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Chapter 276: On That Day, the Nine Provinces Was Bathed in Divine Light

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However, although he had not advanced to the Emperor realm, for Ye Xiao, he had already earned a lot this time.

First was his cultivation.

Originally, he did not even have a cultivation of more than half of the King realm.

At that point, he had already advanced to the peak of the King realm.

Secondly, all the divine blood in his body had been completely activated.

That meant that from that moment on, his bloodline had completely surpassed that of the ordinary human race.

Even the Emperors bloodline, which was like Qin Yuyans, which was blessed by the great fortune of the Nine Provinces human race, which was also an existence that had activated the divine blood, was not as pure as his current divine blood.

That was the greatest help to Ye Xiao when he arrived there!

The improvement of his bloodline also meant that the potential of his body was greater.

From now on, he could go even further.

The speed of his cultivation would become even faster…

In short, the benefits were endless.

If one had to describe this change in one sentence, it could be said that it had caused an earth-shaking change in Ye Xiaos path of martial arts.

Apart from those, Ye Xiaos mental cultivation technique had also been completely completed.

The three mental cultivation techniques, the Violet Sea of Stars, the Dharma Scripture, and the Sea Embraces All Rivers, had been merged into a god-level mental cultivation technique, the Nine Twirling Green Lotuses technique!

That god mental cultivation technique was very powerful and had nine variations.

With each variation, the speed of absorbing spiritual energy would increase greatly.

Moreover, it would be stacked nine times in a row, and the cycle would not stop.

Moreover, because there were nine variations, it could respond to all kinds of changes in spiritual energy, and it could even change the energy medium.

If Ye Xiao was in a place filled with demonic energy, the Nine Twirling Green Lotuses technique could transform the power of demonic energy into the power of spiritual energy for example.

That would ensure that Ye Xiao would be able to fight in all directions in all sorts of places, and also ensure the supply of battle.

That way, Ye Xiao also had four god techniques.

Splitting Open the Sky, Secret of Eternal Life technique, Yin-yang Escape technique, and Nine Twirling Green Lotuses technique.

Next was to combine the fist techniques.

Ye Xiao had already gathered three fist techniques, namely the Great Nirvana Fist, Emperor Kong Ming Fist, and Emperor Thunder Fist.

He clicked on the synthesis.

In less than two days, he should be able to perfectly synthesize it.

At the instant that Ye Xiaos bloodline was fully activated, a seven-colored multicolored light was instantly released from the Changbai dragon vein.

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That light, which carried an extremely auspicious aura, once shone, in an instant, it caused the flowers and trees covered in ice and snow to start sprouting.

Countless martial artists felt an extremely sacred aura at that moment.

With the help of that extremely sacred aura, their cultivation began to soar!

Just like how the seven stars alignment would give the cultivation of the star beasts a huge increase.

Ye Xiaos divine blood was fully activated, and his true God body would also change the magnetic field of the Earth, bringing a special change to the entire Nine Provinces.

Of course, that change was completely beneficial.

Divine light shot into the sky and then spread to the entire Nine Provinces.

Some martial artists sensed the profound mysteries within and sat on the ground without saying a word.

They crossed their legs and began to cultivate.

Some martial artists with weak cultivation did not even cultivate at that moment and directly advanced in their cultivation.

At that moment, the Nine Provinces had become a sea of happiness for martial artists!

Some martial artists who had been trapped in the Houtian realm all their lives and could not break through to the Xiantian realm were so excited that tears streamed down their faces.

“Ive advanced, Ive advanced! Ive finally advanced to the Xiantian realm.

Sob, sob, sob…”

Venerable White Tiger and Beitang Ce looked at each other and saw the doubt and fear in each others eyes.

“What exactly did this guy do inside How did he make such a huge commotion”

“Venerable White Tiger, what is happening Dont tell me that you cant tell with your knowledge”

Venerable White Tiger took a deep breath and looked at the seven-colored divine light on the Changbai dragon vein with a serious expression.

“To be honest, I really dont know.

What does this mean However, there is one thing I know.

The Nine Provinces will probably be fine in the face of the beast calamity this time.

“It can even be said that they will be fine from now on.”

Beitang Ces heart shook.

He knew the meaning behind the Venerable White Tigers words.

He clenched his fists and fixed his gaze on the mountain in front of him.

At that time, he had brought Ye Xiao there for the right reason!

Due to the successive battles in Jianghai city, the saber god, Li Liushui slowly regained a bit of consciousness.

The venerable black tortoise was too powerful after all.

He was a real King realm martial artist, but Li Liushui had not reached the last step yet.

Although Jiang Chens techniques were mainly defensive, the King realm was still the King realm.

Even if it was just an ordinary attack, it could still be compared to Li Liushuis full-strength attack.

Li Liushui was no match for him at all.

Under his powerful suppression, Li Liushuis demonic energy was dispersed a little, and his consciousness recovered a little.

“Venerable One, thank you for your trouble.”

Venerable Black Tortoise looked at Li Liushui, who had been tormented by the demonic energy until he was almost out of shape.

“Liushui, can you still hold on”

Li Liushui smiled bitterly and shook his head slightly.

“Theres no other way.

Now that I can suppress my body, Im doing it with all my might.

Before long, my last consciousness will also be completely devoured by the demonic energy.

“Venerable One, do it!

“While I still have a shred of rationality left, give me a quick death.

It can be considered as helping me.

“At least, when I die, I can die as a human.

I can keep my dignity as a human!”

With that, Li Liushui looked up at the sky.

His eyes were full of relief.

It was said that after a person died, his soul would turn into a star in the sky.

He did not know if he could turn into a star or where he would appear.

Could he still look at the Nine Provinces

Venerable Black Turtles eyes hurt.

He knew that it was the last moment.

As long as there was a sliver of a chance, Li Liushui would not let him do it.

No one was clearer than him about the condition of his body.

Unfortunately, a martial arts expert who had fought for the Nine Provinces for many years was going to die at his hands.

That kind of heartache was hard to understand if one did not stand on his side.

However, although he felt heartache, he still had to fight back.

If he waited until his opponent became possessed, he would not be so easy to deal with.

Maybe he would choose to run away and find a place to hide so that he could harm the human world in the future.

That way, he would be guilty.

After taking a deep breath, Jiang Chen started to gather his power.

He started to circulate his technique rapidly in his body, directing all of his spiritual energy into his fist.

The most powerful attack of a King realm martial artist was launched at that moment!

The world changed with a thunderous sound, and the wind and clouds dispersed, and the ghosts and gods were shocked.

At that moment, there was only this fist left in the world.

The fist light completely covered Li Liushui.

However, at the last moment, an auspicious holy light suddenly appeared in the sky.

Li Liushuis body shook when he saw the holy light.

All the evil energy in his body was instantly swept away and turned into rich spiritual energy.


At the same time when the fist light exploded, his body automatically formed a powerful defensive barrier, blocking the venerable Black Tortoise, Jiang Chens punch.

It was impossible for him to block Jiang Chens punch with his current cultivation.

However, the moment the barrier was formed, he advanced to the King realm in his body.

Then, an endless amount of spiritual energy gushed out in all directions and poured into the spiritual energy barrier in front of him.

When the light disappeared, Li Liushui, who looked like a demon, had disappeared.

In his place was the gentle old man.

He looked calm and gentle.

There was no killing intent in him at all.

The venerable Black Tortoise sighed deeply.

“I didnt expect that at the last moment, you actually broke through the ground and reincarnated, breaking through that layer of restriction! Congratulations!”

Li Liushui nodded.

The current him was already a true King realm martial artist.

Feeling the rich and powerful power within his body, he sighed endlessly.

Was that the power that he had struggled for hundreds of years to bitterly pursue

It was indeed powerful enough.

However, it was precisely because he knew how powerful a King realm martial artist was that he could not help but lament how powerful Ye Xiao was.

To be able to advance to such a realm at the age of 21, Ye Xiaos existence was a miracle in itself!

“The rainbow light just now came from the northeast.

Could it be… ”

Li Liushui tried to tell him his guess.

Jiang Chen nodded.

“I dont think theres anyone else who could have done that.

This kid is really a monster.

Every time he creates a shock, it makes people speechless.”

In the Changbai dragon vein, Ye Xiao was reviewing his current situation.

After he started to synthesize the fist technique, he felt warm when he looked at the sleeping dragons vein.

He actually knew in his heart that if the dragon vein had not injected more dragon energy into him at the last moment, he would not have been able to successfully activate all of the divine blood.

Although Senior Dragon Vein said that he could only give him one-tenth of the dragon energy to ensure that he would not be harmed, in the end, he still chose to protect himself and sacrifice his dragon energy.

In the end, he had no choice but to fall into a deep sleep.

Just based on that, Ye Xiao would definitely return the favor to the other party in the future.

Ye Xiao had not truly advanced to the Emperor realm yet.

Moreover, even if he had, he probably would not be able to do anything to the dragon vein.

Only when he reached an even stronger realm would he have a chance to repair Senior Dragon Veins dragon energy.

However, it did not matter.

Ye Xiao believed that with his current cultivation speed, it should not be long before he would be able to advance.

At that time, he would definitely return to thank Senior Dragon Vein.

After cupping his hands toward the other party and bowing, Ye Xiao turned around and left the dragon vein, returning to the outside world.

With the Yin-yang Escape technique, he no longer needed to use the Heavenly Stairway.

He could easily break through any array or natural defense.

Thus, he could break through the blockade of the dragon vein and go directly to the outside of the mountain.


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