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Chapter 272: Soaring Through the Clouds, the Number One Person in the Nine Provinces

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ye Xiao nodded.

In the next moment, Beitang Ce cupped his hands towards the darkness in front of him and said,

“Beitang Ce pays his respects to the Venerable White Tiger.

May I trouble the Venerable White Tiger to appear and bestow the White Tiger token upon him”

A moment later, a figure slowly walked out from the darkness.

She had a head of short, beautiful hair, exquisite facial features, and a perfect figure.

The upper half of her body was covered with sleeveless fur, while the lower half of her body was wearing a gray short skirt and gray leggings.

If one were to purely look at her appearance, she was the kind of slim and delicate beauty.

A woman with a very feminine flavor that made people filled with a desire to conquer her.

She held a bottle of high-quality spiritual wine in her hand and gulped down a mouthful.

With a gaze that was 70 percent sharp and 30 percent flirtatious, she glanced sideways at Ye Xiao.

“Little brat, youre quite arrogant.

In all these years, youre the first person to break through the spiritual energy barrier so quickly, and also the first person to dare to use force to directly break through the spirit energy barrier.

“However, this venerable selfs White Tiger token isnt so easy to obtain.

“If you want to obtain this venerable selfs White Tiger token, its useless to rely solely on your good-looking face.”

Ye Xiao pondered for a moment before taking out a bottle of wine made by Earth Immortal Wengs ginseng beard and honey mixed with deer blood, deer antler from his storage ring.

It was a spiritual wine brewed from all sorts of good things.

The corners of the White Tigers mouth curled up slightly.

“Youre quite smart.

You know how to use the thing this venerable self cant resist the most to seduce this venerable self.

Unfortunately, although this venerable self loves wine like her life, her requirements for the wine itself are also extremely strict.

“Just with this small bottle of yours.

Isnt it a bit too whimsical to want to take this venerable self down”

However, just as she finished speaking, in the next second, Ye Xiao pulled out the cork of the bottle.

The fragrance of the wine spread in the air.

The venerable White Tiger took a fierce sniff, and in the next second, she raised two fingers.

“Add two more bottles.”

Ye Xiao took out two more bottles, along with the previous bottle, and threw them directly at the venerable White Tiger.

After Venerable White Tiger received the spiritual wine, she threw the White Tiger token in her hand to Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao took the White Tiger token and walked straight to Heavens Gate.

Venerable White Tiger retreated to the side and enjoyed the fine wine that Ye Xiao had contributed.

Beitang Ce did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“Venerable one, didnt you just say that you wouldnt give him the White Tiger token just because of wine”

“I only said that one bottle wouldnt do, but he gave me three bottles.”


Venerable White Tiger drank a mouthful of spiritual wine and looked at Ye Xiaos back with great interest.

“Moreover, with his aptitude, theres a high chance that hell be able to pass the test of the dragon vein.

At that time, his strength will increase a little, and it will be beneficial to our Nine Provinces.

How can I not agree

“However, passing is still passing.

“How do I pass How long will it take to pass These are all questions that he must face seriously.

“The less time he has to pass, it means that the dragon vein is more satisfied with him.

The longer he has to pass, it means that the dragon vein doesnt really care about him.

“Therefore, this will also ultimately affect the benefits that the dragon vein will give him.”

Beitang Ce let out a faint sigh.

Looking at Ye Xiaos back, he clenched his fists and silently cheered for Ye Xiao in his heart.

‘Ye Xiao, you must do your best! Its not easy for a heaven-defying genius like you to appear in the Nine Provinces! You must succeed!

Ye Xiao came to the front of Heavens Gate and placed the Black Tortoise token and the White Tiger token into the groove on the door.

There were four grooves, which corresponded to the Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird, and Black Tortoise respectively.

However, only two of them were needed to open the Heavens Gate.

After Ye Xiao placed the two imprints into it, a thick and heavy sound was heard.

Crack… Creak…

It was as if as time passed, the joints of the bronze door seemed to have rusted.

After the door was pushed open, a narrow and simple stone path was reflected in Ye Xiaos eyes.

Dense spiritual energy rushed towards him like a tidal wave.

That refreshing feeling made all the pores on Ye Xiaos body involuntarily open up.

‘Is this the Heavenly Stairway

Ye Xiao took a glance.

It went straight to the clouds.

At the end of the clouds, there seemed to be a majestic dragon shadow overlooking the area below.

Streams of dragon pressure were released from its body, attempting to completely suppress Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiaos gaze was indifferent and unperturbed.

Although he was an ant, he faced the sky without the slightest bit of retreat.

At that moment, there were already many martial arts experts rushing over from below.

However, due to the presence of the venerable White Tiger, they did not dare to act rashly.

They could only watch from afar and did not dare to approach.

“Look quickly, the Heavens Gate has already been opened.

That brat is about to begin ascending the Heavenly Stairway.”


“I wonder how his performance is Can he break the records of the predecessors that shocked the Nine Provinces”

“Its difficult! Since ancient times, how many talented monsters have appeared in our Nine Provinces Which one of them who came to the Changbai dragon vein is not a King realm martial artist

“They were all outstanding people.

“But in the end, wasnt there still someone who failed the challenge To be able to reach the top was already very impressive.

If you still want to occupy the top few places and challenge those rare talents that are rarely seen in a hundred years, Im afraid you will be rejected!”

There were all sorts of opinions.

There were expectations, laments, conjectures, and people who felt that they were rational.

After all, the Changbai dragon vein could be considered one of the top dragon veins in the Nine Provinces.

Hence, from ancient times until now, those who came here to challenge the dragon vein were also famous existences in the Nine Provinces.

Everyone had not known who Ye Xiao was that day.

Hence, no one dared to make a complete guess.


Under everyones gaze, Ye Xiao took his first step.


The sound of light but firm footsteps sounded as if it was ruthlessly pounding on everyones hearts.

It had begun!

At that moment, everyones voices seemed to have been unified, and they all began to shut up.

Everyones gaze was fixed on that back figure, watching how he conquered the Heavenly Stairway that only unparalleled geniuses could conquer.

To Ye Xiao, before stepping on the Heavenly Stairway, he could only feel the spiritual energy that was as dense as the waves in the ocean.

And after stepping on the Heavenly Stairway, Ye Xiao could feel the pressure from the dragon vein.

It was very great!

As heavy as a mountain!

Moreover, as he took another step up, the pressure suddenly increased.

Ye Xiao knew that it was a dragon vein that had been condensed for an unknown number of years.

It might be thousands of years or tens of thousands of years, or it might even be born from the beginning of time.

The spiritual energy contained within it was far beyond his imagination.

Next, he would have to rely on his willpower.

However, what he did not expect was that at that moment, the Golden Book divine soul in his body suddenly erupted with a golden warm current, enveloping him within.

In an instant, the pressure from the dragon vein suddenly disappeared.

Ye Xiao was stunned.

He felt as if a dragons roar had sounded in his ears.

That dragons roar did not suppress or resist.

It was very gentle and peaceful as if it had completely acknowledged Ye Xiao.

The corners of Ye Xiaos mouth curled up slightly.

Although he did not know what was going on.

However, the dragon vein should have recognized the Golden Book divine soul, so it had removed the pressure on him.

At the very least, he did not have to expend any effort to resist the test.

‘Golden Book divine soul, just how many surprises do you have for me

Letting out a long sigh, Ye Xiao did not waste any more time and began to increase his speed.

One step, two steps, three steps…

In the eyes of everyone, every step Ye Xiao took would light up the Heavenly Stairway.

As Ye Xiao walked faster and faster, the speed at which the stairway to heaven was lit up also became faster and faster.

A ray of light could be seen with the naked eye, shooting straight into the sky.

The Venerable White Tiger was stunned and stopped drinking.

Beitang Ces eyes were red with excitement.

He clenched his fists tightly and could not say a word.

As for the hermit martial arts experts who came to watch the scene, they were all dumbfounded when they saw this scene.

“Holy sh*t!”

“Am I seeing things How can this kid go up so quickly Who is he Where did he come from”

“Nine Provinces, Im afraid a dragon is really going to appear this time.”

“Too strong! In front of this kid, those unrivaled geniuses from the past are nothing.”

“When did my Nine Provinces come out with such an unparalleled heaven-defying monster”

The shock did not stop.

Ye Xiaos speed was very fast.

In the blink of an eye, one-fifth of the Heavenly Stairway was over.

Next was one-half of the Heavenly Stairway, and then three-quarters.

In the end, he easily reached the top.

The entire journey was smooth.

Not even an hour had passed.

That was still because he held respect for the dragon vein.

He did not use a cultivation technique and only walked.

If he used a cultivation technique, he could easily reach the top in an instant.

Venerable White Tiger stared blankly at the stairway that lit up the sky.

Her delicate body could not help but tremble slightly.

“Beitang Ce, where did you find this monster Are you sure he is really a human Why do I feel that he is not a human”

Beitang Ce was secretly delighted, but he did not dare to act rashly.

He could only stifle his laughter and say,

“Venerable one, dont worry.

He is 100 percent a human.

He is the bloodline of our Nine Provinces!”

The surrounding people also started to become excited at that moment.

It was as if the one who ascended the Heavenly Stairway was not Ye Xiao, but them.

“Its done! Its done! Its really done.”

“43 minutes and 5 seconds.

A brand new record.

This is a brand new record.

And not just here, even in the entire Nine Provinces, all the dragon veins are gathered together.

His results are also the best.”

“The number one person in the Nine Provinces, definitely the number one person in the Nine Provinces!”

“Awesomeness, compared to him, I feel like a piece of trash.”

“Compared to him What right do you have to compare with him Are you better than him”

“Im wrong.

Im not worthy.”

“Ai! Comparing people really pisses me off.

I feel like a great grandmaster who reached Xiantian fifth stage at the age of 43 is already very talented.

But today, compared to him, I feel like a piece of trash.”

“I dare to say that this person will definitely become an emperor!”

“You always speak the truth!”


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