now.

“Strange, Azure Dragon.

Everyone is clearly an Emperor realm martial arts expert, and they are all existences that have just stepped into the Emperor realm.

Why can Ye Xiao easily kill those supreme divine beasts”

“Thats right.

Didnt Ye Xiao just advance to the Emperor realm not too long ago Why is his attack so strong”

Azure Dragon explained,

“Thats not how it works.

Cultivation is just the foundation.

It also depends on the moves of each other.

Ye Xiaos moves far surpass the imperial technique.

The subtlety of it is not something we can comment on casually.”

“Then if Ye Xiao passes his sword technique to you, will you be able to guard the National Gate in Ye Xiaos place”


“Can you not compare me to him”

“Why cant you compare yourself to him Arent you also an Emperor realm martial arts expert”

“Im not worthy.”

Those three simple words revealed the Azure Dragons endless bitterness.

He looked at Ye Xiao in the distance with a complicated gaze, and his heart sank into deep self-doubt.

Everyone was human, so how could Ye Xiao be so abnormal

It was really hard to understand.

When Doris died, Ye Xiao directly put his corpse and star core into his spatial storage ring.

Although a moth like Doris could not be eaten, there was still a huge amount of blood essence condensed in its body.

The supreme divine beasts terror was comparable to the Emperor realm.

It was far from what an ordinary life form could compare to.

In the storage ring, the Emperor Dragon Lion had already woken up.

There was nothing he could do.

It was impossible for him to pretend to be asleep.

The few lesser supreme divine beasts wanted to use their urine to wake him up when they saw that he could not take it anymore.

At that moment, the star beasts were discussing among themselves.

“Senior Emperor Dragon Lion, how did you, a mighty supreme divine prodigy, get caught”

No matter how thick-skinned the Emperor Dragon Lion was, it was not easy to answer that awkward question.

He looked up at the sky at a 45-degree angle and said with a sorrowful expression,

“That despicable human was about to be killed by me, but seeing that he couldnt beat me, he used a trick on me.

If not, I wouldnt have fallen to such a state.

Its all my fault for being too careless.”

The expressions of the star beasts changed drastically, and then they angrily helped the Emperor Dragon Lion to curse and speak out for justice.

“D*mn humans! How can they be so despicable D*mn it!”

“If you cant beat them, then use schemes.

Dirty humans never dare to look at their own weakness.”

“Dont give up, Senior Dragon Lion.

We believe that you have a way to regain your strength.

Well find an opportunity to kill that b*stard in the future.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a huge figure fell.


The star beasts were shocked.

“Whats going on Whats happening again”

When they saw the other party clearly, they could not help but exclaim,

“Isnt this Doris, ranked 68th on the star rankings He actually suffered the humans vicious hands”

“Isnt this very normal Even we were caught, so its reasonable that Doris was killed.”

“Thats not right.

Doris physical body was not this strong.

It has already advanced to the level of a supreme divine beast.”

“D*mn it.

This d*mn human is actually so despicable.

He used shameless schemes and tricks to kill one of our supreme divine beasts!”

The other star beasts were all angrily blaming Ye Xiao.

Only the Emperor Dragon Lion was silent and conflicted as he watched Doris being killed.

Is that human… So abnormal

Outside the storage ring, the expressions of the remaining Overlord Gorilla and Earth King Dragon changed when they saw Doris body being taken away.

They rushed over at the same time.

“Human, return the body of our races supreme divine beasts!”

The Overlord Gorilla condensed its iron fist.

Its fist, which was the size of a large villa, caused the spiritual energy in the air to produce a buzzing explosion.

The Earth King Dragon took the form of a star beast.

Its body was already more than hundreds of feet long.

It opened its bloody mouth as if swallowing a huge truck was not a problem.

When the two attacked at the same time, the pressure and spiritual energy that burst out seemed to be corporeal.

Even the Venerable Black Tortoise and the others could not withstand it and had to retreat repeatedly.

Only the Sword Emperor Azure Dragon could resist it.

His body stood on the spot and did not take a step back.

When countless Nine Provinces martial artists saw that scene, their hearts were once again in their throats.

Two star beasts attacking at the same time, the pressure was more than several times stronger than before.

Senior Saber-sword Immortal, hold on!

Ye Xiao was still in a calm and unhurried posture.

Facing the two supreme divine beasts charging at him, he took a step forward and threw out a Star-splitting Fist, facing the Overlord Gorillas huge fist.

The fists between the two were extremely uncoordinated.

One was the size of a villa, while the other was the size of an ordinary humans fist.

In comparison, it was as if an elephant was facing an ant.

However, when the two fists collided, Ye Xiaos fist actually contained a heaven-defying divine might that broke through the Overlord Gorillas iron fists spiritual energy defense on the spot.

Following that, the Overlord Gorillas iron fist started to explode inch by inch.

Bang, Bang, Bang…

The blood mist was spreading, and the Overlord Gorillas body could not help but raise its head.

The Earth King Dragon drilled out from behind the Overlord Gorilla and swallowed Ye Xiao into its stomach.

The speed was so fast that no one could react in time.


However, in the next second, the tail of the Earth King Dragons body instantly shot out a sharp sword light, tearing a large hole in its body.

Ye Xiaos body shot out from the tail and he activated the Star-plucking Hand.

Invisible spiritual energy turned into a huge palm and grabbed the tail of the Earth King Dragon..

With a fierce swing, the Earth King Dragon, which was hundreds of feet long, turned into a long whip and it landed on the body of the Overlord Gorilla.


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