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Chapter 294: Shocked Silver Fox Clan.

The Supervisor Was Actually a Genius Martial Arts Expert

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Ning Yuhen and Ye Xiao were quickly brought to the Silver Fox Main Hall to meet the Fox Empress.

“Grandma, Why did you suddenly call us here”

The Fox Empress said with a solemn expression,

“Something happened.

The secret of the Emperor realm inheritance might have already been known by others.”

Just as she said that, Ning Yuhen and Ye Xiaos expressions froze at the same time.

“How did this happen Who leaked it”

The Fox Empress sighed faintly.

“It was them.

Although I dont know what method they used to find out, this matter was still exposed in the end.

“When I went to look for them this morning, they flew out without saying a word.

I wasnt even prepared to intercept them.

“If my guess is correct, they will soon bring other martial arts experts over.”

“What Then what should we do”

Ning Yuhen was slightly anxious while Ye Xiao was slightly stunned.

He seemed to be able to understand why the other partys star beasts were running away.

It was probably because after Silk Jade Rabbit and Mystic Crane were killed by him, it caused them to feel fear.

That was why they were running away.

That should be a misunderstanding.

However, just as Ye Xiao was about to open his mouth to persuade the two of them to not be so nervous, the next second, the Fox Empress spoke with a grave expression,

“The only solution now is to use the secret technique of our Silver Fox clan to forcefully activate the manifestation of the Emperor realm ruins so that the two of you can enter there ahead of time and retrieve the inheritance inside.

“That way, even if theres some trouble, as long as the inheritance isnt lost, we dont have to worry.”

Hearing that, Ye Xiao, who originally wanted to console them, swallowed the words that were about to come out of his mouth.

Ning Yuhen, on the other hand, was pleasantly surprised.

“Grandma, since you have a way to forcefully activate the manifestation of the Emperor realm ruins, why didnt you do it earlier”

The Fox Empress did not know whether to laugh or cry.

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“Its an Emperor realm ruins after all.

How can it be so easily catalyzed Do you think your grandma is an Emperor-level prodigy as well

“Before this, it was still far away from fully manifesting.

It would be very difficult to catalyze it.

Now that its about to fully manifest, the effect should be much better if we catalyze it now.

“Moreover, I didnt know that there was a method to catalyze it in the beginning.

It was only in the past few days that I learned from the inheritance left behind by the ancestors of the Silver Fox clan that our Silver Fox clan has an imperial array that was specially used to catalyze the manifestation of this Emperor realm relic.”

“I see.”

The Fox Empress stopped smiling and said seriously,

“Its getting late.

Ill summon the divine sect of the Silver Fox clan now and work together to set up an array to speed up the manifestation of the Emperor-level relic.

“When the ruins are revealed, the two of you will immediately use that chance to open the Emperor realm ruins and enter.”


Everyone quickly arrived in front of the Emperor realm ruins.

Ye Xiaos spiritual sense did not scan that place previously.

It was probably because it was the ruins of a true Emperor realm martial arts expert.

At that moment, it could be considered his first time seeing the Emperor realm ruins.

Looking at it as a whole, its entire body was made of bronze.

Its shape was somewhat like an ancient cauldron.

It was filled with arrays and was actually all imperial ones.

Moreover, there was an emperors might that was difficult to suppress protecting it, even if it was Ye Xiaos Yin-yang Escape Art, he would not be able to enter in a short while.

Although the Yin-yang Escape Art was a god-level movement technique, it was still the same saying.

The strength of a technique depended on the level of the person who released it.

If the users level was strong enough, an ordinary cultivation art could produce shocking power.

If the users level was not strong enough, no matter how good the cultivation technique was, it would not be able to reach its limit.

Ye Xiao was not an Emperor realm martial arts expert yet, and King Zhou was once an old Emperor realm martial artist.

Even if Ye Xiao had the Yin-yang Escape Art, he could only surpass a certain level of strength.

It was impossible for him to defy the heavens to the extreme.

After the Fox Empress gave a few simple instructions to everyone, she immediately brought the divine sect of the Silver Fox clan and began to set up the array.

They all turned into their true form.

Their enormous star beasts bodies were each the size of a small mountain.

The power contained within was so great that it made people shudder.

Even humans of the same level could not help but be shocked when they saw the star beasts of the same level.

The fox elders took on the form of a Nine Dragons Gathering Cauldron and released their own power at the same time to activate the array.

As soon as the array was activated, the surrounding spiritual energy began to gather in that direction.

With the support of the array, a part of the Emperor realm ruins that had yet to be revealed also began to appear at a faster speed.

Strong winds howled as several purple dragons could be seen swimming around on top of the huge cauldron.

Iron chains were tied to their bodies as if horses were pulling a carriage, pulling the huge cauldron out of another dimension.

The so-called Emperor realm had already reached the point where they could place their inheritance in a dimension that was different from the current world.

That kind of extremely terrifying technique was also one of the characteristics of the Emperor realm.

The Emperor realm was already an existence that had evolved to the pinnacle of all the powers in the human race!


At that moment, a thundercloud suddenly formed in the sky.

It was as if the heavens were afraid of the appearance of those ruins.

At that moment, all the Silver Fox clansmen were extremely nervous, their hearts hanging in their throats.

As the saying went, it was difficult to offend the might of heaven.

Facing the might of heaven, any living being would only hold a respectful attitude.

They did not dare to be too angry.

At that moment, the array was already halfway through.

There was still one thing left in the ancient domain that was about to be completely revealed.

However, at that moment, the Lightning in the sky finally struck down.


After a loud bang, the lightning that was as thick as a bucket struck the Silver Fox elders.

At the same time, the Emperor realm ruins that was accelerating suddenly stopped.

It was obvious that the Lightning had affected the Silver Fox elders.

As a result, their array could no longer proceed smoothly.

Moreover, that was not the end.

On the contrary, it was just the beginning.

Following that, lightning struck down one after another.

The Silver Fox elders array was completely suppressed, unable to continue catalyzing.


Ning Yuhens heart tightened as he clenched his fists, his eyes filled with extreme worry.

“We cant let this lightning continue to attack them.

Otherwise, before the catalyzing array ends, they will already be heavily injured.”

However, just as Ning Yuhen was about to charge forward, a large hand suddenly pressed down on his shoulder.


Ning Yuhen turned around and looked at Ye Xiao with a puzzled expression.

“That lightning isnt something you can withstand.”

“But I cant watch Grandma get heavily injured because of me.

Furthermore, there are still people who have to go up and withstand it.”

“Ill carry it!”

“No, Supervisor, your cultivation should only be at the divine grandmaster rank.

You wont be able to withstand it either.

Although Im also at the divine grandmaster rank, Ive already completely refined my star beast body.

I can still withstand one…”

Just as he was speaking, Ning Yuhens words suddenly came to an abrupt stop.

Following that, he looked at Ye Xiao in front of him with a face full of disbelief, as if he had seen a ghost.

That was because he could clearly sense that at that moment, the aura on Ye Xiaos body was rising rapidly.

Moreover, the speed of the rise was so fast that it made ones hair stand on end.

In the blink of an eye, he had already surpassed the divine grandmaster rank, and he was still continuing to rise unceasingly.

Xiantian seventh grade, Xiantian eighth grade, Xiantian ninth grade, the King realm!

Finally, Ye Xiaos body aura was so strong, he was not able to see how strong in the end.

“Master… Master… Master… Master, you… You… You…”

Ning Yuhen simply can not believe what he saw.

The supervisor… Was a king of the super strong!

Before that, he had always thought that he was in the divine grandmaster rank.

What was laughable was that he felt that since he had already reached the divine grandmaster rank, he could protect the supervisor.

Looking at it now, he was not even worthy of carrying the supervisors shoes!

As expected, the supervisor was indeed worthy of being the supervisor.

He was still the subordinate that followed behind the supervisor.

Ye Xiao smiled faintly.

“What You dont recognize me.”

“No… I just feel that its too unbelievable.

Youre actually such a powerful genius martial arts expert! I… Simply cant describe the feeling in my heart at this moment.

Are you… Really the supervisor that I know”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“Ive always been.”

As he finished speaking, with a thought, his body instantly appeared above the Silver Fox clans elders.

The pressure of the Silver Fox clans elders suddenly disappeared.

The array continued to operate, and the last part of the Emperor realm ruins also began to completely reveal itself.

As for Ye Xiao, he raised his hand and punched.

The Heaven-splitting Fist was activated, and a huge fist print suddenly soared into the sky.

Moreover, as it rose, it continuously magnified itself.

When it arrived in the sky, it had already covered all the thunderclouds.


Finally, the fist light and the thunderclouds collided.

In an instant, it shattered the thunderclouds!

One punch!

With just one punch, it instantly shattered the thunderclouds, which gave all the Silver Fox clans martial arts experts a headache.

How strong was that technique

When the sunlight in the sky shone down again and bathed Ye Xiaos body, it made him seem like a God had descended!

At that moment, all the members of the Silver Fox clan seemed to have seen a god.

The Fox Empress and the others were extremely shocked.

Even when the Emperor realm ruins had completely manifested, they still maintained the array and did not stop it.

That fellow was Ye Xiao

They had always treated him as Divine Grandmaster Ye Xiao.

He was actually an existence above the King realm, such a powerful existence!

With that technique, even if he was not at the Emperor realm, he had to be at the peak of the King realm, a lesser Emperor realm martial arts expert!

The seemingly harmless, somewhat handsome, and gentle human boy was actually an unparalleled martial arts expert that could look down on their entire Silver Fox clan


Ning Yuhen clenched his fists, so moved that his eyes turned red.

At that moment, not only was he shocked by Ye Xiaos strength, he was also proud of Ye Xiaos strength and was moved by it.

That was because the supervisor had just said that he had always been his supervisor.

That would be the pride of his entire life!


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